Balakanda - Doha 201 to 210

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 201

The Lord then revealed to His mother His marvellous infinite form, every pore of whose skin contained millions of universes. (201)

Chaupala -

She saw therein countless suns and moons. Sivas and four-faced Brahmas, and a number of mountains, river oceans, plains and woods, as well as the spirit of time, the priciple of action, the modes of Prakrti (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) the spirit of knowledge and Nature and many more things of which she had never heard before. She further perceived Maya who is powerful in every respect, stricken with terror and standing with her palma joined toghther. The mother also beheld the embodied soul, who is made to dance by Maya, and even so the spirit of devotion, which liberates the soul. The hair on the mother's body bristled and she stood speechless. Closing her eyes she bowed her head at the Lord's feet. Seeing the mother struck with wonder the Slayer of Khara assumed the form of a child again. She was unable to utter praises and trembled at the thought that she had looked upon the Father of the universe as her own child. Sri Hari comforted His mother in many ways and said, "Listen, My mother: do not reveal this fact anywhere." (1-4)

Doha - 202

Joining her palms Kausalya prayed again, "See, my Lord, that Your Maya no longer casts her spell on me." (202)

Chaupala -

Sri Hari indulged in many kinds of childish sports to the great delight of His servants. After some time all the four brothers passed the stage of infancy, gladdening the inmates of the house. The preceptor then came and performed the ceremony of tonsure; and the Brahmanas received handsome presents for officiating at the same. All the four noble princes moved about indulging in numerous plays, which were most delightful to look at. The Lord, who cannot be comprehended through mind speech or action, sported in the courtyard of Dasaratha. When the king while at dinner, called Him, He would not turn up, loth as he was to leave the company of His playmates. When Kausalya went to call Him the Lord would run away todding. He whom the Vedas declare in negative terms and whose end even Siva could not find, the mother ran to catch Him by force. With His body besmirched all over with dust, He came and the king smilingly took Him in his arms. (1-5)

Doha - 203

Even while the Lord sat at dinner, His mind was restless, so that the moment He got a chance He would run away and thither with a scream of delight, His mouth daubed with curds and rice. (203)

Chaupala -

His charming and most innocent childish sports have been sung by Sarada, Sesa, Sambhu and the Vedas. Those mind does not take delight in these have been deprived by Providence of a great good fortune. When all the four brothers attained of boyhood, the preceptor as well as their parents invested them with the sacred thread. The Lord of Raghus then proceeded to His preceptor's residence for study and in a short time mastered all the branches of Knowledge. What a great fun that Sri Hari, whose natural breath stands crystallized in the form of the four Vedas, should go to school Proficient in learning and perfect in politenss, virtues and decorum, they played all the games imitating the role of a king. With an arrow and bow in the hands of each they appeared most charming; beauty enraptured the whole creation. both animate and inanimate. Through whichever street the four brothers passed pursuit of their sport, all the men and women there stood motionless on perceiving them. (1-4)

Doha - 204

The people of Ayodhya men and women, elderly men as well as children, all held the gracious Rama dearer than life. (204)

Chaupala -

Calling his half-brothers and playmaters Sri Rama would take them with Him and go out to the forest for hunting everyday. He would deliberately kill only holy game and brought and showed the daily bag to the king. The beasts that were killed by Sri Rama's shaft went straight to heaven after death. He took His meals with His younger brother and companions and obeyed the orders of His parents. He would always contrive means to delight the people of the city. He would listen to the Vedas and Puranas with rapt attention and would Himself expound the truths contained therem to His youger brother Rising at break of day the Lord of Raghus would bow His head to His parents and preceptor and obtaining their permission, busied Himself with the affairs of the city. The king was glad at heart to see His noble acts. (1-4)

Doha - 205

The Lord, who is all-pervading, indivisible desireless, unbegotten, attributeless and without name or form, performed marvellous acts of various kinds for the sake of His devotees. (205)

Chaupala -

All this story has been sung by me; now hear attentively what followed. The great enlightened hermit Visvamitra lived in a forest knowing it to be a sacred spot. There he practised Japa(muttering of sacred formulas) and Yoga (contemplation) and performed sacrifices; but he was much afraid of the demons Marica and Subhahu. For as soon as they saw a sacrifics they would hasten to desecrate it to the great chagrin of the sage, who felt disturbed in his mind and thought that the wicked Raksasas could of the sage, who felt distrubed in his mind and thought that the wicked Raksasas could not be disposed of without Sri Hari. The great sage then said to himself," Lord has not be disposed of without Sri Hari. The great sage then said to himself, "Lod has already taken birth in order to relieve the earth of its burden. Let me make the outrage of the demons an excuse of seeing His feet and after due entreaty bring the two brothers here. I will regale my eyes with the sight of Him who is the abode of knowledge, despassion and all virtues." (1-4)

Doha - 206

Indulging in expectation of various kinds the sage took no time in reaching his destination. Bathing in the stream of the Sarayu he proceeded to the royal court. (206)

Chaupala -

When the king heard of the sage's visit he went out to meet him with a party of Brahamanas Prostrating himself on the ground the king reverently brought him in and seated him on his own throne. Then washing the sage's feet he paid him great honours and said, " No one else is so blessed as I am today." The king next entertained him with various kinds of food and the great sage was much delighted at heart. He then placed his four sons on the latter's feet. As the sight of Sri Rama the sage forgot all about himself. He was enraptured as he gazed on the beauty of Sri Rama's countenance even as the Cakora bird is enamoured of the full moon. Gladdened at heart, the king then addressed the following words to him, "Reverend sir, you have never shown such grace to me before. Tell me what brings you here; I will carry out your order without delay." Hosts of demons molest me, O king; I have therefore come to ask something of you. Let me have the Lord of Raghus, Sri Rama with His younger brother (Laksmana) with the extermination of the demons I will feel secure. (1-5)


