Balakanda - Doha 211 to 220

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 211

The Lord Sri Hari is such a great friend of the humble and compassionate beyond one's deserts. Adore Him, O foolish Tulasidasa, giving up all deceit and wily wrangling. (211)

Chaupala -

Sri Rama and Laksmana accompanied the sage and reached the bank of the Ganga, the stream of which purfies the whole universe. The son of Gadhi, Visvamitra, related the whole legend how the celestial stream had come down upon earth. The Lord then performed His ablutions with all the sages, and the Brahmanas received gifts of various kinds Accompanied by a troop of hermits the Lord gladly proceeded further and quickly drew near to the capital of the Videhas, Mithila. When Sri Rama beheld the beauty of the city. He as well as His younger brother were much delighted. There were many big and small wells, reivers and tanks with water as sweet as nectar and reached by flights of steps made of jewels Bees drunk with honey, made a sweet humming sound and birds of various hues softly cooed. Lotuses of different colours opened their petals; while a cool, soft and fragrant breeze ever delighted the soul. (1-4)


Doha - 212

The city was adorned on all sides with flower-gardens, orchards and groves, the haunt of innumerable birds, full of blossoms, fruits and charming leaves. (212)

Chaupala -

The beauty of the city surpassed description; every inch of it was soul-captivation. There was a lovely bazar and gorgeous balconies made of jewels, fashioned as it were by the Creator with his own hands. Wealthy and good merrchants, who vied with Kubera (the god of wellth), sat with all thier various goods. Beautiful crossings of roads and charming streets were contantly sprinkled with scented waters. The houses of all were abodes of bliss and contained beautiful wall-paintings portrayed, as it were, by Rati's lord (Cupid) himself. The people of the city, both men and women, were good-looking pious, saintly, virtuous, wise and accomplished. The palace of Kind Janaka was most marvellous, the sight of whose splendour astounded ever gods. Even the fortification wall filled the mind with worder; it seemed as if it had enclosed within its limits the beauty of the whole universe. (1-4)

Doha - 213

White palaces were screened here and there by bejewelled gold tapestries of various beautiful designs; while the exquisite palace where Sita lived was far too lovely for words to descibe. (213)

Chaupala -

The entrances to the palace were all beautiful and protected with doors of diamond. They were always thronged with feudatory princes, dancers, panegyrisis and bards. There were spacious stables and stalls for elephants, which were crowded at all times with steeds, elephants and chariots. The king had a number of brave ministers and generals. They all owned mansions that vied with the royal palace. In the outskirts of the city by the side of lakes and rivers numerous princes had encamped here and there. On Seeing a fine mango grove which was comforable and agreeable in everyway, the sage Kausika (Visvamitra)said,"O wise hero of Raghu's race, I like this orchard; let us stay here." "Very well, my lord!" answered the gracious Lord, and encamped there with all the hermits` train When the king of mithila got the news that the great sage Visvamitra had come. (1-4)

Doha - 214

He took with him faithful ministers, a number of warriors, noble Brahamanas, his family preceptor (Satananda) and the chief of his kinsmen, and thus went forth rejoicing to meet the prince of sages. (214)

Chaupala -

Placing his head on the sage's feet the king made obisance to him; while the lord of the sages, Visvamitra, gladly gave him his blessing. The king then respectfully saluted the Brahmanas and congratulated himself on his good fortune (in being able to receive them) Inquiring again and again aboout his welfare, Vasvamitra led the king to a seat. At that very time arrived the two half-brothers, who had gone to see the garden. One dark and the other fair, the two lads were yet tender of age. The delight of all eyes, they stole the heart of the whole world. All those present there rose when the Lord of Raghus came; and Visvamitra seated Him by his side. They were all delighted to see the two brothers; tears rushed to their eyes and the hair on their body bristled with joy. Beholding Sri Rama's lovely and charming form King Videha (Janaka) was particularl beside himself with joy. (1-4)

Doha - 215

Finding his heart overwhelmed with love the king recovered himself by recourse to reason and, bowing his head at the sage's feet, spoke the following pregnant words in a voice choked with emotion:-- (215)

Chaupala -

"Tell me, my lord are these two pretty boys the ornament of a sage's family or the bulwarks of some royal dynasty? Or, is that Brahma (the Absolute), whom the Vedas descibe in negative terms such as `Not that' (Neti), has appeareed in a dual form? My mind which is despassion itself in its natural form, is enraptured at their sight. even as the Cakora bird is transported with joy at the sight of the moon. Therefore, Sir, I earnesly inquire of you: tell me the truth my Lord; hide nothing from me. Deeply attached to them at their very sight, my mind has perforce renounced the joy of absorption into Brahma." The sage smilingly answered, "You have spoken well, O king; your words can never be untrue. Whatever living beings there are in this world they all love these boys."Sri Rama smiled within Himself on hearing these words. "They are the sons of King Dasaratha, the jewel of Raghu's race; the king has sent them for my cause. (1-4)

