Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 131 to 140

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 131

"Lastly, he who wants nothing at any moment and bears natural affinity to You,--incessantly dwell in his mind; for that is Your own home. "


"The eminent sage (Valmiki) thus showed Him many a dwelling place and his loving words gladdened Sri Rama's soul. "O Lord of the solar race," the sage continued, "I now tell You a retreat that will be delightful in the existing circumstances. Take up Your abode on the Citrakuta hill: there You will have comforts of every kind. Charming is the hill and lovely the forest, which is the haunt of elephant, lions and deer as well as of birds. It has a holy river glorified in the Puranas, which was brought by the sage Atri's wife by dint of her penance. It is a side stream of the Ganga and is known by the name of Mandakini,--which is quick to destory sins even as a witch strangles infants. Many great sages like Atri dwell there practising Yoga and muttering sacred formulas and wasting their bodies with penance. wend You way thither Rama and reward the labours of all, conferring degnity on this great mountain as well.""

Doha - 132

The great sage Valmiki then described at length the infinite glory of Citrakuta and the two brothers proceeded with Sita and bathed in the sacred stream.


Sri Rama (the Chief of Raghu's line) said, "Laksmana here is a good descent into the river; now make arrangements for our stay somewhere." Laksmana presently surveyed the north bank of the Payaswini river and said, "Lo! a rivulet bends round this bank like a bow with the river itself for its string control of the mind and senses and charity for its arrows, and all the sins of the Kali age for its many quarries. Armed with this bow Mount Citrakuta looks like an immovable huntsman who takes unerring aim and makes a frontal attack. "With these words Laksmana showed the spot and Sri Rama was delighted to see the site. When the gods learnt that the site chief of heavenly architects. They all cam in the guise of Kolas and Bhilas and put up beautiful dwellings of leaves and grass. They made a pair of huts which were lovely beyond words, the one a fine little cottage and the other larger in size.

Doha -133

Adorning the beautiful cottage with Laksmana and Janaka's Daughter (Sita) the Lord looked as charming as the god of love accompanied by his consort, Rati, and the deity presiding over spring (the king of seasons) all attired as hermits.


Gods, Nagas, Kinnaras and the gurdians of the eight quarters flocked to Citrakuta on that occasion. Sri rama made obisance to them all and the gods were glad to obtain the reward of their eyes. Raining flowers the heavenly host exclaimed. "Lord, we feel secure today!" With great supplication they descibed their terrible woes, and returned joyfully to their several abodes. Hermits streamed in as they heard the news that Sri Rama (the Delighter of Raghus) had taken up His abode at Citrakuta The moon of the solar race fell prostrate when He saw the holy company coming with a cheerful countenance. The hermits pressed Sri Rama(the chief of Raghu's line) to their bosom and invoked their blessings on Him just in order to see them come true. As they gazed on the beauty of Sita laksmana(Sumitra son)and Rama, they accounted all their spiritual practices fully rewarded.

Doha - 134

After paying them due honours the Lord dismissed the holy throng and they practised Yoga (contemplation), Japa (muttering of prayers) and austerities and performed sacrifices unmolested in their own retreats.


When the Kolas and Bhilas got this news, they felt as delighted as though the nine heavenly treasures of Kubera had found their way to their own house. With cups of leaves full of bulbs, roots and fruits they sallied forth as paupers to gather gold as spoils. Such of them as had already seen the two brothers were questioned about them by others who proceeded along the same road. Describing and earing of Sri Rama's beauty they all came and beheld the Lord or Raghus. Placing their offerings before the Lord they greeted Him and regarded Him with deep affection. They stood here and there as so many painted figures, thrilling all over and with tears streaming from their eyes. Sri Rama perceived that they were all overwhelmed with emotion and addressing kind words to them treated them all with honour; while they in their turn greeted the Lord again and again and with joined palms spoke to Him in polite terms:--

Doha - 135

"Having seen Your feet, O Lord, we all feel secure now. Our good-luck is responsible for Your visit to this place, O Lord of Aodhya."


"Blessed is the land, forest, road and hill where You have planted Your foot, my Lord, Fortunate are the birds and beasts of the forest, whose life has been crowned by Your sight. And lucky are we all along with our family in that we have been able to feast our eyes on Your beauty. You have chosen an excellent spot whereon to take up Your abode; You will be comfortable here during alll the seasons. We will render all sort of services to You keeping away elephants and lions, serpents and tigers. The dreary forest, hills, caves and ravines have all been explored by us foot by foot, O Lord. We will take You for hunting to the different haunts of game and will show You lakes and springs and other reservoirs of water. We and our people are Your servants; therefore, do not hesitate to command us, O Lord."

Doha - 136

The same gracious Lord whom Vedic texts fail to describe and the mind of hermits cannot reach listened to the words of the Bhilas even as a father listens to the words of his children..


