Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 101 to 110

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 101

Having laved the Lord's feet and drunk of the water in which they had been immersed along with the other members of his family, he thereby transported the souls of his deceased forbears across the ocean of metempsychsis and then gladly took the Lord across the Ganga.


Getting down from the boat Sita and Rama stood on the sands of the ganga along with Guha and Laksmana. The ferryman too got down and fell prostrate before the Lord, who felt uncomfortable at the thought that He had given nothing to the ferryman sita however, who could read the mind of Her beloved lord, took off Her jewelled ring with a cheerful heart. The gracious Lord said, " Take you toll. " but the ferryman clasped His feet in great destress. "What have I not already received , My lord? The fire of my errors, sorrows and indigence has been quenched today. I worked for my live lihood for a long time; it is only today that God has given me an adequate and handsome return. By your grace, my compassionate Lord, I want nothing now. While returning whatever you bestow on me I shall thankfully accept that boon."

Doha - 102

The Lord as well as Laksmana and Sita did their utmost; but the ferryman would accept nothing. The All-merciful Rama, therefore, dismissed him after bestowing on him the boon of unalloyed devotion.


The Lord of Raghu's race then bathed in the Ganga and after worshipping a newly-made clay image of Siva bowed His head to the Deity. With joined palms Sita addressed the celestial river(Ganga), "Mother, pray accomplish my desire, that I may return with my husband and his younger brother and worship you." In response to Sita's prayer steeped as it was in the nectar of love, the following happy utterance came from the holy stream: "Listen, O vaidehi (Videha's Daughter), beloved Consort of Sri Rama (the chief of Raghu's line): who in this world is not aware of Your glory? People become masters of the heaven's quarters the moment You look at them and all supernatural powers wait upon You with joined palms. By addressing an humble prayer to me You have done me a favour and exalted me. Yet, O venerable lady, bless You I must, just in order to fulfil my speech."

Doha - 103

"With Your beloved Lord and His younger brother You shall safely return to Ayodhya. Every wish of Your heart shall be accomplished and Your bright glory shall spread throughout the world."


Sita rejoiced to hear these benedictory words of goddess Ganga and to find her favourably disposed. Then the Lord said to Guha, " Go home." The moment he heard this his face turned pale and there was great agony in his heart. With joined palms Guha addressed the Lord in pathetic terms: "Hear my pryyer, O Jewel of Raghu's race; let me remain with you, my lord, and show you the road; after serving you for a few days I shall prepare a beautiful hut of leaves for you in whichever forest, O Lord of Raghus, to do as you bid me." Perceiving his natural love Sri Rama took him with Him Guha felt much joy in his heart. Then Guha summoned all his kinsmen and having gratified them sent them away.

Doha - 104

Then the Lord invoked the gods Ganesa and Siva; and bowing His head to the celestial stream (Ganga) the Lord of Raghus proceeded to the woods with His friend (Guha), His younger brother (Laksmana) and Sita.


That day He halted under a tree; Laksmana and His friend (Guha) provided for all His comforts. At dawn the Lord of Raghus performed His morning duties and then the Lord proceeded further and visited Pryaga, The king of holy place. This king has Truth for his minister, Piety for his beloved consort and a beneficent friend like Bindumadhava (th Deity presiding over Prayaga). His trasury is replete with the four prizes of human life while the sacred region surrounding the confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna marks his most beautiful dominion. The holy Prayaga represents his inaccessible, strong and lovely fortress that no enemy has ever dreamt of possessing. All the sacred spots are his chosen and valiant warriors, who are staunch in battle and capable of crushing the host of sins. The confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna constitutes his exquisite throne, while the immortal banyan tree (known by the name of Aksayavata) represent his royal umbrella, which captivates the heart even of sages. The waves of the Ganga and Yamuna constitute his chowries, whose very sight destroys sorrow and want.

Doha - 105

Vortuous and holy saints wait upon this king and attain all that they desire; while the Vedas and Puranas are the rhapsodists who recount his stainless virtues.


Who can describe the glory of Prayaga, a lion as it were for the herb of elephants in the shape of sins? The Chief of Raghu's race, who is an ocean of bless, was filled with delight to see this glorious king of holy places. With His own gracious lips He told Sita, Laksmana and His friend (Guha)the greatness of Prayaga. Making obeisance to this holy place He cast a look round the groves and gardens and expatiated on its glory with the utmost devotion. In this way he arrived at and saw the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna the very thought of which bestows all choice blessings. After bathing in the confluence He gladly adored Lord Siva and worshipped the deities presiding over the holy Prayaga according to the prescibed ritual. The Lord then called on Bharadvaja; and the sage clasped Him to his bosom as He fell prostrate before him. The joy that the sage felt withiin his heart cannot be described in words; it looked as if he had found the bliss of oneness with Brahma incarnate.

