Ayodhya-kanda - Soratha 151

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Soratha - 151

"Clasping my preceptor's lotus feet again and again, give him my message: `Pray,so exhort the lord of Ayodha that he may no longer grieve on my account."


"Humbly approching all the citizens and all my people, convey to them my submission: `He alone is my friend in every way, who ensures the king's appiness.' Again,when Bharataa comes, give him my message: `abandon not the path of rectitude on assuming the office of Regent. Cherish your subjects in though, word and deep and serve your mother treating them all alike. Again, brother, vindicate your brotherliness till the last day by serving our parents and kinsmen. And last but not the least look after the king in such a way that he may never sorrow on my account.' Here Laksmana interposed some harsh words, but Rama never sorrow on my account.'Here Lakasmana interposed some harsh words, but Rama checked him and then entreated me adjuring me by himself and again, `Make no mention, dear father, of Laksmana's childishness."


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