Doha - 101A-B
The dull-witted Tulasidasa has described only a few salient features of that combat just, as a fly wings the sky according, to its own capacity. The valiant lord of Lanka could not be killed even though his heads and arms were struck off many times over. It was simply a pastime for the Lord; while the gods, the Siddhas and the sages fidgeted to see the Lord struggling (with him)

No sooner were Ravana's heads cut off than fresh crop like covetousness, which increases with evfery new gain. The enymy could not be killed in spite of the prolonged struggle; Sri Rama then looked at Vibhisana. Uma (continues Lord Siva,) the Lord whose will cause the death of Death himself therby tested the devotion of His sevant. "Listen, all-wise Ruler of the animate and inanimate creation, Protector of the suppliant delight of the gods and sage: nectar abides in the depth of his neval; by virtue of it, my lord, Ravana survives. "The All-merciful rejoiced to hear the words of Vibhisana and took terrible shafts in His hands. Many ill-omens manifested themselves at that time. Donkeys, jackas and dogs howled in large numbers. Birts too screamed, and thereby portended a world calamity: and unisual glow in the horizon on all sides and a solar eclipse occurred even without the day of the new moon (when the sun and the moon are in conjunction). Mandori's heart beat wildly and idols shed tears from their eyes.

Idols wept, lightning flasheed with thunderclap in the air, furious winds blew, the earth qualked and the clouds dropped blood, hair and dust; who could recount the great ill-omens? The gods in heaven were desmayed at the sight of the boundless portentous phenomena and shouted "Victory! Victory!!" And perceiving the distress of the gods the gracious Lord of the Raghus set an arrow to His bow.

Doha - 102
Drawing the bow-string right up to His ear the Lord of the Raghus let fly thirty-one shafts, which flew forth like the serpents of Death.

One arrow sucked up the depths of the navel, while the rest struck hi ten heads and twenty arms with impetuosity. The arrows carried off with them all his heads and arms, while the headless and armless trunk danced on the battle-field, The earth sunk under the weight of the trunk as it rushed violently on, till the Lord struck it with His arrow and split it in two. While dying he shouted with a loud and terrible roar: "Where is Rama, that I may challenge and slay him in battle?" The earth reeled as the ten-headed monster fell; the ocean the rivers, the elephants guarding the quarters, and the mountains were shaken Expanding the two halves he dropped to the ground. crushing under their weight a host of bears and monkeys. After depositing the arms and heads before Mandodari, the darts returned to the Lord of the universe and all found their way back into the quiver. Seeing this, the gods sounded their kettle-drums. His soul entered the Lord's mouth in the form of effulgence. Lord Sambhu and the four-faced Brahma (the Creator) rejoiced to see the spectacle. The whole universe resounded with cries of "Victory! Victory!! Glory to the Hero of Raghu's line, mighty of arm!!!" Gods and sages rained down flowers, shouting"Glory to the All-merciful! Glory to Mukunda (the bestower of liberation)!!"

"Glory to you, O Mukunda (the Bestower of liberation), the fountain of mercy, the dispeller of all fear of pairs of opposites, the delight of those who take refuge in You, the torment of the ranks of the wicked, the Prime cause, the ever compassionate and omnipresent Ruler of all" Full of joy, the gods rained down flowers; their kettle-drums sounded with a crash. On the battle-field Sri Rama's limbs displayed the beauty of a number of cupids. the crown of matted hair on His head, interspersed with most beautiful flowers, glemed like flashes of lightning on the star-lit peak of a dark mountain. As He stood turning His bow and arrow between His arms, specks of blood adorned His person, like a swarm of Raimuni birds perched on a Tamala tree absorbed in their delight.

Doha - 103
With a shower of His gracious glances the Lord dispelled the fears of the gods: and the bears and monkeys all shouted in their joy: "Glory to Mukunda, the abode of Bliss!"

