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प्रयो-ग  mfn. 1.mfn. ([Padap.]प्र-यो॑ग) (for 2. See under. प्र-√ युज्) coming to a meal, [RV. x, 7, 5] ([Sāy.] = प्र-योक्तव्य)
See also: प्रयो -
प्रयो-ग  m. m.N. of a ऋषि, [TS.]
See also: प्रयो -
भार्गव   (with ) author of [RV. viii, 91]; [Anukr.]
प्रयोग  m. 2.m. (for 1. See under 2. प्र॑यस्, col.1) joining together, connection, [Var.]
position, addition (of a word), [VPrāt.]; [Pāṇ.] (loc. often = in the case of [Kāś.] on [Pāṇ. 1-4, 25; 26 &c.])
hurling, casting (of missiles), [MBh.]; [R.] &c.
offering, presenting, [Hariv.]
undertaking, beginning, commencement, [ŚBr.]; [ŚrS.]
a design, contrivance, device, plan, [Mālav.]; [Rājat.]
एन   application, employment (esp. of drugs or magic; cf.[IW. 402, 1]), use, [GṛŚrS.]; [MBh.] &c. (, आत् and °ग-तस्ifc. = by means of)
practice, experiment (opp. to, ‘theory’), [Mālav.]
ऐस्   a means (only , by use of means), [MBh.]; [Suśr.]
(in gram.) an applicable or usual form, [Siddh.]; [Vop.]
°ग-तो-√ दृश्   exhibition (of a dance), representation (of a drama), [Mṛcch.]; [Kālid.] (, to see actually represented See on the stage, [Ratnâv.])
a piece to be represented, [Kālid.]; [Prab.]
utterance, pronunciation, recitation, delivery, [ŚrS.]; [RPrāt.]; [Pāṇ.] Sch.
a formula to be recited, sacred text, [Śikṣ.]
lending at interest or on usury, investment, [Mn.]; [MBh.]
principal, loan bearing interest, [Gaut.]
an example, [L.]
cause, motive, affair, object, [W.]
consequence, result, ib.
ceremonial form, course of proceeding, ib.
प्र-याग   a horse (cf.), [L.]
See also: प्र - याग

प्रयोगः [prayōgḥ]   1 Use, application, employment; as in शब्दप्रयोगः, अयं शब्दो भूरिप्रयोगः- अल्पप्रयोगः 'this word is generally or rarely used'.
A usual form, general usage.
Hurling, throwing, discharging, (opp. संहारः); प्रयोगसंहारविभक्तमन्त्रम् [R.5.57.]
Exhibition, performance, representation (dramatic), acting; देव प्रयोगप्रधानं हि नाट्यशास्त्रम् [M.1;] नाटिका न प्रयोगतो दृष्टा Ratn.1 'not seen acted on the stage'; आ परितोषाद्विदुषां न साधु मन्ये प्रयोग- विज्ञानम् [Ś.1.2.]
Practice, experimental portion (of a subject); (opp. शास्त्र 'theory'); तदत्रभवानिमं मां च शास्त्रे प्रयोगे च विमृशतु [M.1.]
Course of procedure, ceremonial form.
An act, action.
Recitation, delivery.
Beginning, commencement.
A plan, contrivance, device, scheme.
A means, instrument; नयप्रयोगाविव गां जिगीषोः [Ki.17.38.]
Consequence, result.
Combination, connection.
(In gram.) A usual form.
Offering, presenting.
(a) Principal, loan bearing interest. (b) Lending money on usury; प्रतिबन्धः प्रयोगो व्यवहारोऽवस्तारः ...... कोशक्षयः [Kau.A.2.7.26;] also कोशद्रव्याणां वृद्धिप्रयोगः
A sacred text or authority. A text which brings together the various धर्मs of a विकृति. A प्रयोगवचन, however, does this only when धर्मs are made available by the चोदक which, therfore, is said to be the stronger of the two. चोदको हि प्रयोग- वचनाद् बलवत्तरः । ŚB. on [MS.5.1.8.]
A cause; motive.
An example.
Application of magic, magical rites.
A horse. -Comp.
-अतिशयः   One of the five kinds of प्रस्तावना or prologue, in which a part of performance is superseded by another in such a manner that a character is suddenly brought on the stage; i. e. where the Sūtradhāra goes out hinting the entrance of a character and thus performs a part superseding that which he has apparently intended for his own, viz. dancing; the [S. D.] thus defines it: यदि प्रयोग एकस्मिन् प्रयोगोऽन्यः प्रयुज्यते । तेन पात्रप्रवेशश्चेत् प्रयोगातिशयस्तदा ॥ 29.
-अर्थः (= प्रत्युत्क्रमः   q. v.).-ग्रहणम् acquirement of practice.
-चतुर, -निपुण   a.
skilled in practice; [M.3;] चतुःषष्टिकलागमप्रयोगचतुरः [Dk.2.] 5.
practically experienced.
-वीर्यम्   (with Buddhists) energy in practice.
-शास्त्रम्   the कल्पसूत्र, which lays down the प्रयोग of various sacrificial acts; प्रयोगशास्त्रमिति चेत् [MS.1.3.11.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
प्रयोग  m.  (-गः)
1. Occasion, cause, motive, object.
2. Consequence, result.
3. Affair, matter.
4. Appointing, appointment.
5. Appli- cation, use, employment.
6. Ceremonial form, course of preceding. [Page493-b+ 60] 7. Usage, practice, as in भूरिप्रयोग.
8. Hurling, throwing, sending.
9. Delivery, recitation.
10. Exhibition of a dance, dancing.
11. Prac- tice, performance, (opposed to theory.)
12. Beginning, commence- ment.
13. Consequence, result.
14. Application of magic, magical rites.
15. Subduing, fascinating.
16. Device, contrivance.
17. Example, comparision.
18. Act, action.
19. Dramatic action or performance.
20. Principal, loan bearing interest.
21. Lending money at interest.
22. Profits of usury or trade.
23. A horse.
24. Text, authority.
E. प्र before, युज् to join, aff. घञ् .

ना.  शास्त्रीय पद्धतीची तपासणी , सिद्धांतपूर्व चाचणी ( प्रयोग शाळेतील );
ना.  कार्यक्रम , खेळ ( नाटक इ .);
ना.  उपयोग , प्रत्यक्ष कृती , वापर ( शस्त्र , अस्त्र , इ .)

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
; conformable action. Ex. किमयाची क्रिया जसी सांगितली तसा आम्ही प्र0 करुन पाहिला परंतु साधत नाहीं. 6 Consequence, result, issue.

 पु. उपनयन . विवाह वगैरे विधी करावयाचे मंत्रमंत्र इत्यादी . ( सं .)

प्रयोग (भार्गव) n.  एक वैदिक सूक्तद्रष्टा [ऋ.८.१०२];[ तै. सं.५.१.१०.२];[ क.सं. १९.१०]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  An experiment. Application. A charm. A form. Reducing to practice. Consequence.

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