Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 281 to 290

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 281
"We hear of nectar but see only venom: all His doings are hard. Crows, owls and heros are seen everywhere; but swans can be found in the Manasa lake alone."

Hearing this Queen sumitra (Laksmana's mother) sorrowfully obseved," The ways of Providence are most perverse and strager: He creates, maintains and then destroys. God's designs are as silly as child's play." Said Kausalya, "It is nobody fault: sorrow and joy, loss and gain are determined by our past actions. The enexorable ways of Providence are know to God alone, who dispenses all kinds of fruits, both good and evil. God's commands prevail over all, including the processes of creation, maintenance and dissolution and even over poison and nectar (Which destory and restore life respectively) It is no use lamenting, O good lady, out of infatuation. The doings of Provedence are, as I have said, immutable and eternal. It we mourn over the contrast between the king's lifetime and his loss, my friend, it is because we see that our interests have suffered on account of his demise." Sita's mother replied, "Your noble words are quite true, a spouse that you are of Ayodhya's lord, who was the greatest of all virtuous souls known to history."

Doha - 282
"If laksman, Rama and Sita stay in the forest, the end will be good, not bad. But, said Kausalya with a heart overwhelmed with emotion, "I am anxious about Bharata.

"By the grace of God and throught your blessings my sons and daughters-in-law are all pure as the water of the celestial stream (Ganga). although I have never sworn by Ram. I now swear by him and tell you in good faith, my friend, that in extolling Bharata's amiability, goodness, modesty, loftiness of character, brotherly affection, devotion, faith and nobility the wit of even Sarada (the goddess of speech) falters. Can the oceans be ladled out by means of an oyster-shell? I have always known Bharata to be the glory of his house and the king repeatedly told me so. Gold is tested by rubbing on the touchstone, and a precious stone on reaching the hands of an expert jeweller; while men are tested in times of emergency by their innate disposition. It was wrong on my part today to have spoke thus; but you know sorrow and affection leave one little reason." On hearing these words, pure as the water of the celestial river, all the queens were overwhelmed with affection.

Doha - 283
Kausalya collected herself and continued: "Listen, O venerable queen of Mithila: who can advise you, the consort of King Janaka, who is an ocean of wisdom?

"Yet finding a suitable opportunity, O queen, you may speak to the king as if on your own intiative and plead with him that Laksmana may be detained and Bharata allowed to proceed to forest. Should this proposal find favour with the king, let him do his utmost after due deliberation. I feel much concerned about Bharata; for the love in his heart is so profound that if he stays at home I fear some thing untoward may happen to him. "Perceiving Kausalya's pure love and hearing her guileless and eloquent apeal all the queens were overwhelmed by the pathetic sentiment. There was a shower of lfowers from heaven accompanied by shouts of applause. Accomplished saints, Yogis (mystics) and hermits were overpowered with emotion. All the ladies of the gynaeceum were struck dumb to see this. Then, recovering herself, Sumitra interposed. "Mandam! Nearly an hour of the night has passed." Hearing this Sri Rama's mother (Kausalya) courteosly rose, and--

Doha - 284
Said out of affection and goodwill, "Pray return quickly to your camp. Our only refuge now is God and our only helper is the lord of Mithila.

Seeing her affection and hearing her polite words Janaka's beloved queen (Sunayana) clasped Kausalya's holy feet. "Such modesty on your part, O venerable lady, is quite becoming of you, you being King Dasaratha's spouse and Sri Rama's mother. Great men treat with honour even the lowest of their servants: fire is crowned with smoke, while mountains bear grass on their tops. The King (of Mithila) is your servant in thout, word and deep; while the great Lord Siva and His Consort (Bhavani) are your constant helpers. Who on this earth is worthy of serving as your auxiliary? Can an ordinary light ever pose with any grace as a helper of the sun? After serving the term of his exile in the woods and accomplishing the object of the gods Sri Rama will reign undisturbed at Ayodhya and protected by Sri Rama's strength of arm gods Nagas and human beings will dwell peacefully in their own abodes.This has all been predicted by the sage Yajnavalkya and a sage's prophesy, madam, can never go in vain."

Doha - 285
So saying she fell at Kausalya's feet with the utmost affection and preferred her request for being allowed to take Sita with her. And having received Kausalya's kind permission Sita's mother now left her camp with Sita.

Videha's Daughther (Sita) greeted Her dear kindfolk in the same manner as was befitting in each case. When they saw Janaka (Janaka's Daughter) in the robes of an ascetic everybody was stricken with deep sorrow, Receivng the permission of Sri Rama's preceptor. Vasistha, King Janaka too left for his camp and on arrival found Sita there.The king clasped Janaki to his bosom-- Janaka who was an honoured guest of his unallowyed love and life. In his heart welled up an ocean of love and the king's heart now appeared like th holy Prayaga. The immortal banyan tree in the shape of affection for Sita was seen growing with the divine babe of love for Sri Rama adorning its top. The long-lived sage (Markandeya) in the shape of king Janaka's wisdom was greatly bewidered and was just going to be drowned when lo! he found his support in the divine babe and was saved. Really speaking, it was not that Videha's wit was lost in infatuation; it was the triumph of the affection he bore for Sita and the Chief of Raghus.

