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प्रति  n. 1.ind. (as a prefix to roots and their derivative nouns and other , sometimes प्रती; for 2. See p.664) towards, near to
against, in opposition to
back, again, in return
down upon, upon, on
प्रति-चन्द्र   before nouns it expresses also likeness or comparison (cf.)
प्रति-क्षणम्   or it forms अव्ययीभावs of different kinds (cf., प्रति-ग्रहम्, प्रत्य्-अग्नि &c.; rarely ifc.e.g.सूपप्रति, a little broth, [Pāṇ. 2-1, 9])
शब्दम् प्°  n. or as a prep. with usually preceding acc., in the sense of towards, against, to, upon, in the direction of (e.g., in the dir° of the sound, [R.]; अग्निम् प्र्°, against the fire, [Mn.]; also °त्य्-अग्निind., [Pāṇ. 6-2, 33] Sch.; रिपुम् प्र्°, ag° the enemy, [Mn.]; आत्मानम् प्र्°, to one's self, [Ratnâv.])
रोदसी प्र्°   opposite, before, in the presence of (e.g., bef° heaven and earth, [RV.])
इन्द्रम् प्र्°   in comparison, on a par with, in proportion to (e.g., in compar° with , [RV.]; सहस्राणि प्र्°, on a par with i.e. equivalent to thousands, ib.; also with abl. or -तस्; cf.[Pāṇ. 1-4, 92; 2-3, 11])
यूपम् प्र्°   in the vicinity of, near, beside, at, on (e.g., near the sacrificial post, [AitBr.]; गङ्गाम् प्र्°, at or on the Ganges, [R.]; एतत् प्र्°, at this point, [TS.]; आयोधनम् प्र्°, on the field of battle, [MBh.])
फाल्गुनम् प्र्°   at the time of, about, through, for (e.g., about the month Ph°, [Mn.]; चिरम् प्र्°, for a long time, [MBh.]; भृशम् प्र्°, often, repeatedly, [Car.])
यज्ञम् प्र्°   or used distributively (cf.[Pāṇ. 1-4, 90]) to express at every, in or on every, severally (e.g., at every sacrifice, [Yājñ.]; यज्ञं यज्ञम् प्र्°, [TS.]; वर्षम् प्र्°, every year, annually, [Pañcat.]; in this sense often comp.; cf. above)
पाण्डवान् प्र्°   in favour of, for ([Pāṇ. 1-4, 90]; e.g., in favour of the s, [MBh.])
सीमाम् प्र्°   on account of, with regard to, concerning ([Pāṇ.]; ib.e.g., conc° a boundary, [Mn.]; गौतमम् प्र्°, with reg° to , [R.])
माम् प्र्°   conformably or according to (e.g., acc° to me, i.e. in my opinion, [Mālav.]; cf.माम् प्रत्य् अरण्यवत् प्रतिभाति, ‘it seems to me like a forest’ [Hit.]; न बुभुक्षितम् प्रति भाति किं चित्, ‘to a hungry man nothing is of any account’ [Kāś.] on [Pāṇ. 2-3, 2])
as, for (after a verb meaning, ‘to regard or consider’; cf.[Vikr. iv, 69])
or as prep. with abl. in return or as compensation for, instead or in the place of ([Pāṇ. 1-4, 92] Sch.)
-तस्   with abl. or See above
See also: तस्
प्रति वस्तोः   with abl. or gen. (?) to express, ‘about’, ‘at the time of’ (only , ‘at daybreak’ [RV.])
as prep. with gen. = with reference to, [Hariv. 10967].
प्रति   [cf.Zd.paiti; Gk.προτί, ποτί, πρός.]
प्रति   a in comp. with nouns not immediately connected with roots.
प्रति  m. 2.m.N. of a son of कुश, [BhP.]

प्रति [prati]   ind.
As a prefix to verbs it means (a) towards, in the direction of; (b) back, in return, again; तष्ठेदानीं न मे जीवन् प्रतियास्यसि दुर्मते [Rām.7.18.13;] (c) in opposition to, against, counter; (d) upon, down upon; (see the several roots with this preposition).
As a prefix to nouns not directly derived from verbs it means (a) likeness, resemblance, equality; (b) opposite, of the opposite side; प्रतिबल [Ve.3.5.] 'the opposing force'; so प्रतिद्विपाः [Mu.2.13;] (c) rivalry; as in प्रतिचन्द्रः 'a rival moon'; प्रतिपुरुषः &c.
