Doha -81
When the ten-headed Ravana saw his troops breaking he mounted his chariot and drawing ten bows in his tewnty arms turned round, shouting in great fury "Turn back, turn back."

The wrath of the ten-headed monster knew no bound as he darted forward. But the monkeys also hurried to confront him shouting with glee. Taking in their hands trees, stones and rocks, they them upon him all at once. The rocks broke to pieces the moment they struck his adamantine frame Ravana, who was maddened with the lust for war and most furious by temperment, flinched not but remained firm as rock, planting his chariot where it stood.Burning all over with rage he darted and bulled hither and thirther and started crushing the monkey warriors. Many a bear and monkey took to his heel, crying: "Help, help, Angada and Hanuman! Save, Save, O Lord Raghuvira (Hero of Raghu's line)! This wretch is devouring us like Death. " When the monster saw that all the monkeys had fled, he fitted an arrow to each of his ten bows.

Fitting an arrow to each of his bows, he shot a volley of arrows, which flew and lodged like winged serpents. The shafts filled all available space on earth as well as in the heavens including the eight quarters, so that the monkeys knew not where to go. There was wild uproar in the ranks of the monkeys and bears, who were all sore distressed and cried in anguesh: "O Hero of raghu's line, O Ocean of mercy. O Befriender of the distressed, O Hari, Saviour of Mankid!"

Doha - 82
Seeing the distress of his troops Laksmana fastened the quiver to his waist; and taking the bow in his hand he bowed his head at Sri Rama's feet and sallied forth, full of rage.

"Pooh! You are making the monkeys and bears your target, O vile wretch; look at me, I am your death." "It is you whom I have been looking for, you slayer of my son. Today I will soothe my heart by killing you. " So saying he discharged a flight of fierce arrows; but Laksmana shivered them into a hundred pieces each. Nay, Ravan hurled upon him myriads of  other missiles, but Laksman foiled them all by reducint them to particles as small as seasamum seeds. Again Laksmana assailed him with his own shafts, smashing his chariot and killing the charioteer. Nay, each of his ten heads he trans fixed with hundred arrows, which seemed like serpents boring their way into the peaks of a mountain. With a hundred arrows more he struck him in the breast: he fell senseless to the ground. On regaining his consciousness the mighty demon rose again and hurled a lance that had been bestowed on him by Brahma (the Creator).

That fierce lance, the gift of Brahma, struck Lord Ananta (Laksmana) right in the breast and the hero dropped to the ground full of agony. The ten-headed monster tried to lift the Prince and carry him off, but the glory of the demon's matchlesws strength proved ineffective. How foolish it was on the part of Ravana to have sought to lift him on one of whose (thousand) heads rest all the spheres of the universe like a mere grain of sand. He little knew that he was no other than the Lord of the three spheres.

Doha - 83
The son of the wind-god, who perceived this, rushed forward speaking harsh words; but even as the monkey came near the monster struck him a terrible blow with his first.

Hanuman sank on his knees but did not fall to the ground. recovering himself, he rose in exceeding wrath and struck Ravana a blow with his fist; the demon fell like a mountain struck by lightning . When the spell of his sween was over and consciousness returned to him, he began to admire the monkey's enormous strength "Shame on my valour and shame on myself, if you are still alive, you enemy of gods!" So saying Hanuman carried Laksmana off to SRi Rama: the ten-headed moster was amazed at this sight Said the Hero of Raghus's line, "Bear in mind, brother, that you are the devourer of Death and the saviour of the gods. " Immediately, on hearing these wordes the gracious prince(Laksmana) arose ande sat up, while the fierce lance vanished into the heavens. Taking his bow arrows again he darted and cam post-hgaste in front of the enemy.

With great despatch Laksmana smashed Ravana's chariot again and struck down his charioteer, who felt writhing with pain, Ravana, whose heart he transfixed with a hundred arrows, fell to the ground, much distressed, Another charioteer came and laid him in his own chariot and immediately took him away to Lanka while Laksman. Sri Rams's glorious brother, bowed at the Lord's feet again.

Doha - 84
At the other end the ten-headed monster, on coming to himself, set to perform some sacrifice. In his perversity and rank ignorance the fool sought to gain victory even by antagonizing Sri Rama!

At this end Vibhisana got all the information and, hastening to the Lord of the Raghus, apprised Him of everything. "My lord, Ravana is busy with a sacrificial performance; and if he completes it, the wretch will never die. Therefore, my lord, despatch some valiant monkeys at once, so that they may wreck his sacrifice, and the ten-headed monster be compelled to return." As soon as the day broke the Lord sent out His champions--Hanuman, Angada and others--who all rushed forward. In mere sport the monkeys sprang up to the fort of Lanka and fearlessly entered Ravana's palace. The moment they saw him engaged in a sacrifice all the monkeys grew wildly furious. "You shameless wretch, having run away home from the battle, you have sat down here and feigned meditation!" So saying Angada struck him with his foot; but the fool did not even look at them, his mind being absorbed in the pursuit of his own end.

