Doha -71
Sri Rama vouchsafed a place in his own abode to a vile demon, who was a mine of impurities! Girija, (continues Lord Siva,) dull-witted are those men who adore Him not.

At the close of the day the two contending armies retired from the battle-field. The battle had proved exceedingly strenuous even to the stoutest warrior. Put the monkey host waxed stronger by Sri Rama's grace, even as fire blazes up when fed with straw The ranks of the demons were thinning night and day like merit, which is exhausted by speaking of one's good deeds with one's own lips. The ten-headed monster made much lamentation, clasping his brother's head to his bosom again and again. The women wept and beat their breast with their hands, paying tributes to his extraordinary majety and strength. At that juncture Meghanada(Ravana's eldest son) heroism tomorrow; I need not make any pretentious statement just now. I have had no occasion to show you, dear father the strength which I acquired along with the chariot from my beloved deity." While he rattled on in this manner the day broke and swarms of monkeys besieged all the four gates. On this side ranged the monkey and bear warriors terrible as death, while on the other side stood the demons exceedingly stauch in battle. Every champion fought for the victory of his own camp; the battle, O Garuda(says Kakabhusundi), defied all description.

Doha - 72
Mounting his charmed car Meghanda ascended into the air and roared with a terrible laugh, which struck the monkey host with terror.

He discharged a volley of lances, pikes, swords and scimitars as well as axes, bludgeons and stones, and other missiles and weapons of every description, terrible as thunderbolt, and further rained down shafts in profusion. The sky was thickly covered with arrows on all sides, as though the clouds poured in torrents in the month of Bhadrapada. when the constellation Magha (the tenth in order of the twenty;seven Nakasatras) is in the ascendant. The cries of "Seize, seize , kill, kill" filled every ear; but nobody knew who it was that struck them. Snatching up rocks and trees, the monkeys sprang into the air; but they could not see him and returned sore disappointed. Meanwhile by his delusive power Meghanada had turned every rugged valley,path and mountain cave into veritable aviary of arrows. The monkeys were confounded and did not know where to turn. They felt helpless like so many Mandaras thrown into prison as it were by Indra. The son of the windgod, Angada, Nala, Nila and all the other mighty heroes were completely discomfited by him. Again he assailed with his shafts Laksmana, Sugriva, and Vibhisana and pierced their bodies through and through. Then he confronted the Lord of the Raghus Himself; the arrows he let fly, truned into serpents even as they struck Sri Rama. The Slayer of Khara, who is all-independent, infinite and immutable, the one without a second, was overpowered by the serpents' coils. Like an actor. He plays many a part, -He,the one, ver-free and omnipotent Lord. It was in order to invest the battle with a glory of it own that the Lord allowed Himself to be bound by a snare of serpents, even though the gods were dismayed at this sight.

Doha - 73
Girija, (continues Lord Siva,) is it ever possible that the Lord, who is the all-pervading abode of the universe and whole name, when repeated enbles the hermits to cut asunder the bonds of exstence, should fall in bondage?

The doing of Sri Rama when appearing in an embodied form, Bhavani, cannot be logically interpreted by the pwer of reason or speech. Realizing this those who know the truth about Him and are full of dispassion adore Sri Rama, discarding all thelogical specultation. Having thus thrown the monkey host into confusion, Ghananada (a synonym for Meghanada) at last revealed himself and began to pur abuses. Jambavan said, "Remain standing a whiel, O wretch!" When he heard this, his anger knew no bound."Fool, I spared you only on account of your age. And yet you have had the audacity to challenge me, O vile creature!" So saying he hurled his glittering trident. Jambavan, however, caught it in his hand and, darting forward, struck Meghanada in the chest with it so vehementy that the enemy of gods reeled and fell to the ground. Once again Jamabavan in his fury took Meghanada by the foot and, swinging him round dashed him against the ground and thus showed him his strength. By virtue of the boon (granted to him by the Creator), however, he died not for all his killing. Thereupon Jambavan seized him by the foot and tossed him into Lanka At this end the celestial sage Narada despatched Garuda, who took no time in reaching by the side of Sri Rama.

Doha - 74A-B
The king of birds seized and deevoured the whole swarm of snakes created by Meghanada's demoniac power. The charm was thus dispelled and all the divisions of the monkeys host rejoiced again. Armed with rocks, trees, stones, and claws, the monkeys rushed forth in their fury; while the demons took to their heels in utter confusion and climbed up the fort.

