Balakanda - Doha 71 to 80

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 71

"Put away all anxiety, my dear, and fix your thoughts on the Lord He alone who has created Parvati will bring her happiness."

Chaupala -

"Now if you cherish any love for your child , than go and admonish her that she should practise austerity which may bring about her union with Siva ; there is no other way of overcoming sorrow . The words of Narada are pregnant ans full of reasion . Siva (who bears a ball for His emblem) is handsome and a mine of all vartues: recongnizing this truth do not entertain any misgiving. Sankara is irreproachable in everyway. "Hearing the above worlds of her husband Mena felt delighted at heart ; she at once rose and went where Girija was. At the sight of Uma tears rushed to her eyes and she attiectionately took the girl in her lap. Again and again she hugged the child : her voice was choked with emotion and she found herself tongue.tied The Mother of the universw, the all-knowing Bhavani, then spoke the following soft words, which brought delight to her mother:-

Doha - 72

"Listen, mother: I relate to you a vision which I saw. A handsome and fair -complexioned noble Brahmana gave me the following exhortation."

Chaupala -

Recognizing the truth of Narada 's go and practise austerity, O mountain - maind; the idea has commended itself to your father and mother as well. Austerity is conducive to joy and puts an end to sorrow and avils. By virtue of penance the Creator creates the universe. By virtue of penance Visnu protects the whole world. By virtue of penance Sambhu brings about dissolution . By virtue of penance, again , Sesa (the serpent-god) bears the burden of the earth on his head. In fact , the entire cration rests on penance , Bhavani. Bearing this in mind, go and practise austerity. Hearing these words the mother was filled with wonder. She sent for Himalaya and communicated the vision to him . Consoling her parents in many ways Uma set out for penance in a joyous mood. Her loving household and parents felt miserable and none could speak a word.

Doha - 73

The sage Vedasira then came and consoled them all. They were comforted when they heard of the glory of Parvati.

Chaupala -

Cherishing in her heart the feet of her dear lord , Uma went to the forest and began her penanc. Her delicate frame was little fit for austerities; yet she renounced all luxuries fixing her mind on the feet of her lord. Her devotion to the feet of her lord presented a new phase everyday; and she got so absorbed in penance that she lost all consciousness of her body. for a thousand years she lived on roots and fruits alone; while for another hundred years she lived on roots and fruits alone: while for another hundred years she lived on roots and fruits alone ; while for another hundred years she lived on roots and fruits all consciousness of her body . Foe a thousand years she lived on roots and fruits alone ; while for another hundred years she subsisted years she lived on vegetables. For some days her only sustenance was water and air; while for a few days she observed a rigorous fast. For three thousand years she maintained herself on the withered leaves of the Bela * tree that dropped on the ground. Finally she gave up even dry leaves; Uma then came to be known by the name of Aparna (living without leaves). Seeing her body emaciated through self-mortification the deep voice of Brahma (the Creator) resounded through the heavens:-

Doha - 74

"Listen, O daughter of mountain-king your desire is accomplished Cease all your rigorous penance; the Slayer of Tripura will soon be yours."

Chaupala -

"There have been many self -possessed and ilumined sages; but not one of them, Bhavani, performed such penance as this . Now cherish in your heart this supreme utterance from heaven, knowing it to be invariably true and ever sacred. When your father comes to call you , give up all resistance and return home at once. Again, when the seven sages meet you , be assured to hear this utterance of Barahma echoed by heaven and a thrill ran through her limbs. (Yajnavakya says to Bharadvaja) I have thus sung the beatiful story of Uma: now hear the charming account of Sambhu. Ever since Sati weant and quitted her body, Siva's mind recoiled from everything . He ever repeated the name of the Lord of Raghus and heard the recitation of Sri Rama's glories here and there.


Doha - 75

The embodiment of intellingenc and bliss , the abode of happiness, Siva who is ever free from error, arrogance and desire , roamed about on earth with His heart fixed on Sri Hari, the delight of the whole world.

Chaupala -

Here He instructed the sages in wisdom and there He extolled the virtues of Sri Rama. Though passionless and all-wise, the Lord, who fully recongnizes services renderd to Him , and is a mine of beauty and amiability and an embodiment of great splendour, to Him, and is a mine of beauty and amiability and an embodiment of great splendour, appeared before Sankara and extolled Him in ways more than one. Who else than You can accomplish such a vow?'' He said , Sri Rama admonished Him in many ways and told Him of the birth of Parvati. The Lord in His infinite compassion narrated at full length the most pious doings of Girija.