Love alone attracts Sri Rama; let those who are curious take note of it. Sri Rama then gratified all the foresters by addressing to them gentle words sweetened by love. Dismissed by Him they bowed their head to Him and departed; and discussing the virtues of the Lord they returned to their respective homes. In this way Sita and the two brothers lived in the foreswt, delighting the gods and hermits. Ever since the Lord of Raghus came and took up His abode there the forest became a fountain of blessings. Trees of various kinds blossomed and bore fruit and lovely creepers that coiled about them formed an excellent canopy. They were all naturally beautiful like the trees of heaven; it seemed as if the latter had abandoned the celestial groves and migrated to that spot, Strings of bees made an exceedingly sweet humming sound and a delightful breeze soft, cool and fragrant.

Doha - 137

The blue jay, cuckoos, parrots, Cataks, Cakravakas, Cakoras and other birds delighted the ear and ravished the soul with their varied notes.


Elephants lions monkeys, boars and deer, all sported together, free from enmity Herds of deer were enraptured when they beheld the beauty of Sri Rama roaming about in search of prey. All the forests of gods existing in the universe were filled with envy at the sight of Sri Rama's forest. The heavenly river (Ganga), Saraswati, the Sun-born Yamuna, Narmada(the daughter of Mount Mekala) the clessed Godavari and various other lakes, seas, streams and rivers, all extolled the Mandakini. The eastern and western hills (from and behind which the sun is believed to emerge and disappear every morning and evening), Mounts Kailasa (the abode of Lord Siva)

Mandara, Meru,all abodes of gods, and mountains like the Himalyas, all sang praises of Cirakuta Glad was the deity presiding over the Vindhya range , whose delight was more than his heart could contain, to think that he had won such great renown without much exertion.

Doha - 138

"Blessed and full merit are all the birds and deer, creepers, trees and the various species of herbage of Citrakuta, "so declare the gods day and night.


Having beheld the Chief of Raghu's line those who had eyes attained the end of their life and were rid of sorrow; whereas inanimate objects rejoiced at the touch of the very dust of His feet and became eligible for attaining the highest state (blessedness). The forest and hill where that Ocean of Bliss (Sri Rama) took up His abode were naturally lovely; auspicious and the holiest of the holy; how could it be possible to glorify them? The exquisite beauty of the forest where Sita; how could it be possible to glorify them? The exquisite beauty of the forest where Sita, Laksmana and Sri Rama came and settled taking leave of the ocean of milk and bidding adieu to Ayodhya, could not be described even by a hundred thousand Sesas (each with a thousand pairs of tongues). How then, can I descibe it at some length any more than a tortoise living in a puddle can lift Mount. Mandara? Laksmanana waited upon Sri Rama in thought, word and deed with an amiability and devotion more than one could tell..

Doha -139

Gazing on the feet of Sita and Rama evey moment and conscious of their love for him, Laksmana never recalled even in a dream his younger brother (Satrughna). father, mother or even his home.


In Sri rama's company Sita lived a happy life, forgetting Her town (Ayodhya), family and home. Ever watching the moonlike face of Her beloved lord She was extremely glad like the young of a Cakora bird. Finding Her lord' affection grow from day to day She remained happy as a Cakravka bird during the day. Her mind was so enamoured of Sri Rama's feet that the forest appeared to Her as dear as a thousand Ayodhyas. Dear was the hut of leaves in the compnay of Her most beloved lord, while fawns and birds constituted Her beloved family. The holy hermits appeared to Her as Her own father-in-law and their spouses as Her mother-in-law; while Her dier consisting of bulbs, roots and fruits tasted like ambrosia, Shared with Her spouse even the lovely litter of leaves delighted Her as hundreds of Cupid's own beds. Can the charm of sensuous enjoyments ever enchant Her whose very look confers the sovereignty of a sphere..

Doha -140

Fixing their thoughts on Rama, His devotees spurn the pleasures of sense as worth no more than a piece of straw. It is no wonder , then in the case of Sita, Sri Rama's beloved Consort and the Mother of the universe.


The Lord of Raghus would do and say only that which would please Sita and Laksmana He would narrate old legends and stories, to which Laksmana and Sita would listen with great delight. Every time Sri Rama thought of Ayodhya His eyes filled with tears. The gracious Lord became sad when He recalled His father and mother, His family and brothers and particularly the affection, amiability and unpropitious. Perceiving this, Sita and Laksmana felt distressed even as the shadow of a man behaves just like him. When He saw the condition of His beloved Consort and His brother (Laksmana), the self-possedssed and compassionate Rama, the Delighter of Raghus and the Soother of His devotees' heart, began to narrate some sacred legends, hearing which Laksmana and Sita felt relieved..


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