Balakanda - Doha 121 to 130

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 121

"Killing the demons He reinstates the gods, preserves the bounds of propriety fixed by the Vedas, which represent His own breath, and diffuses His immaculate glory throughout the world. This is the motive of Sri Rama's descent."

Chaupala -

"Singing this glory the devotees cross the ocean of mundane existence; it is fore the sake of His devotees that the compassionate Lord bodies Himself forth. The motives of Sri Rama 's birth are many , each more wondeful than the other. I will refer to one or two such births at some length ; please listen attentively , O wise Bhavani Sri Hari has two favourite gate- keepers jaya and Vijaya who are known to everybody . Due to the curse of certion Brahmanas (sanaka and his theree brothers) both these brothers were born in the accursed species of demons . One of them was known as Hiranyakasipu and the other as Hiranyaksa. They becam knowm throughout the universe as the tamers of the pride of Indra (the chief of gods). Both of them were celebrated heroes who came out victorious in battle. The Lord assumedd the form of a Boar in order to kill one of the two brothers (viz, Hiranyaksa); while bodying Himself forth as a Man-Lion , He Killed the other (Hiranyakasipu) and spread the fair renown of His devoteee, prahlada (Hiranyakasipu) and spread the fair renown of His devotee, Prahlada (Hiranyakasipu's son)."

Doha - 122

"it is these two brothers that were born again as the powerful and most valiant Raksasas. Ravana and Kumbhakarna, who were great warrious and , as all the world knows, conquered even gods."

Chaupala -

"Even though slain by the Lord, the two brothers (Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu) did not attain libheration; for the Brahmans had doomed them to three births. It was on their account that the Lover of the devotees bodied Himself forth on one occasion. In that birth Kasyapa and Adti were His parents, who were known by the names of Dasaratha and Kausalya respectively . This was how in one Kalpa (round of creation) the Lord descended from heaven and performed purifying deeds on earth In another Kalpa all the gods were worsted in their conflict with knew the demon jalandhara. Seeing their distress Sambhu waged war against him , which knew no end; but the demon, who possessed a great might , could not be killed in spite of His best efforts . The wife of the demon could not be conquerrd even by the Vanquisher of Tripura.

Doha - 123

"By a stratagem the Lord broke her vow of chastity and accomplished the purpose of the gods. When the lady discovered the trick, she cursed Him in her wrath."

Chaupala -

"The sportive and gracious Lord accepted her curse. It was this jalandhara who was reborn as Ravana in this latter Kaloa. him in battle Sri Rama confeeerd a on him the supreme state (final beatiude). This was the reason why Sri Rama assumed a human form in one particular birth . Hark , O Bharadvaja; the story of each birth of the Lord has been sung by poets in diverse ways. On one occasion Narada cursed the Lord; this served as an excuse of His birth in one parthicular Kalpa.'' Girija was taken aback to hear these words and said , Narada is a votary of God Visnu and enlightened soul too. Wherefore did the sage pronounce a curse ? What offence had Laksmi's lord committed against him? Tell me the whole story, O Slayer of the demon Tripuea. It is very strange that the sage should have fallen a prey to delusion."

Doha - 124A

The great Lord Siva then replied with a smile. There is one enlightened or deluded. Man instantly becomes what the Lord of Raghus wills him to be at a particular moment."

Doha - 124B

Said Yajnavalkya, "I am going to recount the virtues of Rama , O Bharadvaja; listen with a devout mind." Renouncing pride and intoxication. O Tulasidasa, adore the Lord of Raghus, who puts an end to metempsychosis.

Chaupala -

"In the Himalaya mountains there was a most sacred cave; the beautiful heavenly stream (Ganga) flowed near by. The sight of this most holy and charming hermitage highly attracted the mind of the celestial sage Narada . Seeing the mountain , the river and the forest glades, his heart developed love for the feet of Laksmi's lord. The thought of Sri Hari broke the spell of the curse * (prounced by Daksa , which did not allow him to say at one place); and his mind , which was naturally sinless, fell into a trance. seeing the sage's condition, Indra (the chief of gods ) beame apprehensive , Summoning the god of love , he received him with great honour and said , for my sake go with your associates ! The god of love , he received him with great honour and said , For my sake go with your associats ! The god of love (who has a fish emblazoned on his standard) set out gladdened at heart . Indrea apprehended theat the celestial sage sought to occupy his abode. Those who are lustful and grasping are afraid of everyone like the evil-minded crow.

Doha - 125

just as foolish dog ,on seeing a king of beasts , should run away with a dry bone , fearing in his crass ignorance lest the lion should rob him of it Indra too in his shamelessness thought as above.