The moment Mamdari (Ravana's principal spouse) saw her lord's heads she fainted in her grief and dropped to the ground. His other wives too sprang up and rushed to the spot weeping; lifting up and supporting Mandodari they all arrived where Ravana's remains lay. Seeing their lord's condition they set up a shriek; their hair flew loose and they became obilivious of their body. widly beating their bosom and weeping, they recounted his glory. "At your might, my Lord, the earth ever shook; fire, the moon and the sun stood obscure before your splendour Even Sesa (the serpent-god) and the divine Tortoise could not bear the weight of your body, which is now lying on the ground soiled with dust. Varuna (the god presiding over the waters), Kubera (the god riches) Indra (the lord of the celestials) and the wind god--none of these ever had the courage to confront you in battle. By the might of your arm, my lord, you conquered Death as well as Yama (the god who punishes evil-doers in the other world); yet you lie today like a forlorn creature. Your greatness is known all the world over even your sons and kinsmen possessd untold strength. Hostility with Rama has, however, reduced you to such a plight: not one of your stock is left to lament over your death. The whole of God's creation, my lord, was under your control; the frightened regents of the eight quarters ever bowed their heads to you. But now jackls fest on your heads and arms, a fate in no way undeserved by an enemy of Sri Rama. Doomed to death, my lord, you heeded not my words, and took th Ruler of all animate and inanimate beings for an ordinary mortal.

"You took for a mere man Sri Hari Himself, a veritable fire to consume the forest of the demon race, and did not adore the All-merciful, to whom, my beloved spouse, Lord Siva, Brahma (the Creator) and other gods do homage. This body of yours had taken delight from its very birth in  harming others and was a sink of multitudinous sins; yet Sri Rama has absorbed you in His own being! I bow to Him, the immutable Brahma.

Doha - 104
"Ah my lord! there is is none else so gracious as the divine Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus), who bestowed on you a state is diffecult even for the Yogis to attain."

The gods, sages and Siddhas, all rejoiced to hear Mandodari's words. Brahma, the great Lord Siva, Narada, Sanaka and his three brother (Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara) and all other great sages who taught highest truth (the identity of the individual soul with the supreme Spirit) were all over whelmed with emotion as they feasted their eyes on the Lord of the Raghus, and felt supremely gratified. Seeing all the women making lamentation Vibhisana approached them with a very heavy heart and was grieved to see his Brother's condition. The Lord thereupon gave an order to His younger brother, Laksmana, who consoled him in many ways. Then Vibhisana returned to his lord, who looked upon him with an eye of compassion and said, "Abandon all sorrow and perform the funeral rites" In obedience to the Lord's command he celebrated the obsequies, strictly obseving the scriptural ordinance and with due regard to time and place.

Doha - 105
After offering to the deceased handfuls of water sesamum seeds (for the propitiation of his soul) Mandodari and all the other queens returned to their palace recouting to themselves the host of excellencesof Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus).

(After finishing the obsequies) Vibhisana came and bowed his head once more. The All-merciful then calleed His younger brother "Do you and Sugriva (the lord son of the wind-god), sagaqcious as you are, all of you accompany Vibhisana and make arrangements for his coronation, "Said the Lord of the Raghus. "In deference to my father's command I may not enter a town, but send the monkeys and my younger brother, who are as good as myself." On hearing the Lord's command the monkeys proceeded at once and arriving in the town made preparation for the installation. With due reverence they seated him on the throne and applying a sacred mark on his forehead as a token of soverigny) they glorified him. Nay, joining their palms, they all bowed their head to him; and then with Vibhisana they returned to the Lord. The Hero of Raghu's line next called the monkeys together and gratified them all by addressing kind words to them.

The Lord cheered them by speaking to them words sweet as nectar: "It is your might that the enemy has been killed and Vibhisana has got the kingdom (of Lanka); while your glory will remain ever fresh in all the three spheres. Men who sing you blessed glory along with Mine shall easily cross the boundless ocean of mundane existence."

Doha - 106
The monkey host would never feel sated with listening to the Lord's words. They all bowed their head and clasped His lotus feet again and again.

The Lord then called Hanuman, "Go to Lanka" said the Almighty, "and telling Janaka's Daughter all that has happened return with the news of her welfare." Thereupon Hanuman entered the city and on hearing of his arrival demons and demonesses ran to meet him. They did him all kinds of hamge and thereafter conducted him into the presence of Janka's Daughter. Hanuman made obeisance to Her from a respectable distance, and Janaka's Daughter recognized him as Sri Rama's own messenger. "Tell me, if my gracious lord is doing well with His younger brother and the monkey host. " All is well with the Lord of Kosala. Mother, the ten-headed monster has been conquered in battle, while Vibhisana has attained everlasting dominion (That will endure till the end of this Kalpa)" Her heart was filled with joy when She heard the monkey's words.

