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 पु. काय
 पु. देह

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सोम  m. 1.m. (fr.3.सु) juice, extract, (esp.) the juice of the सोम plant, (also) the सोम plant itself (said to be the climbing plant Sarcostema Viminalis or Asclepias Acida, the stalks [अंशु] of which were pressed between stones [अद्रि] by the priests, then sprinkled with water, and purified in a strainer [पवित्र]; whence the acid juice trinkled into jars [कलश] or larger vessels [द्रोण]; after which it was mixed with clarified butter, flour &c., made to ferment, and then offered in libations to the gods [in this respect corresponding with the ritual of the Iranian Avesta] or was drunk by the Brāhmans, by both of whom its exhilarating effect was supposed to be prized; it was collected by moonlight on certain mountains [in, [RV. x, 34, 1], the mountain मूज-वत् is mentioned]; it is sometimes described as having been brought from the sky by a falcon [श्येन] and guarded by the गन्धर्वs; it is personified as one of the most important of Vedic gods, to whose praise all the 114 hymns of the 9th book of the [RV.] besides 6 in other books and the whole, [SV.] are dedicated; in post-Vedic mythology and even in a few of the latest hymns of the [RV.] [although not in the whole of the 9th book] as well as sometimes in the [AV.] and in the [Br.], सोम is identified with the moon [as the receptacle of the other beverage of the gods called अमृत, or as the lord of plants cf.इन्दु, ओषधि-पति] and with the god of the moon, as well as with विष्णु, शिव, यम, and कुबेर; he is called राजन्, and appears among the 8 वसुs and the 8 लोक-पालs [[Mn. v, 96]], and is the reputed author of [RV. x, 124, 1, 5-9], of a law-book &c.; cf. below), [RV.] &c. &c.
the moon or moon-god (See above)
a सोम sacrifice, [AitĀr.]
a day destined for extracting the सोम-juice, [ĀśvŚr.]
सोम-वार   Monday (= ), [Inscr.]
See also: सोम - वार
nectar, [L.]
camphor, [L.]
air, wind, [L.]
water, [L.]
a drug of supposed magical properties, [W.]
a partic. mountain or mountainous range (accord. to some the mountains of the moon), ib.
सोम-पा   a partic. class of पितृs (prob. for ), ib.
See also: सोम - पा
पण्डित   N. of various authors (also with , भट्ट, शर्मन् &c.; cf. above), [Cat.]
सोमचन्द्र   = , or सोमे-न्दु, [HPariś.]
N. of a monkey-chief, [L.]
सोम  n. n. rice-water, rice-gruel, [L.]
heaven, sky, ether, [L.]
सोम  mfn. mfn. relating to सोम (prob.w.r. for सौम), [Kāṭh.]
सोम  mfn. 2.mfn. (prob.) together with उमा, [IndSt.]

