Balakanda - Doha 351 to 361

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 351

They all saluted and invoked blessing upon the king and sang his praises, and thereafter the king, accompanied by his preceptor and other Brahmanas proceeded to the palace.

Chaupala -

Under Vasistha's directions he reverently performed all the ceremonies prescribed either by usage or by the Veda. The queens, on seeing a crowd of Brahmanas, deemed themselves most fortunate and all rose to greet them. They laved the feet of the holy ones and helped them all perform their ablutions; while the king duly worshipped and entertaind them at meal. Overwhelmed with the host's civility, gifts and love, they departed glad of heart invoking blessings on him. To Gadhi's son (Vasvamitra) he paid homage in various ways and said, " My lord, there is no one so blessed as I am" The king lavished his praises on him and took the dust of his feet with his queens. He assigned the sage a fine quarter in his own palace. while the king and his whole gynaeceum kept a vigilant eye on his wants even though uneexpressed. Again he adored the lotus-feet of his preceptor (Vasistha) and made. humble submission to him with great afterction in his heart.

Doha - 352

All the princes with their brides and the king with his queens bowed to the preceptor's feet again and again, while great sage invoked blessings on them all.

Chaupala -

With his heart overflowing with love he made entreaties to the Guru and placed his sons and all his wealth before him. The great sage, however, asked for and accepted only his customary due (as a family priest) for the ceremonial occasion and blessed him in profusion. And with the image of Sita and Rama installed in his heart he gladly proceeded to his own residence. The king then summoned all the Brahmana dames, and invested them with beautiful robers, and ornaments. He next sent for the married women of the city (whose husbands were alive and who, though born in Ayodhya, were married elsewhere) and presented them with garments of their liking. All those who were entitled to receive gifts and presents on ceremonial occasions received their dues from the jewel of kings, who rewarded them according to their choice; and the king duly honoured those guests whom he regarded as worthy of affection and adoration. The gods who witnessed Sri Rama's wedding rained down flowers, while applauding the jubilation

Doha - 353

And with beat of drum the celestials gladly proceeded each to his abode, talking to one another of Sri Rama's glory with their heart overflowing with love.

Chaupala -

Having shown everyone all possible honour the king, whose heart was overbrimming with joy, visited the private apartments and beheld the princes with their brides. He gladly took the boys in his arms and experienced a thrill of joy which nobody could tell. Similarly he affectionately seated the brides in his lap and fondled them again and again with a heart full of rapture. The ladies of the gynaeceum were delighted to behold this spectacle; the heart of everyone became an abode of joy. The king related how the wedding had taken place and everyone was delighted to hear the accound. The goodness, amiability nobility, loving nature and the splendid wealth of King Janaka were extolled by King Dasaratha in a variety of ways even as a rhapsodist would do; and the queens were enraptured to hear record of his doings.

Doha - 354

After bathing with his sons the king called the Brahmanas, the preceptor and his own kinsmen and, having entertained them at meal, feasted himself on a variety of dishes till a couple of hours of the night passed.

Lovely women sang joyous songs, and the night became a source of delight and soul-enchanting. After rinsing their mouth the king and his party were all given betel-leaves; and adorned with garland and sandal-paste etc., they looked most charming Looking once more at Sri Rama and having received His permission they meriment and magnanimity, prosperity, splendour and loveliness that manifested there were more than could be told by a hundred Sarada and Seasas, Vedas and Brahmas, Sivas and Ganesas. How, then, can I descible them at length any more than an earthly serpent could support the globe on its head? The king then summoned the queens and showing every honour to them all, admonished them in gentle tones, "The brides are yet damsels and have come to strange house; therefore, take care of them as eyelids protect the eyes.

Doha - 355

"The boys are tired and feeling drowsy; go and put them to bed." So saying he retired to his own bedroom with his mind fixed on Sri Rama's feet.

Chaupala -

Hearing the sweet and loving words of the king, the queens made ready bejewelled beds of gold furnished them with many a rich covering, soft and white as the froth of cows' milk, and pillows more charming than words can tell. The bed-chamber, made of precious stones, was decked with garlands and supplied with perfumes, lamps consisting of bright gems and a canopy lovely beyond words. He alone who saw it could know what it was like. Having thus prepared a number of fine beds the queens took up Sri Rama and lovingly laiud Him down upon one of them. On being repeatedly asked by Sri Rama. His brothers too retired each to his own bed As the mothers gazed on the swarthy limbs on the swarthy limbs of Sri Rama, so soft and attractive, they all exclaimed in loving accents, " How did you manage, dear child; to kill the most dreadful demoness Tadaka while on your way to the forest?

Doha - 356

"How were you able to slay those monstrous giants, the wicked Marica and Subhahu and their followers, who were formidable warriors and counted none before them in battle?