Her soul was overjoyed, al thrill ran through Her body and with eyes full of tears Rama(Sita) said again and again. "What can I give you? There is nothing in all the three worlds equal in value to this information" "Listen, mother: today I have doubtless attained the soverignty of the entire creation when I find Sri Rama safe and sound with His brother after conquering the enemy's ranks on the battle-field."

Doha - 107
"Listen, Hanuman my son: may all commendable virtues abide in your heart and may the Lord of Kosala with Ananta (Laksmana be ever gracious to you.)

"Now, my dear son, devise some mens whereby I may behold with my own eyes the tender swarthy limbs of my lord" Then Hanuman returned to Sri Rama and apprised Him of Sita's welfare. On hearing Her tidings the Ornament of the solar race called Prince Angada and Vibhisana. "Both of you accompany the son of the wind-god and respectfully escort Janak's Daughter here" Forthwith all went to the place where Sita was and found a whole host demonesses waiting on Her in all humility. Vibhisana gave prompt instructions to the demonesses, who wasted Her body in all possible ways. They also decked Her with ornaments of every description and then brought a beatiful palanquin duly equipped. Videha's Daughter gladly mounted it with Her thoughts fixed on the all-blissful Rama, Her loving lord. Guards marched on all four sides, stave in hand; they were all supremely delighted at heart. The bears and monkeys all came to have a look at Her; but the guards darted in a fury to keep them back Said the Hero of Raghu's line, "Follow my advice, Vibhisana and bring Sita on foot." Let the monkeys gaze on Her as they would on their own mother," smilingly added the Almighty Lord of the Raghus. The bears and monkeys rejoiced to hear the Lord's words, while from the heavens the gods rained down flowers in profusion Sita (it will be remembered) had been previously lodged in fire (vide Arayakanda 23 1-2); Sri Rama (the inner Witness of all) now sought to bring Her back to light.

Doha - 108
It was this reason that the All-merciful addressed some reproachful words to Her. On hearing them the demon ladies (who had accompanied Her) all began to lament.

Sita however bowed to the Lord's command--pure as She was in thought, words and deed-and said, "Laksman help me as a priest in the performance of this sacred rite and quickly kindly me a fire" When Laksmana heard Sita's words, full of anguish caused by separation (from Her Lord) and imbued with critical insight, piety and prudence, tears rushed to his eyes and he joined his palms in pryyer; but he too could not speak a word to the Lord. Reading Sri Rama's tacit approval in His looks, however, Laksmana ran and after kindling a fire brought plenty of firewood. Videha's Daughter rejoiced at heart to perceive the blazing fire and did not flinch at all. "If in thought, would and deed I have never sey my heart on anyony other than the Hero of Raghu's line, may this fire, which knows the working of all minds, become cool like sandal-paste to me."

With Her thoughts fixed on the Lord, the Princess of Mithila entered the flames as though they were cool like sandal-paste, crying "Glory to the Lord Kosala, whose feet are adored by the great Lord Siva with the purest devotion!" Both Her shadow-form as well as the social stigma (occasioned by Her forced residence at Ravana's) were consumed in the blazing fire; but no one could know the secret of the Lord's doings. Even the gods, Siddhas and sages stood gazing in the air. Fire assumed a bodily form and taking by the hand the real Sri (Sita), celebratd alike in the Vedas and the world. escorted and presented Her to Sri Rama even as the Ocean of milk presented Goddess Indira (Laksmi) to Lord Visnu. Standing on the left side of Sri Rama, She shone resplendent in Her exquisite beauty like the bud of a gold lily beside a fresh blue lotus.

Doha - 109A-B
The gods in their delight rained down flowers and kettle-drums sounded in the air. The Kinnaras sang their melodies and the celestial nymphs danced, all mounted on their aerial cars. The beauty of the Lord reunited with Janaka's Daughter was beyond all meansure and bound. The bears and monkeys rejoiced at the sight and shouted "Glory to the Lord of the Raghus, the essence of bliss."

