Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 161 to 170

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha -161

"Claiming my descent from the sun-god, with King Dasaratha for my father and Rama and Laksmana for my brothers I have had you, mother, for my mother! One in powerless against Providence.


"The moment, O malicious woman, you contrived this evil design in your mind, how is it your did not break into pieces? while asking for the boons you did not feel the stings of conscience, your tongue did not fall off nor did your mouth fester? How did the king trust you? Surely God must have robbed him of his senses on the eve of his death. Even the Creator has not been able to know the working of a woman's heart, the repository of all deceit, sin and vice! Simple, amiable and pious as the king was how could he know the nature of a woman ? What living creature is there in the world, to whom the Lord of Raghus is not dear as life itself? Yet even that Rama appeared to you as a great enemy. Tell me the truth, therefore, to what species do you belong? Whatever you may be, you had better bedaub your face with ink and leaving my presence remove to some place out out my sight.

Doha - 162

"Nay, God has created me out of a heart hostile to Rama! Who is there so sinful as myself? In vain, therefore, do I tauntyou."


When Satrughna heard of mother Kaikeyi's wickedness, he burned all over with rage; but there was no help. That very moment came the hunchhack (Manthara) clad in a variety of rich costumes and adorned with various ornaments. The very sight of that woman filled Laksmana's younger brother with anger as though clarified butter had been poured into fire. Springing forward he kicked her with such steady aim at the woman filled Laksmana's younger brother with anger as though clarified butter had been poured into fire. Springing forward he kicked her with such steady aim at the hump that she fell flat on her face and screamed alound. Her hump was smashed, her head split and her teeth broken and her mouth emitted blood. "Ah, my God! what harm have I done? Surely this is an ill reconmpense for my services." Hearing this and seeing her vile fron head to foot, Satrughna (the of his foes) seized her by the hair on her head and began to drag her till the merciful Bharata rescued her. The two brothers then called on mother Kausalya.

Doha - 163

In sordid attire, pale, agitated and oppressed with woe and with a wasted frame she looked like a lovely celestial creeper of gold creeper of gold blasted by frost in the forest.


When mother Kausalya saw Bharata, she sprang up and ran to meet him; but she felt giddy and dropped unconscious on the ground Bharata was deeply moved to see her plight and threw himself at her feet forgetting the condition of his own body. "Mother, show me my father. Where is sita and the two brothers, sri Rama and Laksmana? Why was Kaikeyi born into this world at all ? And if born, why did she not remain barren instead of bearing me, a blot on my family, a very sink of infamy and an enemy of near and dear ones? Who in the three spheres is so wretched as I, on whose account, mother, you have been reduced to such a plight. My father is in heaven and Sri rama, the Chief of Raghu's line, is the woods; it is I who like a shooting star am responsible for the whole trouble. woe be to me, who have proved to be for my family a very among the bamboos and a victim of terrible agony, suffering and censure."

Doha - 164

On hearing Bharata's tender words, Kausalya rose with a renewed effort and lifting him clasped him to her bosom; while tears streamed from her eyes.


Guileless by nature, mother Kausalya pressed him to her bosom with utmost affection as though Sri Rama Himself had come back. She then embraced Laksmana's younger brother (Satrughna); her herat was too full with grief and love. Everyone who saw her loving disposition said, "Rama's mother that she is, no wonder she should be so loving." The mother seated Bharata in her lap and wiping away his tears spoke to him in soothing words: " I adjure you, my child, to compose yourself even now; knowing this to be an unpropitious time sorrow no more. Take not to heart the loss we have sustained and feel no remorse for it, remembering that the course of time and fate is unalterable. Do not blame anyone, my son; it is Providence that has turned hostile to me in every way. And when He makes me survive even under such trying circumstances, who knows what may be His pleasure with regard to me even now?"

Doha - 165

"At his father's command, dear child, the hero of Raghu's line discarded his ornaments and princely apparel and put on a hermit's dress (consisting of the bark of trees) without either sorrow or exullation."


"With a cheerful countenance, and without either joy or anger, he comforted all in every way and proceeded to the forest. Hearing this Sita followed him and would not way devoted as she was to Rama's feet. Laksmana also, when he heard this sprang up and accompanied them; he would not be left behind even though the Lord of Raghus tried his best to detain him. The Lord of Raghus then bowed his head to all and departed with Sita and his younger brother (Laksmana.) So Rama Laksmana and Sita left for the woods, whereas I neither accompanied them nor sent my soul after them (leaving my body here). All this happened before these eyes and yet this wretched soul did not take leave of the body. I am not ashamed of my love; to think that a son like Rama should have a mother like me! The knew well how to live and how to die; whereas my heart is a hundred times harder than adamant."