When he refused to look at them, the monkeys in their fury bit him with their teeth and kicked him. His wives too they seized by their locks and dragged out of doors while they cried most piteously. Then at last he rose, furious as Death, and, catching hold of the monkeys by their legs, he threw them away. Meanwhile, when he saw that the monkeys had wrecked the sacrifice, he felt discomfited at heart.

Doha - 85
Having wrecked his sacrifice the monkeys safely returned to the Lord of the Raghus; while the demon (Ravana) set out ablaze with fury, abandoning all hope of life.

Evil omens of a most fearful nature occurred to him even as he went. Vultures flew and perched on his heads. Being in the jaws of death, he paid no heed to anyone and exclaimed: "Beat the drums of war. " The demon host appeared endless as it marched on with its myriads of elephants. chariots, foot-soldiers and horsemen. The wicked demons rushed to face the Lord like a swarm of moths darting towards fire. At this end the gods prayed to the Lord:"This fellow(Ravana) has inflicted terrible suffering on us. Paly with him no more, rama; Videha's Daughter (Sita) is feeling most disconsolate." The Lord smiled to hear the gods' prayer; the Hero of Raghu's line most disconsolate." The Lord smiled to hear the gods' prayer; the Hero of Raghu's line rose and put His arrows in order. The matted locks on His head had been tightly coiled and were interlaced with flowers. With His ruddy eyes and body dark as a rain-cloud He ravished the eyes of the whole world. He fastened His quiver to a piece of cloth girt round His lions and took in His hand formidable Sarnga bow.

The Lord took the Sarnga bow in His hand and fastened to His waist the beautiful quiver with an inexhaustible stock of arrows. He had a pair of muscular arms and a chrming and broad chest which was adorned with the print of the Brahmana's (Bhrgu's) foot. When the Lord, says Tulasidasa, commenced the elephants guarding the eight quarters, the divine Tortoise, the serpent-god (Sesa) and the earth with its oceans and mountains began to tremble.

Doha - 86
The gods rejoiced to see His beauty and rained down flowers in an endless shower exclaiming "Glory glory, all glory to the Fountain of mercy, the store house of beauty, strength and goodness"

Meanwhile arrived the vast demon host with its overcrowned ranks. The moment the monkey warriors saw the army they advanced to meet it like the masses of clounds that gather at the time of universal destruction. a numberless swords and claymores flashed like gleams of lightning from every direction. The shrill cries of the elephants and horses and the ratting sound of the chariots resembled the terrible thundering of clounds. Myriads of monkeys' tails stretched across the heavens like an array of magnificent rainbows appearing in the sky. The dust rose in thick columns like strems of water in the air and the arrows shot forth in an endless shower like rain-drops. Mountains hurled from either side crashed like repeated strokes of lightning The Lord of the Raghus in His fury let fly arrows in showers, which straightway wounded the demon crew. The demon warriors shrieked with pain as the arrows struck them; and swinging round and round they fell to the ground here, there and everywhere. Streaming with blood, the wounded demons looked like mountains with their large cascades; and the blood ran in the form of a river, the terror of cowards.

A most unholy river of blood, that smote recreants with terror, ran across the battle-field. With the two armies for its banks, the chariots for its intervening sands and their wheels for its whirlpools, it was frightful flood indeed. The foot-soldiers, and even so elephants horses donkeys and other mounts of all kinds, more than one could count, (that floated on the river) represented the various aquatic creatures; the arrows, lances and iron clubs (swept by it) stood fo its serpents: the bows borne along the current represented its waves and the shields stood for its many tortoises.

Doha - 87
Warriors fell here and there like the trees on its banks and the abundant, marrow of their bones represented its scum. Dastards shuddered at its very sight, while champions were delighted at heart to see it.

Spiritis, ghouls and goblins and even so frightful genii with a long shaggy mass of hair and Pramathas (Siva's own attendants) took their plunge in it. Crows and kites flew off with human arms, which they tore from one another and ate themselves. Some said, "What a pity, fools that you should continue to suffer from want even in such plenty?" Wounded warriors fallen on he banks groaned like the moribund lying all round half in and half out of water (on the bank of a sacred river, lake etc., in order to ensure that they may breathe their last while their body is being washed by the sacred water since such a death is accounted as highly eneficial to the spirit of the dying man). Standing on its banks vultures tore the entrails of the dead like fishermen angling with rapt attention. Many a dead warrior floated down with birds perched on them, as if the latter were enjoying a game of boating on the river. The Yoginis (female attendants of Goddess Durga)took to storing blood in skulls, while female spirits and sprites danced in the air. Even so camundas (another class of female attendants of Durga) sang songs in various strains clashing the skulls of dead warriors like so many pairs of cymbals. Herds of Jackals snapped their teeth as they tore the dead feasted upon them and yelled; and, when surfeited, they snarled. Myriads of headless trunks trotted along the battle-field, while the heads lying on the ground shouted"Victory! Victory!!"