Then, with the permission of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus), Matali (Indra's charioteer) left(for his abode in heaven) after bowing his head at the Lord's feet. Now came the gods. ever alive to their own selfish interests, and spoke words as though they were seekers of the highest truth: "Friend of the meek, gracious, and adivine Lord of the Rahus; you have shown mercy to the gods; This sensual wertch, who took delight in doing mischief to the whole world and trod the evil way, has perished through his own sins. You are alike to all, the imperishabel Brahma, ever unchangeble, impartial by nature, integral devoid of material properties, unborn, sinless, immutable, invincible, unfailing in power, and full of compassion. it was You who assumed the form of a fish, a toftoise, a boar,m aman-lion and a dwarf as well as that op Parasurama. Whenever, O Lord, the god have been in trouble, you have put an end to it by appearing in ione form or other. This impure wretch, aperpetual enemy of the gods, was given up to lust greed and vanity, and very passionate too. That even this vilest creature attained Your state is a marvel to us. We gods are supremely qualified (for the highest state) yet devoted as we are to our own selfish ends, we have forgotten the worship of our lord and are ever involved in the flood of birth and death. Now redeem us. O Lord, since we have sought shelter in You."

Doha - 110
Having thus made theri-supplication, the gods and Siddhas all remained standing where they were with joined palms. Then thrilling all over with excess of love, brahma(the Creator) commenced his prayer.

"Glory to You, O Rama, perpetual abode of bliss. O Hari (the reliever of suffering), O Chief of the Raghus, bearing a bow and arrows! Lord, You are a veritable lion to tear in pieces the elephant of mundane existence, and an ocean of virtues, my clever and omnipresent Master. in Your person stands concentrated the incomparable beauty of a myriad Cupids; Siddhas, as well as the greatest of sages and bards sing Your praises. Your glory is not only sacred, it purifles all; in Your wrath You seized Ravana even as Garuda (th king of the birds) might seize a huge serpent. Delight of devotees, and despeller of their grief and fear. You are ever unmoved by passion, and are all-intelligence, my lord. Your descent on the mortal plane is beneficent and full of untold virtues: You come to relieve earth's burdens and Your manifestations on earth are wisdom personified. (Though decscended on earth) You are ever unborn ominipresent, one (without descended on earth,) You are ever unborn, omnipresent, one (without a second) and beginningless. i gladly bow to you, O Rama, fountain of mercy! Ornament of Raghu's race and Slayer of demon Dusana (Ravana's Cousin), You eradicate the faults of Your devotees and made Vibhisana, destitute as he was, the Ruler of Lanka Stroehouse of virtue and wisdom  and beyond all meansure, You have no pride in You and are unborn, all pervading and free from the taint of Maya: I constantly adore You, Rama Terrible is the glory and might of Your arms, which are deft in extermination the hordes of the impious. Compassionate and friendly to the poor without any ostensible reason and reservoir of beauty, I adore You along with Rama (Sita). Deliverer from the rounds of birth and death, you are beyond both cause (Prakrti) and effect (the phenomenal universe) and eradicate the awful weaknesses of the (devotee's) mind. Armed with a chamring bow, arrows, and quiver, You have eyes resembling a red lotus. A paragon of kings, home of bliss, Laksmi's lovely Consort, subduer of arrogance, lust and the false sense of mineness, you are free from blemish integral and imperceptible to the senses. though manifest in all forms, You never transmuted Yourself into them all: so decalre the Vedas; it is no mere gossip, as will be clear from the analogy of the sun and the sunshine, which are different and yet identical. Blessed are all these monkeys, O ubiquitous Lord, who reverently gaze on Your countenance; while accursed O Hari is our (so. called) immortal existence and our ethereal bodies in that we lack in devotion to You and are lost in worldly pleasures. Now show Your mercy to me, compassionate as You are to the afficted, and take away my diferentiating sense (which makes the world appear as apart from You.) which leads me to wrong action and deluded by which I pass my days in merriment, mestaking woe for happiness. Destroyer of the wicked and lovely jewel of the earth, Your lotus feet are adored even by Sambhu (Lord Siva) and Uma (Goddess Parvati) O King of kings, grant me this boon that I may cherish loving devotion to Your lotus feet, which is a perennial source of blessings."


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