As a separable preposition (with acc.) it means (a) towards, in the direction of, to; तौ दम्पती स्वां प्रति राजधानीं प्रस्थापयामास वशी वसिष्ठः [R.2.7;1.] 75; प्रत्यनिलं विचेरु [Ku.3.31;] वृक्षं प्रति विद्योतते विद्युत् Sk.; (b) against, counter, in opposition to, opposite; तदा यायाद् रिपुं प्रति [Ms.7.171;] प्रदुदुवुस्तं प्रति राक्षसेन्द्रम् Rām.; ययावजः प्रत्यरिसैन्यमेव [R.7.55;] (c) in comparison with, on a par with, in proportion to, a match for; त्वं सहस्राणि प्रति [Ṛv.2.1.8;] (d) near, in the vicinity of, by, at, in, on; समासेदुस्ततो गङ्गां शृङ्गवेरपुरं प्रति Rām.; गङ्गां प्रति; (e) at the time, about, during; आदित्यस्योदयं प्रति Mb; फाल्गुनं वाथ चैत्रं वा मासौ प्रति [Ms.7.182;] (f) on the side of, in favour of, to the lot of; यदत्र मां प्रति स्यात् Sk.; हरं प्रति हलाहलं (अभवत्) Vop.; (g) in each, in or at every, severally (used in a distributive sense); वर्षं प्रति, प्रतिवर्षम्; यज्ञं प्रति [Y.1.11;] वृक्षं वृक्षं प्रति सिञ्चति Sk.; (h) with regard or reference to, in relation to, regarding, concerning, about, as to; न हि मे संशीतिरस्या दिव्यतां प्रति [K.132;] चन्द्रोपरागं प्रति तु केनापि विप्रलब्धासि [Mu.1;] धर्मं प्रति [Ś.5.18;] मन्दौत्सुक्योऽस्मि नगरगमनं प्रति [Ś.1;] [Ku.6.27;] 7.83; त्वयैकमीशं प्रति साधु भाषितम् 5.81; [Y.1.218;] [R.6.] 12;1.29;12.51; (i) according to, in conformity with; मां प्रति in my opinion; (j) before, in the presence of; (k) for, on account of.
As a separable preposition (with abl.) it means either (a) a representative of, in place of, instead of; प्रद्युम्नः कृष्णात् प्रति Sk.; संग्रामे यो नारायणतः प्रति [Bk.8.89;] or (b) in exchange or return for; तिलेभ्यः प्रति यच्छति माषान् Sk.; भक्तेः प्रत्यमृतं शंभोः [Vop.]
As the first member of Avyayībhāva compound it usually means (a) in or at every; as प्रतिसंवत्सरम् 'every year', प्रतिक्षणम्, प्रत्यहम् &c.; (b) towards, in the direction of; प्रत्यग्नि शलभा डयन्ते.
प्रति is sometimes used as the last member of Avyayī. comp. in the sense of 'a little'; सूपप्रति, शाकप्रति. [Note: In the compounds given below all words the second members of which are words not immediately connected with verbs, are included; other words will be found in their proper places.] -Comp.
-अंशम्   ind. on the shoulders.
-अक्षरम्   ind. in every syllable or letter; प्रत्यक्षरश्लेषमयप्रबन्ध [Vās.]
-अग्नि   ind. towards the fire.
-अग्र = प्रत्यग्र   q. v.
अङ्गम् a secondary or minor limb (of the body), as the nose.
a division, chapter, section.
every limb.
a weapon. (-ङ्गम्)ind.
lower, less honoured; पुरावरान् प्रत्यवरान् गरीयसः [Mb.13.94.12.]
very low or degrading, very insignificant; [Ms.1.19.]-अश्मन् m. red chalk.
-अष्ठीला   a kind of nervous disease.
-अहम्   ind. every day, daily; day by day; गिरिशमुपचचार प्रत्यहं सा सुकेशी [Ku.1.6.]
-आकारः   a scabbard, sheath.
आघातः a counter-stroke.
-आचारः   suitable conduct or behaviour.-आत्मम् ind. singly, severally.
-आत्मक a.  a. belonging to oneself.
-आत्म्यम्   similarity with oneself. -आत्मेनind. after one's own image; स किंनरान् कुंपुरुषान् प्रत्यात्म्येना- सृजत् प्रभुः [Bhāg.3.2.45.]
-आदित्यः   a mock sun.
आरम्भः recommencement, second beginning.
-आर्द्र a.  a. fresh.
आशा hope, expectation; न यत्र प्रत्याशामनुपतति नो वा रहयति [Māl.9.8.]
trust, confidence.
-आसङ्गः   Connection, contact; अथ प्रत्यासङ्गः कमपि महिमानं वितरति [Mv.1.12.]
आस्वर returning.
reflecting; [Ch.Up.1.3.2.]
-आह्वयः   echo, resonance; छाया प्रत्याह्वयाभासा ह्यसन्तोऽप्यर्थकारिणः [Bhāg.11.28.5.]-उत्तरम् a reply, rejoinder.
उलूकः a crow; मृत्युदूतः कपोतोऽयमुलूकः कम्पयन्मनः । प्रत्युलूकश्च कुह्वानैरनिद्रौ शून्यमिच्छतः ॥ [Bhāg.1.14.14.]
a bird resembling an owl. -ऋचम्ind. in each Rik.
