Balakanda - Doha 91 to 100

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 91

All the gods began to adorn their vehicles and aerial cars of various kinds; happy and auspicious omens were visible and celestial damsels sang for joy.

Chaupala -

The attendants of Sambhu began to adorn their lord. His matted locks were formed into a crown and decked with a crest of serpents. He had serpents for His ear-rings and bracelets, smeared His person with ashes and wrapped a lion's skin round His loins. He bore the crescent on His charming brow and the river Ganga on the crown of His head and had three eyes and a serpent for the sacred thread. His throat was black with the poison swallowed by him at the beginning of creation and nonetheless an embodiment of blessing and merciful to the core A trident and a Damaru (a small drum shaped like an hour -glass) adorned His hands. Siva rode on a bull while musical instruments played. Female divinities smiled to see Him. "The world has no bride worthy of the bridegroom, They said to one another . Visnu, Brahma and hosts of other gods joined the bridegroom's procession and rode on their respective vehicles. The gathering of the immortals was incomparable in every respect; the procession, however, was hardly worthy of the bridegroom.

Doha - 92

God Visnu then called all the guradians of the different quarters and smilingly said, "Everyone of you should march separately, each with his own retinue.

Chaupala -

"The procession , brother, is no way worthy of the bridegroom; you will make yourself a butt of ridicule in a strange city!" Hearing the words of Visnu, the gods smiled and parted , each with his own group. The great Lord Siva laughed in His sleeves and noticed that Sri Hari's humour never failed . As soon as He heard these most pleasing remarks of His beloved fried . He sent Bhrngi to call all His attendants. And they all came when they heard Siva's command and bowed their head at the lotus feet of their lord . Siva laughed to see His host in their motley attire riding every kind of vehicle . Some were headless, while otheir were hydra-headed monsters; some were without hands and feet, while others had numerous hands and feet. Some had numerous eyes, while others had no eyes at all; some were stout and well -built, while others had very slim bodies.


Some had lean and thim bodies were very stout; some were tidy, while others had dirty habits. They had frightful ornaments, carried skulls in their hands and were all smeared with fresh blood. They bore heards of donkeys, dogs , swine and jackals and the varieties of their clothes could not be counted . The troops of spirits, goblins and fairies of various kinds beggared description.

Doha - 93

The ghosts danced and sang: they were all extremely fantastic. They looked most absurd and spoke words in a peculiar style.

Chaupala -

The procession was quite worthy of the bridegroom; the processionists indulged in gaieties of various kinds as they went along On the other side Himacala crected a most wonderful pavillion which beggared description. As many mountans as existed in the world, small or big more than man can count, and the whole host of woods, seas, rivers and ponds* were all invited by Himacala. Capable of taking any form they liked, they assumed handsome figures and repaired to the house of Himalaya along with their retinues and fair consorts. They all sang festive songs out of affection. The mountain-king had already caused a number of houses to be tastefully decorated; all the guests were lodged therein, each occuping a house befitting one's status. The splendour of the city was so captivating that after a glance at it the creative skill of Brahma himself looked very small.


A glance at the beautiful city made the creative art of Brahma himself pale into insignificance. Groves and gardens, wells and ponds and rivers, all looked charming beyond words. Every house was decorated with a number of triumphal arches, flags and buntings. Men and women of the city were so lovely and ingenious that they enraptured there and presented a new aspect.

Doha - 94

The city in which the Mother of the universe had bodied Herself forth baffed all description. prosperity and happines were alwyas on the increase there presented a new aspect.

Chaupala -

When it was heard that the bridegroom's procession was close at hand, there was commotion in the city, which added to its charm. Adorning themselves and decorating their vehicles of various kinds, a party proceeded in advance to receive the procession with due honour. They were gladdened at heart to see the garhering of the immortals. And they were gladdened at heart to see the garhering of the procession with due honuour. They were gladdened at heart to see the garhering of the immortals. And they were all the more happy to behold Sri Hari (Visnu) But when they started looking at Siva's retinue, every animal they rode started back and fled in panic The adults recovered themselves and remained where they were, while every child that came ran for its life. On their reaching home when their parents questioned them, they spoke as follows , their limbs still shaking with fear,

"What shall we say? The sight was such as could not be described. We wonder whether it was a bridegroom's procession or the army of Death. The bridegroom is a maniac, riding on a bull; serpents, skulls and ashes are his ornaments."


