Doha - 21
"I, forsooth, am the exterminator of my race; while you, Ravana are the preserver of yours. Even the blind and the deaf would not say so, whereas you possess a score of eyes and an equal number of ears."

"What! Did I bring dishonour on my family by acting as His ambassador whose feet even Siva, Brahma and all the gods and sages desire to serve? It is strange that your heart does not burst asunder even on entertaining such an idea." When he heard the monkey's sharp rejoinder Ravana glowered at him and said. "Wretch, I put up with your harsh words only because I know the bounds of decorum and righteousness." Said the mondey," I too have heard of your piety, which is evident from the fact that you stole away another's wife. And I have witnessed with my own eyes the protection you vouchsafed to an envoy. An upholder of piety, why do you not drown yourself and thus end your life? When you saw your sister with her ears and nose cut off, it was from considerations of piety that you forgave the wrong. Your piety is famed throught the world: I too am very fortunate in having been able to see you."

Doha - 22
"Prate no more, you stuped creature, but look at my arms, O foolish monkey, that are like so many Rahus to eclipse the tremendous moon-like might of the guardians of the spheres. Again, (you might have heard that) while resting on my lotus-like palms in the lake of the heavens. Mount Kailasa with Sambhu (Lord Siva) shone like a swan."

"Listen Angada tell me which warrior in your army will dare encounter me. Your master (Rama) has grown weak due to separation from his wife, while his younger brother (Laksmana) shares his grief and is consequently very sad. You and Sugriya are like trees on a river bank (that can be washed away any moment); as for my younger brother (Vibhisana), he isa great coward. Your counsellor, Jambavan, is too advanced in age to take his stand on the field of battle; while Nala and Nila are mere architects (and no warriors). There is one monkey, no doubt, of extraordinary might- he who came before and set fire to the city." On hearing this Vali's son (Angada) replied:"Teill me the truth, O demon king:is it a fact that a monkey burnt down yur capital? A puny monkey set on fire Ravana's capital! Who, on hearing such a report, would declare it as true? Ravana he whom you have extolled as a distinguished warrior is only of Sugriva's pety runners. He who walks long distances is no champion; we sent him only to get news."

Doha - 23A-F
"It seems true that the monkey set fire to your capital without receiving an order from his master. That is why he did not go back to Sugriva and remained in hiding for fear. All that you say, Ravana. is true and I am not in the least angry at hearing it. There is none in our army who would fight you with any amount of grace. Make friends or enter into hostilities only with your equals:this is a sound maxim to follow. If a lion were to kill frogs, will anyone speak well of him? Though it would be derogatory on the part, of Sri Rama to kill you and He will incur great blame thereby, yet, mark me, Ravana, the fury of the Ksatriya race is hard to face. "The monkey (Angada) burnt the enemy's heart with shafts of speech shot forth from the bow of sarcasm; and the ten-headed hero proceeded to extract the arrows so to speak, with pairs of pincers in the form of rejoinders. He laughed and said:"A monkey possesss one great virtue: it does everything in its power to serve him who maintains it."

"Bravo for a monkey, who dances unabashed in the service of its master anywhere and everywhere. Dancing and skipping about to amuse the people it serves the interst of its master; this shows its keen devotion to duty. Angada all of your race are devoted to their lord; how could you, then, fail to extol the virtues of your master in the way you have done? I am a respecter of merit and too magnanimous to pay any attention to your scurilously glib talk." Said Angada: "The son of the wind-god gave me a true account of your partiality to merit. He laid waste your garden, killed your son and set fire to your city and yet (in your eyes) he did you no wrong. remembering such amiability of your disposition I have witnessed all that Hanuman told me, viz., that you have no shame, no anger and no feeling of resentment" "It is because you possess such a mentality that you have proved to be the death of your own father." Uttering these words Ravana burst into a laughter. "Having been the death of my father I would hav next claimed you as my victim; but a thought has come to me just now. Knowing you to be a living memorial of Vali's unsullied fame, I desist from killing you, O vile boaster. Tell me, Ravana how many Ravanas there are in the world? Or hear from me how many I have heard of One went to the nether world (Patala) to conquer Bali and was tied up in the stables by the children, who made sport of him and thrashed him till Bali took compassion on him and had him released. Another again was discovered by King Sahasrabahu, who ran and captured him as a strange creature and brought him home for the sake of fun. The sage Pulasty then went and secured his release."

Doha - 24
"Yet another, I am much ashamed to tell you, was held tight under Vali's arm. Be not angry. Ravana but tell me the truth, which of these may you be?"

"Listen, O fool: I am the same mighty Ravana. the sport of whose arms is familiar to Mount Kailasa (the peak sacred to Lord Siva) and whose valour is known to Uma's Spouse (Siva Himself), in whose worship I offered my heads as flowers. Times without number have I removed my lotus-like heads with my ownb hands to worship Lord Siva(the Slayer of Tripura). The prowess of my arms is well-known to the guardians of the eight quarters, whose heart, you fool, still smarts under injuries inflicted by them. The toughtness of my chest is familiar to the elephants supporting the eitht quarters, whose fierce tusks, wherenver I impetuously grappled with them, failed to make any impression on it and snapped off like radishes the moment they struck against it. Even as I walk, the earth shakes like a small boat when a mad elephant steps into it. I am the same Ravana, known for his might all over the world; did you never hear of him, you lying prattler?"

Doha - 25
"you belittle that Ravana and extol a mortal man? Barbarous monkey, O puny wretch. I have now fathomed your wisdom."

