Doha - 91
Sri Rama drew the bow-string up to His ear and let fly His terrible darts, which sped forth vibrating like so many serpents.

The arrows flew like winged serpents. At the first onset they killed Ravana's charioteer and horses; then smashing the car they tore off his ensign and flags. Even though his strength had inwardly failed him, he roared aloud and immediately mounting another car ground his teeth and hurled missiles and other weapons of every description. All his efforts, however failed like those of a man whose mind is ever intent on harming others. Then Ravana hurled forth ten pikes, which struck the four horses of Sri Rama's chariot and overthrew them. The Lord raised His horses and, drawing the bow string let fly His darts in great fury. The arrows of Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line)sped forth like a string of bees to enter Ravana's heads, which compared a bed of lotuses. Sri Rama struck each of his brows with ten arrows, which pierced through them; and blood gushed forth in torrents. Though bleeding profusely, the mighty demon rushed forward; the Lord once more fitted arrows to His bow. The Hero of Raghu's line discharged thirty shafts, which shot  down his heads and arms to the ground. But they grew afresh as soon as they were severed; Sri Rama, however struck off his heads and arms once more. Time after time the Lord smote off his arms and heads; but they were nenewed as soon as they were blown off Again and again the Lord tore off his arms and heads; for the King of Kosala takes delight in playing. The sky was full of heads and arms like an infinite number of Ketus and Rahus.

It seemed as though multitudes of Rahus and Ketus were rushing through the air, streaming with blood; hit by the terrible shafts of Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line) again and again they could not fall to the ground. The arrows, as they flew through the air, each transfixing a set of heads, seemed like so many rays of the angry sun each strung all over with a number of Rahus.

Doha - 92
As quickly as the Lord struck off his heads, they were renewed without end, like the passions, of a man, which grow ever more and more even as he enjoys the pleasures of sense.

When the ten-headed monster perceived the multiplication of his heads, he thought no more of his own death, but was seized with buring wrath. The fool roared in his great pride and rushed forward with all his ten bows drawn. Flying into a rage on the battle-field, the ten-headed monster discharged a shower of arrows and screened with it the chariot of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) which was lost tosight for nearly half an hour, even as the sun is obscured by mist. When the gods raised a piteous cry, the Lord took up His bow, full of wrath. Intercepting the enemy's arrows He struck off his heads, which covered all the quarters as well as the intermediate points of the compass, as well as heaven and earth. The severed heads flew through the air and struck terror into the monkeys' hearts as they uttered the cries of "Victory, Victory!! Where is Laksmana? Where is Sugriva the lord of the monkeys? Where is the hero of Raghu's line, the lord of Kosala?"

"Where is Rama" cried the multitudes of heads as they sped. The monkeys took to fight as they saw them. The Jewel of Raghus's line smilingly fitted arrows to His bow and shot the heads through and through. Taking a rosary of skulls in their hands a large number of Kalikas (female attendants of Goddess Kali) collected in numerous batches. as though having bathed in the stream of blood they had proceeded to worship the banayan tree of the battle.

Doha - 93
Then the ten-headed monster in his fury hurled forth his terrible lance, which flew straight towards Vibhisana like the rod of Death.

When the Lord saw the most fearful lance coming, He thought to Himself, "It is My sacred vow to put an end the distress of the supplian!" Instantly Sri Rama put Vibhisana behind Him and exposed Himself to the full force of the spear. When the lance struck Him, the Lord fainted for a while. Although it was a mere sport on the part of the Lord, the gods were filled with dismay. When Vibhisana saw that the Lord had been greievously hurt, he seized his club and rushed forward full of rage. "You wretched vile and perverse fool! You have antagonized gods, human beings, sages and Nagas alike, You devoutly ofered your heads to Lord Siva and have got millions for one in return. It is for this reason, O wretch, that you have been spared till this time; your death, however, seems to be impending now. Fool, you seek happiness through enmity with Sri Rama?" So saying, Vibhisana struck his brother right on the chest with his club.

Doha - 94
Uma, (continues Lord Siva,) Vibhisana would never have dared of himself to took Ravana in the face. Armed with the might of Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line), however, he now closed with his brother like Death himself.

Perceiving Vibhisana much exhausted, Hanuman rushed forward with a rock in his hand; crushing the chariot, the horses and the charioteer all at once he gave Ravana a kick right in his breast. The demon, however, kept standing though shaking violently all over Meanwhile Vibhisana withdrew of Sri Rama (the Protector of His devotees). Ravana threreupon challenged and assailed the monkey (Hanuman)who ascended into the air spreading his tail. Ravana laid hold of his tail, but the monkey (Hanuman)flew along with him. The mighty Hanuman then turned and closed with him. The two well-matched warriors fought overhead, each striking the other in great fury. Putting forth all their strength and stratagem while in the air the two looked like a mountain of soot and Mount Sumeru contending with each other. When the demon could not be overthrown either through wit or through physical force, the son of the wind-god invoked his lord.

