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पुष्प—दन्त  m. m.-toothed’, N. of शिव, [R.]
of an attendant of शिव, [MBh.]
of an attendant of विष्णु, [BhP.]
-क   (also ) of a गन्धर्व (author of the महिम्नःस्तवः), [Cat.]
See also:
of a विद्या-धर, [L.]
of a serpent-demon, [L.]
(with जैनs) of the 9th अर्हत् of present अवसर्पिणी
of a partic. being, [Hcat.]
of the elephant of the north-west quarter, ib.
of the mountain शत्रुं-जय, [Śatr.]
(du.) sun and moon, ib.
पुष्प—दन्त  n. n.N. of a temple, [Kathās.]
of a palace, [Buddh.]
of a gate, [Hariv.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पुष्पदन्त  m.  (-न्तः)
1. The elephant presiding over the north-west quarter. 2. A chief of the Gandharbas or Vidyādharas, attendant upons ŚIVA, to whom is ascribed the authorship of the “Mahimna Stotra”.
3. One of the Jinas or Jaina teachers.
4. A Nāga or ser- pent of the infernal regions. m. dual. (-न्तौ) The sun and moon.
E. पुष्प flower, and दन्त a tooth.

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
One of the attendants of Śiva. Due to a curse Puṣpadanta was born on earth as Vararuci. (See under Vararuci). There was another curse also on him. (See under Jambukeśvara).
PUṢPADANTA I   One of the Aṣṭadiggajas. (The eight elephants of the quarters).
PUṢPADANTA II   One of the three soldiers given to Subrahmaṇya by Pārvatī. The other two were Unmāda and Śaṅkukarṇa. [Śloka 51, Chapter 45, Śalya Parva].

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