Doha - 11A-B

Thus rested Sri Rama, the embodiment of benignity, beauty and goodness, Blessed are those men who remain ever immersed in the thought of the Lord as depicted here. Looking towards the east the Lord saw the moon risen above the horizon and said to them all, "Just look at the moon and see how undaunted like the king of beasts he appears."


"Dwelling in the eastern quarter, which may be compared to a mountain-cave,this lion of a moon, an embodiment of supreme grandeur, glory and strength, struts throught the forest of the sky having rent asunder the crown of a mad elephant in the form of the darkeness. The stars appear like so many pearls strewn all over the sky, which serve to adorn dame of night." "Now tell me, brethren"continued the Lord, "What you think each of you, of the dark spot in the moon." Said Sugriva, "Listen O Lord of the Raghus: it is only the shadow of the earth that is seen in the moon." The demon Rahu struck the moon," said another;"and the spot is nothing but a scar left on the latter's bosom." A third suggested: "When Brahma (the essence of the moon (thus leaving a hole in th orb thereof). The hole is still visible in the heart of the moon and through it can through it can be seen the shade of the blue." The Lord said, "Poison is the moon's most beloved brother; that is why he has lodged it in his heart and diffusing his envenomed rays, torments parted lovers."

Doha - 12B

The all-wise Rama smiled to hear the words of Hanuman (the son of the wind god).Then, looking towards the south, the All-merciful Lord spoke thus:-

"Vibhisana, see how clouds are gathering fast and the lightning flashes in the southern quarter. A lowering clound is gently rumbling and I fear lest a severe hail-storm may ensue. "Visbhisana replied,"Listen, my gracious lord: there is neither lightning nor a gathered mass of cloud.On the top of Lanka there stands a hall where Ravana is witnessinga music and dancing contest. It is the large royal umbrella spread over his head which presents the appearance of a thick dark mass of cloud; the ornaments in Queen Mandodari's ears, my lord flash like lightning; while the incomparable music of cymbals and tabors is the sweet rumbling that You hear, O King celestials." The Lord smiled to perceive Ravana's arrogance; He strung His bow and fitted an arrow to the string.

Doha - 13A-B

With a single shaft the Lord then struck Ravana's umbrella and crowns as well as Mandodari's ear-drops, which fell to the ground before the very eyes of all; but none could know the mystery. Having performed this startling feat Sri Rama's shaft came back and dropped into His quiver again. And everybody in Ravana's assembly was alarmed to see this great interruption in his reelry.


There was no earthquake nor any strong qust of wind. Nor did they see any weapon of missile. All however, pondered within themselves that it was a most alarming ill-omen. When the ten-headed monster saw that the assembly had taken fright, he laughed and made the following ingenious remarks:"How can the mere dropping down of crowns be an ill-omen to him in whose case even the falling of heads proved a lasting boon? Therefore, return each to your own home and retire." Accordingly all bowed their head and returned home. But anxiety lodged in Mandodari's hearts ever since her ear-rings dropped to the ground. With eyes full of tears and joining both her palms she said, "O lord of my life, listen to my prayer. My beloved cease hostility with Sri Rama and have no more of obstinacy in your heart taking Him to be a mere mortal."

Doha - 14

"Belive my word that Sri Rama (the Jewel of Raghu's race) Himself is manifested in the form of this universe and that the Vedas conceive of every limb of His as a distinct sphere."


"The subterranean regtions (Patala) are His feet and the abode of Brahma His head; while the other (intermediate)spheres are located in His other limbs. Terrible Death is the mere contraction of His eyebrows, the sun is His eye and the mass of clouds His locks. The twin-born gods Asvinikumaras (the celestial physicians) are His nostrils and the alternating days and nights constitute the repeated twinking of His eylids; while breath and the Vedas. His own speech; greed is His lowever lip and Yama (th god who sits in judment on the dead), His dreadful teeth; Maya (cosmic illusion) is His laughtert and the regents of the qurtes, His arms; fire is His mouth and Varuna (the god presiding over the waters), His tongue; while the creating, preservation and destruction of the universe are His gestures. Thge eighteen principala species of the vegetable kingdom constitute the line of hair on His belly, the mountains are His bones and the rivers represent the notwork of His veins. The ocean is His belly and the inferno, His organs of urination and excretion In short, the universe is a manifestation of the Lord and it is no use going into further details.

Doha - 15A-B

"Lord Siva is His ego, Brahma His reason, the moon His mind and the great. Visnu is His faculty of understnedingt. It is the same Lord Sri Rama, manifested in the form of this animate and animate creation, who has assumed a human semblance Pondering thus, hear me, O lord my life: cease hostility with the Lord and cultivate devotion to the feet of Sri Rama (the Hero Raghu's line) so that my good-luck may not desert me."


Ravana laughed when he heard the words of his wife. "Oh, how mighty is the power of infatuation! They rightly observe in regard to the character of a woman that the following eight evils ever abide in her heart: recklessness mendacity, ficklensess, deceit, timidity indiscretion, impurity and callousness. You have described the enemy's cosmic form form), my beloved, is naturally under my control; it is by your grace that this has become clear to me now. I have come to know your ingenuity, my dear; for in this way you have told my greatness. Your words, O fawn-eyed lady, are profound: they afford delight when understood and dispel all fear even when heard." Mandodari was now convinced at heart that her husband's impending death had deluded him.

