Balakanda - Doha 301 to 310

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 301

This magnificent chariot the king joyfully caused Vasistha to mount, and then himself ascended the other, with his thoughts fixed on Lord Hara, his preceptor (Vasisttha), goddess Gauri and the god Ganesa.

In the company of Vasistha the king shone forth as Indra (the lord of celestials)by the side of his preceptor (Brhaspati) After performing all the rites sanctioned by family usage or precribed by the Vedas and seeing everyone fully equipped for the journey.he sallied forth to the blast of the conch-shell after receiving the permission of his preceptor and with his thoughts fixed on Sri Rama. The immrtals rejoiced to see the marriage procession and rained down flowers full of auspicious blessings. There was a confused din of horses neighing, elephants trumpeting and music playing both in the heavens and in the procession. Human and celestial dames alike sang festal melodies, while clarionets played in sweet accord. There was an indescribable clamour of bells, both large and small. The footmen leaped and danced displaying exercises of various kinds. Jesters, proficient in pleasantry and expert in singing melodious songs, practised all kinds of buffoonery.

Doha - 302

Gallant princes made their steeds cruvet to the measured beat of tabors and kettledrums; accomplished dancers noted with surprise that they never made a step out of time.

Chaupala -

The splendour of the marriage procession was more than one could descibe. Fair and auspicious omens occurred. The blue-necked jay picked up food on the left and announced as it were all good fortune. On a fair field in the right appeared a cow,and a mongoose was seen by all. A soft, cool and fragrant breeze was blowing in a favourable direction; a blessed (unwidowed) woman appeared with a pitcher and a child in her arms. A fox turned round and showed himself again and again and a cow suckled its calf in front of the procession; a heard of deer came round to the right, as if good omens appeared in visible form. A Brahmani-kite promised great blessings; and a Syama bird was observed on an auspicious tree to the left. A man bearing curds and fish two learned Brahmanas each with a book in his hand came from the opposite direction.

Doha - 303

All kinds of blessed and auspicious omens and thos conducive of desired results occurred all at once as if to fulfil themselves.

Chaupala -

Auspicous omens easily occur to him who has God with form as his own son. In the marriage which was going to take place, the bridegroom was no other than Sri Rama and Sita Herself was the bride; while the pious Dasaratha and Janaka were the parents of the bridegroom and the bride respectively; hearing of this marriage all good omens danced and said," It is now that Creator has justifued us. " In this way the procession set forth amidst the ceighing of horses, the trumpeting of elphants and the clash of kettledrums. Learning that the chief of the solar race. King beautiful rest-houses erected at different stages, which vied in magnificence with the city of immortals (Amaravati) and in which members of the bridegroom's party were supplied with excellent food, beds and clothing each according to his own tast. Finking ever new pleasures agreeable to themselves all the members of the bridgroom's party forgot their own home.


Doha - 304

When it was learnt that the procession of the bridegroom's party was approaching and the tempestuous clash of the kettledrums was heard a deputation went out to receive it with elephants, chariots, footmen and horses duly equipped.

Jars of gold full of sweet and cold drinks and trays and salvers and beautiful dishes of various kinds laden with confections of indescibable variety and delicious as ambrosia, with luscious fruit and many other delightful articles were sent as an offering by King Janaka in his joy. The king aslo sent ornaments, wearing apparel, valuable gems of every variety, birds antelopes, hoses, elephants, vehicles of every desciption charming aromatic substances of an auspicious nature and various articles of good omen; and a train of porters marched with their loads of curds, parched rice and presents of endless variety slung across their shoulders. When the deputation saw the bridegroom's party, their mind was filled with rapture and a thrill ran through their frame. Seeing the deputation equipped in everyway the members of the bridegroom's party had their drums beaten in great joy.

Doha - 305

A batch from each side joyfully marched at a gallop in order to meet each other and the two parties met as two oceans of bliss that had transgressed their bounds.

Kettledrums. The members of the deputation placed all the offerings before King Dasaratha and supplicated him with an affectionate address. The king lovingly accepted everything and distributed the offerings as presents among his own people, or bestowed them as alms on the beggars. After due homage, reverence and courtesy the deputation conducted the bridegroom's party to the lodgings set apart for them. Gorgeous cloths were spread as carpets for the royal guets to tread upon, on seeing which Kurvera (the god of wealth)was no longer pround of his wealth. Magnificent were the quarters assigned to the bridegroom's party, which provided every kind of comfort for each guest. When Sita learnt that the bridegroom's party had arrived in the city, She manifested. Her glory to a certain extent. By Her very thought She summoned all the Siddhis (miraculous powers personified) and despatched them to wait upon the king and his party.

Doha - 306

Hearing Sita's command they reparied to the guests apartments, taking with them every kind of riches, comfort as well as the enjoyments and luxuries of heaven.