Doha - 166

Hearing Kausalya's words, Bharata and the whole gynaeceum wailed in distress; the king's palace seemed the very abode of sorrow.


Much agitated, the two brothers, Bharata and Satrughna, loudly lamented and Kausalya clasped them to he bosom.She comforted Bharata in many ways and tendered words of wisdom to him. Bharata too in his turn cosoled all his mothers, narrating legends from the Puranas and Vedas. Joining bothe his palms he addressed them in guileless, innocent, simple and clarming words: "The sins attaching to the murder of one's mother, father or son and to the act of setting fire to a cowpen or a village of Brahamanas, and those incurred by slaying a woman or child and by administering poison to a friend or a mocarch, nay, all the major and minor sins of thought, words deed, that have been enumerated by the seers, -let all such sins be mine if, my mother, this plot has my concurrence."

Doha - 167

"May Provedence award me the fate of those who farsaking the feet of Sri Hari and Lord Siva worship frightful ghosts, if mother, I have complicity in this plot."


"If, mother, all this has my approval, let me share the terrible fate of those who sell the Vedas, exploit their piety, are given to backbiting and expose others' sins, who are deceitful, wicked quarrelsome and irascible, who revile the Vedas and are hostile to the world nay, who are greedy and lecherous and behave as the rapacious do, and who cast their eyes on others' wealth and others' wife. Nay, mother, if ever knew this secret, may Lord Siva allot me the fate of those wretches who love not the company of the virtuous, who have rejected the pathe leading to God-Realization, who worship not Sri Hari even though blessed with a human form, and take no delight in the glory of Sri Hari and Lord Siva, who have abandoned the path of the Vedas and follow the contrary way, and who are impostors adn deceive the world by assuming false appearances."

Doha -168

Hearing Bharata's truthful, artless and sincere words mother Kausalya said, "You, my dear child, have always loved Rama in thought, word and deed."


"Rama is dearer to you than your own life, and likewise you are dearer to the Lord of Raghus than his own life. The moon may diffuse poise (through her rays) and snow emit fire; nay, an aquatic creature may shun water and spiritual enlightement may fail to eradicate error; but in no case will you turn hostile to Rama. Those in this world who allege this plot was contrived with your connivance shall never attain happiness or salvation even in a dream." So saying mother Kausalya clasped Bharata to her bosom; milk began to flow from her breasts and her eyes filled with tears. In this way they squatted away the whole night lamenting in profusion. The sages vamadeva and Vasistha then came and summoned all the ministers and the elite of the city. Vasistha admonished Bharata in many speaking to him words of visdom appropriate to the occasion.

Doha - 169

"Have courage in your heart, dear son, and do what the occasion demands today." Hearing his preceptor's commands Bharata rose and asked everything to be got ready.


He had the King's body washed in accordance with the Vedic rites and caused a most splendid funeral bier to be prepared for him. Clasping the feet of his mothers Bharata prevented them (from ascending the funeral pile); they all stayed behind in the hope of seeing Sri Rama. There arrived many loads of sandal-wood and aloes and diverse other excellent aromatic herbs of untold varieties. The pile was raised in an artistic way on the bank of the Sarayu river, and looked like a lovely ladder reaching to heaven. In this way all the rites of cremation were gone through and then the funeral party bathed with due ceremony and offered a handful of water and sesame seeds to the departed soul. After ascertaining the views of all the Smrti texts, the Vedas and the Puranas Bharata performed the ceremony of Dasagatra Whatever orders the great sage Vasistha gave on a particular point Bharata carried out all of them in a thousand ways. He bestowed all sorts of gifts on attaining purity He have away cows, horses. elephants and conveyances of various sorts,

Doha - 170

And even so thrones, ornaments and costumes, foodgrains, lands money and houses; and the Brahmanas had all thier desires fulfilled on receiving them.


Whatever rites Bharata performed for the benefit of his father (in the other world) were more than a hundred thousand tongues could recount. Then, after determining an auspicious date the great sage (Vasistha) came and summoned all the ministers as well as the elite of the city. They all repaired to the council chamber and sat there. The two brothers, Bharata and Satrughna, were also sent for. Vasistha seated Bharata by his side and spoke to him words full of wisdom and piety. First of all the great sage repeated the whole story of Kaikeyi's wily doing and paid his tribute to the vow of piety and truthfulness of King Dasaratha, who remained true to his love even at the cost of his life. And as the great hermit spoke of Sri Rama's virtues, amiability and kind disposition tears came to his eyes and thrill ran through his body. Again, when he extolled the affection that Laksmana and Sita bore (toward Rama) the enlightened sage was overwhelmed with grief and emotion.


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