Doha - 41
Catching hold of a demon each the monkeys rushed back and jumped down to the ground with the demons beneath themselves on the top.

Strengthenered by Sri Rama's might, the monkey host crushed the ranks of the demon warriors. They then climbed up the fort here and there and shouted glory to the Hero of Raghu's line, who was majestic as the sun. The demon host fled before them like a mass of clounds driven by a storng blast. The city now burst into wails and howls, children invalids and women in particular wept aloud. All joined in calling Ravana names; he they said, had invited death while enjoying sovereignty. When he heard that his troops had beeten a retreat, the king of Lanka rallied his champions and then exclaimed in fury: "If hear of anyone turning his back on the battle field. I will behead him with my own terrible sword. You consumed my all and enjoyed all sorts of luxuries till now and lo! life has become so dear to you on the field of battle." The champions were all alarmed and put to shame to hear this stern rebuke, and marched against the enemy in great fury. To die in open combat is the glory of a warrior, they thought; and they loved their life no more.

Doha - 42
Armed with weapons of various kinds, all the champions grappled with their antagonists, challenging them agin and again. Striking the bears and monkeys with iron bludgeons and tridents, they deprived them of their nerve.

Struck with terror (continues Lord Siva) the monkeys turned tail, although Uma, they would come out victorious in the end One exclained, "Where are Angada and Hanuman? Where are the mighty Nala, Nila and Dvivida?" At the time Hanuman heard that his troops were breaking, that mightly warrior held his position at the western gate of Lanka, where Meghannada led the defence. The gate, however, would not give way and Hanuman was faced with a mighty impediment. The son of the wind god grew terrible furious at heart and the warrior, who was formidable as death, gave a loud roar. He sprang and reached the fort of Lanka; and seizing a rock he rushed at Meghanada, shattered his chariot, overthrew the charioteer and kicked Meghanada himself at his chest. Another charioteer, who perceived the distress of the prince, picked him up in his own chariot and speedily brought him home.

Doha - 43
When Angada heard that the son of the wind-god had gone to the fort single handed, the son of Vali, was so valiant batle, reached the fort in a single bound as monkey would do out of sheer fun.

The two monkeys let loose their furty against the enemy on the battle-field. Invoking in thier heart the might of Sri Rama, both ran up to Ravana's own palace and proclaimed the victory of Kosala's lord. Holding the edifie in their hands they overthrew it with every pinnacle. The demon king was dismayed when he saw this. The women beat their breast with their hands crying: "This time the two pestilent monkeys-like pranks and proclaimed to them the glories of Sri Ramacandra. Then, grasping each a gold pillar in their hands, the two champions exlclaimed, "Let us now begiri upon our revaging job!" Presently they roared and fell on the enemy's ranks and began to crush them with their mighty strength of arms, striking some with their foot and slapping another on the face and crying: "Take the consequences of not adoring Sri Rama!"

Doha - 44
The two heroes crushed their adversaries one against another and pulling off the victim's heads, hurled them with such presicision that they dropped in front of Ravana and burst like so many earthen vases full of curds.

Whenever the two monkey chiefts caught hold of any great general of the demon host, they would seize him by the leg and send him flying to their lord(Sri Rama). Vibhisana would mention their name and Sri Rama assigned even them a quarter in His own abode. Man-eating monsters who feasted on the flesh of holy Brahmanas thus attained a destiny whicvh is solicited even by Yogis (ascetics given to contemplation of God.) Uma, (continues Lord Siva,) Sri Rama is so tenderhearted and such a storehouse of compassion that He bestows the highest state (final beatitude) even on the demons, remembering that they think of Him even though in a spirit of hostility! Tell me, Bhavani, who else is so benignant? Most dull-witted and utterly wretched are the men who, even on hearing of such a lord, worship Him not, desabusing themselves of all delusion. "Angada and Hanuman have evidently forced their way into the fort of Lanka," thus observed Ayodhya's lord. Rampaging in Lanka, the two monkeys looked like a pair of Mandaras churning the ocean.

Doha - 45
Having crushed and battered the enemy's ranks by the might of their arm and perceiving that it was now the close of day, the two champions jumped down without any exertion and came where the Lord was.

They bowed their head at the lotus-feet of their Master, and the Lord of the Raghus was glad heart to see the valiant warriors. Sri Rama graciously regarded them both and presently their fatigue was gone and they felt supremely happy. On learning that
Angada and Hanuman had left, the numerous monkey and bear warriors retired from the field; while the demons, recovering their strength at nightfall, sallied forth, calling on their ten-headed lord. At the sight of the demon host the monkeys turned again; and gnashing their teeth in fury the champions closed with their opponents here and there. The two armies stood formidable; their champion's challenging one another every time, came to a grim fight without giving in. the demons were all great warriors and dark in complexion; while the monkeys were stupendous in size and of numerous colours. The two armies were equally strong and the warriors too equally matched; displaying their martial feats they fought with fury and looked like masses of rainy and autumnal clouds driven against one another by a strong wind. The generals Akampana and Atikaya (sons of Ravan), When they perceived their troops losing ground employed Maya (illusive devices); in an instant it grew pitch dark and there was a downpour of blood, stone and ashes.