-एक a.  a. each, each one, every single one. (-कम्) ind.
one at a time, severally; singly, in every one, to every one; oft. with the force of an adjective; विवेश दण्डकारण्यं प्रत्येकं च सतां मनः [R.12.9.] 'entered the mind of every good man'; 12.3;7.34; [Ku.2.31.]
-एनस्  m. m.
an officer of justice (who punishes criminals); [Bṛi. Up.4.3.7.]
a heir responsible for the debts of the deceased; surety.
कञ्चुकः an adversary.
a critic.
severally, one by one.
near the throat.
-कलम्   ind. constantly, perpetually.
-कश a.  a. not obeying the whip.
-कष्ट a.  a. comparatively bad.
-कामिनी   a female rival; [Śi.]
on or at every limb of the body; as in प्रत्यङ्ग- मालिङ्गितः [Gīt.1.]
for every subdivision.
in each case (in grammar).
-अधिदेवता   a tutelary deity who stays in front or near one; [Hch.]
-अधिष्ठानम्, -आधानम्   the principal place of residence; [Bṛi. Up.2.2.1.]
-अनन्तर   a.
कायः an effigy, image, picture, likeness.
an adversary; स वृषध्वजसायकावभिन्नं जयहेतुः प्रतिकाय- मेषणीयम् [Ki.13.28.]
a target, butt, mark.
-कितवः   an opponent in a game.
-कुञ्जरः   a hostile elephant.-कूपः a moat, ditch.
unfavourable, adverse, contrary, hostile, opposite, प्रतिकूलतामुपगते हि विधौ विफलत्व- मेति बहुसाधनता [Śi.9.6;] [Ku.3.24.]
harsh, discordant. unpleasant, disagreeable; अप्यन्नपुष्टा प्रतिकूलशब्दा [Ku.1.] 45.
reverse, inverted.
perverse, cross, peevish, stubborn. ˚आचार- णम्, ˚आचरितम् any offensive or hostile action or conduct; प्रतिकूलाचरितं क्षमख मे [R.8.81.] ˚उक्तम्,
-क्तिः  f. f. a contradiction. ˚कारिन्,
-कृत, -चारिन्, -वत्ति a.  a. opposing. ˚दर्शन a. having an inauspicious or ungracious appearance. ˚प्रवर्तिन्,
-वर्तिन् a.  a. acting adversely, taking an adverse course. ˚भाषिन् a. opposing, contradicting. ˚वचनम् disagreeable or unpleasant speech. ˚वादः contradiction. (प्रतिकूलता,
-त्वम्   adverseness, opposition, hostility. प्रति- कूलयति 'to oppose'.).
adversely, contrarily.
inversely, in inverted order.
-कूलय Den. P.  Den. P. to resist, oppose.
-कूलिक a.  a. hostile, inimical.
-क्षणम्   ind. at every moment or instant, constantly; प्रतिक्षणं संभ्रमलोलदृष्टि- र्लीलारविन्देन निवारयन्ती [Ku.3.56.]
-क्षपम्   ind. everynight.-गजः a hostile elephant
-गात्रम्   ind. in very limb.
गिरिः an opposite mountain.
an inferior mountain.-गृहम्,
-गेहम्   ind. in every house.
-ग्रामम्   ind. in every village.
-चक्रम्   a hostile army.
-चन्द्रः   a mock moon; paraselene.
in every (Vedic) school or branch.
at every foot-step.
छाया, यिका a reflected image, reflection, shadow; रूपं प्रतिच्छायिक- योपनीतम् [N.6.45.]
an image, picture.
-जङ्घा   the forepart of the leg.
-जिह्वा, -जिह्विका   the soft palate,-तन्त्रम् ind. according to each Tantra or opinion.
-तन्त्र- सिद्धान्तः   a conclusion adopted by one of the disputants only; (वादिप्रतिवाद्येकतरमात्राभ्युपगतः).
-त्र्यहम्   ind. for three days at a time.
-दण्ड a.  a. Ved. disobedient.
-दिनम्   ind. every day; राशीभूतः प्रतिदिनमिव त्र्यम्बकस्याट्टहासः [Me.6.]-दिशम् ind. in every direction, all round, everywhere.
-दूतः   a messenger sent in return.
-देवता   a corresponding deity; गताः कलाः पञ्चदश प्रतिष्ठा देवाश्च सर्वे प्रतिदेवतासु Muṇḍa.3.2.7.
-देशम्   ind. in every country.-देहम् ind. in every body.
-दैवतम्   ind. for every deity.
द्वन्द्वः an antagonist, opponent, adversary, rival.
an enemy. (-द्वम्) opposition, hostility.-द्वन्द्विन् a.
hostile, inimical.
adverse (प्रतिकूल); कृतान्तदुर्वृत्त इवापरेषां पुरः प्रतिद्वन्द्विनि पाण्डवास्त्रे [Ki.16.29.]
rivalling, vying with; किसलयोद्भेदप्रतिद्वन्दिभिः (करतलैः) [Ś.4.5.] (-m.) an opponent, adversary, rival; तुल्यप्रति- द्वन्द्वि बभूव युद्धम् [R.7.37.;15.25.]