Chaupala -

When the god of love reached that hermitage, he created a semblance of the vernal season by his illusory power. Many -coloured blossoms appeared on the trees of diffreent kinds ; cuckoos sang and beees hummed Delightful breezes, cool soft and fragrant, blew, fanning the flame of passion . Rambha and other heavenly damsels, who looked ever yong and were all past masters in amorous sports, sang in undulating tones of various kinds and sported in many ways , ball in hand. The god of love was delighted to see his associates there and employed a variety of deceptive tricks. But his amorous devices has no effect on the sage. Guilty Cupid was now apprehenive of his own destruction . Can ayone dare to trespass the bounds of him who has the Lord of Laksmi as his great protector.

Doha - 126

In dire dismay the god of love with his accomplices acknowleded his defeat and clasped the sage's feet addressing him in accents of deep humility.

Chaupala -

There was no anger in Narada's mind ; he reassured the god of love by addressing him in friendly terms . Then , bowing his head at the sage's feet and obtaining his leave Love retired with his accomplices. Reaching the court of Indra (the chief of gods) he related his own doings, on the one hand , and the sage's clemency , on the other. Hearing the tale all were astonished ; they extolled the sage and bowed their head to Hari. Then Narada called on Siva; he was proud of his victory overy Love and told Him all Love's doings. Knowing him to be His most beloved friend, the great Lord Siva admonished him as follows him as follows :- O sage , I pray you again and again: never repeat this story to Hari as you have repeated it ti me. Even if the topic ever comses up before Him , please hust it up."

Doha - 127

Wholesome was the advice given by Sambhu; but it did not please Narada. Bharadvaja, now hear what interesting thing happened. The will of Hari is predominant.

Chaupala -

The will of Sri Rama alone prevails; there is no one who can alter it Sambhu's advice fell flat on the sage Then he went to the abode of Brahma (the Creator). Singing the glories of Sri Hari , to the accompaniment of the excellent lute he had in his hand the lord of sages, Narada, who was skilled in music, onece reparied to the ocean of milk where dwells the abode of Laksmi , Bhagavan Narayana , who is Vedanta (the crown of all Vedas) personified . The abode of Rama (Laksmi) rose to meet him in great joy and shared His seat with the sage , The Lord of the entire creation , animate as well as inanimate , Said with a smile , It is after a long time that you have showed Me this favour , reverend sir. Narada told Him all the doings of Love even though Siva had already forbidden him to do so. Most formidable is the Maya (deluding potency) of the Lord of Rahgus No one was ever born in this world, who is beyond its charm.

Doha - 128

With an impassive look , yet in coaxing accents , said the Lord, By your very thought self-delusion, lust, arrogance and pride disappear.''

Chaupala -

"Hark, O sage ! the mind of him alone is susceptible to delusion, whose heart is devoid of windom and dispassion. You are steadifast in your vow of celibacy and resolute of mind ; you can never be smitten with pangs of Love . Narada replied with a feeling of pride , Lord it is all due to your grace. The compassionate Lord pondered and saw that a huge tree of pride had sprouted in his heart . I shall soon tear it up by roots; for it is My vow to serve the best interest of My servants. I must contrive some plan which may do good to the sage and serve as a diversion for Me ." Then , bowing his head at the feet of Sri Hari , Narada departed. The pride in his heart had swelled . The Lord of Laksmi (the goddess of prosperity) then set His Maya into operation. Now hear of her relentless doings.

Doha - 129

The Lord's Maya (deluding potency) created on the way a city with an area of eight hundred square miles . The manifold architectural beauties of that city excelled even thouse of Visnu's own capital (Vaikuntha).

Chaupala -

It was inhabited by graceful men and women , whom you would take to be so many incarnations of the god of love and his wife Rati A king , Silanidhi by name, possessed the grandeur and luxury of a hundras Indras and was a repository of grace , splendour , might and wisdom . He had a daughter , Visvamohini by name, whose beauty enraptured even Laksmi . She was no other than Sri Hari's own Maya (enrapturing potency) , the fountainhead of all virtues ; who can describe her charm? The princess was going to marry by self-election; hence kings beyound number arrived there as suitors. The sportive sage (Narada) entered the city and inquired everything from the people. Hearing all that had been going on there, he wended his way to the king 's palace . The king paid him homage and gave him a seat.

Doha - 130

The king brought and showed the princess to Narada and said, Tell me after mature though all theat is good or bad about her."

Chaupala -

Seeing her beauty the sage forgot all about his dispassion and remained gazing on her for a long time. When he read the auspicious marks on her body , he was lost in reverie, He was gladdened at heart , but he would not openly mention the happy characterics. He was gladdened at heart , but he would not openly mention the happy characteristics. He who weds this girl, he said to himself , Shall become immortal; and no one shall be able to conquer him in battle. He whom Silanidhs daughter selects for her lord shall be adored by the entire creation, both animate and inanimate.'' Harving read these characteristics the sage kept them to himself , and mentioned a few fabricated ones to the king . Telling the king that his daughter was of good promise, Narada left. He thought within himself , Let me devise and try some means whereby the princess may choose me for her husband. He had no more zeal ti practise japa (muttering of sacred formulas) or austerity. Good God, how am I to get the girl? he said to himself.


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