Ayodhya-kanda - Shloka

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.



Shloka - 1

May He in whose lap shines forth the Daughter of the mountain-King, who carries the celestial stream on His head, on whose brow rests the crescent moon, whose throat holds poison and whose breast is the support of a huge serpent, and who is adorned by the ashes on His body, may that Chief of gods, the Lord of all, the Destroyer of the universe, the omnipresent Siva, the moon-like Sankara, ever protect me.

Shloka - 2

May the splendour of Sri Rama's lotus-like face, which neigher grew brighter at the prospect of His being installed on the throne of Ayothya nor was dimmed by the painful experience of exile in the woods, ever bring sweet felicity to me.

Shloka - 3

I adore Sri Rama, the Lord of Raghu's race, whose limbs are as dark and soft as a blue lotus, who has Sita enthroned on His left side and who holds in His hands a mighty arrow and a graceful bow.


Cleansing the mirror of my mind with the dust from the lotus feet of the revered Guru, I sing Sri Rama's untarnished glory, that bestows the four rewards of human life.


From the day Sri Rama returned home duly married, there was new festivity and jublilant music everyday. The fourteen spheres were like huge mountains on which clouds in the shape of meritiorious deeds poured showers of joy. The water thus discharged formed into gorgeous rivers of affluence, success and prosperity, that rose in spate and flowed into ocean of Ayodhya. The men and women of the city were like jewels of a fine quality, bright prieless and charming in everyway. The splendour of the capital was beyond desciption; it seemed as if the Creator's workmanship had been exhausted there. Gazing on the moon-like face of Sri Ramacandra the citizens were all happy in everyway. All the mothers with their companions and maids were delighted to see the creeper of their heart's desire bear fruit. The king was particularly enraptured when he saw or heard of Sri Rama's beauty, goodness, amiability and genial disposition.


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