-द्वारम्   ind. at every gate.
-धुरः   a horse harnessed by the side of another.-नप्तृ m. great-grandson, a son's grandson.
new, young, fresh.
newly blown budded; सान्ध्यं तेजः प्रतिनवजपापुष्परक्तं दधानः [Me.38.]
-नाडी   a branch-vein.-नायकः the adversary of the hero of any poetic composition; धीरोद्धतः पापकारी व्यसनी प्रतिनायकः [S. D.,] as रावण in the Rāmāyaṇa, शिशुपाल in Māgha-Kāvya &c.-नारी,
-पत्नी, -युवतिः   a female rival; [Śi.7.45.]-निनादः = प्रतिध्वनिः q. v.
-न्यायम्   ind. in inverted order; पुनः प्रतिन्यायं प्रतियोन्याद्रवति स्वप्नायैव [Bṛi. Up.4.3.15.]
-पक्ष a.  a. like, similar.
(क्षः) the opposite side, party or faction, hostility; विमृश्य पक्षप्रतिपक्षाभ्यामवधारणं नियमः Gaut. S,
an adversary, enemy, foe, rival; प्रति- पक्षकामिनी,
-लक्ष्मी   'a rival wife'; [Bv.2.64;] दासीकृतायाः प्रति- पक्षलक्ष्याः [Vikr.1.73;] प्रतिपक्षमशक्तेन प्रतिकर्तुम् [K. P.1;] [Vikr.1.7;] often used in comp. in the sense of 'equal' or 'similar'.
remedy, expiation; यादवस्य पापस्य प्रतिपक्षमुपदिशामि [Nāg.5.]
a defendant or respondent (in law). ˚ता
being in immediate neighbourhood; दानमानादिसत्कारैः कुरुष्व प्रत्यनन्तरम् [Rām.4.15.27.] (com. प्रत्यनन्तरं स्वाधीनम्).
standing nearest (as an heir).
immediately following, closely connected with; जीवेत् क्षत्रियधर्मेण स ह्यस्य (ब्राह्मणस्य) प्रत्यनन्तरः; [Ms.1.] 82;8.185. (-रम्) ind.
hostility, opposition.
obstacle.-पक्षित a.
containing a contradiction.
nullified by a contradictory premise; (as a hetu in न्याय); cf. सत्प्रतिपक्ष.
-पक्षिन्  m. m. an opponent, adversary.
-पण्यम्   merchandise in exchange; Buddh.
-प्रथम्   ind. along the road, towards the way; प्रतिपथगतिरासीद् वेगदीर्घीकृताङ्गः [Ku.3.76.]
at evry stop.
at every place, everywhere.
in every word; प्रतिपदाख्याने तु गौरवं परिहरद्भिर्वृत्तिकारैः सर्वसामान्यः शब्दः प्रति- गृहीतः प्रकृतिवदिति ŚB. on [MS.8.1.2.]
-पल्लवः   an opposite or outstretched branch; [R.]
पाणः a stake.
a counter-pledge.
a counter-stake; [Mb.3.]
-पादम्   ind. in each quarter.
-पात्रम्   ind. with regard to each part, of each character; प्रतिपात्रमाधीयतां यत्नः Ś.1 'let care be taken of each character'.
-पादपम्   ind. in every tree.
-पाप a.  a. returning sin for sin, requiting evil for evil.
पु(पू)रुषः a like or similar man.
a substitute, deputy.
a companion.
the effigy of a man pushed by thieves into the interior of a house before entering it themselves (to ascertain if any body is awake).
an effigy in general. (-षम्) ind. man by man, for each man.
-पुस्तकम्   a copy of an original manuscript.
-पूर्वाह्णम्   ind. every forenoon.
-प्रति a.  a. counter-balancing, equal to.
-प्रभातम्   ind. every morning.
प्रसवः (As opposed to अनुप्रसव) tracing causes back to the origin as a pot, a lump of mud, mud, clay, [Pātañjala Yogadarśana.]
Negation of (or exception to) a negation. The force of a प्रतिप्रसव is positive, limiting as it does the scope of a प्रतिषेध or negation. Hence it is just the opposite of परिसंख्या whose force is negative or exclusive since it limits the scope of a positive statement. प्रतिप्रसवोऽयं न परिसंख्या ŚB. on [MS.1.7.45.]
-प्रकारः   an outer wall or rampart.
-प्रियम्   a kindness or service in return; प्रतिप्रियं चेद् भवतो न कुर्यां वृथा हि मे स्यात् स्वपदोपलब्धिः [R.5.56.]-बन्धुः an equal in rank or station; [Mb.5.121.13.]-बलः a.
able, powerful.
equal in strength, equally matched or powerful.
