Ayodhya-kanda - Doha 251 to 260

Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas.

Doha - 251
Day after day all the people roamed through every quarter of the forest in great delight even like frongs and peacocks reinvigorated by the first showers of the rains.

The men and women of the city remained deeply immersed in loved; days passed like a moment to them. Sita, assuming as many forms as She had mothers-in-law, waited on each with equal atention. No one but Rama knew the mystery behind it; for all delusive potencies form part of Sita's delusive power. Sita won over the queen-mothers by Her services, gratified by which they instructed and blessed Her. Perceiving the two brothers as well as Sita straight in their dealigs, the wicked queen bitterly repented Kaikeyi sought help both from Earth and the god of death; but neither Earth affornded her shelter in her womb nor did God grant her death. It is well-known by popular tradition as well as through the Vedas, and the Sages too declare, that those who are hostile to Rama find no resting-place even in hell. the question that stirred every mind now was; "Good heavens, will Rama return to Ayodhya or not?

Doha- 252
Bharata had no sleep by night nor appetitle by day, perturbed as he was by a pious anxiety, even as a fish sunk in a shallow marsh is worried by paucity of water.

"disguised as my mother it was Fate that wrought this mischief, even as a crop of paddy ripending for the harves may be visited by some pest. How can Sri Rama's coronation be accomplished? I can hit upon no device to secure this. He would certainly return in obedience to the Guru's commands; but the sage will ask Sri Rama to return only when he knows that the latter will like it. The Lord of Raghus would return even at the bidding of his mother; but will Sri Rama's mother ever insist on it? As for myself I am only his vassal and as such count for nothing. On top of it I have fallen on evil days and Providence is against me. If I assert my own will, it would be a grievous sin; for the duty of a servant is more arduous than the lifting of Mount Kailasa (Siva's own Abode)" Bharata could not decide upon anyone device and he spent the whole night in speculation. At daybreak he bathed, bowed his head to the Lord and was going to sit down beside Him when he was sent for  by the sage (Vasistah).

Doha - 253
Bowing at the preceptor's lotus feet and receiving his permission, Bharata sat down; and presently the Brahmans, the elite of the city, the ministers and all other councillors came and assembled there.

The chief of the sages, Vasistha, spoke in words appropriate to the occasion, "Listen, O councillors, and you, wise Bharata: the sun of the solar race, King Rama, is a champion of righteousness and the almighty Lord dependent on none but Himself. Sri Rama is true to His word and maintains the standard of morality set up by the Vedas; His very advent is a source of blessing to the world. Obedient to the commands of His preceptor and parents, He crushed the armies of the wicked and is a friend of the gods; Propriety of behaviour, love, the hightest object of life and worldly interests-no one knows these aright as Rama does. Brama(the Creator), Hari (the Preserver) and Hara (the Destroyer of the universe) the moon-god, the sun-god and the guqrdians of the various qraters, Mays (the deluding potency of God), Jiva (the individual soul), the various forms of Karma (the residue of actions) and Time-spirit, Sesa(the lord of serpents), the rulers of the earth and whatever other powers there are and even so the accomplishments of Yoga extolled in the Vedas and other scriptures-ponder in your heart and consider well-Sri Rama's commands exercise their authority over all."

Doha - 254
"If we carry out rama's orders and respect His wishes, it will be well for us all. Ponder this, O wise men; and do that which you all unanimously resolve upon."

"Sri Rama's coronation will be delightful to all; that is the only course which is conducive to good luck and joy. In what way can the Lord of Raghus be prevailed upon to return to Ayodhya; ponder this and tell me, so that we may adopt the same device" Everyone listened with reverence to the sage's speech, surcharged as it was with prudence and spiritual wisdom and salutary from the worldly point of view as well. But no answer was forthcoming: the people were dumbfounded. The solara race has produced many a king each one far greater than the rest. The solar race has praduced many a king each one far greater than the rest. For the birth of all the father and mother are responsible, whereas it is God who dispenses the good or evil fruit of their actions. Your benediction, as all the world knows, wipes out sorrow and confers all blessings. As for yourself my lord, you thwarted the course of Providence; no one can lalter what you have resolved upon.

Doha - 255
"And yet you ask advice of me at this juncture! All this is my misfortune." The Guru's heart overflowed with love when he heard theses affectionate words.