"His body is smeared with ashes and adorned with serpents and skulls. He is naked, has matted hair on head and is dreadful to look at, He is accompanied by ghosts and evil spiris, goblins and faires and demons with a frightful countenance. He who survives on seeing the bridegroom's procession is a man of great luck indeed by he alone will witness the wedding of Uma. These were the words uttered by the children from house to house.

Doha - 95

The parents smiled; for they knew that the children were talking of Siva's retinue. They reassured the children in many ways and said , Be not afraid, there is no cause for fear."

Chaupala -

The party which had gone ahead to receive the bridegroom's procession returned with the procession and assigned beautiful lodgings to all the guests. Mena (Parvati's mother) kindled auspicious lights for waving round the bridegroom and the women accompanying her sang melodious songs of rejoicing . A salver of gold adorned Mena's fair hands and she proceeded to welcome Lord Hara with great delight. The women were seized with excessive fear when they saw Rudra (Siva) in frightful accoutrements. They fled in great panic and entered the house ; while the great Lord Siva repaired to the lodgings of the bridegroom 's party. Mena was sore lap; and the Creator, who has made you so beautiful should have been stupid enough to give you such a raving madman for a bridegroom!''


"How strange that the Creator, who has made you so lovely, should have given you a crazy fellow for a bridegroom! A fruit which should have adorned the wish-yielding tree is helplessly appearing on a thorny Babula . Taking you in my arms I would sooner fall from a mountain-top, cast myself into the flames or drown myself into the flames or drown myself into the sea. Let my home be ruined and let me earn a bad reputation throughout the world; but in no case would I marry you with this maniac so long as there is life in me."

Doha - 96

All the ladies assembled there were disitressed when they saw the consort of Himacala sad. Recalling the affection of her daughter she wailed, wept and exclaimed as below:-

Chaupala -

"What harm have I done to Narada that he should have ruined my happy home and tendered such advice to Uma as made her undergo penance for securing a crazy husband? In good sooth the sage is passionless and without affection; he destroys others ' homes. He has neither shame nor fear. What does a barren woman know of the pains of childbirth? '' Seeing Her mother distressed, Bhavani addressed the following soft yet prudent words to her. Whatever is ordained by providence cannot be altered. Realizing this be not worried, mother If I am destined to have a crazy husband , why should anyone be blamed for it? Can you alter the decree of providence? Therefore. taka no reproach on you unnecessarily."


''Take no reproach on you; cease Iamenting, this is no occasion for it The amount of joy and sorrow that has fallen to my lot I must reap wherever I go." Hearing the soft and polite words of uma all the ladies became sad. They blamed the Creator in many ways and tears flowed from their eyes.

Doha - 97

On hearing the news that very moment Himacala came to his house along with Narada and the seven seers.

Then Narada reassured them all, narrating to them the past history of Uma. He said, Mena, hear my true words; your daughter is none else than Bhavani (the eternal Consort of Siva), Mother of the universe. She is the unborn and imperishable divine energy, which has no beginning. She is Sambhu's inseparable half. She creates, maintains and then dissolves the universe and assumes the semblance of a material form of Her own will. First she was born in the house of Daksa. Sati was Her name and charming was Her form. Even in that incarnation Sati was married with Sankara. The story is well-known throughout the world. One day, while she was returning home with Siva, She beheld Sri Rama , who is a sun as it were to the louts-like race of Raghu. Bewildered by His sight She did not listen to Siva's advice and was beguiled into assuming the disguise of Sita.


