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पक्ष  n. m. (ifc.f( or ). ) a wing, pinion (in one passage n.), [RV.] &c. &c.
a symbol. N. of the number two, [Var.] ; [Hcat.]
गार्ध्र-प्°   a feather, the feathers on both sides of an arrow (cf.)
निस्-त्वक्-प्°   the fin of a fish (cf.)
the shoulder
the flank or side or the half of anything, [RV.] &c. &c.
the side or wing of a building, [AV.]
the wing or flank of an army, [MBh.] ; [Hariv.]
पूर्व   the half of a lunar month (the first half from new moon to full moon was called or आपूर्यमाण, later शुक्ल or शुद्ध; the other half अपर or अप-क्षीयमाण, later कृष्ण or तामिस्र; each fortnight consists of 15 तिथिs or lunar days called प्रथमा, द्वितीया &c.), [Br.] ; [GṛŚrS.] ; [MBh.] ; [Var.] &c.
a side, party, faction
multitude, number, troop, set, class of beings
शत्रु   partisan, adherent, follower, friend (- ‘the enemy's side’ or ‘a partisan of the enemy’; महा-, ‘one who has many adherents’), [MBh.] ; [Kāv.] &c.
°क्षे   side i.e. position, place, stead (ifc. instead of or by way of), ib.
केश   quantity (See -)
°क्षे   one of two cases or one side of an argument, an alternative (, ‘on the other hand’, with अत्र, ‘in this case’, पक्षा-न्तरे, ‘in the other case’), [Pāṇ.] Sch.
पूर्व   a point or matter under discussion, a thesis, a particular theory, a position advanced or an argument to be maintained (cf.-, उत्तर-)
an action or lawsuit, [Yājñ.] Sch.
(in logic) the proposition to be proved in a syllogism, [Tarkas.] ; [Bhāṣāp.]
मुख्यः पक्षः   any supposition or view, motion, idea, opinion (, ‘an excellent idea’ [Śak.] Sch.), [MBh.] ; [Kāv.] &c.
the sun, [Sāy.] on [RV. iii, 53, 16]
N. of sev. men, [VP.]
(in alg.) a primary division or the side of an equation in a primary division
the wall of a house or any wall, [L.]
an army, [L.]
favour, [L.]
contradiction, rejoinder, [L.]
the ash-pit of a fire-place, [L.]
a royal elephant, [L.]
a limb or member of the body, [L.]
the feathers of the tail of a peacock, a tail, [L.]
proximity, neighbourhood, [L.]
a bracelet, [L.]
purity, perfection, [L.]
पक्ष  mfn. mfn. = पाचक, बाधक, [Sāy.] on [RV. vi, 47, 19.]
पक्ष   [cf. OGerm. fahs; Angl.Sax.feax.]

