Balakanda - Doha 141 to 150

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 141

I proceed to tell you all about it, O Bharadvaja; listen attentively. The story of Sri Rama wipes out all the impurities of the kali age, brings forth all blessings and is most charming.

Chaupala -

Swayambhuva* Manu had Satarupa as wife; of them was born this human race, peerless in God's creation. The piety and conduct of the pair were excellent; the standard of morality set up by them is sung by the pair were excellent; the standard of morality set up by them is sung by the Vedas even to his day. Their son was king Uttanapada, who begot the celebrated devotee of Sri Hari , Dhruva. Manu's younger son was known as Priyavrata, who is mentioned with praise by the Vedas and the purans. They had a daughter too , Devahuti by name , who was the favourite consort of the sage Kardma, and who bore in her womb the all-powerful and benevolent Lord Kapila the primal divinity , who is compassionate to the humble and who openly expounded the philosophy of Sankhya. an adept as He was in the enquirty after the ultimate principles. The said Manu ruled for a long period and followed the Lord's commandments (in the form of the scriptual ordinance) in everyway.



"I have reached the fourth stage of my life (old age) while I am still living uncier the roof of my house (as a householder): but I have not yet lost my relish for the pleasures of sense , he said to himself . He felt sore distressed at heart that his life had been wasted without devotion to sir Hari.

Chaupala -

Manu then perforce resigned the throne to his son and departed for the forest with his wife. per-eminent of all holy places is the celebrated Naimisaranya (the modern Nimsar in Oudh), which is most sacred and bestows success on those striving for realization . Multitudes of sages and adepts lived there. Glad of heart, king Manu proceeded to that place . passing along the road , the king and queen of resolure mind looked like incarnations of spiritual wisdom and devotion respectively. On reaching the bank of the Gomati they bathed with delight in the limpid stream. Adepts and enlightened sages came to see him, recognizing in the royal sage a champion of virtue. The sages reverently took them to all holy and lovely spots that were scattered here and there. With emaciated bodies and clad in hermits robes they daily listened to the puranas in the assembly of saints.

Doha - 143

They further devoutly repeated the twelve -lettered formula Their mind was fondly devoted to the louts feet of Lord Vasudeva (the all -pervading Visnu)

Chaupala -

They lived on vegetables, fruits and roots and meditated on Brahma (the Absolute), who is truth , consiousness and bliss combined. Again they started undergoing penance for the sake of Sri Hari , giving up roots and fruits for water alone . Their heart ever clamoured , Let us see with our eyes that supreme Lord who is without attributes , without parts and without beginning or end , who is contemplated upon by the exponents of the highest reality , whom the Vedas describe in negative terms such as Not this , not this , who is bliss itself, unconditioned and without comparison, and from a particle of whose being emanate a number of Sambhus , Virancis and Visnus." Even such a Lord is subordinate to the will of His devotees and assumes for their sake a form suitable for sport If the above utternace of the Vedas is true, our desire will be surely accomplished.

Doha - 144

In this way six thousand years elapsed even while they lived on water. Then for another seven millennia they lived on air alone.

Chaupala -

For ten thousand years they refused to inhale even air (i.e., held their breath) and remained standing on one leg. Beholding their great penance Brahma Hari and Hara repeatedly called on Manu and tempted him in many ways saying "Ask for a boon ." But the king and queen were most resolute and did not swerve in spite of the deities' efforts to deflect them from their course. Although their frame had been reduced to a mere skeleton there was not the least anguish in their heart. The omniscient Lord now recognized the king and queen as His own servants . The ascetic couple soley depened on Him. In the meantime a most deep voice thundered from heaven. "Ask, ask for a boon." The voice was steeped in the nectar of compassion and was so charming that it infused life into the dead .Entering through the cavity of the ears when it reached their very heart they found their body attractive , animated and robust as before, as if they had just returned from home.

Doha - 145

As the couple heard these words, which were delightful to the ear as nectar itself , the hair on theire body bristled and a thrill ran through their limbs. Then, falling prostrate on the ground and with his heart overflowing with love Manu spoke:-

Chaupala -

"Listen, O Lord! You are a wish -yelding tree and a cow of Your servants. The dust below Your feet is adored by Brahma, Hari and Hara . You are easy to serve and a fountion of all blessing, You are the protctor of the suppliant and the lord of all creation . both animate and inanimate. O friend of the forlorn . if You have any affection for us, be pleased to grant this boon to us . The form which dwells in Siva 's heart and is sought by sages , which sports like a swan in the lake of Bhusundi s mind and is sought by sages , which sports like a swan in the lake of Bhusundi's mind and let us feast our eyes on that form ; O Reliever of the distress of the suppliant. ''The soft and humble words of the royal cople , steeped as they were in the nectar of love , were liked by the Lord very much . Full of affection for His devotees and a storehouse of compassion , the all- powerful Lord, Who pervades the Whole universe, manifested Himself.

