Balakanda - Doha 331 to 340

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 331

Again and again the king bowed his head at the feet of Kausika and said, " All this joy, O chief of sages, is a gift of your gracious looks."

Chaupala -

King Dasaratha extolled in everyway Janaka's affection, amiability, affluence and doings. Every morning the King of Ayodhya asked leave to return home; but each time Janaka would livingly detain him. The royal quest received greated and enhanced attentions from day to day and was entertained in a thousand ways each day. The city witnessed a new rejoicing and festivity everyday; no one liked Dasaratha's departure. In this way a number of days passed as though members of the bridegrooms' party were tied by cords of love. The sages Kausika and Satananda then called on King Videha and advised him saying, " Now you must let Dasaratha go, even though you may not be able to part with him out of love." "Very well, my lord", replied the king, and sent for his ministers who came and bowed theri heads saying "My you be be victorious, may you live long!"

Doha - 332

"The King of Ayodhya longs to depart: make this known in the gynaeceum." At these words the ministers, Brahmanas, courtiers as well as the king himself were overhelmed with emotion.

Chaupala -

When the people of the city heard that the bridegrooms' party was leaving, they anxiously asked one another if it were a fact. When they learnt that the departure of the guests was certain, they were all sad in the same way as lotuses get shrivelled up in the evening, Provistions of vrious kinds were sent to all those places where the bridegrooms' party had halted while coming from Ayodhya. Dry fruits and confections of all kinds and other articles of food too numerous to be mentioned were sent by Janaka on the back of oxen and through numberless porters along with a number of beautiful bedsteads. He also sent 1,00,000 horses and 25,000 chariots, all decorated from top to bottom, 10,000 adorned elephants in rut, that put to shame the elephants gurding the eight quarters, besides carloads of gold, wearing apparel and jewels and even so she-buffaloes, cows and many other articles of various kinds.

Doha - 333

In this way King Videha gave once more a dowry which was immeasurable and beyond all telling and before which the wealth possessed by the lords of the different worlds looked small.

Chaupala -

Having got all the equipage arranged in the order mentioned above, Janaka had everything despatched to Ayodhya. When the queens heard that the bridegrooms' party was about to start, they all felt miserable eeven as fish when faced with shortage of water. Again and again they took Sita in their lap and blessed and exhorted her in the following words; May you be even beloved of your lord, and may you live long with him: this is our blessing. Serve the prents of your husband and other elders and do the bidding your lord according to his pleasure. " In their excess of loves Sita's clever companions too taught her the duties of a housewife in soft accents. The queens politely admonished all the other princesses too and clasped them to their bosom again and again; and as the mothers embraced their daughters time and again, they exclaimed, "Why did Brahma ever create a woman?"

Doha - 334

That very moment did Rama the chief of the solar race, gladly proceeded along with His brothers to Janaka's palace to take leave.

Chaupala -

The people of the city, both men and women, ran to see the four brothers, who were naturally lovely. Said one, "They intend leaving today; King Videha has made all arrangements for their farewell. So let your eyes drink in their beauty; the four princes have been our most welcome guests. Who knows, friend, what virtuous deed we have performed in return for which Providence has unexpectedly brought them before our eyes? Even as a dying man should stumble on nectar or he who has been starving all his life should be able to discover a wish-yielding tree or as one of the damned in hell should attain to the abode of Sri Hari, even so have we been blessed with their sight. Gaze on Sri Rama's beauty and treasure it in your heart; let your mind fondly cherish His image even as a serpent loves the gem in its hood." Thus delighting the eyes of all, the four princes went to the royal palace.

Doha - 335

The ladies of the gynaeceum were transported with joy to behold the four brothers, who were oceans of beauty as it were, and the mothers-in-law in their ecstatic mood scattered gifts and waved lights about the bridegrooms.

Chaupala -

Greatly moved at the sight of Sri Rama's beauty they affectionately fell at His feet again and again. Their heart being rapt in love. the feeling of shyness had bid them adieu; how could their natural affection for their sons-in-law be descibed? After rubbing the body of Sri Rama and His brothers with cosmetics they were given a bath and were most lovingly entertained with dishes containing the six flavours. Finding it a suitable opprtunity Sri Rama spoke in accents full of amiability, affection and modesty "Our royal father intends leaving for Ayodhya, and has sent us here to take leave of you. Therefore, mothers, grant us permission with a cheerful mind and ever regard us with affection as your own children. "The ladies of the gynaeceum were distressed to hear these words; the mothers-in-law were too overwhelmed with emotion to speak a word. They clasped all the princessed to their bosom and while giving them to their lords made humble submission to them.


With humble submission Queen Sunayana committed Sita to Rama, and with joined palms prayed again and again, " I offer myself as sacrifice to You, my all-wise darling; You know what passes in the mind of all. May you know that Sita is dear as life itself to the whole family, nay, to the entire population of the city, much more to me and to her royal father. Therefore, considering her meekness and affection, O Lord Tulasi, treat her as Your maid-servant.