पक्षः [pakṣḥ]   [पक्ष्-अच्]
A wing, pinion; अद्यापि पक्षावपि नोद्भिद्येते [K.347;] so उद्भिन्नपक्षः fledged; पक्षच्छेदोद्यतं शक्रम् [R.4.4;3.42.]
The feather or feathers on each side of an arrow; अनुसंततिपातिनः पटुत्वं दधतः शुद्धिभृतो गृहीतपक्षाः (शराः) [Śi.2.11.]
The flank or side of a man or animal, the shoulder; स्तम्बेरमा उभयपक्षविनीतनिद्राः [R.5.72.]
The side of anything, a flank; वितत्य पक्षद्वयमायतम् [Ki.14.31.]
The wing or flank of an army; सुपर्णपक्षानिलनुन्नपक्षम् (राक्षसराजसैन्यम्) [Rām.7.6.] 69.
The half of anything.
The half of a lunar month, a fortnight (comprising 15 days; there are two such pakṣas, शुक्लपक्षः the bright or light half, and कृष्ण-तमिस्र-पक्षः the dark half); तमिस्रपक्षेऽपि सह प्रियाभि- र्ज्योत्स्नावतो निर्विशति प्रदोषान् [R.6.34;] [Ms.1.66;] [Y.3.5;] सीमा वृद्धिं समायाति शुक्लपक्ष इवोडुराट् [Pt.1.92;] [Mb.3.26.5.]
(a) A party in general, faction, side; प्रमुदितवरपक्षम् [R.6.] 86; [Śi.2.117;] तुल्यो मित्रारिपक्षयोः [Bg.14.25;] [R.6.] 53;18.17. (b) A family, race; रूपान्वितां पक्षवतीं मनोज्ञां भार्यामयत्नोपगतां लभेत् सः [Mb.13.57.4;] किं क्रन्दसि दुराक्रन्द स्वपक्षक्षयकारक [Pt.4.29.]
One belonging to any party, a follower, partisan; विष्णुपक्षैः प्रतिच्छन्नैर्न भिद्येतास्य धीर्यथा [Bhāg.7.5.7;] शत्रुपक्षो भवान् [H.1.]
A class, multitude, host, any number of adherents; as अरि˚, मित्र˚.
One side of an argument, an alternative, one of two cases; पक्षे 'in the other case, on the other hand' पूर्व एवाभवत् पक्षस्तस्मिन्नाभवदुत्तरः [R.4.1;14.34.] cf. पूर्वपक्ष and उत्तरपक्ष.
A case or supposition in general; as in पक्षान्तरे.
A point under discussion, a thesis, an argument to be maintained.
The subject of a syllogism or conclusion (the minor term); संदिग्धसाध्य- वान् पक्षः T. S., दधतः शुद्धिभृतो गृहीतपक्षाः [Śi.2.11] (where it means 'a feather' also).
A symbolical expression for the number 'two'.
A bird.
A state, condition.
The body.
A limb of the body.
A royal elephant.
An army; [Mb.2.] 16.7.
A wall.
Rejoinder, reply.
A mass, quantity (when in composition with words meaning 'hair'); केशपक्षः; cf. हस्त.
Place, position.
A view, notion, idea.
The side of an equation in a primary division.
The ash-pit of a fire-place.
Proximity, neighbourhood.
A bracket.
Purity, perfection.
A house.
The sun (according to Sāyaṇa); सा पक्ष्या नव्यमायु- र्दधाना [Rv.3.53.16.] -Comp.
-अध्यायः   logic, casuistry.
अन्तः the 15th day of either half month, i. e. the day of new or full moon.
the end of the wings of an army.
पातिता, त्वम् partisanship, adherence to a side or party.
friendship, fellowship.
movement of the wings; न परं पथि पक्षपातिताऽनवलम्बे किमु मादृशेऽपि सा [N.2.52.]
-पातिन् a.  a. or subst.
siding with, adhering to, a party, attached or partial (to a particular cause); पक्षपातिनो देवा अपि पाण्डवानाम् [Ve.3.]
sympathizing; [Ve.3.]
a follower, partisan, friend; यः सुरपक्षपाती [V.1.]
-पालिः   a private door.-पुटः a wing.
-पोषण a.  a. factious, promoting quarrels.-प्राप्तानुवादः a case of the description of a thing which admits of two alternatives (cf. Daṇḍaviveka G. O. S.52, [p.21.] ).
-बिन्दुः   a heron.
भागः the side or flank.
especially, the flank of an elephant.-भुक्ति f. the course traversed by the sun in a fortnight.
-भेदः a.  a. distinction between two sides of an argument.
-रात्रिः   a kind of play or sport.
-वञ्चितकम्   a particular position of hands in dancing.
-वधः   paralysis of one side.
-मूलम्   the root of a wing; उल्लास- पल्लवितकोमलपक्षमूलाः (चकोराः) [Bv.2.99.]
-रचना   forming a party or faction.
वादः an exparte statement.
stating a case, expression of opinion.
-वाहनः   a bird.-व्यापिन् a.
embracing the whole of an argument.
pervading the minor term.
-हत a.  a. paralysed on one side; दृष्ट्वा कुणीन् पक्षहतान् [Mb.12.18.39.]
हरः a bird.
a recreant, traitor.
होमः a sacrificial rite lasting for a fortnight.