(लम्) a hostile army; अस्त्रज्वालावलीढप्रतिबलजलधेरन्तरौर्वायमाणे [Ve.3.7.]
बाहु the forepart of the arm.
an opposite side (in a square or polygon).
बि (वि) म्बः, म्बम् a reflection, reflected image; ज्योतिषां प्रतिबिम्बानि प्राप्नु- वन्त्युपहारताम् [Ku.6.42;] [Śi.9.18.]
an image, a picture.
-बीजम्   a rotten seed.
-भट a.  a. vying with, rivalling; घटप्रतिभटस्तनि [N.13.5.]
immediately after.
next in succession.
-रीभू   to betake oneself close to; P. R.-अनिलम् ind. towards or against the wind.
-अनीक   a
(टः) a rival, an opponent; निवासः कन्दर्पप्रतिभटजटाजूटभवने [G. L.21.]
a warrior on the opposite side; समालोक्याजौ त्वां विदधति विकल्पान् प्रतिभटाः [K. P.1.]
fearful, formidable, terrible, frightful.
dangerous; स्वगृहोद्यानगतेऽपि स्निग्धैः पापं विशङ्क्यते मोहात् । किमु दृष्टबह्वपायप्रतिभयकान्तारमध्यस्थे ॥ [Pt.2.171;] [Nāg.5.]1.; [Bhāg.1.6.14.] (-यम्) a danger; सुनन्द, श्रुतं मया संनिहितगरुडप्रतिभयमुद्देशं जामाता जीमूतवाहनो गतः [Nāg.5.]
-भैरव a.  a. dreadful.
-मञ्चः   a kind of measure (in music.)
-मञ्चाः   Platforms opposite to each other; दशभागिकौ द्वौ प्रतिमञ्चौ [Kau.A.2.3.21.]
मण्डलम् a secondary disc (of the sun &c.).
an eccentric orbit.
-मल्लः   an antagonist, a rival; उपेयिवांसं प्रतिमल्लतां रयस्मये जितस्य प्रसभं गरुत्मतः [N.1.63;] पातालप्रतिमल्लगल्ल &c. [Māl.5.22.]-मानना worship (पूजा); स्पर्शमशुचिवपुरर्हति न प्रतिमाननां तु नितरां नृपोचिताम् [Śi.15.35.]
-माया   a counter-spell or charm; प्रतिमाया कृतं च तत् [Mb.1.34.22.]
-मार्गः   the way back; [Mb.4.]
-मार्गम्   ind. back, backwards.
-माला   capping verses (Mar. भंडी).
-मासम्   ind. every month, monthly.
-मित्रम्   an enemy, adversary.-मुख a. standing before the face, facing; प्रतिमुखागत [Ms.8.291.]
near, present. (-खम्) a secondary plot or incident in a drama which tends either to hasten or retard the catastrophe; see [S. D.334] and 351-364. (-खम्) ind.
in front, before.
-मुखरी   a particular mode of drumming.
मुद्रा a counterseal.
the impression of a seal.
-मुहूर्तम्   ind. every moment.
-मूर्तिः  f. f. an image, a likeness.
-मूषिका  f. f. a musk-rat (Mar. चिचुंदरी).
-यूथपः   the leader of a hostile herd of elephants.
-रथः   an adversary in war (lit. in fighting in a war-chariot); दौष्यन्तिमप्रतिरथं तनयं निवेश्य [Ś.4.2.]
-रथ्यम्   in every road; अस्मिन् नगरे प्रतिरथ्यं भुजङ्गबद्धसंचारे Udb.
रवः, ध्वनिः an echo; प्रतिरवविततो वनानि चक्रे [Ki.1.4.]
quarrel; controversy.
(Ved.) life (प्राण).
-रसितम्   an echo; केनास्मत् सिंह- नादप्रतिरसितसखो दुन्दुभिस्ताड्यतेऽयम् [Ve.1.22.]
-राजः   a hostile king.
-रात्रम्   ind. every night.
corresponding, similar, having a counter-part in; अग्निर्यथैको भुवनं प्रविष्टो रूपं रूपं प्रतिरूपो बभूव Kaṭh.2.2.9.
suitable, proper; इदं न प्रतिरूपं ते स्त्रीष्वदाक्षिण्यमीदृशम् [Bu. Ch.4.66]; आत्मनः प्रतिरूपं सा बभाषे चारुहासिनी [Rām.4.] 19.17.
facing (अभिमुख); प्रतिरूपं जनं कुर्यान्न चेत् तद् वर्तते यथा [Mb.12.97.16] (com. प्रतिरूपं युद्धाभिमुखम्).
(पम्) a picture, an image, a likeness.
a mirror-like reflecting object; अदर्शनं स्वशिरसः प्रतिरूपे च सत्यपि [Bhāg. 1.42.28.]
an object of comparison (उपमान); भवान्मे खलु भक्तानां सर्वेषां प्रतिरूपधृक् [Bhāg.7.1.21.]