Doha - 336

"You have You desires ever fulfilled, You are the crest-jewel of the wise; and it is love alone that attracts You. perceive only the good points of Your devotees; You eradicate their weaknesses and are an abode of mercy, Rama!"

So saying, the queen remained clinging to His feet; it seemed as if her speech had been lost in the quicksands of love. On hearing her fine speech which was full of affection, Sri Rama honoured His mother-in-law in ways more than one. While seeking her permission with joined palms He made obeisance to her again and again. Having received her blessings the Lord of Raghus bowed His head once more and then departed with His brothers. Treasuring up in their heart Sri Rama's lovely and beautiful image all the queens were overcome with emotion. Then, recovering themselves, they called their daughters and embraced them again and again. They escorted them to some distance and then embraced them once more; the love on both sides swelled to a considerable extent. While meeting their daughters again and again they were parted by the companions of the princesses even as a cow who has just brought forth a calf may be parted from the latter.

Doha - 337

All men and women including the companions of the princesses and the ladies of the gynaeceum were overpowered by emotion; it seemed as if pathos and the parting of lovers had taken up their abode in the capital of the Videhas.

Chaupala -

The parrots and mainas who had been reared by Princess Janaki and having been kept in cages of gold been taught to speak, cried in distress, "Where is Videha's daughter?" On hearing their wail who would have the patience to stand the sight? When birds and beasts were distressed in this way, how can one depict the feelings of the human breast. Then came King Janaka with his younger brother (Kusadhvaja); due to excess of emotion tears rushed to his eyes. Although he was reputed to be a man of supreme dispassion, his strength of mind took leave of him the moment he gazed on Sita. The king clasped Janaki to his bosom and the great embankment of wisdom toppled down. All his wise counsellors admonished him; and realizing that it was no occasion for waling, the king recovered himself. Again and again he pressed his daughters to his bosom and ordered beautiful and well-equipped palanquins to be brought.


Doha - 338

The whole family was overwhelmed with emotion; yet, perceiving that the auspicious moment had arrived, the king invoked Lord Ganesa and His consort, Siddhi, and helped the princessees to ascend the palanquins.

Chaupala -

King Janaka admonished his daughters in ways more than one, and instructed them in the duties of a woman as well as in family customs. He bestowed upon Sita a good many men-servants and maid-servants who had been her trusted and favourite attendants. As She proceeded on Her journey the citizens felt miserable; while good omens, which were all fountains of blessings, apeared. Accompanied by a crowd of Brahmanas and his counsellors the king himself followed his daughters to escort them. When it was found that the time of departure had come, music began to play and the members of the birdgrooms party made ready their chariots, elephants and horses. King Dasaratha summoned all the Brahmanas and sated them with gifts and courtesy. The king placed the dust of their lotus-feet on his head and was glad to receive their benediction. Invoking the elephant-headed Ganesa he set out on his journey, when many good omens, which were the roots of felicity, occurred.

Doha - 339

The gods gladly rained down flowers and heavenly nymphs sang as the lord of Ayodhya joyfully st forth for his capital amidst the clash of kettledrums.

Chaupala -

King Dasaratha politely persuaded the respectable citizens to retire and having reverently called all the mendicants he bestowed on them ornaments and clothes as well as horses and elephants and satiating them with love he made them all self-supporting. Glorifying the king again and again they all returned with Sri Rama in their heart. The Lord of Ayodhya importuned King Janaka over and over again; but out of affection for his relative the latter would not turn back. Once more King Dasaratha addressed him in polite terms. "I beg you to turn back O king: you have already advanced too far." At last King Dasaratha got down from his chariot and remained standing, while his eyes overflowed with torrents of love. Then spoke King Videha with joined palms and in accents imbued with the nectar of love, "How and in what words should I make my supplication to you? You have conferred such high honour on me, O great king."

Doha - 340

The King of Kosala showed every respect to the father of the bride and his relative, Janaka. The embrace in which they held each other was characterized by utmost humility and their heart could not contain the love they felt.

King Janaka bowed his head to the throng of sages and received blessings from them all. Next he reverently embraced his sons-in-law, the four brothers, each a mine of beauty, amiability and goodness; and joining his graceful lotus hands he spoke in accents begotten of love as it were,"How can I extol You O Rama sporting as You do in the hearts of sages as well as of the great Lord Siva like a swan in the Manasarovara lake. That for whose sake Yogis (those given to contemplation) practise Yoga (contemplation) renouncing anger, infatuation, the feeling of meum and pride the all-pervading Brahma(Absolute) who is imperceptible and imperishable, the embodiment of consciousness and bliss, at once the sum and negation of all attributes, who is beyond the ken of speech and mind, who is past all speculation, but is only inferred by all and who is the same at all times


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