Doha - 216

These two noble brothers, Rama and Laksmana, are the embodiments of beauty virute and strength. The whole world knows that they conquered the demons in battle and protected my sacrifice from harm."(216)

Chaupala -

"When I behold your feet, O sage," added the king, " I cannot tell what a great merit I have earned in the past. These two brothers, one of whom is dark of hue and the other fair, are the delight of delight itself. Their guileless affection for each other is beyond description; it is so agreeable and soul-ravishing.""Listen to me, my lord," continued King Videha rejoicing, "they have natural affinity for each other like the one existing between Brahma (the Supreme Spirit) and Jiva (the individual soul)." The king gazed upon the Lord over and over again; the hair on his body stood on end and his heart overflowed with joy. Extolling the sage and bowing his head at the latter's feet, the king escorted him to his capital, and lodged the sage in a beautiful palace which was comfortable at all times. Then, after further homage and rendering all kinds of service to him, the king took leave of the sage and returned to his own palace. (1-4)

Doha - 217

Having dined with the seers and rested awhile, Lord Sri Rama, the Jewel of Raghu's race, sat down by His brother's side, a quarter of the day still remained. (217)

Chaupala -

Laksmana felt in his heart a great longing to go and see Janaka's capital. He was, however, afraid of the Lord and stood in awe of the sage; therefore he did not openly declare it and smiled within himself Sri Rama understood what was passing in His younger brother's mind; and His heart overflowed with a kindly feeling for His devotee. Taking leave of His preceptor to speak, He smilingly spoke with much diffidence in most polite terms, " My lord, Laksmana long to see the city, but out of fear and repect for your he does not make it known to you. It have your permission, I will take him round the city and quickly bring him back." Hearing this the chief of sages, Visvamitra replied in affectionate terms, "It is no worder, Rama, that You should respect good manners. You are the upholder of the moral code, my son, and bring joy to Your servants out of love for them. (1-4)

Doha - 218

"Go blissful pair of brothers, and having seen the city come back. Bless the eyes of all by showing them your charming countenance." (218)

Chaupala -

Saluting the lotus-feet of the sage the two brothers, the delight of the eyes of the whole world, departed. Beholding the exquisite beauty of the two brothers troops of boys followed them, their eyes and mind being enamoured of it. Clad in yellow garments they had a quiver fastened at their back, with a cloth (of the same colour)wrappend round their waist; their hands were adorned with a gracefull bow and arrow respectively. The beautiful pair, one of whom was dark and the other fair, had streaks of (red or white) sandalwood paste painted on their body so as to match the complexion. With a neck as well-built as the lion's and long arms they had on their bosom an exquisite string of pearls obtained from the forehead of elephants. Their lovely eyes resembled the red lotus; and the moon-like face relieved one of the threefold agony. Their ears were adorned with pendants of gold, which stole as it were the heart of those who looked on them. They cast a bewitching glance and had a pair of arched and shapely eyebrows, the lines of the sectariam mark on the forehead looked as if beauty had been sealed there. (1-4)

Doha - 219

Their beautiful head was covered with a charming rectangular cap and dark curly locks. The two brothers were lovely from head to foot; the beauty of every limb was as it should be. (219)

Chaupala -

When the citizens received the news that the two princes had come to see the town, they all left their business and ran out of their homes as if paupers were out to grab a valuable property. Beholding the natural grace of two brothers, they were glad at heart and attained the consummation of their eyes. Sticking, to the air-holes of thier houses young ladies lovingly scanned Sri Rama's beauty. They foundly spoke to one another in the following words. O friend, He has surpassed in beauty millions of Cupids. Nowhere among gods, men demons, Nagas or sages do we hear of such beauty. God Visnu is endowed with four arms, Brahma has four faces, while Siva, the Slayer of Tripura, has frightful garb and five faces. O friend there is no other god who could stand comparison with this beauty. (1-4)

Doha - 220

"The two lads, one dark and the other fair, are yet of tender age and are repositories of beauty and abodes of bliss. Millions and hundreds of millions of Gupids are worth sacrificing to each one of their limbs." (220)

Chaupala -

"Tell me. friend what embodied being is there that would not be charmed to see such beauty? One of them lovingly said in gentle tones. "Hear, my dear what I have been told. These two lads, a beautiful pair of cygnets as it were, are sons of king Dasaratha; they are the protectors of Kausika's sacrifice. and have slain demons in the field of battle. He who has a swarthy form and has charming lotus-like eyes and who has quelled the pride of Marica and Subhahu, Wielding a bow and shaft in His hands, is Kausalyas son, Rama by name, the very fountain of bliss. The fair youth in gallant attire, who is closely follwoing Sri Rama a bow and arrow in hand, is the latter's younger brother and is named Laksmana Sumitra friend is his mother, you must know. (1-4)


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