Invoking the Hero of Raghu's line, the strong-minded Hanuman challenged and struck Ravana. The two fell to the ground and rising resumed fighting. The gods shouted `Victory' to both. Seeing Hanuman in such a strait, the monkeys and bears sallied forth in furious haste; while Ravana, who was battle-mad, creshed all the champions by the tremendous might of his arm.

Doha - Then, rallied by the Hero Raghu's line, the fiercfe monkeys rushed forward. Seeing the overwhelming monkey host, Ravana, however, displayed his Maya (black art).

He became invisible for a moment and then the wretch revealed himself in multitudionous forms. The ten-headed monster appeared in as many forms as there were bears and monkeys in the army of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) The monkey host beheld numberless Ravanas; the bears and monkeys then fled in every direction. The monkeys had no courage to stay; They fled crying, "Help, Laksmana! Help, Raghuvira (Hero of Raghu's line)!" Myriads of Ravanas darted in all directions, thundering in a deep, shrill and frightful voice, All the gods took fight in panic crying, "Now, brethren, abandon all hope of victory. A single Ravana subdued the whole heavenly host. Now that he has been multiplied, let us seek mountain caves." Only Brahma (the Creator), Lord Sambhu (Siva) and the wise seers, whoever knew something of the Lord's glory, remained unshaken.

They who understood the Lord's might remained fearless. But the monekeys took the apparitions for real enemies. They all lost courage and fled monkeys and bears alike, crying in their dismay: "Protect us, our merciful lord!" The most powerful Hanuman Angada Nila and Nala, who were all valiant in battle, fought and crushed the myriads of gallant Ravanas that had sprouted on the soil deception.

Doha - 96
The Lord Kosala smiled to see the dismay of the gods and the monkeys. He fitted an arrow to His famous saringa bow and wiped out the whole of illusive Ravan.

In a trice Lord dispersed the whole phantom, even as the veil darkness is torn asunder with the rising of the sun. The gods rejoiced to see only one Ravana and, turning back, rained abundant flowers on the Lord Raising His arm, the Lord of the Raghus rallied the monkeys, who returned, each shouting to other. Inspired by the might of their lord, the bears and monkeys ran; and leaping briskly they arrived on the battle-field When Ravana saw the gods extolling Sri Rama, he thought to himself, "They think I am now reducted to one. " Fools! you have ever been victims of my thrashing!" So saying he sprang into the air with great indignation. As the gods fled uttering a piteous cry, Ravana said"Wretches whither can you go from my presence?" Seeing the distress of the gods, Angada rushed forward and with a bound seized Ravana by the foot and threw him to the ground.

Having seized Ravana and thrown him the ground, Vali's son (Angada) gave him a kick and then rejoined his lord. The ten-headed monster. on recovering hemself, rose again and roared terrible in a shrill voice. proudly dreawing the string of all his ten bows fitted a dart to each rained a fight of arrows, wounding all the warriors in the enemy's ranks to their utter and confusion; and rejoiced to see his own might.

Doha - 97
Thereupon the Lord the Raghus tore off Ravana's and arms, along with the arrows and bows; more than once But time they all multiplied like sins committed in  holy place.

The bears and monkey grew furious when they saw the repeated renewal of Ravana's heads and arms. "This fool would not die even thought his arms and heads are cut off!" So sayihg, the bear and monkey warriors darted towards him in great fury. Vali's son (Angada), the son of the wind-god, Nala, Sugriva (the king of the monkey) and Dwivida, all mighty heroes, huroes hurled trees and rocks on him. ravana, however, caught them and threw the same back upon monkeys. Some of the monkeys tore the enemy's body with their claws, while others would kick him and run away. Then Nala and Nila climbed up his heads and set to tearing his foreheads with their claws. When he saw blood coming, he felt much troubled at heart and moved up his arms to catch hold of the monkeys. But they were not to be caught and leap about from one hand to another like a pair of bees havering over a bed of lotuses. At last with a furious bound he clutched them both; but before he could dash them to the ground. they twisted his arms and ran  away. Again in his fury he took ten bows in his hands and with his arrows struck and wounded the monkeys. Having rendered Hanuman and other monkey chiefts senseless he rejoiced to see the approach of night. Seeing all the monkey heroes in a swoon hte valiant Jambavan rushed forward with a host of bears carrying rocks and trees, which they hurled upon him, challenging him again and again. This enraged the mighty Ravana, who seized a number of the warriors by the foot and began dashing them to the ground. Jambavan (the king of the bears) flew into a rage when he saw the havoc wrought on his host, and gave Ravana a kick on the breast.

The violent impact of the foot on his breast made Ravana senseless and he fell from his chariot to the ground. grasping a bear in each of his twenty hands, like bees reposing by night in the folds of the lotus. Seeing him unconscious, the king of the bears struck him with foot once more and rejoined the Lord. Perceiving that it was night, the charioteer lifted him on to his chariot and then tried to bring him back to his senses.

Doha - 98
On recovering  from their swoon the bears and monkeys all arrived in the presence of the Lord, while all the demons stood round Ravana in great consternation.