Each member of the bridegroom's party found in his own apartment all the enjoyments of heaven ready at hand in everyway. No one, however, had in inkling of the mystery behind this untold splendour; everyone sang Janaka's praises. Rama alone recognized Sita's influence and was glad at heart to discern Her love. When the two brothers heard of their father's arrival, they could not contain themselves for joy, but were too modest to speak to their Guru, though their heart longed to see their sire. Vivamitra felt much gratified at heart to perceive this great humility. In his joy he pressed the two brothers to his bosom; a thrill ran through his limbs, while tears rushed to his eyes. They proceeded to the guests apartments, where king dasaratha was, as though a lake sought to visit thirsty soul.

Doha - 307

When the kings saw the sage coming with the two princes, he rose in joy and advanced to meet them like a man who feels his footing in an ocean of bliss.

The king prostrated himself before the sage. placing the dust of the latter's feet on his head again and again. Kausika pressed the king to his bosom, blessed him and inquired after his welfare. When king Dasaratha saw the two brothers prostrating themselves, he could not contain himself for joy. Pressing the boys to his bosom he allayed the unbearable pangs of separation and looked like a dead body restored to life. Rama and Laksmana then bowed their head at Vasistha's feet and the great sage embraced them in the ecstasy of love. The two brothers next saluted all the Brahamanas and in turn received their welcome blessings. Bharata and his younger half-brother (Satrughna) greeted Rama, who lifted them and embraced them, Laksmana rejoiced to see the two brothers (Bharata and Satrughna) and as he embraced them his limbs throbbing with emotion.

Doha - 308

The most gracious and unassuming Lord greeted everyone else including the citizens, attendants, kinsmen, beggars, ministers and friends in a manner befitting the rank of each.

Chaupala -

The sight of Sri Rama was so soothing to the quests; the ways of love are beyond description Beside the king his four sons looked like incarnations as it were of the four ends of human endeavour, viz., riches, religious merit etc. The people of the city were delighted beyond measure to see King Dasaratha with his sons. The gods rainted down flowers and beast their drums; the nymphs of heaven danced and sang. satananda (King Janaka's family preceptor) and the other Brahmanas and ministers of State, as well as the genealogists, minstrels, jesters and rhapsodists, who formed the deputation, paid due honour to the king and his part and returned with their permission. The bridegrom's party had arrived earlier than the day fixed for the wedding: The bridegroom's party had arrived earlier than the day fixed for the transcendent bliss and prayed to the Creator that the days and nights might be lengthened.

Doha - 309

Rama and Sita are the perfection of beauty, and the two kings (Dasaratha and Janaka) and perfection of virtue!" Thus would observe the men and women of the city wherever they happened to meet"

Chaupala -

"Vaidehi (Sita) is the incarnation of Janaka's merit, and Rama is Dasarath's virtue personified. No one has worshipped Siva with such devotion as these two kings, nor has anyone obtained such a reward as they have. No one has equalled them in this world, nor is there anyone to equal them anywhere nor shall be. We are all storehouses of all kinds of merits in that we have been born in this world as residents of Janaka's capital. Who is so highly blessed as we, who have beheld the beauty of Janaki (Sita) and Rama? And we will witness Sri Rama's wedding and shall thereby richly reap the benefit of our eyes" Damesels with voice as sweet as the notes of the cuckoo whispered to one another, " O bright-eyed friends, we shall gain much by this union. By our great good-luck Providence has ordaned things well: the two brothers shall often delight our eyes."

Doha - 310

"Time after time out of affection Janaka will send for Sita (from Ayodhya); and the two brothers, charming as millions of Cupids put together, will come to take her back".

Chaupala -

"There will be hospitality of every kind; who dear one, would not love to stay at such a father-in-law's On each such occasion all the people of the city will be happy to behold Sri Rama and Laksmana. King Dasaratha, my friends, has brought with him two other lads exactly resembling the pair of Rama and Laksmana. One dark, the other fair, but both charming of every limb: so declare all those who have seen them." Said another, "I saw them today: it appeared to me as though the Creator had fashined them with his own hands. Bharata is an exact copy of Rama; no man or woman could distinguish them at first sight. Laksmana and Satrusudana(Satrughna) are indistinguishable from each other, peerless in every limb from head to foot, The four brothers attract the mind but cannot be descibed in words; for they have no match in all the three worlds."


Says Tulasidasa: " They have no camparison anywhere, so declare the poets and wise men. Oceans of strength, modesty, learning, amiability and beauty, they are their own Compeers." Spreading out the skirt of their garment (as a beggar would while asking for alms) all the women of the city made entreaties to the Creator, "May all the four brothers be married in this city and may we sing charming nuptial songs!"


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