Doha - 46
Seeing the dense darkness all round, the monkey host was thrown into disorder. They could not see one another and there was an outcry everywhere.

The Lord of the Raghus understood the secret of it all and summoned Angada and Hanuman He apprised them of all that was going on and issued necessary instructions to them. The two monkey chiefs rushed forth in a fury as soon as they heard the instructions. The All-merciful then drew His bow with a smile and forthwith let fly a flery dart. Lo! there was light all round and no trace of darkness left anywhere, even as doubts desappear with the dawn of spiritual enlightments. The bear and monkeys were relieved of their fatigue and rid of all fear when they saw light again, and pressed on exultingly. Hanuman and Angada thundered on the field of battle and the demons fled at their menacing roar. But the bears and monkeys seized the demon warriors in their fight and dashed them to the ground performing marvellous feats of strength even as they did so, or catching them by the leg, hurled them into the ocean, where alligators, serpents and fish snapped them up and devoured them.

Doha - 47
Some were killed, som more were woulded, while others scampered away and clambered the fort. Having scattered the hostile forces, the bears and monkeys gave a loud roar.

Perceiving that it was now night, all the four divisions of the monkeys host returned to the camp of Kosala's lord. The monkeys were all relieved of their fatifue the  moment Sri Rama cast His benign look on them. There (in Lanka) the ten-headed monster sent for all his ministers and told them about the warriors that had been killed in action. "The monkeys have disposed of half our forces; tell me at once what counsel should be adopted" There upon Malyavan, a very aged demon, who was Ravana's maternal grandfather and an emimnent cousellor, spoke words of highly devout wisdom:"Listen, my son, to a few words of advice from me. Ever since you carried off Sita and brought  Her here, there have been ill-omens more than one can tell.By opposing Sri Rama, whose glory has been the theme of the Vedas and Puranas, none has ever enjoyed happiness.

Doha - 48A
"The same gracious Lord who despatched Hiranyaksa with his brother Hiranyakasipu, as well as the mighty Madhuy and Kaitabha, has descended on earth (in the person of Sri Rama).

Doha - 48B
"Hostility is quite out of the question with Him who is the personification of the Time-Spirit (the principle of destruction),a fire to consume the forest in the shape of the wicked, a repository of virtues and an embodiment of wosdom, and who is adored even by Siva, and Brahma.

"Giving up all quarrel with Sri Rama, restore Videha's Daughter to Him and worship the All-merciful, who has a most living disposition."His words stung Ravana like shafts. "Away, wretch, with you accursed face. If it were not for your age, I would have finished you; now please do not appear before my eyes again."Malyavan, however, thought within himself that the All-merciful would soon kill him; he, therefore, rose and departed abusing Ravana as he went. Meghnada thereupon exclaimed in a fury: "See what wonders I work the very next morning. I am going to accomplish much; why should I, therefore, belittle its worth by speaking of it just now?" Confidence returned to Ravana when he heard his son's words; and he fondly took him into hip lap. The day broke even while they deliberated and the monkeys again assailed the four gates. In thier fury laid siege to the most powerful citadel. This gave rise to an uproarious alarm in the city. The demons darted forward with their weapons of every description and hurled down mountain-peaks from the ramparts.

The demons hurled mountain-peaks in myriads and fied bomb-shells of every description, which came roaring like a crash of thunder; while the contending warriors roared like the clouds on the day of universal destruction. Fierce monkey warriors combated with their adversaris and had their bodies severely wounded and badly battered; yet they languished not. Seizing rocks, they hurled them against the fort; and the demons fell to them wherever they stood.

Doha - 49
When Meghanada heard that the monkeys had come and besieged the fort again, the hero tore down the fort and sallied forth with beat of drum to meet the enemy face to face.

"Where are the two brother princes of Kosala, those archers celebrated throughtout the spheres? Where are Nala, Nila, Dvivida and Sugriva as well as Angada and Hanuman the most powerful of all? Where is Vibhisana the traitor to his own brother? I will kill them all today and him (Vibhisana) too at all events. "So saying, he fitted sharp arrows to his bow and in excess of fury drew the string up to his ear. Presently he started discharging a volley of arrows that flew like so many winged serpents. Everywhere monkeys were seen falling to the ground, at that time there was none any desire left to continue the fight. Not a single monkey or bear was to be seen on the field, whom he had left with anything but life.

Doha - 50
He struck his opponents with ten arrows each, and the monkey warriors dropped to the ground Meghanada, who as powerful as he was staunch in fight, now roared like a lion.

When the son of the wind god saw his army in distress, he flew into a rage and rushed forth as if he were death personified. He forthwith tore up a huge rock and hurled it at Meghanada with great fury. When he saw the rock coming towards him, he mounted up into the air, leaving his car, charioteer and horses to perish. Again and again didi Hanuman challenge him to a duel, but the demon dared not come nearer; for he knew the monkey's real strength. Meghnada now approached Sri Rama and hurled every kind of abuse at him. He tried weapons and missiles of every description against Him; but the Lord with the utmost ease cut them asunder before they could reach Him. The fool was put out of countenance when he saw asunder before they could reach Him. The fool was put out of countenance when he saw the Lord's might, and began to practise all sort of illusive devices, as if catching hold of a poor little snakeling one were to frighten Garuda and sport with him.


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