Balakanda - Doha 241 to 250

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 241

With joy in thier the women saw Him according to the attitude of mind each had towards Him, as if the erotic sentiment itself had appeared in an utterly incomparable form. (241)

Chaupala -

The wise saw the Lord in His cosmic form with amny faces, hands feet eyes and heads. And did He appear to Janaka's kinsmen? Like one's own beloved relation. The queen no less than the king, regarded Him with unspeakable love like a dear child To the Yogis(those ever united with God) He shone forth as no other than the highest truth, placide unsullied equiposed and resplendent by its very nature. The devotees of Sri Hari beheld the two brothers as their beloved deity the fountain of all joy. The emotion of love and joy with which Sita gazed on Sri Rama was ineffable. She felt the emotion in Her breast, but could not utter it; how then, can a poet descibe it? In this way everyone regarded the Lord of Ayodhya according to the attitude each had towards Him. (1-4)

Doha - 242

Thus shone in the assembly of kings the two lovely princes of Ayodhya the one dark and the other fair of form, catching the eyes of the whole universe. (242)

Chaupala -

Both were embodiments of natural grace; even millions of Cupids were a poor match for them. Their charming faces mocked the autumnal moon, and their lotus-like eyes were soul-ravishing. Their winning glances captivated the heart of even Cupid; they were so unspeakably endearing With beautiful cheeks, ears adorned with swinging pendants, a charming chin and lips and a sweet voice, their smile ridiculed the moonbeams. With arched eyebrows and a beautiful nose, the sacred mark shone on their broad forehead and their locks of hair put to shame a swarm of bees. yellow caps of a rectangular shape, which were embroidered here and there with figurees of flower-buds, adorned their heads. Their necks, which vied in their spiral form with a conch-shell bore a triple line, which constituted as it were the high watermark of beauty in all the three worlds. (1-4)

Doha - 243

Their breast was adprmed with necklaces of pearls found in an elphant's forehead and wreaths of Tulase (basil) leaves. With shoulders resembling the lump of a bull they stood like lions and had mighty long arms. (243)

Chaupala -

They bore at their back a quiver secured with a yellow cloth wrapped round their waist, and held an arrow in their right hand. while a bow and a charming sacred thread also of yellow tint were slung across thier left shoulder. In short, the two princes were lovely from head to food and were the very embodiments of great charm. Everyone who saw them felt delighted; people gazed at them with unwinking eyes and their pupils too did not move. King Janaka himself rejoiced to behold the two brothers; presently he went and clasped the sage's lotus-feet Paying him homage he related to him his story and showed him round the whole arena. Whitheresoever the two elegant princes betook themselves, all regarded them with worder Every man found Sri Rama facing himself: but none could perceive the great mystery behind it. The sage told the king that the arrangements were splendid; and the king was highly satisfied and pleased to hear this. (1-4)

Doha - 244

Of all the tiers of raised seats one was beautiful bright and capacious above all the rest; the king seated the two brothers along with the sage thereon. (244)

Chaupala -

All the kings were disheartened at the sight of the Lord, just as stars fads away with the rising of the full moon. For they all felt inwardly assured that Rama would undoubtedly break the bow; or, even if the huge bow of Siva proved too strong for Him, that Sita would still place the garland of victory round His neck. They therefore, said to one another, " Realizing this, brothers, let us turn homewards, casting to the winds all glory, fame strengh and pride." Other princes, who were blinded with ignorance and pride, laughed at this and said, " Union with the princess is a far cry for Rama even if he succeeds in breaking the bow; who, then can wed her without breaking it? Should Death himself for once come forth against us, even him we would conquer in battle for Sita's sake." At this other princes, who were pious and sensible and devoted to Sri Hari, smiled and said:-------(1-4)

Doha - 245

"Rama will certainly marry Sita to the discomfiture of these arrogant princes; for who can conquer in battle the valiant sons of Dasaratha ? (245)

Chaupala -

"Do not thus brag and throw away your lives in vain: hunger cannot be satiated with imaginary sweets. Listen to this my most salutary advice: be inwardly assured that Sita is no other than the Mother of the universe. And recognizing the Lord of Raghus as the father of the universe, feast your eyes to their fill on His beauty. Fountains of joy and embodiments of all virtues these two charming brothers have their abode in Sambhu's heart. Leaving an ocean of nectaar, which is so near, why should you run in pursuit of a mirrage and court death? Or else do whatever pleases you individually; we for our part have reaped today the fruit of our human birth." So saying the good kings turned to gaze with affection on the picture of incomparable beauty; while in heaven the gods witnessed the spectacle form their aerial cars, and raining down flowers sang in melodious strains. (1-4)

Doha - 246

Finding it an appropriate occasion Janaka then sent for Sita; and Her companions, all lovely and accomplished, escorted Her with due honour. (246)

