Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 111 to 120

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha -111

The Hero of Raghu's then admonished His friend (Guha) in ways more than one. And bowing to Rama's commands he left for his home.


Then with joined palms, Sita Rama and Laksmana made renewed obeisance to the Yamuna Accompanied by Sita the two brothers gladly proceeded further, extolling the daughter of the sun-god as they went. Many a traveller met them on the way. and beholding the two brothers they fondly exclaimed: "Finding all the marks of royalty on your person, we are sore troubled at heart. When you wend your way on foot, the science of astrol (which tells us that men possessing such and such features should always be borne on some vehicle) is misleading to our mind. The road is difficult and lies through big mountains and forests. On top of it you have a delicate girl with you. Infested with elephants and lions the forest is too terrrible to look at. We are ready to accompany you if you enjoin us to do so. We will escort you as far as you go and will then return bowing our heaeds to you."

Doha - 112

In this way they offered their services, overmastered as they were by love; a thrill ran through their body and tears came to their eyes. The all-merciful Lord, however, dismissed them with polite and gentle words.


The hamlets and village that lay on the road were the envy of the towns of the Nagas and gods. The deities presiding over these towns said to one another: "By what blessed soul and at what auspicious hour were these hamlets and village founded? They are so lucky, meritorious and of such exquisite beauty!" Even Amaravati (they city of immortals) stood no comparison with the spots which were trodden by Sri Rama's feet. The dwellers on the wayside were all embodiments of virtue; they evoked the praise of the denizens of heaven inamuch as they feasted their eyes on Sri Rama, who was dark as a cloud, as well as on Sita and Laksmana. The lakes and streams in which Sri Rama bathed were the envy of the lakes and revers of gods. The tree under which the Lord sat was glorified by the trees of paradise. Nay, kissing the dust of Sri Rama's lotus feet Earth deemed herself most lucky.

Doha -113

Clouds screened Him from the sun, the gods rained flowers and regarded Him with wistful eyes as Sri Rama wended His way looking at the mountains, forests, birds and beasts.


Whenever Sita, Laksmana and the Lord of Raghus happened to pass by some village, all those who heard of His coming-young and old men and women alike-came out at once, unmiundful of their household duties. Beholding the beauty of Sri Rma, Laksmana and Sita they obtained the reward of their eyes and felt gratified. Their eyes were wet with tears, a thrill ran through their body and they were all enraptured to behold the two brothers. The state of their mind could not be descibed in words; it seemed as if paupers had stumbled on a pile of heavenly gems. Calling their neighbours they admonished one another: "Obtain the reward of your eyes this very moment."Some were enraptured to see Rama and went with Him gazing on Him the time. Others took His image into the heart through the door of their eyes and were utterly overpowered in body, mind and speech.

Doha -114

Seeing the cool shade of a banayan tree some spread soft grass and leaves under it and said, "Pray rest awhile and you may then depart either just now or preferably next morning."


Others brought a pitcher full of water and said in soft accents, "My lord, rinse your mouth." Hearing their agreeable words and seeing their extreme love, the tender hearted and most amiable Sri Rama mentally perceived that Sita was fatigued, and rested awhile in the shade of the banyan tree. Men and women regarded His loveliness with great delight; His peerless beauty captivated their eyes and mind. Standing in a circle with their gaze fixed on the countenance of Sri ramacandra they all shone like a group of Cakora birds encircling the moon. With His graceful form possessing the hue of a young Tamala tree He fascinated by His looks the mind of a million Cupids. Laksmana too, who had fair limbs bright as lightning and charming from head to foot, appeared most lovely and attracted the mind. With the bark of trees wrapped round their loins and a quiver fastened to their waist the two brothers carried a bow and arrow in their lotus hands.

Doha - 115

Their matted locks were coiled on their head in the shape of a beautiful crown and they had a broad chest, long arms and big eyes; while their lovely faces, which resembled the autumnal full moon, glistened with beads of sweat.


The pair was charming beyond words; their loveliness was unbounded and my wits are too poor. Everyone gazed on the beauty of Sri Rama, Laksmana and Sita with their mind, intellect and reason fully absorbed. Thirsting for love the villagers, both men and women, stood motionless even as bucks and does are dazed by light. The village women approached Sita; in their extreme love they would put questions to Her but hesitated to do so. Again and again they threw themselves at Her feet and addressed to Her soft and guileless words which came straight from their heart: "Princess, we have a request to make to you, but due to our womanly modesty we are afraid to ask you. Forgive our incivility, madam and be not offended, knowing that we are after all rustic women. Both these princes are naturally graceful in form; it is from them that emerald and gold have borrowed their green and yellow lostre respecively."

