Balakanda - Doha 161 to 170

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 161A

"No one has come to me so far nor do I make myself known to anyone; for popular esteem is like a wild fire a wild fire , which consumes the forest of penance (i.e., neutralizes it)."


Not only fools, says Tulasidasa, but even clever men taken in by fair appearances. Look at the beatiful peacock: though its notes are sweet like nectar, it devours snakes.

Chaupala -

"That is why I live in this world away from the public gaze. I have little to do with anything other than Sri Hari . The Lord knowes everyyhing without being told ; tell me, then, what is to be gained by humouring the world . You are sincere and intelligent and are therefore supremely dear to me ; and I too have earned youe affection and confidence. Now , my son , if were to keep anything from you, I shall incur the most severe blame ." The more the hermit talked of his indifference to the world the more trustful grew the king . When the false anchorite saw the king devoted to him in thought , world and deed, he said, "My name , brother, is Ekatanu." Hearing this, the king bowed his head and asked further, "Kindly explain to me the meaning of this, the king bowed his head and asked further, "Kindly explain to me the meaning of this appellation recognizing me as your faithful servant.

Doha - 162

"My birth took place at the first dawn of creation . Since then I have never taken another body; that is why I am called Ekatnu."

Chaupala -

"Marvel not, My son to hear this; for nothing is too difficut to obtain through penance. By dint of penance Brahma creates the universe; by dint of penance Visnu assumed the role of its protector . By dint penance, again, Sambhu destroys the world; there is nothing in this world which cannot be attained through penance." Hearing this the king felt much enamoured and the hermit commenced relating old legends. Having discussed topics of Karma (action) and Dharma (duty) and told many legends bearing on them he discoursed on dispassion and knowledge. And he further related at length countless marvellous stories connected with the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the hermit and then proceeded to tell him his real name. Said the hermit, "O king , I know you . Even though you tried to deceive me, I appreciated this move on your part."

Doha - 153

"O king the political maxim is that kings should not disclose their name in all cases. And when I thought of your political sagacity, I conceived great love for you."

Chaupala -

"Your name is Pratapabhanu; king Satyketu was your father. O king, by the grace of my preceptor I know everything; but foreseeing my own harm I refuse to tell everything I know . When I saw your natural straightforwardness, affection, affection, faith and political wisdom , I conceived a spontaneous affection for you; and that is why I told you my own story on your your asking I am now pleased; doubt not and that is why I told you my own story on your asking . I am now Pleased; doubt not and that is why I told you my own story on your asking . I am now pleased; doubt not and ask what you will, O king ." Hearing these agreeable wordls, the king rejoiced and , clasping the hermit's feet, supplicated to him in many ways . O gracious sage, by your very sight I have within my grasp all the foure ends of human existence (viz., religious merit, wealth, enjoyment and final beatitude). Yet , as I see my lord so gracious, I would ask a boon which is impossible to attain otherwise, and thereby overcome sorrow."

Doha - 164

"Let my body be free from old age; death and suffering let no one vanquish me in battle and let me enjoy undisputed sovereignty over the globe for a hundred Kalpas (repetitions of creation) and let me have no enemies."

Chaupala -

Said the anchorite " So be it, O king there is one difficulty; hear it too. Even Death shall bow his head at your feet (much more those who are subject to death) The only exception shall be the Brahmanas, O ruler of the earth Brahmanas are ever powerful by virtue of their penance; no one can deliver from their wrath If you can reduce the Brahmanas to your will , O king even Brahma , Visnu and the great Lord Siva shall be at your command . Might is of no avail against the Brahmanas; with both arms raised to heaven I tell you this truth. Listen, O sovereign; If you escape the Brahmana's curse you shall never perish. "Hearing his words , the king rejoiced and said , "My lord, I shall no longer die. By your grace , O benevolent master, I shall be blessed at all times."

Doha - 165

"Amen!" said the false anchorite, and added with crafty, intent, "If you tell anyone about my meeeting with you and your straying away , the fault shall not be mine."

