Doha - 61
The hosts monkeys that surrounded the Lord were distressed to hear the Lord's frantic wailing. Presently arrived Hanuman like a heroic strain in the midst of pathos.

Transported with joy, Sri Rama embraced Hanuman for the Lord is exceedingly grateful by nature supremely wise. The physician (Susena) then immediately applied the remedy and Laksamana cheerfully rose and sat up. The Lord clasped His brother to His heart and the whole host of bears and monkeys was rejoiced. Hanuman took the physician back to Lankla in the same way he had brought him the previous night. When the ten-headed monster heard this news, he beat his head in utter despair again and again. In sore perplexity he called on Kumbhakarna (his younger brother) and succeeded in waking him by using all sorts of devices. Having woken and sat up, he looked  like Death himself in a corporeal body. Kumbhakarna asked; "Tell me, brother, why do you look so withered up?" The haughty Ravana told him the whole story as to how he had carried off Sita "Dear brother, the monkeys have killed all the demons and extirpated the greatest warriors. Durmukha, Devantaka(the enemy of gods.) Narantaka (the devourer of men), the mighty champions Atikaya (of enormous size) and Akampana(who never trembles in fear) and other heroes like Mahodara (the bigbellied), so staunch in battle, have all fallen on the field of battle."

Doha - 62
On hearing the words of his ten-headed brother, Kumbhakarna felt very sorry "Having carried off the Mother of the universe, O fool, you still expect good out of it!"

"You have not acted well, O demon king. And now why have you come and woke me up? Yet, abandoning pride, worship Sri Rama and you will be blessed. Can the Lord of the Raghus, O ten-headed Ravana, be a man, who has couriers like Hanuman? Alas, brother, you acted unwisely in the you did not break this news to me earlier Your have courted war with the Divinity who has for His servants gods like Siva and Viranci (the Creator). I would have confided to you the secret which the sage Narada had once imparted to me: but the time has passed. Squeeze me, brother, in close embrace now, so that I may go and bless my eyes with the sight of the Lord who has a swarthy complexion and lotus-like eyes and who relieves the threefold agony of His devotees."

Doha - 63
As he thought of Sri Rama's beauty and virtues he forgot himself for a moment. In the meantime Ravana requisitioned (for his consumption) myriads of jars full of wine and a whole herd of buffaloes.

Having feasted on the buffaloes and drunk off the wine, Kumbhakarna roared like a crash of lightning. Heavily drunk and full of passion for war, he sallied forth from the fort without any troops. When Vibhisana saw him, he came forward and falling at his feet told him his name. Kumbhakarna in his turn lifted his younger brother and clasped him to his bosom; he was delighted at heart to know that his brother was a devotee of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus)"Dear brother, Ravana spurned me with his foot when I gave him a most salutary advice and told him my view Disgusted with such treatment I came away to Sri Rama, and the Lord's heart was drawn towards me when he perceived my distress" "Listen, my son; Ravana is in the clutches of death and would he perceived my distress" "Listen, my son; Ravana is in the clutches are you, vibhisana; you have proved to be the ornament of the demon race. Brother, you have brought glory to our line by adoring Sri Rama, that ocean of beauty and felicity.

Doha - 64
"In thought, word and deed you should quilelessly worship Sri Rama, who is staunch in battle. Now leave me; doomed as I am to death, brother, I can no longer distinguish between friend and foe."

On hearing the words of his brother (Kumbhalkarna) Vibhisana turned back and came into the presence of Sri Rama (the Ornament of the three spheres). "My lord, here comes Kumbhakarna possessed of a body huge as a mountain and stauch in battale!" The moment the mighty monkeys heard this they rushed forth crying with joy. They plucked up trees and mountains and hurled them against. Kumbhakarna gnashing their teeth all the while. The bears and monkeys threw myriads of mountain-peaks at him each time. But neither he felt daunted in spirit nor did he stir from his position in spite of the best efforts on the part of the monkeys to push him back, even like an elephant pelted with the fruits of the sun-plant. Thereupon Hanuman struck him with his fist and he fell to the earth beating his head in great confusin. rising again he hit Hanuman back and the latter whirled round in great confusion. rising again he hit Hanuman back and the latter whirled round and immediately dropped to the ground. Next he ovethrew Nala and Nila upon the ground and knowcked down the warriors here, there and everywhere. The monkey host stampeded; in utter dismay none dared face him.

