Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 191 to 200

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 191

"Spare not your life, brethren; there is a great issue before me today." At this the galleant warriors spiritedly exclaimed, "Have patience, our brave chieftain!"


"Through the majesty of Sri Rama and by your might, my lord, we shall leave no fighting man or horse in the enemy's ranks. We shall never retrace our steps so long as there is life in us; nay, we shall strew the earth with the trunks and heads of fallen warriors!" The Nisada chief saw that he had a good band of warriors and exclaimed, "Best the martial drum." Even as he said so someone sneezed on the left. The sooth-sayers said, "The sneeze has come from an auspicious quarter! (The issue will be happy one.)

"An old man thought over the meaning of the omen and exclaimed, "Let us go and meet Bharata; there will be no confict Bharata is out to persuade Sri Rama to return. The omen tells us that there will be no discord." On hearing this Guha said, "The old man says aright. Fools act precipitately and repent. If we come to a clash without knowing Bharata's intentions and ascertaining his temper and desposition, we shall be doing much harm to our cause."

Doha - 192

"Close up, all my warriors, and blockade the ghats till I meet Bharata and find out what is in his mind. When I have ascertained his friendly, hostile or neutral attitude I shall act accordingly after that."


"I shall test his love on the touchstone of his friendly disposition; for hatred and love cannot be disguised even if one tries to do so." So saying he began to collect articles for making a present and sent for bulbs, roots and fruits as well as birds and deer. Men of the porter class also brought loads of fat and ripe fish of the Pathina species. Thus equipping himself with presents he proceeded to meet Bharata and met with auspicious and happy omens. As soon as he saw the chief of sages. Vasistha, he mentioned his own name and prostrated himself before the sage from a distance. The sage, who knew him to be a friend of Sri Rama, bestowed his blessing on him and told Bharata in detail about him. Hearing that he was a friend of Sri Rama, Bharata alighted from his chariot and, leaving it behind, advanced towards him with a heart overflowing with love. Guha, on his part mentioned his village, caste and name and greeted him by placing his head on the ground.

Doha - 193

When Bharata saw him falling prostrate on the ground he lifted him and pressed him to his bosom. He felt as if he had met Laksmana and the surging emotion of his heart could not be repressed.


Bharata embraced him with great affection and the people admired the mode of his love. raising a jubilant cry of applause the gods extolled him and rained flowers on him. " This man is low in the eyes of the world as well as from the point of view of the Vedas, so much so that one must bathe even on crossing his shadow. Yet Sri Rama's younger brother, Bharata, has met him in close embrace, his body thrilling all over with joy. Hosts of sins rurn away from them who utter the name of Rama even while yawning As for this man he was embracd by Sri Rama Himself, who thereby bestowed on him and his family the efficacy of sanctifying the whole world. Where the water of the Karmanasa joins the celestial stream (the Ganga) tell me who would not place it on his head! The whole world knows how Valmiki bacame as good as Brahma (God Himself) by repeating the name (Rama) in the reverse way (as Mara).

Doha - 194

"Even a pariah, a Sabara (Bhila), a Khasi, the stupid barbarian and the vile Kola and Kirata get supremely sancified and get renowned through all the spheres by uttering the name of Rama.


"It is no wonder; it has been so for ages. Who has not been exalted through contact with the Hero of Raghu's race?" In this way the gods glorified Sri Rama's name and the people of Ayodhya rejoiced as they heard the praise. Having thus met Sri Rama's friend (Guha) Bharata lovingly enqured after his health, welfare and happiness. Seeing Bharata's amiability and affection on that occasion the Nisada forgot all about himself. His bashfulness, love and soul's delight grew; and he stood gazing at Bharata with unwinking eyes. Collecting himself he bowed at Bharata's feet again and with joined palms lovingly submitted, "Now himself he bowed at Bharata's feet again and with joined palms lovingly submitted, "Now that I have beheld your lotus feet, which are the very fountain of happiness, I have accounted myself blessef for all time. And now, my lord, by your supreme grace my welfare is assured for millions

Doha - 195

"Remembering my doings and my descent, on the one hand, and realizing the Lord's greatness on the other, he does not devote himself to Sri Rama's feet has been fefooled in this world by Providence."


"False, cowardly, evil-minded and low-born as I am and cast off from society as well as from the fold of the Vedas in everyway, I have become the ornament of the world ever since Sri Rama took me for his own. " Seeing his affection and hearing his humble submission Bharata's younger brother, Satrughna, embraced him next. The Nisada chief then greeted all the dowager queens in polite and respectful terms, mentioning his name each time. Treating him on the same footing as Laksmana they gave him their blessing: May you live happily for millions of years. The men and women of the city were as glad to see the Nisada chief as if they saw Laksmana, and said, "He has surely reaped the reward of his existence in that our beloved Rama folded him in his arms." Hearing them extol his good fortune the Nisada chief led them with a cheerful heart.