-रूपक a.  a. resembling, similar (at the end of comp.); जहीमान् राक्षसान् पापानात्मनः प्रतिरूपकान् [Mb.3.29.11;] चेष्टाप्रतिरूपिका मनोवृत्तिः [Ś.1.]
(कम्) a picture, an image; अग्निदैर्गर- दैश्चैव प्रतिरूपककारकैः [Mb.12.59.49.]
a forged edict; जर्जरं चास्य विषयं कुर्वन्ति प्रतिरूपकैः [Mb.12.56.52.]
a reflection.
-लक्षणम्   a mark, sign, token.
-लिपिः  f. f. a transcript, a written copy.
-लेखः   a writ of reply; प्रावृत्तिकश्च प्रतिलेख एव [Kau.A.2.1.28.]
'against the hair or grain', contray to the natural order, inverted, reverse (opp. अनुलोम); नववर्षसहस्राक्षः प्रतिलोमोऽभवद् गुरुः [Bhāg.12.14.15.]
contrary to caste (said of the issue of a woman who is of a higher caste than her husband).
low, vile, base.
left (वाम).
obstinate, perverse; अपरिचितस्यापि तेऽप्रतिलोमः संवृत्तः [Ś.7.]
disagreeable, unpleasant. (-मम्) any injurious or unpleasant act. (-मम्) ind. 'against the hair or grain', inversely, invertedly. ˚ज a. born in the inverse order of the castes; i. e. born of a mother who is of a higher caste than the father; cf. [Ms.1.16,25.]-लोमक a. reverse, inverted; राजन्यविप्रयोः कस्माद् विवाहः प्रतिलोमकः [Bhāg.9.18.5.]
-कम्   inverted order. -लोमतःind.
hostile, opposed, inimical.
resisting, opposing.
equal, vying with. (-कः) an enemy.
in consequence of the inverted order or course; [Ms.1.68.]
in an unfriendly manner; यदा बहुविधां वृद्धिं मन्येत प्रतिलोमतः [Mb.12.13.39.]
-वत्सरम्   ind. every year.
-वनम्   ind. in every forest.
-वर्णिक a.  a. similar, corresponding.
-वर्धिन् a.  a. being a match for. -वर्षम्ind. every year.
-वस्तु  n. n.
an equivalent, a counterpart.
anything given in return.
a parallel. ˚उपमा a figure of speech thus defined by Mammaṭa: प्रतिवस्तूपमा तु सा ॥ सामान्यस्य द्विरेकस्य यत्र वाक्यद्वये स्थितिः । [K. P.1;] e. g. तापेन भ्राजते सूर्यः शूरश्चापेन राजते [Chandr.5.] 48.
-वातः   a contrary wind; प्रतिवातेऽनुवाते च नासीत गुरुणा सह [Ms.2.23.] (-तम्) ind. against the wind; चीनांशुक- मिव केतोः प्रतिवातं नीयमानस्य [Ś.1.33.]
-वारणः   a hostile elephant.
-वासरम्   ind. every day.
on every branch.
branch by branch.
-विषम्   an antidote. (-षा) a birch tree.
-विष्णुकः   a Muchakunda tree.-वीरः an opponent, antagonist.
-वीर्यम्   being equal to or a match for.
-वृषः   a hostile bull.
-वेलम्   ind. at each time, on every occasion.
वेशः a neighbouring house, neighbourhood.
a neighbour.
-वेशिन् a.  a. a neighbour; दृष्ट्वा प्रभातसमये प्रतिवेशिवर्गः [Mk.3.14.]
-वेश्मन्  n. n. a neighbour's house.
-वैरम्   requital of hostilities revenge.
शब्दः echo, reverberation; वसुधाधरकन्दराभिसर्पी प्रतिशब्दोऽपि हरेर्भिनत्ति नागान् [V. 1.16;] [Ku.6.64;] [R.2.28.]
a roar.
-शशिन्  m. m. a mock-moon.
-शाखम्   ind. for every branch or school (of the Veda).
-शाखा   a side-branch; महाभूतविशेषश्च विशेषप्रतिशाखवान् [Mb.14.35.21.]
सङ्गक्षिका a cloak to keep off the dust; Buddh.
-संदेशः   a reply to the message; दर्पसारस्य प्रति- संदेशमावेदयत् D. K.2.1.
-सम a.  a. equal to, a match for.
-सव्य a.  a. in an inverted order.
-सामन्तः   an enemy.
-सायम्   ind. every evening.
सूर्यः, सूर्यकः a mock-sun.
a lizard, chameleon; 'कृकलासस्तु सरटः प्रतिसूर्यः शयानकः ।' Hemchandra; तृष्यद्भिः प्रतिसूर्यकैरजगरस्वेदद्रवः पीयते [U.2.16.]