Chaupala -

"I warn you, O king because great harm shall befall you if you relate this incident to anyone. If this talk happens to reach a thired pair of tell you the truth, you are anyone . If this talk happens to reach a third pair of ears, I tell you the truth , you are doomed. O Pratapabhanu, if you divulge this secreat or if a Brahmana curses you, you are undone. In no other way shall you die, even if Sri Hari and Hara get angry with you." "It is true my lord , "said the king, clasping the hermit's feet . "Tell me, who can deliver from the wrath of a Brahmana or a spiritual precepror ? A Guru can save one even if one has evoked the wrath of Brahma; but in the even t of a quarrel with one's preceptor there ; is no one in the world who can save. If do not follow your advice , let me perish; I care not . My mind is disturbed by only one fear; the curse of a Brahmana. my lord , is something most terrible.

Doha - 166

"How shall I be able to win over the Brahmanas? Kindly tell me that too. I see no friend other than you , my gracious lord."

Chaupala -

"Listen , O king : there are various expedients in this world. But they are hard to accomplish and are of doubtful issue besides. Of course, there is one very simple device; but that too involves one difficulty. Its contrivance depends on me ; but my going to your city is out of the question . Ever since I was born I have I have never been to anybody's house or village so far. And if I do not go, it will be a misfortune for you. I am therefore in a dilemma today ." Hearing this the king reolied in a polied in a polite languge , "My lord , there is a maxim laid down in the Vedas: The great show kindness to the small . Mountains always bear tiny blades of grass on their tops , the fathomless ocean carries floating form on its breast and the earth ever bears dust on its bosom."

Doha - 167

So saying the king clasped the hermit's feet and said, "gracious to me my master . You are a saint , compassionate to the himble ; therefore, my lord, take this trouble on my behalf."

Chaupala -

Knowing that the king was completely under his influence, the hermit, who was cleverat deception, said, Listen O king: I tell you the truth. For me in this world there is nothing hard to obtain . I will surely accomplish your object, devoted as you are in thought, word and deed to me . The power of Yoga (contemplation), planning, penance and mystic formulas works only when secrecy is maintained about them. penance and mystic formulas works only when secrecy is maintained about them. O king if I cook food and you serve it and if nobody comes to know me. whoever tastes the food so prepared shall become amenable to your orders. Again, I tell you, whosoever dines at the house of such people shall, O king, be dominated by your will , Go and operate this scheme, O king and take this vow for a whole year.

Doha - 168

"Everday invite a new set of a hundred thousand Brahmanas with their families; while I, so longs as your vow lasts, shall provide the daily banquet."

Chaupala -

"In this way O king with little exertion all the Brahmanas shall be reduced to your will . The Brahmanas in their turn will ofter oblations into the sacred fire , perform big sacrifices and practise adoration; and through that channel the gods too shall be easily won over. I give you one more sign. I will never come in this form. By my delusive power, O King I will carrry off your family priest and, making him just like myself by dint of my penace, will keep him here for the year ; while I, O king, will take his form and manage eyerything for you . The night is far gone , so you had better retire now; on the third day we will meet again , By my penitential power I will convey you home , both you and your horse, even while you are asleep."

Doha - 169

"I will come in the form I have told you , and will recognize me when I call you aside and remind you of all this."

Chaupala -

The king went to sleep in obedience to the hermit; while the counterfeit sage returned to his own seat and sat down there. Deep sleep came upon the weary monarch; but how could the other fellow sleep , distracted as he was with anxiety. The demon Kalaketu made his appearance there; it was he who had assumed the form of a bora and led the king astray . A great friend of the hermit-king , he was skilled in manifold ways of deceit. He had a hundred sons and ten brothers, who were great villains, invincible and annoying to the gods. Seeing the Brahmanas, saints and gods in distress the king had already killed them all in battle. Recalling the old grudge the wretch consoired with the hermit-king and contrived a plot for the extermination of wretch conspired with the hermit-king and contrived a plot for the extermibation of the enemy; but , as fate would have it the king knew noting of it.

Doha - 170

A spirited for, even though left alone , should not be lightly regarded. The demon Rahu, * who has nothing left of him but his head , is able to torment both the sun and moon even to this day.

Chaupala -

The hermit-king was delighted to see his ally and rose to meet him. The meeting gave him much satisgaction and he related the whole story to his friend . The demon too was glad and said , "Listen, O king: since you have followed my advice, take the enemy as subdued. Cease to worry now and lay yourself to rest . God has effected a cure without the use of a medicine, I will sweep away the enemy root and branch and see you on the fourth day." Fully reassuring the hermit-king , the arch-impostor, who was highly irascible, departed . In an instant he conveyed Pratapabhanu to his palace , horse and all. Putting the king to bed beside his queen, he tied up the horse in the stall in the proper way.


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