I adore Sri Rama, the supreme Deity, the object of worship even of Siva ( the Destroyer of Cupid ), the Dispellerof the fear of rebirth, the lion to quell the mad elephant in the form of Death, the Master of Yogis, attainable through immediate knowledge, the storehouse of good qualities. unconquerable, attributeless. immutable, beond the realm of Maya. the Lord of celestials, intent on killing the evil-doer, the only protector of the Brahmanas beautiful as a cloud laden with moisture, who has lotus-like eyes and appeared in the form of an earthly king,

I glorify Sankara. the Lord of Kasi ( the modern Varanasi ), the Consort of Girija ( Himalaya's Daughter ), the storehouse of good qualities, the Destroyer of Cupid, worthy of all praise, shining like a conchshell or the moon, most handsome of person,clad ina tiger's skin,decked with dreadful ornaments in the shape of deadly serpents, fond of the Ganga and the moon, the allayer of thesins of the Kali age and the celestial tree yielding the fruit of Blessedness for the mere asking.

May Lord Sambhu, the bestower of blessings, who confers on the irtuous even final beatitude, which isso difficult to obtain, and who punishes the evil-doers, extend His blessings to me.

May Lord Sambhu, the bestower of blessings, who confers on the virtuous even final beatitude, which is so difficult to obtain, and who punishes the evil-doers, extend His blessings to me.

O my soul, why do you not worship Sri Rama, who has the indivisible Time for His bow and the various divisions of time such as a paramanu, a twinkling, a moment, a year, an age and a cycle for His fierce arrows ?


On hearing Ocean's words Sri Rama called His counsellors and spoke to them thus: "Why delay now ? Build the bridge, so that the army may cross over." "Listen, O Glory of the solar race." said Jambavan with joined palms, "Your name itself, my lord, is a bridge by ascending which men cross over the ocean of mundane exidyrnvr."


"It will take no time to cross this insignificant sea !" Hearing this, the son of the wind-god added : "My lord's glory is a gareat submarine fire that had long since sucked up the water of the ocean, But it was filled again by the flood of tears shed by Your enemies' wives; that is how it came to be salt in taste." When the monkeys present there heard this hyperbolic remark made by the son of the wind-god, they gazed on the person of Sri Rama ( the Lord of the Raghus ) and smiled, Jambavan called the two brothers, Nala and Nila, and related tothem the whole story, "Calling to mind the glory of Sri Rama start building the bridge and you will experience no difficulty," He then called the monkey troops and said, "Hear, all of you, a small request of mine, Enshrine in your heart the lotus-feet of Sri Rama and engage yourself in a sport, bears and monkeys all, Go forth, you formidable monkey troops and bring heaps of trees and mountains." On hearing this command the monkeys and bear set forth hurrahing and exclaiming, "Glory to the almighty Hero of Raghu's race!"


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