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सदा सद्‌गुरुचें नाम , मना...

भक्ति गीत कल्पतरू - सदा सद्‌गुरुचें नाम , मना...

खास हितचिंतक व प्रेमळ भगिनींसाठी श्रीमती हरिभक्तपरायण वारूताई कागलकर कृत भजनांची " कल्पतरू " सुमनावली.

चाल - सदा सद्‌गुरुचें ध्यान

सदा सद्‌गुरुचें नाम, मना नित्य गाईरे ॥धृ०॥

गुरु गुरु नित्य गातां । गुरुपद येई हातां ।

सद्‌गुरु ऐसा जगीं दाता । नाही बा कुणीरे ।

सदा सद्‌गुरुचें नाम० ॥१॥

गुरुनाम श्रेष्ठ फार । करी तुजसी भवपार ।

मिथ्या होईल हा संसार । जन्ममरण नाही रे । सदा० ॥२॥

गुरुनाम पडतां कानीं । काळ मृत्यू जाय पळुनी ।

सच्चिदानंद भुवनीं । राही अक्षयीं रे । सदा० ॥३॥

गुरु गुरु नित्य ध्याता । जीव ब्रह्म होय स्वतः ।

अनुभव हा वारी घेतां । सत्य जाहलें रे । सदा० ॥४॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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CITRALEKHĀ II(चित्रलेखा)

  • A companion of Uṣā, daughter of the demon, Bāṇa. She was a beautiful portrait painter. Uṣā once dreamt of Aniruddha, grandson of Kṛṣṇa. Even before knowing the identity of the idol of her dream Uṣā fell in love with him. Next day morning Citralekhā gathered from the gloomy Uṣā details of her dream and Citralekhā started making portraits of many known charming princes but Uṣā was not satisfied. She then drew in her imagination a figure which was exactly like that of Aniruddha, the man of her dream. Uṣā was satisfied and it was through the cleverness of Chitralekhā that Aniruddha was brought to Uṣā's room and Uṣā was able to marry Aniruddha. (See under ‘Aniruddha’).  

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In Hinduism, are women and men treated as equals?
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