When Meghanada recovered from his swoon, he felt much ashamed to find his father before him. He speedily betook himself to a convenient mountain cave and resolved to perform a sacrifice which would render him invincible. At this end Vibhisana approached the Lord and told Him his considered view. "Listen, my lord of incomparable might and generosity: the wicked Meghanada, who is a past master in creating illusions and the scourge of heaven, is performing an unholy sacrifice. If, my lord, the sacrifice is allowed to be completed, he will not then be speedily conquered." The Lord of the Raghus was highly gratified to hear this and summoned Angada and many other monkeys. "Go with Laksmana, brethren all, and summoned Angada and many other monkeys. "Go with Laksmana, brethren all, and wreck the sacrifice. And it is for you, Laksmana, to kill him in battle. I am much distressed to find the gods in terror. You must finish him by force of your wit might or one way or other, mark me, brother, the demon must be put an end to. And Jambavan, Sugriva and Vibhisana. You three must keep by his side with your regiment." When the Hero of Raghu's line had finished His command, Laksmana, who your regiment." When the Hero of Raghu's line had finished His command, Laksmana, who was staunch in battle, girt the quiver by his side and strung his bow; and cherishing the Lord's glory in his heart, he spoke in a voice deep as thunder, "If I return today without slaying him (Meghanada), let me no longer be called a servant of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghu's ). Nay, even if a hundred Sivas come to his help, I shall nonetheless kill him in the name of Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line)."

Doha - 75
Bowing his head at the feet of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghu's), Laksmana (who was none else than Lord Anata or Sesa) set out at once, accompanied by champions like Angada, Nila, Mayanda, Nala and Hanuman.

Arriving there, the monkeys found him squatting and offering oblations of blood and live buffaloes to the sacrificial fire. The monkeys wreched the whole sacrifice; yet, when the demon refused to stir, they proceeded to applud him (ironically) Even then he did not quit his place;; the monkeys thereupon went and caught him by the hair and, striking him with the foot one after the other, ran away. He rushed forth trident in hand, while the monkeys fled before him and came where Sri Rama's younger brother (Laksman) stood at the head of his army. Driven by the wildest fury, he came and shouted with a terrible roar again and again. the son of the wind-god and Angada darted forward in great indignation: but he struck them on the breast with his trident and felled them to the ground. He then hurled his fierce trident at the Lord (Laksman):but Ananta intercepted it with his arrow and broke it in two. Meanwhile the son of the wind-god and Prince Angada had risen again and struck him fusiously; but he receivede no injury. When the heroes turned round thinking that the enemy could not be killed in spite of the best efforts, he rushed forth with a terrible yell. When Laksmana saw him coming furiously like Death himself, he let fly fierce arrows. The wretch, however, vanished out of sight the moment he saw arrow terrible as thunderbolt darting towards him. He monkeys were filled with dismay when they saw that the enemy could not be conquered. Laksmana (the lord of serpets)thereupon flew into a towering rage. He made a firm resolve in his mind to dispose of the demon; for he thought, "I have played with this wretch long enough." Recalling the might of Sri Rama (the Lord of Kosala), he defiantly fitted an arrow to his bow and shot it with such steady aim that it struck Meghanada full in the breast and the demon abandoned all false appearances at the moment of death.

Doha - 76
He gave up his ghost with the words "Where is Rama's younger brother (Laksmana)?" "Where is Rama?" On his lips. "Blessed indeed is your mother!" exclaimed Angada and Hanuman.

Hanuman lifted him without any exertion and after placing him at the main gate of Lanka returned Hearing of his death, the gods as well as the Gandharvas all appeared in the heavens in their aerial cars. Raining down flowers, they beat their drums and sang the spotless glory of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) "Glory to Lord Ananta! Glory to the support of the whole universe! You, O lord, have delivered the gods." Having thus hymned his praises, the gods as well as the Siddhas went their way, while Laksmana arrived in the presence of the All-merciful. The moment the ten-headed monster heard the news of his son's death, he dropped senseless to the ground. Mandodari made grievous lamentation, beating her breast and crying in many ways. The citizens were all smitten with grief; everyone abused Ravana.

Doha - 77
The ten-headed monster then consoled all the womenfolk in vaious ways."Perceive and realize in your heart", he said, "That the entire universe is perishable."

Ravana taught them sound wisdom; though vile himself, his counsel was so pious and wholesome! Indeed there are hosts of people clever in instructing others; but those who pracise good morals themselves are few and far between. When the night was over and the day broke, the bears and monkeys invested all the four gates. The ten-headed monster summoned his champions and said, "He whose heart quils before the enemy in battle had better withdraw even now; for if he turns his back on the field of battle, he will have to suffer for it. Relying on the strength of my own arm have I prosecuted the war and shall give befitting reply to the enemy who has invaded us." So saying, he got ready his chariot, swift as the wind, and all the musical instruments of war sounded. The heroes, who were all matchless in strength, rushed forth like a storm of soot. Numberless ill omens occurred at that time; but extremely proud of his might of arm, he heeded them not.

In this overweening pride he took no heed of the omens, whether good or bad. Weapons dropped from his hands and wariors fell down from their cars, while horses and elephants ran strieking out of the line. Frightful jackals, vultures and donkeys gave a shrill cry while dogs whined in large numbers. And owls, like messengers of death. uttered alarming notes.

Doha - 78
Can he ever expect prosperity and good omens and attain peace of mind even in dream, who is actively malevolent to the living creations, is hostile to Sri Rama and is steeped in the enjoyment of the senses, all under a spell of delusion?