Doha - 65
Having rendered unconscious Angada and the other principal monkeys including Sugriya Kumbhakarna, who was of unbounded might, nay, the the very perfection of strength pressed the king of the monkeys under his arm and went off.

Uma, (continues Lord Siva), the Lord of the Raghus played the part of a human being in the same way as Garuda(the mount of Bhagavan Visnu) would sport in the company of snakes. Otherwise how could He who devours Death himself with mere knitting of His brows engage with any grace in such a conflict as this? He will thereby spread His fame, which will not only sanctify the whole world but will undoubtedly take across the ocean of mundane exstence the people who sing it. Now Hanuman's unconsciousness ceased and he woke and presently began to look about for Sugriva. Meanwhile Sugriva too recovered from his swoon and slipped out of Kumbhakarna's grips, who had taken him for dead (and consequently loosened his grip) Kumbhakarna discovered his escape only when Sugriva bit off the monster's nose and ears and ascended into the air roaring. The demon caught Sugriva by the foot and having thus secured him, dashed him against the ground. Sugriva, however, rose with remarkble agility and hit his adversary back. the mighty hero then returned into the Lord's presence, shouting "Glory, glory, all glory to the merciful Lord!" Kumbhakarna felt sick at heart when he realized that he had been deprived of his nose and ears, and turned back in a fury. The monkey host was horror-stricken when they saw the monster, who was frightful by nature and looked more so in the absence of his nose and ears.

Doha - 66
Raising a shout of "Glory, glory, all glory to the Jewel of Raghu's race!" the monkeys rushed forward and rained upon him all at once volley of rocks and trees.

Manddened with the lust of battle. Kumbhakarna marched against the enemy like Death himself furious with rage. He seized and devoured myriad of monkeys, that looked like swarms of locuts entering a mountain cave. Seizing many more millions he crushed them against his body, and millions he levigated between his palms and mixed with the dust on the ground. Multitudes of bears and monkeys escaped throught his mouth, nostrils and ears and ran away. Intoxicated with the frenzy of battle the demon stood in a challenging mood; as though the Creator had placed the whole universe at his disposal and he was going to devour it. All great warriors scuttled away from the battle-field and would not return under any persuasion whatsoever. They could neither-field and would not return under any persuasion whatsoever. They could neither see with their eyes nor hear any call. The demon host also sallied when they learnt that Kumbhakarna had dispersed the monkey army Sri Rama saw the discomfiture of His forces and further perceived all kinds of enemy reingorcements pouring in.

Doha - 67
Listen, Sugriva, Vibhisana and Laksmana; take care of the army while I test the might and man-power of this wretch," said the lotus-eyed Lord.

Taking His famous bow known by the name of Sarnga, in His hand and with a quiver fastened to His waist, the Lord of the Raghus went forth to crush the enemy's ranks. The Lord first twanged His bow: the sound was so piercing that the enemy host was deafened to hear it. Sri Rama of unfai9ling resolve discharged a hundred thousand arrows, which sped like winged cobras. Numerous arrows flew in every direction; fierce demon warriors began to be mowed down. Feet, chest, head and arms were dismembered; while many a hero was cut into a hundred pieces. Whirling round and round, the wounded fell the ground; the champions among them rose and, recovering themselves, would join batle again. They thundered like clouds even as the arrows struck them; while many of them took to flight at the very sight of the terrible arrows. Headless trunks rushed fiercely on with the cries of "Seize, seize, kill, kill."

