Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 91 to 100

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 91

"The foolish daughter of Kekaya has wrought a cruel mischief in that she has brought trouble on Sita the Delighter of Raghu's race a time of enjoyment."


"The wicked woman has played the axe in felling the tree of the solar race and plunged the whole universe in woe." The Nisada chief was sore distressed to see Rama and Sita sleeping on the ground. Laksmana spoke to him sweet and gentle words imbued with the nectar of wisdom, dispassion and devotion: "No one is a source of delight or pain to another; everyone reaps the fruit of one's own actions, brother. Union and separation, pleasurable and painful experiences, friends, foes and neutralas--snares of delusion are these. Even so birth and death, prosperity and adversity, destiny and time all the illusion of the world; lands, houses, wealth, town and family, heaven and hell, and all the phenomena of the world; nay, whatever is seen, heard or thought of with the mind has its root in ignorance: nothing exists in reality.

Doha - 92

"suppose in a dream a beggar is crowned king or the lord of paradise is reduced to the state of a pauper; on waking, the one does not gain nor does the other lose anything. So must you look upon this world."


"Reasoning thus be not angry nor blame anyone in vain. Everyone is slumbering in the night of delusion, and while asleep one sees dreams of various kinds. In this night of mundane exstence it is Yogis (mystics) alone who keep awake,--Yogis who are in quest of the highest truth and remain aloof from the world. A soul should be deemed as having awoke from the night of the world only when he develops and aversion for the enjoyments of the world of sense. It is only when right understanding comes that the error of delusion disappears and then alone one develops love for the feet of Sri Rama (the Lord of Raghus). O friend, the highest spiritual goal is this: to be devoted to the feet of Sri Rama in thought, word and deed Sri Rama is no other than Brahma (God), the supreme Reality, unknown, imperceptible, beginningless, incomparable, free from all change and beyond all diversity. The Vedas ever speak of Him in negative terms (not this)."

Doha - 93

"For the sake of His devotees, Earth, the Brahmanas, cows and gods, the gracious Lord takes the form of a man and performs actions by hearing of which snares of the world are broken asunder.""


"Realizing this, O friend, shed all infatuation and be devoted to the feet of Sita and the Hero of Raghu's race."

While Laksmana was yet recounting Sri Rama's virtues, the day dawned and the Joy and Delighter of the world woke up. after finishing all purificatory acts Sri Rama, who was all pure and wise, performed His ablutions and sent for some milk of the banyan tree. He as well as His brother then matted the hair on their heads, a sight which filled the eyes of Sumantra with tears. With great agony in his heart and a doleful face he joined his palms and spoke in most piteous accents, "The king of Kosala, my lord, charged me thus: 'Take the chariot and go with Rama; let him see the forest and bathe in the Ganga and then speedily bring the two brothers back. Setting at rest all their doubts and scruples do bring Laksmana, Rama and Sita back to their home."

Doha - 94

"The king has commanded me thus; I shall however, do as my lord bids me, I assure you." Having supplicated in this way Sumantra fell the Lord's feet and wept like a child.


"Have compassion my darling, and take to see that Ayodhya is not left without a master." Sri Rama raised the minister and thus admonished him; "Dear father, you have investigated the truths of religion in their entirely Sibi, Dadhici and King Hariscandra suffered untold hardships for the sake of virtue. The wise kings Rantideva and Bali upheld virtue even through many trials. There is no virtue equal to truthfulness: so declare the Agamas (Tantras), Vedas and Puranas. That virtue I have found by an easy road; by abandoning it I shall be reviled in all the three worlds. To a man who is highly esteemed infamy cause agony as terrible as a million deaths. Father, what more shall I say to You? By urging something in reply I shall incur sin.

Doha - 95

"Clasping the feet of my father and conveying my repeated obeisances to him pray to him with joined palms." Be not troubled in any way on my account, dear father. '


"You too are extremely kind to me as my own father. Hence I pray with joined palms sire, do everything in your power to see that my father does not feel miserable on account of grief for us." Hearing this conversation between the Lord of Raghus and the minister (Sumantra) the Nisada chief and his people felt much distressed. Thereafter Laksmana made some poignat remarks; but the Lord stopped him knowing his words to be highly objectionable. Feeling much abashed Sri Rama adjured Sumantra by the love he bore Him not to repeat Laksmana's words. Sumantra then reproduced the king's message:"Sita will note be able to endure the hardships of the forest; therefore, both Rama (the Chief of Raghus) and yourself (Sumantra) should endeavour to see that Sita returns to Ayodhya. Otherwise, left entirely without any support, I shall not survise even as a fish without water.