The heads shouted "Victory! Victory!!" while headless trunks darted wildly about. Birds entangled in skulls even as they contended with one anotehr; whil champions overthrew their rivals, Imperious through Sri Rama's strength, the monkeys crushed the demon crew; and mortally struck by Sri Rama's flight of arrows, the champions lay in eternal sleep on the field of death.

Doha - 88
Ravana thought within himself, "The demons have been wiped out and I am left alone, while the monkeys are still numerous. Let me, therefore, create illusions without number."

When the gods saw that the Lord was on foot, they were exceedingly troubled at heart, Indra (the lord of heaven) forthwith despatched his own chariot, which Matali (Indra's charioteer) gladly brought there. It was a heavenly and univque car, which was all splendour; the King of Kosalapura (Ayodhya) gladly mounted it. It was driven by four high-spirited and charming horses. which knew no decay or death and flew as fast as thought. The monkeys rushed forward with renewed vigour when they saw the Lord of the Raghus mounted on a chariot. When Ravana felt that the monkey's  onset was irresistible, he took to creating illusions. The illusive creation did not touch the Lord of the Raghus; while the monkeys, nay, even laksmana took it for touch the Lord of the Raghus; while the monkeys, nay, even Laksmana took it for real. The monkeys saw among a large demon host a number of Ramas and as many Lakmana.

The monkeys and bears were much terrified at heart to see numerous Ramas and Laksmana. All of them, including Laksman, stood gazing like the figures in a pictrue whevere they were. The Lord of Kosala smiled to see His army at a nonplus; He fitted an arrow to His bow and in a trice Sri Hari dispersed the delusion to the of delight the whole monkey host.

Doha - 89
Sri Rama then cast His glance on all and spoke in meaningful words: "Watch now my duel (with Ravana) for all of you, my heroes, are extremely tired."

So saying the Lord the Raghus bowed His head at the Brahmanas' lotus feet even as He urged forward His chariot. thereupon Ravana felt much enraged at heart and darted to meet Him, challenging Him in a thundering voice: "Listen, hermit: I am not like one of those warriors whom you have vanquished in battle. My name is Ravana, whose glory is known all the world over, and whose prison holds within its walls the regents of the spheres! You slew Khara, Dusana and Viradhya and killed poor vali even as a hunter would shoot his game. Nay, you wiped out a host of demon champion and killed even Kumbhakarna and Meghnada. Today I will, wreak vengence on the for all this unless, O prince, you flee away from the battle, Today I will surel give you over to death; for it is the relentless Ravana whom you have to deal with." Hearing his foul talk the All-merciful took him as doomed to death and smilingly replied as follows: "True,true is all your greatness. But prate no more; show your valour if you can.

l"Do not ruin your reputation by bragging Pray, excuse me and listen to a sound maxim. There are three types of men in this world--those resembling the rose, the mango and the bread-tree respectively. The one gives flowers alone, the second flowers and fruit both the third yields fruit alone. even so the one talks, the second talks as well as does, while the third does but never goes about proclaiming it."

Doha - 90
Ravana heartily laughted when he heard Sri Rama's words. Ah! You teach me wisdom,! You did not shrink from waging war agaist me then; now it seems you hold your life very dear."

Having uttered these taunting words Ravana furiously began to discharge arrows like so many thunderbolts, Shafts of various designs flew and filled all the quarters, nay, every corner of the earth and heavens. The Hero of Raghu's line let fly a fiery dart, and in amoment the demon's bolts were all consumed. ravana ground his teeth out of frustration and hurled a fierce lance; but the Lord sent it back along with His arrow. The demon then cast a clound of discs and tridents; but the Lord frustrated them by tearing them asunder without any exertion. Ravana's arrows proved as futile as the schemes of the wicked invariably are. Then with a hundred arrows he struck Sri Rama's charioteer (Matali) who fell to the ground crying "Victory to Sri Rama!" Sri Rama took compassion and lifted up the driver. He was now stirred up with a terrible fury.

When the Lord of the Raghus encountered the enemy on the battle-feild, full of rage, the arrows in His quiver vied with one another in their endeavour to shoot forth. The man-eating demons were all seized with terror at the sound of the most awful twang of His bow. Mandodari's heart quaked; the ocan, the Tortoise supporting the globe, the earth and the mountains trembled; and the elephants guarding the quarters squealed, and clutched the globe with their tusks. The gods smiled at this amusing sight.


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