Balakanda - Doha 221 to 230

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 221

"Having accomplished the object of the Brahmana, Visvamitra, and redeeming the sage's wife, Ahalya on the way, the two brother have come here to witness the bow-sacrifice" All the ladies were delighted to hear this. (221)

Chaupala -

Beholding Sri Rama's beauty someone said, "Here is a bridegroom worthy of Princess Janaki. If the king does but see him friend, I am sure he will abandon his vow and insist upon their marriage. " Said another, " The king has come to know them and has received them as well as the sage with all honour. But the king my dear refuses to give up his vow and, as Fate would have it, persists in his folly. " Yet another said, " If providence is good and as we are told, gives every man his due, then Janaki is sure to have him as her bridegroom. About this my dear, there can be no doubt. If such a union is brought about by Providence everyone will have realized one's object. My impatience, friend is augmented by the thought that this alliance will impel him to visit this place again. (1-4)

Doha - 222

"Otherwise, my dear, it is out of quiestion for us, I tell you, to Him again. Such an event can take place only when we have a rich stock of merit accumulated in previous existences." (222)

Chaupala -

Someone else said, "Friend you have spoken well. This union will be conducive to the best intersts of all." Still another said, " Sankara's bow is hard to bend while this swarthy lad is of delicate frame. Everything, my dear, is out of place." Hearing this, another said in a soft voice. "Friend, with regard to this lad I have heard some people say that, though small in appearance, He wields a great power. Touched by the dust of His lotus-feet Ahalya, who had perpetrated a great sin, attained salvation He will therefore, surely break Siva's bow; one should never commit the mistake of giving up this faith. The same Creator, who fashioned Sita with great skill, has preordained for her this dark-complexioned bridegroom." Everyone was pleased to hear the words of this lady and softly exclaimed"Amen!" (1-4)

Doha - 223

In thier gladness of heart troops of fair-faced, bright-eyed dames rained floweres on the princes. Wherever the two brothers went, there was supreme joy. (223)

Chaupala -

The two brothers reached the eastern quarter of the city where the arrena for the bow-sacrifice had been got ready. In the midst of a beautiful and spacious paved area a spotless altar was richly adorned On all the four sides of this altar were erecred elevated and broad seats of gold to be occupied by the princes. Not far behind and surrounding them on all sides shone another circular tier of raised seats. which was of somewhat greater height and beautiful in everyway, and where the people of the city might come and take their seat. Close to these were constructed spacious and beautiful gallaries of glistening while painted in diverse colours. Whence ladies might view children of the town politely showed the Lord all the preparations speaking to Him in gentle words. (1-4)

Doha - 224

Thus finding an occasion for touching their charming limbs all the children were overwhelmed with love experienced a thrill all over thier body and their heart overflowed with joy on seeing the two brothers again and again. (224)

Chaupala -

Finding all the children under the spell of affection, Sri Rama lovingly extolled the places shown by them. All of them would call the two brothers wherever they pleased and the two brothers went to them out of loving kindness. Sri Rama showed to His younger brother the arrangements that had been made there, speaking to him in soft, sweet and agreeable words. He in obedience to whose fiat Maya brings forth multitudes of universes in the quarter of a second, the same gracious Lord, conquiered by devotion, looks with amazement on the arena for the bow-secrifice. Having seen the whole show the two brothers returned to their Guru; but the thought of their being late disturbed their mind. The Lord whose sublimity inspires terror into Terror itself thus manifests the glory of devotion. With many kind and courteous phrases they took leave of the youngsters much against the latters will. (1-4)

Doha - 225

Meekly and most submissively, with a mingled feeling of awe and love the two brothers bowed their head at the lotus-feet of the preceptor (Visvamitra) and sat down with his permission. (225)

Chaupala -

At the approach of night the sage (Visvamitra) gave the word and all performed their evening devotions; and while the sage recited old legends and narratives, two watches of the beautiful night passed. The chief of the sages. Visvamitra, them retired to his bed; and the two brothers began to rub his feet. The couple whose lotus-feet are sought by men of dispassion muttering various sacred formulate and practising different kinds of Yoga (means of union with God) lovingly rubbed the lotus-like feet of their Guru conquered as it were by his love. When the sage asked Him again and again, the Chief of Raghu's race went to bed only then. Laksmana pressed the Lord's feet to his bosom and caressed them with reverence and love deriving supreme joy from this service. It was only when the Lord repeatedly said "Retire now, my brother," that he laid himself down cherishing his Brother's lotus-feet in his heart. (1-4)

Doha - 226

Towards the close of night, at the sound of cook-crow, got up Laksmana. The Lord of the universe, the all wise Sri Rama, also woke before His preceptor. (226)

