Balakanda - Doha 231 to 240

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 231

While Sri Rama was talking to His younger brother in this strain, His mind, which was enamoured of Sita's beauty, was all the time drinking in the loveliness of Her countenance, like a bee sucking the nectar from a lotus. (231)

Chaupala -

Sita looked timidly all round: Her mind was at a loss to where the princes had gone. Wherenever the fawneyed princess cast Her glance, a continuous stream of white lotuses seemed to rain there. Her companions then pointed out to Her the two lovely brothers, the one dark, the other fair of hue, standing behind a fence of creepers. Beholding the beauty of the two princes Her eyes were filled with greed; they rejoiced as if they had discovered their longlost treasure. The eyes became motionless at the sight of Sri Rama's loveliness; the eyelids too forgot to fall. Due to excess of love Her body-consciousness began to fail it looked as if a Cakora bird were gazing at the autumnal moon. Receiving Sri Rama into the heart through the passage. of the eyes, She cleverly shut Him up there by closing the doors of Her eyelids. When Her girl-companions found sita overpowered with love, they were too much abashed to utter a word. (1-4)

Doha - 232

At that very moment the two brothers emerged from a bower. It looked as if a pair of sportless moons had shone forth tearing the veil of cloud. (232)

Chaupala -

The two gallant heroes were the very perfection of beauty; bodies resembled in hue a blue and a yellow lotus respectively. Charming peacock-feathers adorned their head, which had bunches of flower-buds stuck here and there. A sectarian mark and beads of perspiration. glistened on their brow; while graceful pendants shed their lustre on their ears. With arched eyebrows and curly locks, eyes red as a lotus-bud and a lovely chin, nose and cheeks their gracious smile was soul-enthralling. The beauty of their countenance was more than I can descibe; it would put to shame a myriad Cupids. They had a string of jewels on thier breast; their lovely neck resembled a conch-shell in its spiral shape; while their mighty arms vied with the trunk of a young elephant, who was the very incarnation of Cupid, With a cup leaves full of flowers in His left hand the dark-hued prince, myu dear, is most charming. (1-4)

Doha - 233

Beholding the Ornament of the solar race, who had a slender waist like that of a lion and was clad in yellow, and was the very embodiment of beauty and amiability, Sita's companions forgot their very existence. (233)

Chaupala -

Recovering herself, one of Her clever companions grasped Sita by the hand and said to Her, " Meditate on Gouri afterwards; why not behold the princes just now ?" Sita then bashfully opened Her eyes and saw the two lions of Raghu's race opposite Herself. Surveying Sri Rama's beauty from head to foot in the reverse order and remembering Her father's vow she felt much perturbed When Sita's companions saw Her thus overcome with love, they all cried in alarm:" We are late already." Let us come again at this very hour tomorrow!" So saying one of them smiled within herself. Sita blushed at this pregnant remark. She got agraid of Her mother; for She felt it was already late Recovering Herself with considerable effort She received Sri Rama into Her heart and conscious of Her dependence on Her sire returned home. (1-4)

Doha - 234

Under pretence of looking at a deer, bird or tree She turned again and again, and each time She gazed on the beauteous Hero of Raghu's race, Her love waxed not a little. (234)

Chaupala -

Drooping at the thought of the unyielding bow of Siva, She proceeded with the image of the swarthy form in Her heart. When the Lord perceived that Janaka's Daughter, a fountain of bless, affection. grace and goodness, was going, He sketched Her on the sheet of His heart with the soft ink of supreme love Sita then sought Bhavani's temple and, adoring Her feet, prayed to Her with joined palms:" Glory, all glory to You, O Daughter of the mountain-king! Glory to You, who gaze on the countenance of the great Lord Siva as a Cakora bird on the moon. Glory to You, O Mother of the elephant-headed Ganesh and the six-faced Kartikeya and mother of the universe with limbs shining as lightning. You have no beginning, middle or end; Your infinite glory is a mystery even to the Vedas. You are responsible for the birth, maintenance and destruction of the universe; You enchant the whole universe and carry on Your sports independently of others. (1-4)


Doha - 235

"Of all good women who adore their husband as a god, Mother, You rank foremost. You immeasurable greatness is more than a thousand Sardas and sesas could tell."(235)

Chaupala -

"The fourfold rewards of life (viz., religious merit, worldly riches, sensuous enjoyment and Liberation) are easily attainable through Your service, O bestower of boons, beloved of Siva (the Slayer of Tripura)! All who adore Your lotus-feet, P Shining One, attain happiness, be they gods, men or sages. You know well my heart's longing since You ever dwell in the town of every heart. That is why I have refrained from openly declaring it."With these words Videha's Daughter clasped the feet of the image. Bhavani was overcome by Her meekness and devotion; the wreath on the head. Gauri's heart was filled with delight while She spoke, " Hear, Sita, my infallible blessing: your heart's desire shall be accomplished. Narada's words are ever faultless and ture; the suitor on whom Your heart is set shall, indeed, be Yours. (1-4)

The dark-complexioned and naturally handsome suitor of whom You are enamoured shall indeed be Yours. The gracious and omniscient Lord is aware of Your fidelity and love." Sita and all Her companions were delighted at heart to hear this blessing from Gauri's lips. Worshipping Goddess Bhavani again and again Sita, says Tulasidasa, returned to Her abode, rejoicing in Her heart.