सोमः [sōmḥ]   [सू-मन् [Uṇ.1.139]]
 N. N. of a plant, the most important ingredient in ancient sacrificial offerings.
The juice of the plant; as in सोमपा, सोमपीथिन्; [Ms. 3.257.]
Nectar, beverage of the gods; अलब्धभागाः सोमस्य केवलं क्लेशभागिनः [Bhāg.8.1.23.]
The moon. [In mythology, the moon is represented as having sprung from the eye of the sage Atri; (cf. [R.2.75]) or as produced from the sea at the time of churning. The twenty-seven asterismsmythologically represented as so many daughters of Dakṣa q. v. are said to be his wives. The phenomenon of the periodical waning of the moon is explained by a myth which states that his nectareous digits are drunk up by different gods in regular rotation, or by the invention of another legend which says that the moon, on account of his particular fondness and partiality for Rohiṇī, one of the 27 daughters of Dakṣa, was cursed by his father-in-law to be consumptive, but that at the intercession of his wives the sentence of eternal consumption was commuted to one of periodical consumption. Soma is also represented as having carried off Tārā, the wife of Bṛihaspati, by whom he had a son named Budha, who afterwards became the founder of the lunar race of kings; see Tārā (b) also.]; पुष्णामि चौषधीः सर्वाः सोमो भूत्वा रसात्मकः [Bg.15.13.]
A ray of light.
Air, wind.
 N. N. of Kubera.
Of Śiva.
Of Yama.
 N. N. of Sugrīva.
(As the last member of comp.) Chief, principal, best; as in नृसोम q. v.
An ape.
One of the Manes.
the vessel (नाडी) 'Iḍā'; यत्र तद् ब्रह्म निर्द्वन्द्वं यत्र सोमः सहाग्निना । व्यवायं कुरुते नित्यं धीरो भूतानि धारयन् ॥ [Mb.14.2.1] (com.).
-मा   The soma plant.
मम् Rice gruel.
Sky, heaven. -Comp.
-अभिषवः   the extraction of Soma juice.
-अयनम्   a kind of penance; cf. चान्द्रायण.-अहः Monday.
-आख्यम्   the red lotus.
-आश्रयः  N. N. of Śiva or Rudra; ˚अयनम् (सोमाश्रयायणम्) N. of a place of pilgrimages; ते त्वगच्छन्नहोरात्रा तीर्थं सोमाश्रयायणम् [Mb.1.17.3.]-ईश्वरः a celebrated representation of Śiva.
-उद्भवा  N. N. of the river Narmadā तथेत्युपस्पृश्य पयः पवित्रं सोमोद्भवायाः सरितो नृसोमः [R.5.59] (where Malli. quotes Ak. 'रेवा तु नर्मदा सोमोद्भवा मेकलकन्यका').
-कान्त a.  a. lovely as the moon. (-न्तः) the moon-stone.
-क्षयः   disappearance or waning of the moon, new moon; श्राद्धस्य ब्राह्मणः कालः प्राप्तं दधि घृतं तथा । सोमक्षयश्च मांसं च यदारण्यं युधिष्ठिर ॥ [Mb.13.23.34.]-गर्भः N. of Viṣṇu.
-ग्रहः   a vessel for holding Soma.-ज a. moon-born. (-जः) an epithet of the planet Mercury. (-जम्) milk.
-दैवतम्   the lunar mansion मृगशिरस्; दोग्ध्रीं दत्वा सवत्सां तु नक्षत्रे सोमदैवते [Mb.13.64.7.]
धारा the sky, heaven.
the milky way.
नाथः N. of a celebrated Liṅga or the place where it was set up; (which by its splendour and enormous wealth attracted the attention of Mahomad of Ghazani who in 124 A.D. destroyed the image and carried of the treasure); तेषां मार्गे परिचयवशादर्जितं गुर्जराणां यः संतापं शिथिलमकरोत् सोमनाथं विलोक्य । [Vikr.18.87.]