Chaupala -

Sita beauty defies all desciption, Mother of the universe that She is and an embodiment of charm and excellence. All comparisons seem to me too poor; for they have affinity with the limbs of mortal women. Proceeding to depict Sita with the help of those very similes, why should one earn the tittle of an unworthy poet and court ill-repute ? Should Sita be likened to any woman of this material creation, where in this world shall one come across such a lovely damsel? The goddess of speech (Sarasvati), for instance, is a chatterer, while Bhavani possesses only half a body (the other half being represented by her lord, Siva). And Rati (Love's consort is quite out of the question to compare Videha's Daughter with Rama, who has poison and spirituous liquor for her dear brothers, Supposing there was an ocean of nectar in the form of loveliness and the tortoise serving as a base for churning it was an embodiment of consummate beauty, and if splendour itself were to take the form of a cord, the erotic sentiment should crystallize and assume the shape of Mount Mandara and the god of love himself were to churn this ocean with his own hands -- (1-4)

Doha - 247

And if from such churning were to be born a Laksmi, who was the source of all lovelines and joy, the poet would even then hesitatingly declare her as analogous to Sita. (247)

Chaupala -

Sita clever companions escorted Her to the arena, singing songs in a charming voice. A beautiful Sari (covering for the body) adorned Her youthful frame; the Mother of the universe was incomparable in her exquisite beauty. Ornaments of all kinds had been beautifully set in their appropriate places, each limb having been decked by Her companions with great care. When Sita stepped into the arena, men and women alike were fascinated by Her charms. The gods gladly sounded their kettledrums, while celestial damsels rained down flowers in the midst of songs. In Her lotus-like hands sparkled the wreath of victyory, as She cast a hurried glance at all the princes. While Sita looked for Sri Rama with anxious heart, all the princes found themselves in the grip of infatuation. Presently Sita discovered the two brothers by the side of the sage, and Her eyes greedily fell on them as on a long-lost treasure. (1-4)

Doha - 248

Out of natural bashfulness that She felt in the presence of elders and at the sight of the vast assemblage. Sita shrank into Herself; and drawing the Hero of Raghu's race into Her heart She turned Her eyes towards Her companions. (248)

Chaupala -

Beholding Sri Rama's beauty and Sita's loveliness men and women alike forgot to close their eyelids. All of them felt anxious in their heart but hesitated to speak; they inwardly prayed to the Creator," Quickly take away, O Creator, Janaka's stupidity and give him right understanding like ours, so that the king without the least scruple may abandon his vow and give Sita in marriage to Rama. The world will speak well of him and the idea will find favour with all. On the other hand, if he persists in his folly, he shall have to rue it in the end, Everyone is absorbed in the ardent feeling that the dark-complexined youth is a suitable match for Janaka's daughter." Then Janaka summoned the heralds, and they came eulogizing his race. The king said, " Go round and proclaim my vow." Forthwith they proceeded on their mission; there was not a little joy in their heart. (1-4)

Doha - 249

The heralds then uttered these polite words, "Listen all princes: with our long arms upliffted we announce to you King Videha's vow:--- (249)

Chaupala -

"The might of arm of the various princes stands as the moon. while Siva's bow is the planet Rahu as it were; it is massive and unyielding, as is well-known to all. Even the great champions Ravana and Banasura quietly slipped away as soon as they saw the bow. Whoever in this royal assembly break today the yonder unbending bow of Siva shall be unhesitatingly and insistently wedded by Videha's daughter and shall triumph over all the three worlds." Hearing the vow all the princes were filled with longing, while those who prided on their valour felt very indignant. Gairding up their loins they rose impatiently and bowing their heads to their chosen deity went ahead. They cast an angry. look at Siva's bow grapled with it with steady aim and exerted all their strength; but the bow refused to be lifted . Those princes, however, who had any sense at all did not even apprach the bow. (1-4)

Doha - 250

Those foolish kings indignantly strained at the bow and retired in confusion when it refused to leave its position, as though it grew more and more bulky by absorbing the might of arm of each successive warrior. (250)

Chaupala -

Ten thousand kings then proceeded all at once to raise it; but it baffled all attempts at moving it. Sambhu's bow did not stir in the same way as the mind of a virtuous lady refuses to yield to the words of a gallant. All the princes made themselves butts of ridicule like a recluse without dispassion. Helpessly forfeiting their fame, glory and great valour to the bow they returned Confused and disheartened, the kings went and sat in the midst of their own company. Seeing the kings thus frustrated. King Janaka got impatient and spoke words as if in anger; "Hearing the vow made by me many a king has come from diverse parts of the globe; gods and demons in human form and many other heroes, staunch in fight, have assembled. (1-4)


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