Doha - 96

"There is very comfort both in her parents' home as well as with the parents of her lord. (i.e.,ourselves); therefore, Sita can live at ease wherever she pleases at a particular time this adversity ends.



The piteousness and affection with wich the king's entreaty was attended cannot be expressed in words." On hearing His father's message the All-merciful Lord admonished Sita in countless ways. "If you return, the affliction of your mother-in-law and father-in-law, your preceptor and all your near and dear ones will cease." In response to Her lord's advice King videha's Daughter said, "Listen, most loving lord of my life, my all-compassionate and supremely wise master: can a shadow be torn away from its substance? The sunlight can never exist apart from the sun nor can the radiance of the moon leave the moon. "Having submitted Her loving entreaty to Her Lord, She spoke these charming words to the minister: "You are as good to me as my own father or father-in-law; it is therfore most undesirable that I should urge something in reply."

Doha - 97

"It is due to grief that I am constrained to address you ; do not take offence at it, sire. In the absence of the lotus feet of my lord all other ties of kinship are of little account.


"I have witnessed the glory of my father's fortune: his footstool is kissed by the crowns of the greatest monarchs. Bereft of my Lord, my parents' home which is such an abode of bliss, does not attract my mind even in an unguarded moment. My father-in-law is no less a personage than the King of Kosala, the suzerain lord of the entire globe, whose glory is manifest in all the fourteen spheres comprising the universe. Even Indra (the lord of celestials) goes ahead to receive him and seats him beside himself on his own throne. Such is my father-in-law, Ayodhya is my abode, agreeble is my family and my mother-in-law love me as my own mother. But without the dust from the lotus feet of my husband (the Lord of Raghus)none affords me pleasure even and lions, lakes and streams that cannot be crossed, wild tribe such as Kolas and Bhilas, deer and birds--all these are delightful to me in the company of my beloved lord.

Doha - 98

"Falling at the feet of my father-in-law and mother-in-law request them on my behalf not to grieve the least form me; for I feel naturally happy in the woods."


"I have by my side the lord of my life as well as his younger brother, the foremost of heroes; both carrying a bow and a quiver full of arrows with them. My mind does not feel the toil of the journey, and there is no giddiness or sorrow; therefore, pray grieve not on my account even unwittingly." On hearing these soothing words from Sita's lips, Sumantra felt uneasy as a serpent at the loss of its gem. He saw not with his eyes and heard not with his ears; and he was too agitated to speak. Sir Rama comforted him in many ways; yet his heart would not be pacified. He made many efforts even to accompany the Lord; but the Delighter of Raghus gave him suitable replies each time Sri Rama's command could not be violated either. Cruel was the turn Fate had taken. there was no help. Bowing his head at the feet of Sri Rama, Laksmana and Sita, he turned back as a merchant who had lost his capital.

Doha - 99

As he drove the chariot the horses turned their eyes towards Sri Rama and neighed. Overcome with grief at this sight. the Nisadas (Guha's men) beat their heads and lamented.


When even beasts felt so miserable on being torn away from Him how could His subjects and His father and mother hope to live without Him? Sri Rama dismissed Sumantra against the latter's will and Himself arrived at the bank of the heavenly stream (Ganga)immediately afterwards. He called for a boat, but the ferryman would not bring it. The latter said, " I know your secret; about the dust of your lotus feet everyone says it is some drug possessing the quality of turning things into human beings. By its very touch a rock was transformed into a charming woman and wood is not harder than stone. If my boat itself gets converted into a hermit's wife (like Ahalya) I shall be robbed of the very means of my subsistence in that my boat will disappear. It is by means of this boat that I maintain the whole of my family; I know no other trade. If therefore, my lord you must cross the reiver, command me to lave your lotus feet.

Doha - 100

"I will let you a board the boat only when I have bathed your lotus feet; I seek no toll from you. I swear by you, O Rama, as well as by King Dasaratha, that what I tell you is true. Let laksmana shoot me with his arrows if he will; but until I have washed your feet I will not, O gracious lord of Tulasidasa, ferry you across."


The all-compassionate Lord smilingly said, "Di that which may prevent the loss of your boat. Bring water at once and lave my feet; we are getting late, take us across." The same gracious Lord, by uttering whose Name only once men cross the boundless ocean of mundane existence, and for whose three strides the universe proved too small thus importuned an ordinary boatman. Though bewildered by the Lord's words the celestial river (Ganga) rejoiced on beholding the nails of His toes. On receiving Sri Rama's command the ferryman brought a wood basin full of water. In great joy and with a heart overflowing with love he proceeded to bathe the Lord's lotus feet. Raining flowers on him all the gods envied his lot and said there was none so meritorious as he.


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