-सेना, सैन्यम्   a hostile army; निहतां प्रतिसैन्येन वडवामिव पातिताम् [Rām.2.114.17.] -स्थानम्ind. in every place, everywhere.
-स्मृतिः  N. N. of particular kind of magic; गृहाणेमां मया प्रोक्तां सिद्धिं मूर्तिमतीमिव । विद्यां प्रतिस्मृतिं नाम [Mb.3.36.3.]
-स्रोतस्   ind. against the stream; सरस्वतीं प्रतिस्रोतं ययौ ब्राह्मणसंवृतः [Bhāg.1.78.] 18. -a. going against the stream; अथासाद्य तु कालिन्दी प्रतिस्रोतः समागताम् [Rām.2.55.5.]
-हस्तः, -हस्तकः   a deputy, an agent, substitute, proxy; आश्रितानां भृतौ स्वामिसेवायां धर्मसेवने । पुत्रस्योत्पादने चैव न सन्ति प्रतिहस्तकाः ॥ [H.2.33.]
-हस्तीकृ   to take; Pratijñā 3.
-हस्तिन्   the keeper of a brothel; [Dk.2.2.]
प्रति [prati] ती [tī] काशः [kāśḥ]   (ती) काशः 1 A reflection.
Look, appearance, resemblance; oft. at the end of comp. in this sense and translated by 'like', 'resembling'; पुटपाकप्रती- काशः [U.3.1.]
प्रति [prati] ती [tī] कारः [kārḥ]   (ती) कारः 1 Requital, reward, return; उप- कारेण वीरस्तु प्रतिकारेण युज्यते [Rām.4.27.45.]
Revenge, retaliation, retribution.
Counter-action, obviating, prevention, remedy, application of a remedy; विकारं खलु परमार्थतोऽज्ञात्वाऽनारम्भः प्रतीकारस्य [Ś.3;] प्रतीकारो व्याधे; सुखमिति विपर्यस्यति जनः [Bh.3.92.]
Opposition, obstruction.
A kind of treaty where one party requites the services of the other.
Imitating; नैव स्म सीता विनिवृत्तभावा प्रियस्य भर्तुः प्रतिकारकामा [Rām.2.37.37] (com. भर्तुः प्रतिकारकामा वेषादिभिस्तदवस्थासदृशावस्थासंपादनकामा).-Comp.
-कर्मन्  n. n. making reparation or amends.-विधानम् application of a remedy, medical treatment; प्रतिकारविधानमायुषः सति शेषे हि फलाय कल्पते [R.8.4.]
प्रति [prati] ती [tī] घातः [ghātḥ]   (ती) घातः 1 Warding off, repulse; सर्वेषामेव शापानां प्रतिघातो हि विद्यते [Mb.1.37.4.]
Opposition, resistance; अस्त्राणां प्रतिघाते च सर्वथैव प्रयोजयेत् [Mb.3.167.] 54.
A counterblow, blow in return; अथाददे वारुण- मन्यदस्त्रं शिखण्ड्यथोग्रं प्रतिघातमस्य [Mb.6.85.29.]
Rebound, reaction; जयाशा यत्र चास्माकं प्रतिघातोत्थितार्चिषा [Ku.2.49.]
Embezzlement; कृतप्रतिघातावस्थसूचको निष्पन्नार्थः षष्ठमंशं लभेत [Kau A.2.8.26.]
Ruin, degradation; आत्मनः प्रतिघातमाशङ्कमानः [Bhāg.5.9.3.]
(कम्) hostility, enmity, hostile attitude or position; न शक्ताः प्रत्यनीकेषु स्थातुं मम सुरासुराः [Rām.]
a hostile army; यस्य शूरा महेष्वासाः प्रत्यनीकगता रणे Mb.; येऽवस्थिताः प्रत्यनीकेषु योधाः [Bg.11.32.] (प्र˚ may have here sense 1 also).
(in Rhet.) a figure of speech in which one tries to injure a person or thing connected with an enemy who himself cannot be injured; प्रतिपक्षमशक्तेन प्रतिकर्तुं तिरस्क्रिया । या तदीयस्य तत्स्तुत्यै प्रत्यनीकं तदुच्यते [K. P.1.]-अनुप्रासः a kind of alliteration.
-अनुमानम्   an opposite conclusion.
-अन्त a.  a. contiguous, lying close to, adjacent, bordering.
प्रति [prati] ती [tī] नाहः [nāhḥ]   (ती) नाहः A flag, banner.
प्रति [prati] ती [tī] हारः [hārḥ]   (ती) हारः 1 Striking back.
A door, gate.
A porter, door-keeper; आर्य अदेशकालः प्रतीहारस्य [Svapna. 5,6.]
A juggler.
Juggling, a juggling trick.
(In gram.) The hard contact of the tongue with the edge of the teeth in pronouncing dental letters.