On hearing this, Angada indignantly replied: "Take care what you say, you vainglorious wretch. How can He be accounted a man, you wretched Ravana, at whose very sight melted away the pride of Parasurama-the same Parasurama whose axe was like a fire to consume King Sahasrbahu's boundless forest of arms, or (to use another simile) like the sea in whose swift tide have drowned innumerable kings time . How can Sri Rama be a mortal, you arrogant fool? Is the god of love a mere archer, the Ganga a mere stream, the cow of plenty a mere beast, the tree of Paradise a mere tree, the gift of food an ordinary gift, nectar an ordinary drink, Garuda (the mount of God Visnu) a mere bird the thousand-headed Seasa a mere serpent and the wish-yielding gem a mere stone. O ten-headed monster? Listen,O dullard is vaikuntha an ordinary sphere and unflinching devotion to the Lord of the Raghus an ordinary gain?

Doha - 26
"What! is Hanuman, O fool, an ordinary monkey, who got off unhurt after trampling your pride as well as that of Your army, laying waste your garden, setting your capital on fire and slaying your own son?"

"Listen, Ravana, giving up all hypocrisy, why do you not adore the All-merciful Lord of the Raghus? Oh wretch, if you pit yourself against Rama, even Brahma (the Creator) and Rudra (Lord Siva) cannot save you. Fool, brag not in vain; if you contend with Rama, such will be your fate: struck with sri Rama's arrows your many heads will fall to the ground in front of the monkeys, and the bears and monkeys will play with those heads as with so many balls. When the Lord of the Raghus gets enraged in battle and His many fierce arrows dart, will you then be able to bounce like this? Realizing this, adore the high-souled Sri Rama." On hearing these words Ravana flared up like a blazing fire on which clarified butter has been thrown.

Doha - 27
"I have brohter like Kumbhakarna(lit., one having ears as big as a pair of jars) and the renowned Meghnada(the vanquisher of Indra) for my son. And have you never heard of my own valour, by which I have conquered the entire creation. both animate and inanimate?"

"Fool, with the help of monkeys your master has bridged the ocean. is this what you call valour? There are many birds which fly across the ocean; yet listen, O monkey they are no heroes all. Now each of my arms is a veritable ocean. brimming over with a flood of strength, beneath which many a valiant god and man had been drowned. What hero is there, who will cross these twenty unfathomable and boundless oceans? I made guardians of the eight quarters do menial service to me while you, O wretch, glorify an earthly prince before me! If your lord, whose virutes you revount again and again, is valiant in battle, why does he send and ambassador to me ? Is he not ashamed to make terms with his enemy ? Look at my arms, which lifted and violently shook Mount Kailasa, and then, foolish monkey, extol your master, if you like.

Doha - 28
"What hero is there equal to Ravana, who with own hands cut off his heads time and again and offered them to the sacrificial fire with great delight, as will be borne out by Gauri's Spouse (Lord Siva) Himself"

"When as my skulls began to burn I saw the decree of Providence traced on my brow and read that I was going to die at the hands of a mortal, I laughed; for I knew Brahma's prophecy to be false. I am not afraid in my heart even when I remember this; for (I am sure) Brahma must have traced the decree in his senile dementia, Yet, you fool, you repeatedly exalt the might of another hero in my presence, giving up all shame and decorum." Angada replied: `Yes, there is no one in the whole world so shamefaced as you. You are bashful by your innate disposition, since you never indulge in self-praise. Only the story of offering your heads (to Lord Siva) and lifting the mountain (Kailasa) has been foremost in your mind and bence you have told it twenty times over. As for (the tale of) that strength of arm by which you were able to conquer Sahasrabahu, Bali and Vali, you have kept it secret in your heart. Listen, to conquer Sahasrabahu, Bali and Vali, you have kept it secret in your heart. Listen, fool, and brag no more. Can anyone turn a hero by cutting off one's head. A juggler is never called a hero even thought he hacks to pieces his whole body with his own hands."

Doha - 29
"Ponder, O fool, and see for yourself that due to infatuation moths burn them selves in fire and donkeys carry loads; but they are never termed as heroes."

"Cease wrangling any more, O wretch; listen to my advice and have done away with pride. I have not come to you as an envoy (to seek terms with you), O ten-headed monster; the Hero of Raghu's line has sent me form other considerations. The All-merciful has said again and again. A lion earns no reputation by killing a jackal.' Bearing in mind the word of my lord I have suffered, O fool, your pungent speech. Otherwise, I would have smashed your jaws and taken back Sita by force. I have judged your strength, O vile enemy of heaven, from the very fact that you carried off another's wife while she was all by herself. You are the lord of demons and exceedingly haughty, while she was all by herself. You are lord of demons and exceedingly haughty, while she was all by herself. Your are the the lord of demons and exceedingly haughty, while I am messenger of one of Sri Rama's servants. If I were not afraid of insulting Sri Rama, I would have wrought this wonder before your very eyes:-

Doha - 30
"Dashing you to the ground, exterminating your army and laying waste your, town, O fool, I would have taken away Janaka's Daughter with all your wives."

"Even if I did so, it would hardly bring me any credit; for it is no act valour to slay the slain. A follower of the Vamamarga(a sect of Sakti-worshippers indulging in certain prohibited praactices as a part of their worship), a man given over to lust, a miser, a grossly stupid fellow, an utterly destitute person, a man suffering from disrepute, an extremely old man, an ever sick person. onw who is always angry, he who is hostile to Lord Visnu, an enemy of the Vedas and saints, he who exclusively nourishes his own body, he who is given to slandering others, and he who is a storehouse of sins-these fourteen persons are no better than corpses, even while they live realizing this, O wretch, I regrain from killing you. But rouse my anger no more." On hearing this, the demon king bit his lips, wrung his hands and burst out furiously: "On hearing this, the demon king bit his lips, wrung his thogh small, you have spoken big words. He on whose strength you dare utter such wild and sharp words,O stuped monkey, has no strength, glory, intellingence or majesty at all."


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