Doha- 196

Receiving a signal fron him and learning their master's will all his attendants dispersed; and reaching the residential quarters, the foot of trees, ponds, orchards and groves they made room for the guests to take up their lodging.


When Bharata beheld the town of Sringaverpura, all limbs were overpowerd with emotion. Leaning on the Nisada chief he presented a goodly sight; it appeared as if meekness and love had taken a living form, In this way Bharata with all his army went and saw the stream of the Ganga, which purifies the whole world. He made obeisance to the ghat where Sri Rama had bathed and said His prayers; and his soul was as enraptured as if he had met Sri Rama Himself. The men and women of the city bowed low; they were glad to see the divine stream. Taking a dip into the river they begged with joined palms to be favoured with abundant love for Sri Ramacandra's feet Bharata exclaimed" Mother Ganga! your sands are delightful to all and the very cow of plenty to your devotees. With joined palms, therefore, I ask of you only one boon; viz., spontaneous love for the feet of Sita and Sri Rama."

Doha - 197

In this way after taking a dip nto the Ganga and receiving his Guru's commands and on learing that all his mothers had finished their bath he had the tents shifted.


The people took up their lodgings at different places and Bharata made enquiries about all. After worshipping the gods and taking leave of them the two brothers (Bharata and Satrughna) went up to Sri Rama's mother (Kausalya). Bharata showed respect to all his mothers by kneading their feet and speaking to each in polite terms. Then entrusing his brother with the service of his mothers he himself summoned the Nisada chief and went hand with him, his body overpowered with excess of love. He asked his friend to show him the spot--and thereby soothe the agony of his eyes and soul to some extent--where Sita, Sri Rama and Laksmana had slept at night. Even as he spoke the corners of his eyes were filled with tears. The Nisada chief was distressed to hear Bharata's words and presently took him to the spot--

Doha - 198

Where the Chief Raghu's line had rested under a holy Asoka tree. With great affection and reverence Bharata prostrated himself there.


Beholding a lovely litter of Kusa grass he paced round it clockwise and made obeisance. He also placed the dust of Sri Rama's footprints on his eyes with an excess of love which could not be described in words. He saw there a few gold spangles, which he placed on his head and treated them on a par with sita. With tears in his eyes and a heart full of remorse he spoke to his friend in sweet accents: "These spangles have lost their charm and appear lustreless due to their separation from Sita, even as the people of Ayodhya, both men and women, are spent through sorrow. To whom shall I liken her father, Janaka, who in this world is a master of asceticism and enjoyment both? And she had for her father-in-law King Dasaratha, the sun of the solar race, who was the envy even of the lord of paradise (Indra) And her beloved lord is no other than Lord Sri Rama, from whose glory all great ones derrive their greatness!

Doha - 199

"Even as I gaze on the litter used by Sita, the jewel among virtuous women devoted to their lord, my heart does not break in horror; it is harder than adamant, my God."


"And my younger brother, Laksmana, is so comely and worth fondling; never was there such a brother nor is there, nor will be. Beloved of the people and the darling of his parents, he is dear as life to both sita and the Hero of Raghu's line. Nay, he is so delicate of frame and tender of disposition and his body has never been exposed to hot winds; yet he is bearing hardships of every kind in the woods. Oh! my breast has outdone millions of thunderbolts. As for Sri Rama he has illumined the world by being born in it; he such ocean of eauty, amiability, joy and all excellences. Sri Rama's disposition is the delight of the people of Ayodhya and his own family, much more of his preceptor and parents. Even enemies praise Sri Rama, who steals the heart by his polite speech agreeable manners and modesty of behaviour. Millions of Saradas (goddesses of speech) and hundreds of millions of Sesas (serpent-gods) are unable to reckon up the virtues of the Lord."

Doha - 200

"That jewel of Raghu's line, who is bliess personified and a mine of joy and blessings, sleeps on the ground spreading the Kusa grass on it! The ways of Providence are inexorable indeed."


"Sri Rama had never heard any mention of sorrow; the king (our father) tended him like the tree of life. Nay, all the mothers cherished him day and night even as the eyelids protect the eyes or a serpent guards the gem on its head. The same Rama now wanders though the forest on foot living on bulbs, roots, frits and flowers. Accursed is Kaikeyi (my mother) the root of evil, who turned hostile to him (her own husband) who was the dearest object of her life, And twice accursed is my own wretched self, the ocean of sin and the occasion of all trouble. While god created me as ablot on my family my wicked mother has made me the enemy of my master." Hearing this the Nisada chief lovingly comforted him: "Why should you lament in vain? Sri Rama is dear to you, and you are dear to Rama: this is settled fact, and the blame rests with an adverse fate."


"Cruel indeed are the doings of an adverse fate, which drove mother Kaikeyi mad. the Lord reverently praised you again and again that night is no one, syas Tulasidasa, so supremely dear to Sri Rama as you are: I declare this on oath. Therefore, be assured that all will be well in the end and take courage in your heart."


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