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d-   D (defence) notice   d and I isomerism   D and L isomerism   D' Arsonal galvanometer   D layer   D line   d.c.   d.c. (D.C.)   d.c. dynamo   d.c. generator   D.C.A.   d.c.amplifier   D.C.F.   D.D.T.   D.D.T. toxicity   D.U.B. (Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding)   D-1 syndrome   D2 static   DA   dab   dabber   dabble   dabbler   dabchick   DABHĪTI   dableau   dacite   dacoit   dacoity   dacryoid   dacryon   dactology   dactus arteriosus   Dactylochirotida   dactyloid   dactylology   dactylopodite   dactylozooid   dacus ciliatus   dacus cucurbitae   dacus diversus   dacus ferrugineus   dacus zonatus   Dadaism   DADHĪCA   DADHĪCA(M)   dadhichi   DADHIMAṆḌODAKA   DADHIMUKHA I   DADHIMUKHA II   DADHIVĀHANA   DADHIVAKTRA   DADHYAṄ   dado   dado rail   dadu dayal   daedaleous   Daemia extensa (L.) R.Br.   daffodil   Daftary and Packer   dagger   DAHA I   DAHA II   DAHADAHĀ   DAHATI   dahlia   daily   daily administration form   daily allowance   Daily allwance   daily attendance   Daily balance   Daily balance sheet   daily balancing   Daily cash memorandum   daily circulation account   daily collection register   Daily collection scheme   daily consumption   daily controlleddrug administration form   daily counter payment book   daily counter receipt book   daily diary   daily dietary allowance   daily earnings   Daily expenses   daily hours   daily labour   daily lesson plan book   daily load   daily machine-record   daily newspaper   daily off take   daily operational sheet   daily paid labour   daily period of growth   daily plan   daily rated   Daily rated employee   
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  • Śiva Purāṇa mentions about a Tāraka, son of the minister of Bhadrasena, a King of Kashmir. This Tāraka was the rebirth of a he-fowl. Bhadrasena had a son named Sudharmā. He was the rebirth of a monkey. There is a story regarding how this fowl and the monkey came to be born in Kashmir as above. Once in the village of Nanda there was a prostitute named Mahānandā. Though she was a great devotee of Śiva she was living the life of a prostitute for her livelihood. She was having a monkey and a he-fowl as pets. She would adorn the necks of her pets with the rudrākṣa necklace (rosary) made of berry beads favourite of Śiva and when she sang songs in praise of Śiva those pets danced to the tune. One day a Vaiśya came there. He had a diamond Śiva liṅga with him. Mahānandā felt a great fancy for that and so promised the Vaiśya that if he gave her the diamond liṅga she would remain a faithful wife to him for three days. The Vaiśya agreed and the diamond liṅga was kept in a very secure place That night when both the Vaiśya and Mahānandā were sleeping tired after a hectic amorous sport, the house got fire and the diamond was burst into pieces. The Vaiśya greatly griefstricken by the loss of the diamond, jumped into the fire and committed suicide. Mahānandā faithful to the promise that she would remain his wife for three days started to jump into the fire and abandon her life. At once Śiva appeared before her in person and said thus: “Oh, Mahānandā, do not commit suicide. I came to you disguised as a Vaiśya to test your devotion. You can now ask of me any boon.” With tears of joy running down her cheeks she said she wanted to live with Śiva. So Śiva carried her soul to Kailāsa. Not only that, Śiva blessed the fowl and monkey and said they would be born as devotees of Śiva in their next birth and attain mokṣa at the end of their life on earth. Accordingly the monkey and the fowl were born in Kashmir as Sudharmā and Tāraka. 

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