Chaupala -

Having performed all the customary acts of purification, they went and finished their ablutions; and having gone through their daily rountine of devotions etc. they bowed before the sage. When the time came, the two brothers took leave of the preceptor and went out to gather flowers. Having gone out they waw the lovely royal garden, enamoured of whose beauty the vernal season had taken its permanent abode there. It was planted with charming trees of various kinds and overhung with beautiful creepers of defferent colours. Rich in fresh leaf fruit and flower they put to shame even celestial threes by their wealth. The feathered choir of the Catakas cuckoos, parrots and Cakoras warbled and peacocks beautifully danced. In the centre of the garden a lovely lake shone bright with flights of steps made of many-coloured gems. Its limpid water contained lotuses of various colours and was vocal with the cooing of aquatic birds and the humming of bees. (1-4)

Doha - 227

Both the Lord and His brother were delighted to behold the garden with its lake. Most lovely must have been that garden which delighted even Sri Rama (lit., the delighter of all)! (227)

Chaupala -

After looking all about, and with the consent of the gardeners, the two brothers began in high glee to gather leaves and flowers. On that very occasion Sita too arrived there, having been sent by Her mother to worship Girija She was accompanied by Her girl-companions, who were all lovely and intelligent. They sang melodies in an enchanting voice. Close to the take stood a temple, sacred to Girija, which was beautiful beyond desciption, and captivated the mind of those who looked at it. Having taken a dip into the lake with Her companions, Sita went with a glad heart to Girija's temple. She offered worship with great devotion and begged of the Goddess a handsome match worthy of Her. One of Her companions had strayed away from Her in order to have a look at the garden. She chanced to behold the two brothers and returned to Sita overwhelmed with love. (1-4)

Doha - 228

When her companions saw her condition, her body thrilling all over and her eyes full tears, they all asked her in gentle tones, "Tell us what gladdens your heart."(228)

Chaupala -

"Two princes have come to see the garden both of tender age and charming in every way. One dark of hue and the other fair; how shall I descibe them? For speech is sightless, while the eyes are mute. " All the clever maidens were delighted to hear this Perceving the intense longing in Sita's bosom one of them said,"They must be the two princes, my dear, who, I was told, arrived yesterday with the sage (Visvamitra), and who have captivated the heart of men and women of the city by casting the spell of their beauty. All are talking of their loveliness here, there and everywhere. We must see them, for they are worth seeing." The words of this damesel. highly pleased Sita, Her eyes were restless for they are worth seeing." The words of this damsel. highly pleased Sita; Her eyes were restless for the sight of the princes. With that kind friend to lead the way She followed; no one knew that Hers was an old love. (1-4)

Doha - 229

Recollecting Narada's words She was filled with innocent love; and with anxious eyes She gazed all round like a startled fawn. (229)

Chaupala -

Hearing the tinkling of bangles, the small bells tied round the waist and the anklets Sri Rama thought within Himself and then said to Laksmana, "It seems as if Cupid has sounded his kettledrum with intent to conquer the universe." So saying, He looked once again in the same direction (whence the sound came): and lo! His eyes feasted themselves on Sita countenance even as the Cakorabird Gazes on the moon. His charming eyes became motionless, as if Nimi (the god of winking) had left the eyelids out of shyness. Sri Rama was filled with rapture to behold Sita beauty; He admired it in His heart, but utterance failed Him. He felt as if the Creator had put his whole creative skill in visible form and demonstrated it to the world at large. "She lends charm to Charm itself," He said to Himsel,f," and looks as if a flame of light is burning in a house of beauty. The similes already employed by the poets are all stale and hackneyed; to whom shall I liken the daugheter of Videha" (1-4)

Doha - 230

Thus descibing to Himself Sita's loveliness and reflecting on His own condition the Lord innocently spoke to His younger brother in terms appropriate to the occasion:-- (230)

Chaupala -

"Brother, she is no other than the daughter of King Janaka, for whom the bow-sacrifice is being arranged. She has been escorted by her girl-companions to whorship Goddess Gauri and is moving about in the garden diffusing light all about her. My heart which is naturally pure, is agitated by the sight of Her transcendent beauty. The reason of all this is known to God alone; but I tell you brother my right limbs are throbbing, which is an index of coming good fortune. It is a natural trait with the race of Raghu that they never set their heart on evil courses. As for Myself I am fully confident of My mind, which has never sought another's wife even in a dream: Rare in this world are those noble men who never turn their back on the foe in battle nor give their heart to or cast an amorous glance on another's wife and from whom no beggar meets with a rebuff. (1-4)


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