-प, -पा  m. m.
one who drinks the Soma; त्रैविद्या मां सोमपाः पूतपापा यज्ञैरिष्ट्वा स्वर्गतिं प्रार्थयन्ते [Bg.9.2;] [Mb.12.284.8.]
a Soma-sacrificer.
a particular class of Pitṛis; सोमपा नाम विप्राणां (पितरः) [Ms.3.197.]
-पतिः  N. N. of Indra.-पानम् drinking Soma juice.
-पायिन्, -पीथः, -पीथिन्, -पीतिन्  m. m. a drinker of Soma juice; तत्र केचित्... ... सोमपीथिन उदुम्बरनामानो ब्रह्मवादिनः प्रतिवसन्ति स्म [Māl.1;] [Bhāg.5.26.29.]
-पीतिः  f. f.
drinking Soma.
a Some sacrifice.
-पुत्रः, -भूः, -सुतः   epithets of Budha or Mercury.
-प्रवाकः   a person commissioned to engage sacrificial priests (श्रोत्रिय) for a Soma sacrifice.
बन्धुः the sun.
the white water-lilly.
-यज्ञः, -यागः   the Soma sacrifice.
-याजिन्  m. m. one who performs a Soma sacrifice.
-योगिन् a.  a. being in conjunction with the moon.
-योनिः   a sort of yellow and fragrant sandal.-राजी a thin crescent of the moon.
-रोगः   a particular disease of women.
लता, वल्लरी the Soma plant.
 N. N. of the river Godāvarī.
-वंशः   the lunar race of kings founded by Budha.
वल्कः a kind of white Khadira.
 N. N. of the plants, करञ्ज and कट्फल.-वल्लरिः(री),
-वल्लिका, -वल्ली  f. f. the moon-plant.
-विक्रयिन्  m. m. a vendor of Soma juice.-वीथी the orbit of the moon.
-वृक्षः, -सारः   the white Khadira.
-शकला   a kind of cucumber.
-संस्था   a form of the Soma-sacrifice; (these are seven: अग्निष्टोम, अत्यग्निष्टोम, उक्थ, षोढशी, अतिरात्र, आप्तोर्याम and वाजपेय).
-संज्ञम्   camphor.
-सद्  m. m. a particular class of Manes or Pitṛis; विराट्सुताः सोमसदः साध्यानां पितरः स्मृताः [Ms.3.195.]
-सिद्धान्तः   the doctrine of Kāpālikas; या सोमसिद्धान्तमयाननेव [N.1.87.]-सिन्धुः an epithet of Viṣṇu.
-सुत्   m a Soma distiller.वत् a. pressing Soma-plant for juice; अध्वरेष्वग्निचित्वत्सु सोमसुत्वत आश्रमान् [Bk.5.11.]
-सुता   the river Narmadā; cf. सोमोद्भवा above.
-सूत्रम्   a channel for conveying water from a Śiva-liṅga. ˚प्रदक्षिणा circumambulation around a Siva-liṅga so as not to cross the Soma-sūtra.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
सोम  m.  (-मः)
1. The moon.
3. A monkey chief.
4. Air, wind.
5. YAMA.
6. One of the demi-gods called VASUS.
7. ŚIVA. 8. The moon-plant, (Asclepias acida, or Sarcostema viminalis.)
9. The acid juice of the Sarcostema.
10. A drug of supposed magi- cal properties.
11. Water.
12. Nectar, the liquor of immortals. 13. Camphor.
14. A deified progenitor.
15. A mountain or moun- tainous range, the mountains of the moon.
16. The best, chief, (as the last member of a compound.)
 n.  (-मं)
1. Rice-water or gruel. 2. Heaven, sky, æther.
E. षू to bear, (as young,) or to sprinkle, Unādi aff. मन् .
See also: षू - मन् .