Intimating arrival (आगमननिवेदन); संप्राप्यैते महात्मानो राघवस्य निवेशनम् । विष्ठिताः प्रतिहारार्थम् [Rām.7.1.7;] see प्रतिहारण.
-री   A female doorkeeper. -Comp.
-भूमिः  f. f. the threshold (of a house &c.); भविष्यतः पत्युरुमा च शंभोः समाससाद प्रतिहारभूमिम् [Ku.3.58.]
-रक्षी   a female doorkeeper; पुंवत्प्रगल्भा प्रतिहाररक्षी [R.6.2.]
(न्तः) a border, frontier; स गुप्तमूलप्रत्यन्तः [R.4.26.]
a bordering country; especially, a country occupied by barbarian or Mlechchhas. ˚देशः a bordering country. ˚पर्वतः an adjacent hill; पादाः प्रत्यन्तपर्वताः [Ak.]
-अन्धकार a.  a. spreading shadow; Buddh.-अपकारः retaliation, injury in return; शाम्येत् प्रत्यप- कारेण नोपकारेण दुर्जनः [Ku.2.4.]
-अब्दम्   ind. every year-अमित्र a. hostile. (-त्रः) an enemy. (-त्रम्) ind. towards as enemy.
अरिः a well-matched opponent.
the 9th, 14th or 23rd asterism from the जन्मनक्षत्र.
a particular asterism; दारुणेषु च सर्वेषु प्रत्यरिं च विवर्जयेत् [Mb.13.14.28] (com. प्रत्यरिं स्वनक्षत्राद् दिननक्षत्रं यावद् गणयित्वा नवभिर्भागे हृते पञ्चमी तारा प्रत्यरिः ।).
-अर्कः   a mock sun; parhelion.
-अर्गलम्   the rope by which a churning stick is moved.
in every limb.
in every particular, in detail.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
प्रति   Ind. As a prefix to verbal themes it means,--1. In the direction of, towards.
2. In opposition to.
3. Back, in return. 4. Down upon. As a prefix to nouns not immediately derived from verbs it means,--1. Likeness, resemblance.
2. Rivalry. As a particle and prefix it means. --I. Substitution, (instead, in lieu;) as प्रद्युम्नः केशवात् प्रति.
2. Several order, (severally, each by each;) as वृक्षं प्रति सिञ्चति; प्रतिवेद each Veda; प्रतिदिनं every day; प्रतिछिद्रं each opening; प्रतिगर्भ every birth; प्रत्येक one by one.
3. Direction, (to, towards, upon;) as वृक्षं प्रति विद्योतते विद्युत्.
4. Beloning to, (as a part or portion.)
3. Exchange, return, (again, back again,) as तिलेभ्यः प्रति माषान् यच्छति.
6. A little, &c. as शाकप्रति, सूपप्रति.
7. Opposition, in place, as प्रतिसूर्य्यं against the sun, प्रतिवात against the wind.
8. With respect to, अनेकभार्य्यं, प्रत्याह.
9. In proportion to, as त्वं सहस्राणि प्रति 10. In the vicinity of, by the side of, as गङ्गां प्रति.
11. At the time of, as फाल्गुनं प्रति.
12. Concerning, as वह्निर्विवाहं प्रति कर्म्मसाक्षी.
E. प्रथ् to be famous, डति aff.; in the following compounds the final of प्रति is optionally long, before derivatives formed
with घञ्, as प्रतिहार or प्रतीहार &c.
प्रति(ती)वात  m.  (-तः)
प्रति(ती)वात   1. A return blow, repulse, rebound.
प्रति(ती)वात   2. Warding off a blow.
प्रति(ती)वात   3. Preventing, prohibiting.
प्रति(ती)वात   E. प्रति before, हन् to kill, aff. निच्-भावे-अप् .
प्रति(ती)नाह  m.  (-हः) A flag, a banner.
प्रति(ती)प  m.  (-पः) A king of the lunar race, father of SĀNTANU, and grandfather of BHĪSHMA &c.: See प्रतीप.
प्रति(ती)प   E. प्रति severally, and who cherishes.
See also: प्रति -
प्रति(ती)हार  m.  (-रः)
प्रति(ती)हार   1. A door.
प्रति(ती)हार   2. A door-keeper.
प्रति(ती)हार   3. A Juggler.
प्रति(ती)हार   4. Trick, disguise.
प्रति(ती)हार   E. प्रति against, हृ to take, aff. घञ् .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
For examples see the sixth sense of प्रत.

प्रति n.  (सो. क्षत्र.) प्रतिक्षत्र राजा का नामांतर (प्रतिक्षत्र २. देखिये) । भारत में इसे कुश राजा का पुत्र कहा गया है ।

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
A particle and prefix, implying Substitution (instead, in lieu). Several order (severally, each by each). Direction, or designation (to, towards, upon). Exchange or return (back, back again).
prep   A particle implying direction or designation (to, towards, upon&c.).

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