"What you have said is no doubt true, my child; but it is all due to Sri Rama's grace. He who is hostile to Rama can never dream of success. I hesitate to tell you one thing; the wise forgo one-half when they find the whole in peril. You two brothers (Satrughna and yourself) retire to the woods; while Laksmana, Sita and the Lord of Raghus may be sent back" The two brothers (Bharata Satrughna) rejoiced to hear these agreeable words; their whole frame was filled with excess of joy. they were pleased at heart and a glow irradiated their body as thoug King Dasaratha had come to life again and  Rama had been croiwned king. The people thought they would gain much while their loss would be comparatively small. The queen-mothers, however, all wept because their joy and sorrow matched each other. "By obeying the Guru's commands," Bharata observed, "one would attain the fruit of gratifying all the creatures of the world. I will stay all my life in the forest; I conceive no greater happiness than this. "

Doha - 256
"Rama and Sita have access to all hearts, while you are omniscient and wise. If what you say is true, then redeem your word, my lord."

Hearing Bharata's words and seeing his love, the sage as well as the wholoe assembly were transported out of themselves Bharata's transcendent glory resembled the ocean and the sage's wit stood brink like a helpess woman who longed to cross it and sought many a device but was unable to find a boat, ship or raft. Who else, then can glorify Bharata? Can the ocan be contained in the shell of a small pool? The sage waqs pleased with Bharata in his heart of hearts; with the whole assembly, therfore, he came to Sri Rama. The Lord made obeisance and offered him a seat of honour; and receiving the sage's permission all sat down. The great sage then spoke in well-considered phrases appropriate to the time, place and circumstance: "Listen, Rama; you are omniscient wise and a storehouse of piety prudence, virtue and knowledge.

Doha - 257
"You dwell in the heart of all and know our good and evil intentions. Tell us, therefore the way in which the citizens, your mothers and Bharata too may be benefited."

"The afficted never speak with forethought. A gambler sees his own game. " On hearing the sage's words the Lord of Raghu's replied, "My lord, the remedy lies in  your own hands. Everyone will be benefited by meeting your wishes, carrying out your behests and gladly acclaiming them. In the first place, whatever orders and instructions are given to me I will reverently carry them out. Then, my lord whoever receives any order from you will fully devote himself to your service. "Said the sage, "What you have said, Rama, is true; but Bharata's love has robbed me of my wits. That is why I say again and again, my judgment has been enthralled by Bharata's devotion. To my mind, siva be my witness, whatever you do due deference to Bharata's wishes will be all for good."

Doha - 258
"Listen with attention to Bharata's humble submission and then think over it. Again, sifting the worldly point of view and the conclusions of holy men as well as of the political science and the Vedas do what they enjoin upon you."

Sri Rama was particularly delighted heart to see the Guru's affection for Bharata. Knowing Bharata to be a champion of virtue and His servant in thought, word and deed, He spoke words that were sweet, soft and delightful and harmonized with the Guru's commands: "My lord, I swear by you as well as by the feet of my father that in the whole world there has been no brother like Bharata. Those who are devoted to the lotus feet of their preceptor are highly blessed from the point of view of the world as well as ot the Vedas. And who can extol Bharata' good fortune, for whom you cherish such love! Knowinghim to be a younger brother my mind recoils when I proceed to praise him to his Of course it will be our good to do what he suggests." Having said so Sri Rama kept silent.

Doha - 259
"The sage now said to Bharata, "Shaking off all scruple, my dear child tell your dear brother, who is an ocean of kindness, what is there in your heart."

When Bharata heard the sage's words and came to know what was in Rama's mind, he was satisfied that both the preceptor and the master were exceedingly propitious to him. At the same he realized that the entire responsibility had been thrown on his own shoulders. He was, therefore, unable to speak a word and became thoughtful. With his body thrilling all over he stood in the assembly and tears of love to say. Beyond that I have nothing to submit. I know the disposition of my master. who is never angry even with the offender. To me he has been particularly kind and affectionate; I have never seen him frown even in play. Even from my infancy I never left his company and at no time did he damp my spirits. I have realized in my heart the benevolent ways of my lord, who would have me win a game even though I had lost it.

Doha - 260
"Overcome by affection and modesty I too never opened my lips before him. And my eyes that have thirsting through love for his sight, have not been sated to this day."

But Fate could not bear to see me treated with fondness. In the disguise of my vile mother God created a cleft between us. It does behove me today to say even this; for who has come to be recognized as good and iccocent on the basis of his own estimation? To entertain the thought that my mother is wicked while I am virtuous estimation" To entertain the thought that my mother is wicked while I am virtuous and upright is itself tantamount to a million evil practices. Can an ear of the Kodo plant attaches to anyone even in a dream. My ill-luck is unfathomable like the ocean. In vain did I torment my mother by taunting her without estimating the consequences of my own sins. I have mentally surveyed all possible avenues but feel frustrated. There is only one hope of my salvation: Your Holiness is my preceptor while Sita and Rama are my masters. From this I presume that all will be well in the end."


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