जीवशास्त्र | en  mr |   | 
 पु. Bot., Zool. काय

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
A sacrifice at which the juice of Asclepias acida is drunk. 5 A name of Shiva.

 पु. १ चंद्र . २ सोमवल्ली ; तिचा रस . ३ धुपणी रोग . ४ सोमयाग ; ( यांत सोमरसपान होतें त्यावरुन ) ५ शंकराचें एक नांव . ६ ( ल .) अमृत . ७ - वि . चुकीनें ( सौम्य पासून ) थंड . [ सं .]
०कांत  पु. चंद्रकांत मणी . सोमकांती वि . सोमकांत मण्याचा केलेला ( आरसा इ० ).
०दिन   वार वासर पु . चंद्राचा वार ; रविवारच्या पुढील दिवस .
०नाथ  पु. बारा ज्योतिलिंगापैकी काठेवाडांतील एक शंकराचें लिंग .
०प वि.  सोमरस पिणारा ( यज्ञकर्ता , देव इ० )
०व्याग  पु. यज्ञ ; सोम अर्थ ४ पहा . व्याजी पु . सोमयाग करणारा दीक्षित .
०रोग  पु. सोम अर्थ ३ पहा .
०लता  स्त्री. सोमवल्ली .
०वती वि.  सोमवारी आलेली ( अमावास्या ); बायकांचे एक व्रत , यांत १०८ फळें ब्राह्मणास देतात , ( यावरुन ).
०वती   - पुष्कळ संख्या असणें
घालणें   - पुष्कळ संख्या असणें
०वल्ली   वेल स्त्री . १ सोम अर्थ २ पहा . २ ( विनोदानें ) भांगचे झाड व भांगेचें पेय .
०वंश  पु. चंद्रापासून निधालेला एक क्षत्रिय वंश .
०वार्‍या   - पु . शंकंरभक्त तेल्यांचा एक वर्ग . हे सोमवारी घाणा चालवीत नाहींत .
तेली   - पु . शंकंरभक्त तेल्यांचा एक वर्ग . हे सोमवारी घाणा चालवीत नाहींत .
०सिद्धांत  पु. शैवांतील एक पंथ व त्यांचें तत्त्वज्ञान .
०सूत्र    . शिवाचें तीर्थ गाभार्‍या बाहेरील ज्या कुंडांत पडर्ते र्ते कुंड ; गायमुख .
०सूत्री   - स्त्री . शंकराला प्रदक्षिणा घालतांना वरील कुंडापर्यंत यावयाचे व परत शंकरासमोर यावयाचे अशा प्रकारें कुंड न ओलांडता केलेली प्रदक्षिणा
प्रदक्षिणा   - स्त्री . शंकराला प्रदक्षिणा घालतांना वरील कुंडापर्यंत यावयाचे व परत शंकरासमोर यावयाचे अशा प्रकारें कुंड न ओलांडता केलेली प्रदक्षिणा

सोम n.  एक वैदिक मंत्रद्रष्टा [ऋ. १०.१२४.१, ५-९]
सोम (प्रातिवेश्य) n.  एक आचार्य, जो प्रतिवेश्य नामक आचार्य का शिष्य था [सां. आ. १५.१]
सोम (शुष्मायण) n.  अठ्ठाईस व्यासों में से एक ।
सोम II. n.  चंद्रमा का नामांतर । यह एक प्रजापति एवं स्वायंभुव मन्वन्तर के अत्रि ऋषि का पुत्र था । इसकी सत्ताईस पत्‍नियाँ थी, जो दक्ष प्रजापति की कन्या थी (चन्द्र एवं दक्ष देखिये) । सप्तर्षियों के द्वारा किये गये पृथ्वीदोहन के समय यह बछडा बना था । इसके नगरी का नाम विभावरी था, जो मेरु पर्वत की उत्तर में स्थित थी [मस्त्य. २६६.२६]
सोम III. n.  एक अग्नि, जो भानु एवं निशा के दो पुत्रों में एक था । इसकी बहन का नाम रोहिणी था [म. व. २११.१५]
सोम IV. n.  सवितृ एवं पृष्णि के पुत्रों में से एक ।
सोम IX. n.  सोमतन्वी नामक अंगिराकुलोत्पन्न गोत्रकार का नामान्तर।
सोम V. n.  अंगिरसकुलोत्पन्न एक गोत्रकार ।
सोम VI. n.  सुख देवों में से एक ।
सोम VII. n.  एक शिवावतार।
सोम VIII. n.  एक वसु, जो धर्म एवं वसु के पुत्रों में से एक था [विष्णु. १.१५.१११]

परिभाषा  | en  mr |   | 
 स्त्री. काया
 पु. देह

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
soma   Juice extracted from Soma creeper. It is believed that the devas accept Soma in sacrifices.
SOMA I   A son born to fire Bhānu by his third wife Niśā, who had given birth to two sons Soma and Agni and a daughter named Rohiṇī. [M.B. Vana Parva, Chapter 221, Verse 15].
SOMA II   One of the eight Vasus. The eight Vasus are Āpa, Dhruva, Soma, Dharma, Anila, Agni, Pratyūṣa and Prabhāsa. [Viṣṇu Purāṇa, Aṁśa 1. 15].
SOMA III   A son of Jarāsandha. It is stated in [Bhāgavata, Skandha 9], that Jarāsandha had four sons named Soma, Sahadeva, Turya and Śrutaśru.

 पु. काय

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  The moon. A name of Shiva.

काय, देह

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