Doha  - 286
Overcome by the affection Her parents Sita was too deeply moved to control Herself. But realizing the awkward moment and Her noble duty, Earth's Daughter recovered Herself.

When King Janaka beheld Sita in the robes of a hermitess he was overwhelmed with love and was highly gratified. "Daughter, you have brought sanctiry to both the houses (viz., my house and the house of your husband); everyone says your fair renown has illumined the whole world. the river of your fame outshone the celestial stream (Ganga) in that it has penetrated (not only one solar system but) millions of universes. While the Ganga has (in the course of its career) exalted only three places, the river of your fame has added to the glory of numerous congregations of holy men." Even though Her father made these flowery yet truthful remarks out of affection for Her, Sita was drowned as it were in a sea of bashfulness. Her parents presed Her to their bosom once more and gave Her good and salutary advice and blessings. sita did not speak but felt uncomfortable in Her mind because She thought that it was not good to remain with Her parents overnight. Reading Her mind the queen (Sunayana) made it known to the king (her husband) and both admired in their heart Her modesty, and noble disposition.

Doha - 287
Meeting and embracing Sita again and again they politely allowed Her to depart and availing of this opportunity the cleaver queen eloquently told the king all about Bharata's condition.

When the king heard of Bharata's conduct, which was rare as a combination of gold with fragrance or as nectar extracted from the moon, the king closed his tearful eyes and a thrill ran through his body as he broke out into ecstatic praises of his bright glory. "Listen attentively, O fair-faced and bright-eyed lady: the story of Bharata loosent the bounds of worldly existence. Religion, statecraft and an enquiry about Brahma (the Infinite) are domains to which I have some acces according to my own poor lights. But thought acquainted with theses subjects, my wits cannot touch the shadow of Bharata's glory even by trick, much less describe it. To Brahma (the Creator), Lord Ganaptati (Ganesa) Sesa (the king of serpents), Lord Siva Sarada (the goddess of learning) seers, sages and wise men and others who are clever in judment, the story, fame, doings, piety, amiability, goodness and unsullied glory of Bhrata are delightful to hear and appreciate. They surpass the celestial stream in purity and even nectar in taste.

Doha - 288
"Possessed of infinite virtues and a man above comparison, know Bharata  alone to be the like of Bharata. Can Mount Sumeru be likenned to a seer hence the wit of the race poets was confused (in finding a comparison for him).

"The greatness of Bharata, O lady, baffless all who attempt to describe it, even as a fish cannot glide, on dry land, Listen, O beloved queen: Bharata's inestimable glory is know to Sri Rama alone; but he too cannot describe it." Having thus lovingly described Bharata's glory the king, who knew his queen's mind, continued, "If Laksmana returns to Ayodhya and Bharata accompanies Sri Rama to the woods, it will be well for all and that is what everyone wants.  But the mutual affection and confidence, O good lady, of Bharata and Sri Rama (the chief of Raghus) are beyond one's conception. Even thoug Sri Rama is the highest example of even-mindedness, Bharata is the perfection of love and attachment. Bharata has never bestowed any thought on his spiritual or worldly interests or personal comforts. Devotion to  Sri Rama's feet is at once the means and the end; to my mind this appears to sum up Bharata's creed.

Doha - 289
"Bharata would never think of flouting Sri Rama's orders even unwittingly. We need not, therefore, in our affection give way to anxiety,"said the king in choked accents

As the king and queen (Janaka and Sunayana) were thus fondly recounting the wirtues of Sri Rama and Bharata the night passed like an instant. At daybreak both the royal camps awoke and after finishing their ablutions proceeded to worship gods. Performing His ablutions the Lord of Raghus called on His Guru and after adoring his feet and receiving his tacit permission said, "Holy sir, Bharata, the citizens and my mother are all stricken with grief and inconvenienced by their sojourn in the woods. The king of Mithila too and his followers have been enduring hardships for many days past. Therefore, my lord, do what is advisable under the circumstances. The welfare of all lies in your hands." So saying Sri Rama felt much embarrased. And the sage was thrilled with joy when saw His amiability and kind disposition. "Without you, Rama, all amenties of life like hell to both the royal camps.

Doha - 290
"Rama! you are the life of life, the soul of soul and the joy. Those who like to be their home away from you, my child, are under the influence of an adverse fate.

"Perish the happiness, ritual and piety in which there is no devotion to the lotus feet Rama (yourself). That Yoga (descipline conducive to union with God) is an aborminable Yoga and that wisdom unwisdom, in which love for Rama yourself) is not supreme. Whsoever is unhappy is unhappy without you and even so whoever is happy is happy through you. You know what exists in the mind of a particular individual. Your command holds sway over all and your gracious self knows all ways full well. You may return to your hermitage now." The lord of sages was overpowered with emotion. Sri Rama then made obeisance and departed, while the sage collected himself and called on King, Janaka. The preceptor repeated to the king Sri Rama's naturally graceful words, which were full of amiability and affection, and added, " O great monarch, now do that which may do good to all without prejudice to religion.


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