Doha - 16A-B

While Ravana was laughing and jocking in diverse ways as mentioned above, the day broke and the king of Lanka, who was intrepid by nature and further blinded by pride, entered the court. The reed neither blossoms nor bears fruit even though the clounds rain nectar on it. Similarly the light of wisdom would never dawn on a fool even though he may have a teacher like Viranci (Brahma).


At this end the Lord of the Raghus woke at daybrek and, summoning all His counsellors, asked their opinion:"Tell me quickly what course should be adopted" Jambavan bowed his head at the Lord's feet and said, "Listen, O omniscient Lord, indweller of all hearts, storehouse of wisdom, stringth, glory, piety and goodness: I offer advice to You according to my own lights. It is that Vali's son (Prince Angada) may be sent as an envoy (to Ravana)" The good counsel commended itself to all and the All-merciful turned to Angada and said, "O son of Vali, repository of wisdom, strength and goodness ! go to Lanka, dear son, for cause. I need not give you any elaborate insturctions. I know you are supremely clever. You should talk with the enemy in such words as may advance. My cause and serve his interst at the same time."

Doha - 17A-B

Bowing to the Lord's command and adoring His feet, Angada arose and said, "He alone is an ocean of virtues, on whom You shower Your grace, O divine Rama." "All the objects of my Lord are self-accomplished," he thought; "He has only honoured me (by charging me with this task)." And the thought thrilled his body and delighted his heart.


Adoring the Lord's feet and keeping His glory in his heart Angada bowed his head to all and departed. The gallent son of Vali, who was an adept in warfare, was dautless by nature, cherishing as he did the might of the Lord. As soon as he entered the city he met one of Ravana's sons(Prahasta by name), who was playing there. From words they proceeded to fight; for both were unrivalled in strength and in the prime of youth to boot. He raised his foot to kick Angada, who in his turn seized the foot and, swinging him round, dashed him to ground finding him a formidable warrior the demons ran helter-skelter in large numbers, too much frightened to when they thought of the death of Ravana's son. There was a cry in the whole city that the same mokey who had burnt down Lanka had come again. "Who knows what turn Providence is going to take?" everyone thought in excessive dismay. People showed him the way unasked: if he but looked at anyone, the latter would turn deadly pale.

Doha - 18

With his thoughts fixed on the lotus-feet of Sri Rama he then reached the gate of Ravana's council-chamber. And there the stout-hearted and mighty hero stood with the mien of a lion glancing this side and that.


He forthwith sent a demon and apprised Ravana of his arrival. On hearing the news the ten-headed monster laughted and said, "Go,usher him in my presence and let me see where the monkeys has come from."Receiving his order a host of messengers ran and festched the monkeys chief. Angada saw the ten-headed giant seated on his throne like a living mountain of collyrium. His arms looked like trees and heads like peaks; while the hair on his body presentede the appearance of numerous creepers. His mouths, nostrils, eyes and ears were as big as mountain caves and chasms. With an unflinching mind he entered the court, the valiant son of Vali, possessed of great might. The assmbly abruptly rose at the sight of the mondey; at this Ravana's heart was filled with great fury.

Doha - 19

Thinking of Sri Rama's might Angada bowed his head and took his seat in the assembly as fearlessly as a lion treads in the midst of mad elephants.


"Monkey, who are you?" Ravana asked. "I am an ambassador from the Hero of Raghu's line, Ravana. There was friendship between you and my father; hence it is in your interest, brother, that I have come. Of noble descent and a grandson of the sage Pulasty (one of the mind-born sons of Brahma), you worshipped Lord Siva and Brahma in various ways, obtained boons from them, accomplished all your objects and conquered the guardians of the different spheres as well as all earthly soverigns. Under the influence of kingly pride or infatuation you carried off Sita, the Mother of the Universe. But now you listen to my friendly advice and the Lord will forgive all your offences. Put a straw between the rows of your teeth and an axe by your throat and take all your people including your wives with you, respectfully placing Janaka's Dauther at the head. In this way repair to Him shedding all fear.

Doha - 20

"And address Him thus: `O Protector of the suppliant, O Jewel of Raghu's race, save me, save me now.' The moment He moment He hears your piteous cry the Lord will surely rid you of every fear."


"Mind what you speak, you little monkey. Fool, are you not aware of my being an avowed enemy of the gods? Tell me, young flellow, your own name as well as your father's What is the common ground on which you claim fellowship between your father and myself?" Angada is my name: I am vili's son Did you ever meet him?" Ravana felt uncomfortable when he heard Angada's reply. "Yes, I do remember that there was a monkey, Vali by name. But, Angada, are you Vali's son? You have been born as a fire in a cluster of bamboos for the destruction of your own race. Why should you have not perished even in the womb? In vain were you born, who have called yourself with your own mouth a hermit's envoy. Now tell me if all is well with Vali and, if so, where is he?" Angada laughed at this and then replied: "Ten days hence you shall go to Vali and embracing your friend personally enquire after his welfare. He will tell you all about the welfare that follows from hostility with Sri Rama Listen, O fool: seeds of dissension can be sown in the mind of him alone whose heart is closed to the Hero of Raghu's line."


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