Doha - 236

Finding Gauri favourably disposed towards Her Sita was more glad of heart than words can tell. Her left limbs began to throb, indicating Her good fortune. (236)

Chaupala -

Inwardly prasing Sita's beauty, the two brothers returned to their Guru (Visvamitra) Sri Rama related everything to Kausika; for He was innocent of heart and free from all guile. Having got the flowers the sage performed his devotions and then blessed the two brothers, saying, "May your heart's desire be accomplished." Rama and Laksmana were glad to hear the benediction. After finishing his meals the great and illumined hermit, Visvamitra, began to recite old legends. The day was thus spent; and obtaining the Guru's permission the two brothers proceeded to say their evening prayers. In the meantime the charming moon rose in the eastern horizon; perceiving that her orb resembled Sita face Sri Rama felt happy. The Lord then reasoned within Himself." The queen of night beats no resemblance to Sita. (1-4)

Doha - 237

"Born of the ocean(with its salt water), with poison for her brother dim and obscure by the day and with a dark in her orb how can the poor and wretched moon be matched with Sita's countenance? (237)

Chaupala -

"Again the moon waxes and wanes; she is the curse of lovesick damsels and is devoured by Ragh when she crosses the latter's orbit. She cause anguish to the Calkravaka(the ruddy goose) and withers the lotus. O moon, there are numerous faults in you. One would incur the blame of having done a highly improper act by comparing you with the countenance of Videha's Gaughter." Thus finding in the moon a pretext for extolling the beauty of Sita's countence and perceiving that the night had far advanced, Sri Rama returned to His Guru; and bowing at the sage's lotus-feet and receiving his permission. He retired to rest. At the close of night the Lord of Raghus woke; and looking towards His brother He began to speak thus," Lo, brother, the day has dawned to the delight of the lotus, the Cakravaka and the whole world." Joining both of his palms Laksmana gently spoke the following words indicative of the Lord's glory:-- (1-4)

Doha - 238

"The day having dawned, the lily has faded and the brightness of the stars is dimmed, just as at the news of Your arrival all the princes (assembled here) have grown faint. (238)

Chaupala -

"Though twinkling like stars, all the princes put together are unable to lift the thick darkness in the form of the bow. And just as lotuses and bees and the Cakravaka and various other birds rejoice over the termination of night, even so my lord, all Your devotees will be glad when the bow is borken. Lo,the sun is up and the darkness has automatically disappeared; the stars have vanished out of sight and light flashes upon the world. Under pretence of its rising, O lord of Raghus, the sun has demonstrated to all the princes the glory of my lord (Yourself), It is in order to reveal the might of Your arms that the process of breaking the bow has been set into operation." The Lord smiled at these remarks of His brother. He who is pure by His very nature then performed the daily acts of purification and bathed, and after finishing the daily routine of prayer etc., called on His Guru and the two brothers bowed their graceful heads at his lotus-feet. Meanwhile King Janaka summoned his preceptor Satananda and sent him at once to the sage Kausika. Satananda communicated to Visvamitra Janaka's humble submission and Visvamitr gladly sent for the two brothers. (1-5)

Doha - 239

Adoring Satananda's feet the Lord went and sat down by His Guru; the sage then said," Come on, my son : Janaka has sent for (239)

Chaupala -

"Let us go and see how Sita elects her husband; we have yet to see whom Providence chooses to honour." Said Laksmana, " He alone deserves glory, my lord, who enjoys your favour." The whole company of hermits rejoiced to hear these apt words and with a delighted heart they all gave their blessing to him. Accompanied by the whole throng of hermits the gracious Lord then proceeded to visit the arena intended for the bow-sacrifice. When the inhabitants of the town got the news that the two brothers had reached the arena, they all sallied forth, oblivious of their homes and duties--men and women, young and old and even children. When Janaka saw that a huge crowed had collected there, he sent for all his trusted servants and said, "Go and see all the people at once and marshal them to their proper seats." (1-4)

Doha - 240

Addressing soft and polite words to the citizens, the servants seated them all, both men and women, in their appropriate places, whether noble or midding, humble or low. (240)

Chaupala -

Meanwhile there arrived the two princes, the very abodes of beauty as it were, both ocean of goodness, polished in manners and gallent heroes, charming of forms the one dark and the other fair Shining bright in the galaxy of princes, they looked like two full moons in a circle of stars. Everyone looked on the Lord's form according to the conception each had about Him. Those who were surpassingly staunch in battle gazed on His form as though He was the heroic sentiment personified. The wicked kings trembled at the sight of the Lord as if He had most terribe form. The demons, who were cunningly disguised as princes, beheld the Lord as Death in visible form, while the citizen regarded the two brothers as the ornaments of humanity and delight of their eyes. (1-4)


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