Doha - 146

Billions and millions of Loves blushed to behold the elegance of His swarthy form, which resembled a blue louts (in the softness of its touch),a sapphire (in its gloss) and a dark cloud (in its freshness).

Chaupala -

His countenance, which resembled the autumnal full moon, was the very perfection of beauty. Lovely were His cheeks and chin and His neck resembled the conch -shell in its spiral shape. His ruddy lips , teech and nose were charming His smile put to shame the rays of the moon. His ruddy lips , teeth and nose were charming . His smile put to shame the rays of the moon . His eyes possessed the exquisite beauty of fresh-blown lotuses and His lovely glance captivated the heart. His eyebrows stole the beauty of Love 's bow and a sectarian mark shone on His forehead. Fish -shaped ear-rings hung from his ear-lobes and a crown adorned His head . His curly locks looked like a swarm of bees . His breast was marked by a curl of hair and adorned with a beautiful wreath of sylvan flowers, a string of precious stones and other jewelled ornaments. His strong and well-builtiful arms resembled the trunk of an elephant. The ornaments adorning them were also charming. A quiver was tied to His waist and His hands bore an arrow and a bow.

Doha - 147

His yellow robes put to shame streaks of lightning and His belly had three folds; while His attractive navel robbed, as it were, the eddies on the Yamuna of their beauty.

Chaupala -

His louts feet, which attract the minds of sages like so many bees, were beyond description. On His left side shone His left side shone His primordial enegy , Sita who is ever devoted to Him , and who is a storehouse of beauty and the source of the universe. Sita, who stood to the left of Sri Rama , was the same from a fragment of whose being emanate countless Laksmis. Umas and Brahmanis (Sarasvatis), all mines of virtues, and the mere play of whose eyebrows brings the cosmos into existence. On the form of Sri Hari , the ocean of beauty they looked on with reverence and would not feel flat on the ground , clasping His feet with their hands . The gracious Lord touched their heads with His own louts hands and lifed them up at once.

Doha - 148

The compassionate Lord then said, "knowing that I am highly pleased with you and recognizing Me as a great donor, ask whatever boon you will.

Chaupala -

On hearing the words of the Lord , Manu joined his palms and summoning courage spoke in soft accents, "Now that we have seen Your louts feet, all our desires have been fulfilled. Yet one ardent longing still lingers still lingers in my heart. It is easy of accomplishment and at the same time hard to attain ; hence it cannot be expressed. O Lord it is easy for You to grant it; but due to my wretched condition it appears to me so hard to attain . Just as a pauper who has found a wish -yielding tree feels shy in asking for abundant weath , little realizing its glory , even so my heart is possessed by doubt Being the witness of all hearts , You know my mind ; therefore, O my by doubt . Being the wintness of all hearts . You know my mind ; therefore , O my master grant my the witness of all hearts, You know my mind : therefore , O my master grant my desire . "O king ask of Me unreservedly; there is noting which I would not give you."

Doha - 149

"O crest -jewel of donors , O gracious lord , I tell You my sincere wish : I would have a son like You. I can have nothing to conceal from You ."

Chaupala -

On seeing his love and hearing his invaluable words, the compassionate Lord said, "Amen But where shall I go find My equal? Myself, O king , shall be a son to you." Then .seeing Satarupa with her hands still folded , He said , O good lady . ask whatever boon you please. "O gracious Lord the boon which the clever king has just asked has appealed to me much. But it is great presumption , my Lord even though such presumption is liked by You , O friend of the universe and the Supreme Being who dwells within the heart of all , Realizing this, my mind is filled with doubt; but what You have said is infallible . O my master, the bliss that is enjoyed and the goal that is reached by your own devotees,-

Doha - 150

"Grant me in Your mercy , O Lord, that very bliss, the same destiny, the same devotion the same attachment to Your feet, the same insight and the same mode of living."

Chaupala -

Hearing the soft, pregnant, charming and excellent speech of Satarupa, the gracious Lord gently replied, "Whatever desire you cherish in your mind I have granted; you should have no doubt about it Mother , by My grace your uncommon wisdom shall never fail. Bowing at His feet , Manu again said , Lord I have once more request to make. Let me have attachment to Your feet, of the same type as one has for a son, no matter if anyone calls me a big fool. just as a snake cannot live without the gem on its hood and a fish without water, even so let my life be dependent on You (let me not suevive without You). " Asking this boon , the king remained clasping the Lord's feet till the All-merciful said , Let it be so . Now, obeying My command go and dwell in the capital of Indra (the chief of gods).''


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