Doha - 207

"Entrust them to me, O king, with a cheerful heart; let no infatuation or ignorance stand in your way. You will earn religious merit and fair renown thereby, and your sons well be highly blessed." (207)

Chaupala -

Hearing this most unwelcome demand the king's heart quivered and the brightness of this countenance faded. He said," I have been blessed with these four sons in my old age. You have, therefore, made your demand without due consideration, holy sir. Ask of me land cattle, goods and treasure; I will gladly give all I have without delay. Nothing is dearer than one's body and life; even these I would part with in a second All my sons are dear to me as life; but in no case can I afford to spare Rama my lord My lovely boys, who are yet too young, are no match for the most hideous and relentless demons. " The enlightened hermit Visvamitra felt delighted at heart to hear the king's reply, steeped as it was in the nectar of love. Then Vasistha pleaded with the king in manifold ways and all his doubts were gone. Most politely he sent for the two boys and pressing them to his bosom admonished them in many ways. Turning to the sage he then said, " My lord, the two boys are my very life. Your are their only father now holy sir; there is no one to look after them." (1-5)


Doha - 208A-B

Invoking various blessings on the boys the king committed them to the care of the sage; then they called at the mother's apartment and bowing their head at her feet departed. The two heroes, lions among men, oceans of compassion, resolute of purpose and the ultimate cause of the whole universe, gladly proceeded to rid the sage of his fear. (208A-B)

Chaupala -

The Lord had reddish eyes, a broad chest and long arms; His body was dark as the blue lotus or the Tamala tree. With a beautiful quiver fastened at His back with a yellow piece of cloth wrapped round His waist. He held in His two hands lovely bow and arrow respectively. In the two pretty boys, one of whom was dark and the other fair, Vasvamitra secured a great treasure. "I have now realized," said he to himself, "that the Lord is a votary of the Brahmananas; on my account He has left His own father." While on the way the sage pointed out the demoness. Tadaka, who on hearing their vaoice rushed up in fury. With a single shaft the Lord took her life and recognizing her as deserving of compassion bestowed His own state on her. Then the seer Visvamitra, while recognizing his lord as the fountain of knowledge, imparted to Him a sacred formula which armed Him against hunger and thirst and endowed Him with unequalled strength of body and a glow of vigour. (1-4)

Doha - 209

Making over to Him every kind of weapon the sage took the Lord to his own hermitage and devoutly gave Him bulbs, roots and fruits to eat, perceiving in Him his greatest friend. (209)

Chaupala -

At daybreak the Lord of Raghus said to the sage, "You may now go and perform your sacrifice without any fear of molestation." All the sages started offering oblations into the sacred fire, while Sri Rama Himself guarded the sacrifice. On hearing of it the furious demon Marica a great enemy of hermits, rushed with his army. Sri Rama struck him with a headless shaft and he fell at a distance of eight hundred miles beyond the sea-shore. The Lord next despatched Subhahu with an arrow of fire; while His younger brother,Laksamana exterminated the demon host Having killed the demons in this way the Lord rid the Brahamanas of their fear; the whole company of gods and sages offered praises to Him. The Lord of Raghus stayed there a few days more and showed His grace to the Brahmanas. Even though the Lord knew everything, the Brahmanas out of their devotion repeated to Him many legends from the Puranas. The sage then politely said to Him in pleading tone, " My lord, let us go and witness a performance." Hearing of a bow-sacrifice, the Lord of Raghus gladly accompanied the noble sage. On the way they waw a hermitage without bird beast or any other living creature. Observing a slab of stone lying there the Lord inquired of the sage about it, and the latter in reply told Him in detail the whole history behind it,(1-6)

Doha - 210

"Gautama's consort having assumed the form of a stone under a curse seeks with patience the dust of Your lotus feet; show mercy to her, O Hero of Raghu's race." (210)

Chaupala -

At the very touch of His holy feet, which drive away sorrow, emerged Ahalya, a true embodiment of austerity, Beholding the Lord of Raghus, the delight of His servants, she stood before Him with joined palm. Her heart being overwhelmed with love, the hair on her body stood on their end and she was unable to utter a word. The most blessed Ahalya cleaved to His feet and tears stremed from both her eyes. Recovering blessed Ahalya cleaved to His feet and tears streas stremed from both her eyes. Recovering herself she recognized the Lord and by the grace of Sri Rama attained devotion to His feet. In a guileless speech she began to praise the Lord," Glory to the Lord of Raghus, who is accessible through spiritual knowledge. I am an impure woman while the Lord is able to sanctify the whole world and is the delight of His servants. O lotus-eyed enemy of Ravana. You rid Your devotees of the fear of rebirth; therefore, I have taken refuge in You. Pray save me, save me. My consort(Gautama)did well in pronouncing a curse on me.and I have deemed it the greatest favour. I have feasted my eyes on Sri Hari (Yourself), who liberated from the bondage of worldly existence. Lord Sankara deems Your sight as the only blessing worth the name. Lord, I am very innoceant of only crave that my mind may ever continue to enjoy the love of Your feet-dust even as a bee sucks the honey from a lotus. The merciful Lord Sri Hari placed on my head the same lotus-feet from which issued the most holy Ganga(the heavenly river)---which is borne by Siva on His head--and falling again and again at His feet Gautama's consort(Ahalya) took leave of the Lord; and securing a boon, which she held most dear to her heart, she went to her husband's abode full of joy. (1-4)


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