Doha - 76

"Now, Siva, if You have any affection for Me, listen to My appeal, Go and marry Sailaja (the daughter of Himacala): grant this boon to me."

Chaupala -

Siva replied. "Although this is hardly justifiable, the words of a master cannot be set aside at the same time. My lord. your command must be respectfully carried out: this is my paramount duty. The world of one's parents, teacher and master must be unquestionably obeyed as conducive to bliss. You are my supreme benefactor in everyway; therefore, my lord , I bow to your commands. The Lord, was pleased to hear the well-chosen words of Sankara; which were inspired with devotion , wisdom and piety . The Lord said, Your vow has been kept; now bear in mind what I have told You," Saying so He went out of sight. Sankara cherished the impression of the vision in His hear That very moment the seven sages called on Siva. The Lord spoke to them in most charming accents:-

Doha - 77

"Going to Parvati you put her love to the test, Then directing her father, Himalaya, to her, send her back to her home and dispel her doubts.''

Chaupala -

There the saw Gauri (a name of Parvati; lit fair-complexioned) as if she were penance itself personified. The sages said , "Hear, O daughter of Himacala: why are you practising such rigorous? Whom do you worship and what do you seek? Why not confide to us the real secret?'' I feel very shy in making my submission You will be amused to hear of my folly. Yet my mind has taken a rigid attiude and heeds no advice; it would raise a wall on water . Relying on the truth of Narada's prophecy , I long to fly even without wings. Look at my madness: I always covet Siva as my husband."


Doha - 78

Hearing the above reply the sages laughed and said, "After all your body owes its existence to a mountain (Himalaya); tell us who has ever listened to Narada's advice and lived in home."

Chaupala -

He called on and admonished the sons of Daksa and they never saw their home again. It was he who ruined the home of Citraketu: and again Hiranyakasipu (the father of Prahlada) met a similar fate. Men and women who listen to Narada'a advice are sure to leave their home and become mendicants Guileful at heart, he bears on his person the marks of a pious man ; he would make everyone just like himself. Relying on his world you crave for a husband who is apathetic by nature, devoid of attibutes, shameless, homeless and naked, who has an inauspicious look about him,

wears a string of skulls around his neck, is without a family and has serpents for his ornaments. Tell us, what happiness do you expect by obtaining such a husband? you have fallen an easy prey to the machinations of that imposter! Siva married Sati at the intercession of some friends; but later on he abandoned her and left her to die."


Doha - 79

"Siva is care-free now; he lives on alms and enjoys a sound sleep . Can women ever stay in the house of habitual recluses?

Chaupala -

"Even now accept our adivice; we have thought of an excellent match for you-exceptionally good-looking pious, agreeable and amiable , whose glory and exploits good-looking pious, agreeable and amiable , whose glory and exploits are sung by the Vedas. He is free from blemish, is a mine of all virtues and the lord of Laksmi (the goddess of prosperity) and has His abode in Vaikuntha. Such a suitor we shall unite with you." Hearing this, Bhavani laughed and said. "You have rightly observed that this body of mine is begotten of a rock: I would sooner die than give up my tenacity. Gold is another product of rock which does not abandon its character even on being consigned to fier. I not ignore Narada's advice; whether my house is full or desolate, I fear not fire not. He who has no faith in the words of his preceptor cannot easily attain either happiness or success even in a dream."


Doha - 80

"The great God Siva may be full of faults and Visnu may be a repository of all virtues. One is, However, concerned with him alone who gladdens one's heart."

Chaupala -

"Had you met me earlier, O great sages! I would have listened to you advice with reverence. But now that I have staked my life for Sambhu, who will weigh His merits and demerits? If you are specially bent upon uniting a pair and cannot help delight in such games know no weariness. As for myself must wed Sambhu or remain a virgin, no matter if I have to vontinued the struggle for ten million lives. I will not disregard Narada 's admonition even if Sambhu Himself tells me a hundred times to do so." I fall at your feet," continued Parvati the Mother of the universe, Please return to your home. It is already late, Seeing Parvatis devotion the enlightened sages exciamed Glory, all glory to You, O Bhavani Mother of the universe!"


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