The demon host, which defied all calculation, Complete in all its four limbs. viz., elephants and chariots, horse and foot, it was divided into many regiments and was equipped with mounts, cars and other conveyances of every description as well as with numerous banners and standards of diverse colour. Numberless stroops of infuriated elephants marched like rainy cloounds driven by the wind. There were multitudes of distinguished warriors wearing uniforms of various colours, all heroc in battle and conversant with many illusive devices. Thus the army presiding over the vernal season. Even as the host marched, the elephants guarding the eight quarters tottered, the ocean was stirred to its very depth and the mountains rocked. The dust rose in clouds that obscured the sun, the air became still and the earth was troubled. Drums and kettle-drums made an awful din like the thundering of clounds at the time of universal destruction. tabors. clarionetters and  hautboys sounded the martial strain that gladdens the heart of champions. All the heroes roared like lions. each extollion his own might and valour. Ravana exlaimed; "Listen, my valiant warriors: wipe out the hordes of these bears and monkeys while I shall slay the two brother princes." So saying he ordered his army to march forward When the monkeys received this news, they all rushed forth invoking the help of Sri Rama.

The gigantic monkeys and bears, who were terrible as death, rushed forward like hosts of winged mountains of deverse colour. With claws and teeth, rocks and huge trees for their weapons they were all very powerful and knew no fear. They shouted "Glory to Sri Ram, a veritable lion for the wild elephant in the shape of Ravana" and sang His praise.

Doha -79
With a shout of "Victory! victory!!" on both sides and each finding his own match, the heroes came to a close cmbat, the monkeys singing the glory of Sri Rama and the demons extolling Ravana.

Vibhisana was disconcerted when he saw Ravana mounted on a chariot and the Hero of Raghu's line without any. His great fondness for the Lord filled his mind with diffidence; and bowing to His feet he spoke with a tender heart: "My lord You have no chariot nor any protection either for Your body (in the shape of armour) or for Your feet (in the shape of shoes). How, then, can You expect to conquer this mighty Hero?" Listen, friend" replied the All-merciful, "the chariot which leads one to victory is quite another. Valour and fortude are the wheels of that chariot, while truthfulness and good conduct are its enduring banner and standed., Even so strength discretion, self-control and benevolence are its four horses, that have been joined to the chariot with the cords of forgiveness, compassion and evenness of mind, Adoration of god is the expert driver; dispassion, the shield and contenment, the sword. Again, cherity is the axe; reason, the fierce lance and the highest wisdom, the relentless bow. A pure and steady mind is like a quiver; while quietude and the various forms of abstinence (Yamas) and religious observances(Niyamas) are a sheaf pf arrpws. Homage to the Brahmanas and to one's own preceptor is an impenetrable coat of mail; there is no other equipment for victory as efficacious as this. My friend, he owns such a chariot of piety shall have no enemy to conquer anywhere.

Doha - 80A-C
"Listen O friend of resolute mind: the hero who happens to be in possession of such a strong chariot can conquer even that mighty and invinvible foe, attachment to the world." Hearing the Lord's words, Vibhisana clasped His lotus feet in joy. "You have utilized this opportunity to exhort me, O Rama, an embodiment of grace and bliss that You are." On that side the ten-headed Ravana threw challenge, while on this side Angada and Hanuman invited him to a contest. The demons on the one hand, and the bears and monkeys, on the other, steadily fought, each side swearing by its lord.

Brahma and the other gods, as well as a number of Siddhas and sages mounted their aerial cars and watched the contest from the heavens. I too, Uma (continues Lord Siva, ) happend to be in that company and witnessed Sri Rama's exploits replete with martial zeal. The champions of both sides were maddened with a passion for war; monkeys, however, led the field through the might of Sri Rama. With shouts of defiance they close in single combat, each crushing his adversary and throwing him the ground. They smote the enemy, hacked him to pieces, clutched him and dashed him to ground; nay, they tore, his head off and pelted another with the same. They ripped up bellies, plucked up arms and seizing the opponent by the foot, dashed him to the ground. The bears buried the demon warriors underground and piled over them large heaps of sand. The gallant monkeys on the battle-looked like so many infuriated forms of Death as they desperately fought against the enemy.

Their bodies streaming with blood, the powerful monkey warriors looked like the god of death in fury. Crushing the champions of the demon host they roared like thunder-clouds. They slapped and browbeat their opponents, bit them and trampled them under foot. The monkeys and bears sent out a shrill cry and employed every stratagem to annihilate the miscreant host. They seized and tore open the cheeks, ripped up the bellies and hung the entrails round their necks, as though the lord of Prahlada (Bhagavan Nrsimha) had assumed a multiplicity of forms and sported on the field of death. The savage cries of "Seize, smite, cut to pieces and knock down!" filled both heaven and earth. Glory to Sri Rama, who can actually convert a blade of grass into a thunderbolt and vice versa.


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