Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 1 to 10

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 1

All cherished in their heart a common desire and said in their prayer to the great Lord Siva. "Would that the king in his own life-time appointed Sri Rama as his regent."


One day the chief of Raghus sat with all his court in the state assembly hall. Himself the embodiment of all virtues, the king was overjoyed to hear of Sri Rama's fair renown. Every monarch solicited his favour, and the very guardians of the world cultivated his friendship while respecting his wished. In all the three spheres of the universe and in all time-past, present or future-none could be found so abundantly blessed as Dasaratha. Of him who had for his son Rama, the root of all bliss, whatever might be said would fall short of the truth. The king casually took a mirror in his hand and, looking at his face in the mirror, set his crown straight, The hair beside his ears had turned grey: it seemed as if old age were whispering into his ears, " O king make Rama your regent and thereby realize the object of your life and birth in this world."

Doha - 2

Entertaining this idea in his mind and finding an auspicious day and a suitable opprtunity the king communicated it to his Guru (Vasistha) with his body thrilling over with emotion and his mind filled with rapture.


Said the King, " Listen, O chief of sages: Rama is now accomplished in everyway. Servants and ministers, nay, all the people of the city and others who are either my enemies or friends or reutrals hold Rama as dear as I do. It seems your benediction itself has incarnated in his lovely form. What more, my lord, all the Brahmanas and their families cherish the same love for him as you do. Those who place on their head the dust from the Guru's feet acquire mastery as it were over all fortune. No one has realized it as I have done. I have obtained everythings by adoring the holy dust from your feet. Now there remains only one longing in my heart and too will be realized by your grace my lord. " The sage was delighted to perceive his artless devotion and said, " O king, give me your commands. "

Doha - 3

"O king your very name and glory grant all one's desires. The object of your heart's desire, O jewel of monarchs, is accomplished even before you entertain the desire."


When the King was assured in his heart of the Guru being so favourable disposed in everyway, he cheefully said in gentle tones, " My lord let Rama be invested with regal powers; pray command me so that necessary preparations may attain the reward of their eyesight. By the Lord's blessing Siva has allowed everything to pass smoothly; this is the only longint that I have in my mind. Then I will noit mind whether this body survives. or not, so that I may not have to repent afterwards. "The sage was pleased to hear these agreeable words of Dasaratha, which were the very fountain of felicity and joy He said, " Listen O king: aversion to Sri Rama makes one repent while His adoration is the only means of soothing the agony of one's heart; nay, He follows like a shadow where there is unadulterated love; the same Lord Sri Rama has been born as a son to you. "

Doha - 4

"O king let there be no delay, and make every preparation quickly. That day itself is auspicious and full of blessings, when Rama it proclaimed regent."


The king returned rejoicing to his palace and summoned his servants and counsellors including Sumantra. They bowed their heads saying, " Victory to you; may you live long; " and the king placed before them the most auspicious proposal. "If this proposal finds favour with you all, instal Sri Rama on the throne with a cheerful heart. " The counsellors were glad to hear these agreeable words, which fell like a shower on the young plant of their desire. The ministers prayed with joined palms: " May you continue to live for millions of years, O sovereign of the whole. You have thought out a good plan which is a source of happiness to the whole world; therefore, lord, make haste and lose no time. " The king was pleased to hear the encouraging words of the ministers; it looked as if a growing creeper had obtained the support of a strong bough.

Doha - 5

Said the king "Whatever orders the great sage Vasistha may be pleased to give in connection with Sri Rama's coronation should be promptly carried out. "


The great sage Vasistha gladly said in soft accents, "Fetch water from all principal sacred places." And then he enumerated by name a number of auspicious objects such as herbs. roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, chowries, deerskins, and draperies of various kinds including countless varieties of woolen and silken textils, jewels and numerous other articles of good omen which were considered useful in this world for the coronation of a king. Detailing all the procedure laid down in the Vedas he said, " Erect canopies of all sorts in the city and transplant in the streets on all sides trees of the mango, arecanut and plantain with fruits. Paint beautiful desings on the floors filling them with costly jewels and tell the people to decorate the bazar promptly. Worship Lord Ganesa and your preceptor as well as the tutelary deity and render service in every form to the Brahmanas, the very gods on earth."

Doha - 6

"Prepare flags and banners, festal arches and vases as well as horses. chariots and elephants. " Bowing to these orders of the great sage (Vasistha) all concerned applied themselves to their own work.