Doha -106

The chief of sages, Bharadvaja invoked his blessing on the Lord. He felt great joy in his heart to perceive that God had as it were before him in visible form the reward of all his virtues.


After enquiring of their welfare the sage allotted seats to the royal guests and offering homage to them sated them all with his love. He then brought and presented to them bulbs, roots, fruits and sprouts all sweet as ambrosia. Sri Rama, with Sita, Laksmana and His devotee (Guha) partook of those delicious roots and fruits with much relish. Relieved of His toil Sri Rama felt much happy and Bharadvaja addressed Him in gentle tones; "Today my penance pilgrimage and renunciation have been rewarded; today my prayer, meditation and dispassion have borne fruit; nay, all my pious practices have been rewarded by Your very sight, O Rama. There is no culmination of gain, no culmination of joy other than this. In beholding You all my hopes have been realized. Now be pleased to grant me this one boon, viz., spontaneous attachment to Your lotus feet.

Doha - 107

"Until a man gets sincerely devoted to You in thought, word and deed he cannot even dream of happiness in spite of all his devices."


Sri Rama felt abashed to hear the words of the sage, much as He was sated with joy by his love and devotion. The Chief Raghus then told all in countless ways the fair and bright renown of the sage. " Great indeed is he and he the repository of all virtues, whom O chief of sages, you are pleased to honour." The sage (Bharadvaja) and the Hero of Raghu's line thus exchanged civilities and experienced ineffable joy. On receiving this news the people of Prayaga, including religious student, ascetics, hermits, accomplished saints and recluses, all flocked to the hermitage of Bharadvaja in order to have a look at the charming sons of King Dasaratha. Sri Rama made obeisance to them all, who were delighted to obtain the reward of their eyes. Deriving supreme joy they gave their blessing and returned extolling the beauty of the royal guests.

Doha - 108

Sri Rama reposed (in the hermitage) overnight. At day break He bathed at Prayaga (in the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna) and proceeded on His journey with Sita, Laksmana and His attendant (Guha), gladly bowing His head to the sage.


Sri Rama lovingly asked the sage, "Tell me my lord, by which noute we should go. "Smiling inwardly the sage replied to Rama, "All roads are easy to You. "The sage then called his pupils in order that they may escort Sri Rama; hearing his call some fifty of them came glad of heart. They all cherished boundless love for Sri Rama and each of them said he had seen the path. The sage then sent with the royal party four religious students who had practised all kinds of virtues in series of previous births. Making obeisance to the sage receiving his permission the Lord of Raghus proceeded with a cheerful heart. As the party passed by some village men and women of the village ran to have a look at them. They felt gratified in having attained the fruit of their life and returned disconsolate sending their heart after the strangers.

Doha - 109

With great courtesy Sri Rama dismissed the students, who returned having obtained their heart's desire. The Lord then went below and bathed in the stream of the Yamuna, which was dark as His own body.


Hearing of their arrival the people inhabiting the river banks ran to see them unmindful of their duties. Beholding the beauty of Laksmana Rama and Sita they congratulated themselves on their good luck. Their hearts were seized with intense longing, but they felt shy in enquiring the names and residence of the newcomers. Suchof them, however, as were advanced in years and intelligent were able to recognize Rama by dint of their wit. They related to them the whole story telling them how Sri Rama had proceeded to the woods in obedience to His father's commands. They were all sad to hear this and lamented: "The king and queen have not done well." In the meantime there arrived an ascetic who was an embodiment of spiritual glow, Young in years and charming in appearance. His ways were unknown to the poet; he was attired in the garb of a recluse and was devoted to Rama in thought word and deed.

Doha - 110

His eyes were wet with tears and a thrill ran through his body when he came to recognize his beloved Deity (Sri Rama). He fell prostrate on the ground and the state of his body and mind could not be descibed in words.


Thrilling all over with emotion, Sri Rama pressed him to His bosom, as though a pauper had found a philosopher's stone. Everyone who saw them suggested as though love, on the one hand and the supreme Reality, on the other, embraced each other in living form. Next he threw himself at the feet of Laksmana, who lifted him with a heart overflowing with love. Again he placed on his head the dust of Sita's feet and the Mother (Sita) gave him Her blessing, knowing him to be Her own child. The Nisada chief in his turn fell prostrate before the hermit, who gladly embraced him recognizing him to be a friend of Sri Rama. With the cup of his eyes he drank the nectar of Rama's beauty and was delighted as a hungry soul who had secured excellent food "Tell me, friend, what are those father and mother like, that have exiled to the woods children such as these? "Beholding the beauty of Sri Rama, Laksmana and Sita, men and women alike were ill ease on account of love.


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