a rite to be performed every fortnight.
अन्तरम् another side.
a different side or view of an argument.
another supposition.
-अवसरः = पक्षान्त   q. v.
आघातः palsy or paralysis of one side, hemiplegia.
refutation of an argument.
आभासः a fallacious argument.
a false plaint.
-आहारः   eating food only once in a fortnight; सुपुत्रदारो हि मुनिः पक्षाहारो बभूव ह [Mb.3.26.5.]
-उद्ग्राहिन् a.  a. showing partiality, adopting a side.
-गम a.  a. flying.
-ग्रहणम्   choosing a party; taking the side of.
-घातः = -पक्षाघातः   see above.
-घ्न a.  a. (a house) wanting a side.
चरः an elephant strayed from the herd.
the moon.
an attendant.-छिद् m. an epithet of Indra (clipper of the wings of mountains); क्रुद्धेऽपि पक्षच्छिदि वृत्रशत्रौ [Ku.1.2.]
द्वयम् both sides of an argument.
'a couple of fortnights', i. e. a month.
-द्वारम्   a sidedoor, private entrance.
-धर   a.
adhering to the party of one, siding with any one.
(रः) a bird.
a partisan.
an elephant strayed from the herd.
-नाडी   a quill.
-निक्षेपः   the placing on the side of, counting among.
पातः siding with any one; यद् दुर्योधनपक्षपातसदृशं कर्म [Ve.3.5.]
liking, desire, love, affection (for a thing); भवन्ति भव्येषु हि पक्षपाताः [Ki.3.12;] [U.5.17;] रिपुपक्षे बद्धः पक्षपातः [Mu.1.]
attachment to a party, partisanship, partiality; पक्षपातमत्र देवी मन्यते [M.1;] सत्यं जना वच्मि न पक्षपातात् [Bh.1.47.]
falling of wings, the moulting of birds.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पक्ष   r. 1st and 10th cls. (पक्षति पक्षयति-ते)
1. To take or accept.
2. To take a part or side. भ्वा० चु० उभ० सक० सेट् .
पक्ष  m.  (-क्ष-)
1. The half of a lunar month or fortnight, comprising fif- teen days.
2. A wing, a feather; (it is also neuter in this sense.)
3. [Page410-b+ 60] The feather of an arrow.
4. Partisan.
5. friend.
6. A side, a flank. 7. An army, forces.
8. A house.
9. An argument, a thesis, a posi- tion advanced, doctrine to be maintained.
10. Contradiction, opposition, rejoinder, reply.
11. The subject of an inference.
12. Alternative.
13. A tribe, a class.
14. The ash pit of a fire place. 15. A royal elephant.
16. (In composition with words signifying “hair”.) Quantity, as केशपक्ष much or abundant hair.
17. A bird. 18. A bracelet.
19. Purity, perfection.
20. A limb, a member. 21. A tail.
22. (In Arithmetic,) Side of an equation in a primary division.
23. Condition.
24. A wall.
25. A party.
26. The subject of a syllogism or inference.
E. पक्ष् to take, aff. अच् or पण to tran- sact business, Unādi aff. स, and substituted for the radical final.

ना.  पंधरवडा ;
ना.  गट , तट , पंथ , बाजू .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
: also the cause, opinion, tenets, dogmata espoused. 5 A way or manner; one way among others; an alternative. 6 A side or flank. 7 The feather of an arrow. 8 An argument, a thesis, a position advanced, a doctrine to be maintained. 9 The subject of an inference. 10 A tribe or class. पक्ष धरणें To espouse a side or part.

पक्ष n.  देवयोनि के अंतर्गत ‘गुह्यक’ जाति में से एक पुरुष । यह मणिवर एवं देवजनी के तीस पुत्रों में से एक था (मणिवर देखिये) ।
पक्ष II. n.  (सो. अनु) एक राजा । वायु के अनुसार, अनु राजा का पुत्र चक्षु एवं यह, दोनों एक ही थे ((चक्षु देखिये) ।

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
PAKṢA   See under Kālamāna.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  A wing. A half of a lunar month comprising fifteen days. The Shráddh performed in the dark fort night of भाद्रपद to the manes of all one's male ancestors. A side, party, division. Also the cause, opinion, tenets, dogmata espoused. A way; an alternative. A side or flank. The feather of an arrow. An argument, a position advanced. The subject of an inference.
पक्ष धरणें.   To espouse a side or part.

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