With whatever duty the great sage charged any man. the latter accomplished it so promptly as if it had been done by him beforehand. The king adored Brahmanas holy men and gods, and performed auspicious rites for the sake of Sri Rama's welfare. As soon as the delightful news of Sri Rama's installation reached the ears of the people, the whole of Ayodhya resounded with festal music. Good omens manifested themselves in the person of Sri Rama and Sita; Their graceful lucky limbs began to throb. Experiencing a thrill of joy they lovingly said to one another, "The omens prognosticate Bharata's return. Many days have passed and our heart longs to meet him. Auspicious omens assure us of our meeting with a beloved friend, and in this world there is no one so dear to us as Bharata; the good omens can thus have but one meaning." Sri Rama anxiously remembered His half-brother (Bharata) day and night, even as a turtle has its heart fixed on its eggs.

Doha - 7

That very time the ladies of the palace were delighted to hear this most auspicious news. even as the waves of the ocean commence their lovely sport on perceivng the waxing moon.


Those who broke the news were richly rewarded with ornaments and costumes. With their body thrilling over with emotion and heart full of rapture all the queens started preparing festal. vases. Queen Sumitra painted with coloured meal lovely deagrams in various charming designs and filled them with jewels. Overwhelmed with delight Sri Rama's mother (Kausalya) summoned the Brahmanas and loaded them with gifts. She worshippd village deities and other gods and Nagas and vowing them further offerings said to them, "In your mercy grant me a boon which may ensure Sri Rama's welfare. " Moon-faced and fawn-eyed ladies sang festal strains in a voice as sweet as the notes of a cuckoo.

Doha - 8

Men and women rejoiced in their heart to hear of Sri Rama's installation on the throne; and thinking God to be favourably disposed to wards them all began to make preparations.


The king then called Vasistha and sent him to Sri Rama's apartments for tending opprtune advice. The moment the Lord of Raghus, Sri Rama, heard of the Guru's arrival, He repaired to the door and, bowed His head at his feet. Reverently offering him water to wash his hands with He ushered the sages and paid him honour by worshipping him in the sixteen perscibed modes. Then clasping his feet with Sita, Sri Rama spoke with His lotus palms joined in prayer,"A master's visit to his servant's house is the root of all blessings and a panacea for all evils; yet it would have been more fitting my lord for the master to have lovingly sent for the servant and charged him with a duty; for such is the right course. Since, however, my lord has laid aside his authority and showed his affection to me (by calling on me) my house has been hallowed today. I am ready to do what I am bid, holy sir; for a servant is benefited only by serving his master."

Doha - 9

On hearing these words steeped in affection as they were, the sage applauded the Chief of Raghus Sri Rama and said, "It is but meet, O Rama, that you should say so, the ornament of the solar race that you are. "


Extolling Sri Rama's goodness, amiability and noble disposition, the lord of sages, Vasistha, said thrilling over with emotion, "The king has made preparations for the installation ceremony; he would invest You with regal powers. Rama, You should observe religious austerity today so that God may bring this affair to a happy conclusion. " Having admonished Him in this way the Guru returned to the king; while Sri Rama felt uneasy in His heart and said to Himself, "My borthers and myself were all born together and together have we dined, slept and played in our childhood; the piercing of our ear-lobes, (one of the sixteen sacraments incumbent on a Hindu), our investiture with the sacred thread, wedding and all other ceremonies have been gone through together. The only unseemly practice in this spotless line is that the eldest should be installed on the throne to the exclusion of his younger brother. " May this loving and graceful expression of regret on the part of the Lord drive away all suspicion from the mind of His devotees.

Doha - 10

On that very occasion came Laksmana steeped in love and rapture; Sri Rama, who delighted Raghu's race even as the moon delights a lily flower, greeted him with endearing words.


There was a sound of music of various kinds, and the rejoicing in the city was beyond words; All prayed for Bharata came with expedition adn obtained the reward of his eyes. " In every bazar, street, house, lane and place of resort men and women talked to one another. "When will that blessed hour start tomorrow; during which God will fulfil our desire, when with Sita beside Him Sri Rama will take His seat on the throne of gold and when the object of our desire will be accomplished" They all said,, "Said will the morrow come?" while the wicked gods prayed that some trouble might brew in the meantime. The rejoicing that was going on in Ayodhya did not please them even as a moonlit night is not liked by a thief. Invoking Sarada the gods supplicated her and laying hold of her feet fell at them again and again.


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