Chaupala -

"I offer myself, dear child as a sacrifice for your sake; it was through the good will of the sage Visvamitra alone that God kept away a number of calamities from you. Even while you and your brother (Laksmana)guarded the sacrifice, you were initiated into all the secret lore. At the mere touch of the dust from your feet the hermit's wife (Ahalya) attained salvation and your glory filled the whole universe. In the assembly of princes you broke siva's bow, hard though it was as a tortoise-shell or admant or rock. You gained the glory of having triumphed over the world and won the hand of Janaka's daughter, and then returned home after marrying all your brothers. All your actions have been superhuman and were accomplished only by the grace of the sage Kausika. Our birth into the world has borne fruit today as we now behold, dear child, your moon-like face. Our prayer is that the number of days that have been spent without seeing you, may not be reckoned by the Creator at all. "

Doha - 357

Sri Rama gratified all His mothers by addressing sweet and polite words to them; and fixing His thought on the feet of Lord Sambhu, His preceptors (Vasistha and Visvamitra) and the Brahmanas in general, He closed His eyes in order to sleep.

Chaupala -

Even during sleep His most charming countenance gleamed as as lotus, half closed at eventide. In every house women kept vigil and railed at one another in auspicious strains. The queens said to one another, " See, friends, how resplendent the city is, and how splendid the night!" The mothers-in-law then slept with the lovely brides enflolded in their arms even as serpents would clasp to their bosom the lovely brides enfolded in their arms even as serpents would clasp to their bosom the gems from their hood. At the holy hour before dawn the Lord awoke, and the cocks commenced their citizens flocked to the gate to make their obeisance. The four brothers saluted the Brahmanas and gods as well as thier obeisance. The four brothers saluted the Brahmanas and gods as well as their preceptor and parents and were glad to receive their benedictions. The mothers reverently gazed on their countenance as the princes repaired to the gate with the king.

Doha - 358

Though pure in themselves, the brothers performed all the purificatory acts (such as evacuating the bowels, cleansing the privates and the hands with water and clay, rinising the mouth, brushing the teeth and cleansing the tongue etc.) and bathed in the holy river (Sarayu) and, having gone through their morning rountine of prayer etc., returned to their sire.

Chaupala -

The king on seeing them claped them to his bosom; and the four brothers gladly sat down on receiving his permission. The whole court was gratified to see Rama and accounted their eyes. supremely blest. Then came the sages Vasistha and `Visvamitra and were seated on splendid seats. The father and sons adored the sages and clasped their feet and the two preceptors were enraptors were enraptured to behold Sri Rama. The sage Vasistha narrated sacred legends, while the king and the ladies of the gynaeceum listened In the course of his narration the sage gladly recounted in diverse ways the doing of Visvamitra that surpassed the imagination even of hermits. Vamadeva (another family preceptor of King Dasaratha) observed that whatever Vasistha said was true and that Visvamitra's fair renown had pervaded all the three spheres. Everyone rejoiced to hear that, while Sri Rama and Laksmana were all the more delighted at heart.

Doha - 359

There was constant felicity, joy and rejoicing and days rolled on in this way. The city of Ayodhya was inundated with a tidal wave of delight, swelling higher and still higher.


After fixing on auspicious day the sacred strings (tied round the wrist of the brides and bridegrooms before the wedding for warding off evil-spirits) were untied with no little felicity, joy and merriment. The gods were filled with envy to see new rejoicings everyday and begged of the Creator that they might be born in Ayodhya. Visvamitra intended leaving everyday, but was detained by Sri Rama's affectionate entreaties. Seeing the king's devotion to him grow a hundredfold day after day the great sage Visvamitra was full of praise fom him. At last when he asked permission go, the the king was greatly moved and with his sons stood before him saying," My lord, all that I have is yours; while I and my sons and wives are your servants. Be ever gracious to these boys and condescend from time to time to bless me with your sight." So saying, the king with his sons and queens fell at his feet, and speech failed his tongue. The Brahamana (Visvamitra) invoked upon him every kind of blessing and departed amidst a scence of love that defied all description. Sri Rama and all His brothers lovingly escorted him and returned only when they were allowed to go back.

Doha - 360

The delighter of Gadhi's race gladly went on his way praising to himself Sri Rama's beauty, King Dasaratha's piety, the wedding of Sri Rama and Sita and the festivities and rejoicings connected therewith.

Chaupala -

Vamadeva and the wise preceptor of Raghu's race, Vasistha, once more narated the story of Visvamitra (Gadhi's son) On hearing the sage's bright glory the king praised to himself the value of his stock of merits (which attracted the sage to his house and won for him his favour). At the royal command the people disperesed, while the king with his sons returned to his palace. Everywhere the people sang the story of Sri Rama's wedding, and His holy and fair fame was diffused through all the three spheres. From the day Sri Rama came home duly married, every kind of joy took its abode in Anydhya. The festivities that followed the Lord's wedding were more than the goddess of speech or the Lord of serpents, Sesa, could tell. I know that the glory of Sri Rama and Sita is very life and sanctifier of the race of poets and a mine of blessings; that is why I have said something about it just to hallow my speech.


For the purpose of hallowing his speech has Tulasidasa sung Sri Rama's glory; otherwise the story of Sri Rama is a limitless ocean, which no poet has ever been able to cress. Those men who reverently hear or sing the tale of the auspicious festivites. attendant on Sri Rama's investiture with the sacred thread and amrriage shall ever be happy by the grace of Videha's Daughter and Sri rama.

Doha - 361

Those who lovingly sing or hear the story of Sita and Rama's marriage shall ever rejoice; for Sri Rama's glory is an abode of felicity.

Thus ends the first descent into the Manasa lake of Sri Rama' exploits, that eradicates all the impurities of the Kali age.


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