Doha - 68
In a trice Lord's arrows mowed down the terriable demon host. All the arrows then made their way back into Sri Rama's quiver.

When Kumbhakarna perceived and realized that the demon army had been wiped out in an instant, the formidable hero flew into a violent rage and gave a grim roar as that of a lion (the king of beasts). In his fury he tore up mountains by the roots and dashed them upon detachments of mighty monkey warriors. The Lord saw the huge mountain coming and shattered them with His arrows into dust as it were. The Lord the Raghus once more pulled the string of His bow and indignantly discharged a volley of His exceedingly terrible shafts. The arrows entered and passed through his body like flashes of lightning disappearing into a cloud. Blood gushing out from his dark figure resembled spouts of red ochre shooting from a mountain of soot. Perceiving him fluster, bears and monkeys dashed forward; the monster, however, laughed when the monkeys drew near.

Doha - 69
He burst into  terrible roar and, seizing millions and millions of monkeys, dashed them to the ground like a huge elephant, swearing by his ten-headed brother the while.

Hosts of bears and monkeys fled like flocks of sheep at the sight of a wolf. The monkeys and bears, O Bhavani turned tail in terror, crying in a piteous voice: "Yonder demon is like unto a famine, which threatens to visit this land in the shape of the monkey host. Therefore, O Rama, Slayer of Khara, the cloud laden with the water of compassion, reliever of the suppliants, agony, save us, protect us." The moment the Lord heard the pathetic words He advanced to meet him. putting His bow and arrows in order, Placing His army in the rear the most powerful Rama marched ahead, full of indignation. Placing His army in the rear the most powerful Rama marched ahead, full of indignation. Pulling the string of His bow, He fitted a hundred arrows to it; they flew and disappeared into the demon's body. Even as the arrows struck him the demon rushed forth burning with rage; the mountains staggered and the earth shook as he raan. He tore up a rock; but the Glory of Raghu's race cut off the arm that bore it. He then rushed forward with the rock in his left hand; but the Lord struck off even that arm to the ground. Thus shorn of his arms, the wretched resembled Mount Mandara without its wings. He cast a fierce look on the Lord as if ready to devour all the three spheres.

Doha - 70
With a most terrible yell he rushed forth his mouth wide open. The Siddhas and gods in the heavens shouted in great alarm "Ah, alas, dear me!"

Perceiving the gods much alarmed, the All-merciful pulled the string of His bow right up to His ear and blocked the demon's mouth with a flight of His arrows; yet he did no fall to the ground, most powerful as he was. With his mouth full of arrows he rushed forward like a living quiver of Death Himself. Then the Lord in His wrath took a sharp arrow and struck his head right off his body. The head dropped in front of his ten-headed brother, who was filled with agony at its sight like a snake that has lost its crest-jewel. The earth sunk beneath the weight of the terrible trunk that still sprinted there; thereupon the Lord cut it in two. The two pieces fell to the ground like pair of mountains dropped from the heavens, crushing beneath them monkeys, bears and demons alike. His soul entered the Lord's mouth in the form of a mass of light, to the astonishment of gods, sages and all. The gods sounded their kettle-drums in great exultation. extolled the Lord and rained down flowers in profusion. Having prayed to the Lord, all the gods went their way. Just at that moment arrived the celestial sage, Narada Standing high in the air he sang Sri Hari's praises in a delightful heroc strain, which pleased the Lord's soul. The sage departed with the words "Pray despatch this wretch (Ravana) quickly." Sri Rama shone forth on the field of battle.

The Lord of the Raghus, the king of Kosala, who was matchless in strength, shone resplendent on the field of battle in the midst of bears and monkeys, with drops of perspiration on His face, His lotus eyes turned red and His person specked with particles of blood, and both His hands busy playing with His bow and arrow. Even Sesa(the serpent-god) says Tulasidasa, could not desribe the Lord's beauty despite his numerous tongues.


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