Doha - 116

"The one dark and the other fair but both of tender age, --which is so attractive, --handsome and all-beauteous they have faces resembling the autumnal moon and eyes like the autumnal lotus."


"Putting to shame by their comeliness millions of Cupids, tell us, O fair lady, how stand they to you? " Hearing their loving and sweet words Sita felt abashed and smiled within Herself. Looking at them in the first instance. She then cast Her eyes towards the earth; the fair-complexioned lady felt a twofold delicacy. With a voice sweet accent: "The one who is artless in manners and has a fair and graceful form is called an end of Her sari She looked at Her beloved lord and then bending Her eyebrows and casting a sidelong glance with Her beautiful eyes that resembled the Khanjana bird (a species of wagtail) in their quick movements, She indicated to them by signs that Her husband. all the village women were as delighted as pauper that had been allowed free access to hoards of riches.


Doha - 117

Falling at Sita's feet in their great love they invoked upon Her many a blessing and said, " May you ever enjoy a happy married life so long as the earth rests on the head of the serpent-god (Seasa).


"Be as dear to your lord as Parvati to Siva; yet cease not to be kind to us, O good lady. Again and again we pray with joined palms: should you return by this very route, allow us to see you, remembering us as your handmaids. "Sita found them all athirst with love and comforted them with many soothing words even as lilies are refreshed by moonlight. Presently, reading Sri Rama's mind Laksmana gently asked the villagers about the road they should take. The moment they heard this the villagers, both men and women became sad; a thrill ran through their body and tears rushed to their eyes. Their joy disappeard and they felt depressed at heart as though God was snatching back the treasure He had bestowed upon them. Reflecting on the ways of Fate they took courage and fixing upon the easiest road they gave it out to Him.

Doha - 118

Assompanied by Laksmana and Janaka's Daughter the Lord of Raghus then proceeded on His way. (As people triea to follow Him) He sent back all with soothing words, though He took their hearts with Him.


While returning to their homes the villagers, men and women alike, grievously lamented and blamed Providence in their heart. In doleful accents they said to one another, "The Cretor's doing are all perverse, He is absolutely uncontrollable, heartless and remorseless. It is He who made the moon sickly (subject to periodical waning) and disfigured if with a dark patch. Again, it is He who made the wish-yielding tree a member of the vegetable kingdom and the ocean salt. It is the same Creator who has sent these princes into the woods. If He has chosen the forest as a fit abode for them, in vain has He provided luxuries and enjoyments. If they traverse the road bare-footed, in vain has He created vehicles of Various kinds. If they repose on the ground littered with grass and leaves, why does God take the trouble of making lovely beds? If God has assigned them an abode in the shade of umbrageous trees, in vain has He taken to erect milk-white palaces."

Doha - 119

"If these handsome and most delicate boys are attired in the robes of hermits and wear matted locks of hair, in vain has God created ornaments and costumes of various kinds."


"If they on bulbs, roots and fruits alone, foods such as ambrosia exist in vain." Some people remarked: "Naturally charming as they are, these princes must have appeared on earth of their own accord and were not made by God. In all the fourteen spheres ransack if you will the entire range of God's creation described at length in the Vedas as perceptible by the ears and mind; but where can you find such a man and such a woman as these? At their very sight Brahma's mind got enamoured of them and he proceeded to make their match. He toiled much, but none of his products could even approach the prototype; and due to that jealousy he has brought. these princes to the woods and hid them. " Othersw said, " We do not claim to know much, but account ourselves supremeluy blessed. They too are meritiorious in our opinion, who see these princes or have seen them or shall see them."

Doha - 120

" making such fond remarks they filled their eyes with tears and added, Most delicate a frame, how shall they be able to traverse such an impassable road?"


Overmastered by love the women felt as uneasy as the female Cakravaka bird does at evening time. Reflecting on the tender lotus-like feet of the princes and the rough road they were required to tread, the women said in pilite phrase with their heart stirred with deep feeling, "At the touch of their soft and rosy soles the earth shrinks even as our hearts. If the Lord of the universe chose to exile them into the woods, why did He not at the same strew their path with flowers? If we can secure from Heaven the boon of our asking, let us keep thses princes, O friend, within the lids of our eyes." Those men and women, who did not come in time, were unable to behold Sita and Rama. Hearing of their exquisite beauty they anxiously asked: "How far, brother, must have they gone by now?" The stronger of them ran on and saw the princes, and returned trimphant, attaining the end of their existence.


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