"Sankara repuliated Her because She had offended Him by assuming the disguise of Sita. Separated from Hara , She then visited the sacrifice undertaken by Her father and burnt Herself in the fire of yoga (meditation) there. Now reborn in your house, She has undergone terrible penance for the sake lord. Knowing this , give up all doubt; Girija (your daughter) is ever beloved of Sankara."

Doha - 98

When they heard Narada's explanation, the sadness of all was dispersed. In a trice the news spread from house to house throughout the city.

Chaupala -

Then Mena and her consort Himavan rejoiced and bowed at Paravatis feet again and again All the citizens, including men, women and children, youngmen as well as elderly people, were immensely delighted. Festive songs began to be sung in the city; vases of gold of every pattern were displayed by all. Dishes of various kinds were perpared in accordance with varieties of dishes prepared in the house where lived Mother Bhavani? Himacala respectfully summoned all the members of the bridegroom's party, including Visnu, Brahma and other gods of all classes. The dinner guests sat in many rows; and expert cooks began to serve. Filding the gods dining batches of women began to banter and rail at them in pleasant strains.


Charming women railed in sweet strains and poured innuendoes. The gods felt much amused to hear them and dined for an unusally long time. The joy that swelled at the dinner cannot be described even with millions of tongues. Having been served with water for rinsing their mouths at the end of the dinner, they were given betel-leaves; and then they returned to their respective lodgings.

Doha - 99

The seven sages called once more and read out to Himavan the note recording the time fixed for the wedding; and perceiving that the hour had arrived, the latter sent for tje gods.

Chaupala -

Himavan politely sent for all the gods and assigned an appropriate seat to each of them. An alter was prepared in accordance with the Vedic ritual and women chanted charming festal strains. A divinely beautiful throne with the images of a pair of lions for its arms was placed on the altar; being a handiwork of the Creator himself, it beggared description. Bowing His head to the Brahmanas and calling to His mind His own Master, the Lord of Rafhus, Siva took His seat on the throne. The great sages then sent for Uma, who was brought in by Her girl companions richly adorned. All the gods were enraptured at Her beauty. What poet in the world could describe such lovinities mentally bowed to Her. The perfection of beauty that Bhavani was could not be adequately praised even with millions of tongues.


The superb beauty of the Mother of the universe could not be described even with millions of tongues . When even the Vedas, Sesa (the serpent-god) and Sarada (the goddess of learning) shrink abashed, of what account is the dull-witted Tulasidasa? Mother Bhavani, the mine of beauty , walked to the middle of the pavilion , where Siva was . Out of shyness She could not gaze on Her lord's louts feet, although Her heart was fixed thereon like a bee.

Doha - 100

At the direction of the sages Sambhu and Bhavani paid divine honours to Lord Ganapati . Let no one be puzzled to hear this; for one should bear in mind that gods have existed from time without beginning.*

Chaupala -

The great sages had the nuptial ceremony performed in all its details as laid down in the Vedas. Taking sacred Kusagrass in his hand and holding the bride by Her hand , the mountain -king Himalaya made Her over to Bhava (Siva) knowing Her to be His eternal consort. When the great Lord Siva took the hand of bride, all the great gods were glad at heart . The principal sages chanted the Vedic formulas, while the gods exclaimed, "Victory , victory, all victory to Sankara! Musical instruments of various kinds were sounded and flowers of different varieties were rained down from the heavents. The wedding of Hara and Girija was thus concluded. A spirit of rejoicing pervaded the whole universe. Men-servants and maid -servants, horses and chariots, elephants and cows, raiment, jewels and various other articles and even so carit-loads of foodgrains and gold utensils were given as dowry, which was more than one could describe.


Himacala gave presents of various kinds as dowry; then joining his palms, he said "I have northing to give you, Sankara; You , Sankara; You have all Yours desires sated! He could say no more and remained clasping the latter's feet. The ocean of mercy that Siva is resassured His father in law in every possibly way. Then Mena, with her heart overflowing with love, clasped His lotus-feet and said:-


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