That very night the demoness Trijata called on Sita and told Her the whole story. When Sita heard of the renewal of the enemy's heads and arms, She felt much dismayed at heart. She wore a doleful countenace and Her mind was filled with anxiety. Then Sita addressed Trijata thus: Why do you not tell me, mother, what is going to happen? How can this plague of the universe be obliterated? He does not die even though the arrows, of Sri Rama(the Lord the Raghus)have struck off his heads. It is Heaven who is disposing of things perversely. Nay, it is my ill luck that sustains him, the same misfortune which separated me from Sri Hari's lotus feet. The fate which created the phantom of a fictious deer of gold still frowns at me. The same Provedence who made me suffer terrible woes and prompted me to speak harsh words to Lakmana, nay, who pierced me through and through time and again with the mighty and posoned shafts of separation from the Lord of the Raghus, and who keeps me alive even under such trying circumstances,--it is He alone who is conserving Ravana's life." With many such words did Janaka's Daughter make lament as She recalled to Her mind the All-merciful. Trijata replied "Listen, O Princess: the enemy of the gods will surely die if an arrow piercess his breast. But the Lord is careful not to strike him there; for He knows that Videha's Daughter (Yourself) abides in his heart.

"He is prevented by the thought that Janaka;s Daughter dwells in Ravana's heart and that Janaka's heart is His own abode; in His belly, again, are contained the numerless spheres, which will all perish the moment His arrow pierces Ravana's heart." Trijata's explanation filled Sita's mind with both joy and sorrow in a superlative degree. Perceiving this Trijata spoke again:" Now listen, fair lady, how your enemy will meet his death, and shake off the great misgiving which haunts your mind."

Doha - 99
"Revana will get disconcerted when his heads are cut off, with the result that you will escape his mind. That particular moment will the all-wise Sri Rama strike him in his heart."

With many such words did Trijata comfort Sita and then returned to her residence. As She recalled Sri Rama's kind disposition Videha's Daughter was overwhelmed with the anguish of separation from Him. She reproched the night and the moon in many ways. "The night has already assumed he length of an age and does not end" She added. Disconsolate at Her separation from Sri Rama, Janaka's Daughter griervously lamented within Herself. When Her agony of separation grew acute, her left eye and arm throbbed. Considering it to be good omen, She took heart and said to Herself, "The gracious Hero of Raghu's line will surely meet me." In his palace Ravana recovered from his swoon at midnight ad cut up rough with his charioteer, "Fool, to have severed me from the battle-field; shame, shame on you, O vile dullard!" The charioteer clasped his feet and deprecated his anger in many ways. As soon as it was dawn Ravana mounted his car and sallied forth again. There was a great stir in the monkey host at the news of Ravana's return. Tearing up mountains and trees from whevere they could, mighty warriors rushed forward gnashing their teeth.

The fierce monkey and terrible bears darted with mountains in their hands which they hurled forth with the utmost fury. The demons, who were unable to resist the onslaught, turned and fled. Having thus scattered the enemy ranks, the powerful monkeys next closed around Ravana and discomfited him by buffeting him on every side and tearing his body with their claws.

Doha - 100
Finding the monkeys most powerful Ravana took thought. Consequently he became invisible and in a moment revealed his illusive power.

As he let loose his illusive power terrible beings appeared on the scene--goblins, ghosts and ghouls with bows and arrows in their hands. yoginis holding a sword in one hand and a human skull in another, from which they quaffed draughts of fresh blood, danced and sang many a song. They uttered horrible cries of "Seize and kill!" which echoed all round. With their mouths wide open they rushed to devour the monkeys, who then took to their heels. But whithersoever they turned in their flight they saw a blazing fire. The monkeys and bears were thus in a quandary. Then Ravana began raining on  them a shower of sand. Having thus flabbergasted the monkeys on all sides, the ten-headed monster roared again. All the heroes, including Laksmana and Sugriva (the king of the monkeys), fainted. The bravest of them wrung their hands, crying"Ah, Rama! Alas, Raghunath (Lord of the Raghus)!" Having thus crushed the might of all, he wrought another delusion. He manifested a host of Hanumans, who rushed forward with rocks in their hands and encircled Sri Rama in a dense cordon on every side. With uplifted tails and gnashing their teeth they shouted, "Seize and kill him; let him not escape!" Surrounded by their tails on every side, the Lord of Kosala shone in their midst.

In their midst the King of Kosala with His dark-hued body shone forth as resplendent as a lofty Tamala tree encircled by a magnificent hedge of multitudinous rainboiws. The gods experienced in their heart a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow and raise the cries of "Victory! Victory!!!" The Hero of Raghu's line now flew into a rage and with a single arrow instantly dispersed the delusion. The delusion having vanished, the monkeys and bears rejoiced and all turned back with trees and rocks in their hands. Sri Rama shot forth a volley of arrows, which once more cut off Ravana's arms and heads to the ground. if hundreds of Sesas (serpent-gods), Saradas (goddesses of speech), the Vedas and bards were to recite the story of the battle between Sri Rama and Ravana and that too for many cycles together, even they would never be able to do justice to it.


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