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क्रूर - krūra

See also:  KRŪRA

  Cruel, pitiless, savage. Formidable, ferocious, terrible. Harsh, violent, barbarous, extravagant-ways or deeds.
क्रूरकर्म आचरती, त्‍यांस भीति उत्‍पन्न होती
जे दुष्‍ट कृत्‍ये करतात त्‍यांस नेहमी त्‍याचे परिणाम भोगावे लागतील ही भीति वाटत असते.
वि.  १ निर्दय ; कठोर ; कृपाहीन ; निष्ठुर . २ भयंकर ; उग्र ; भीतिदायक . ३ प्रचंड ; धडाक्यानें जाणारी , वाढणारी ( आग इ० ). ४ अमानुष ; फाजील ; रानटी ( वर्तन , कृत्य ). ५ हिंसक ; हिंद्र . ( प्राणी ); ( सं .)
Cruel, pitiless, savage. 2 Formidable, ferocious, terrible. 3 Fierce, ardent, raging--fire &c. 4 Harsh, violent, barbarous, extravagant, extreme--ways or deeds gen.
वि.  कठोर , दया नसलेला , निर्दय , निष्ठुर ;
वि.  उग्र , भयंकर , भीतिदायक ;
वि.  हिंसक , हिंस्त्र ;
वि.  अमानुष , रानटी .
क्रूर [krūra] a.  a. [कृत-रक् धातोः क्रूः; [Uṇ.2.21]]
Cruel, wicked, hard-hearted, pitiless; तस्याभिषेकसंभारं कल्पितं क्रूरनिश्चया [R.12.4;] [Me.17;] [Ms.1.9;] तानहं द्विषतः क्रूरान् [Bg.16.] 19.
Hard, rough.
Formidable, terrible, fierce, ferocious, savage.
Destructive, mischievous.
Wounded, hurt.
Inauspicious (as opposed to सौम्य and अक्रूर; said of 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th signs of the zodiac which are supposed to have a malignant influence.)
Hard, solid, hardened; [Ś.2.4.]
Hot; disagreeable, sharp; [Ms.2.33.]
Harsh, jarring; क्रूरक्वणत्कङ्कणानि [Mv.1.35.]
-रः, -रम्   Boiled rice.
रः A hawk.
An uneven sign of the zodiac.
 N. N. of a planet (Rāhu or Saturn).
A kind of horse; तद्वद्वामाश्रयाः क्रूरः प्रकरोति धनक्षयम् [Śālihotra 15.]
रम् A wound.
Slaughter, cruelty.
Any horrible deed.
Any frightful appearance. -ind. In a formidable manner; [Mb.3.] -Comp.
-आकृति a.  a. terrible in form (-तिः) epithet of Rāvaṇa.
-आचारः a.  a. following cruel or savage practices; [Ms.4.246.]
-आत्मन्   the planet Saturn.
-आशय   a.
containing fierce animals (as a river).
of a cruel disposition.
-कर्मन्  n. n.
a bloody act.
any hard labour. -a. doing a bloody act; अहं क्रूरकर्मा जात्या चाण्डालः [K.]
-कर्मकृत्  m. m. a rapacious animal; [Ms.12.58.]
-कृत् a.  a. fierce, cruel, unrelenting;
-कोष्ठ a.  a. having costive bowels (unaffected by strong purgatives).
-गन्ध   sulphur.
-चरित,   -चेष्ठितa. cruel, ferocious.
evil-eyed, having a malignant look; [Ks.62.27.]
mischievous, villainous. (-m.) N. of Saturn; also of Mars.
-राविन्  m. m. a raven
-लोचनः   an epithet of the planet Saturn.
क्रूर  mfn. mf(आ॑)n. (fr.क्रवि॑-स्cf.स्थूर॑ and स्थ॑विर), wounded, hurt, sore, [ŚBr.]
‘bloody, raw’, cruel, fierce, ferocious, pitiless, harsh, formidable, [AV.]; [TS. vi]; [Mn.] &c.
सौम्य   inauspicious (as opposed to and अ-क्रूर, said of the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh signs of the zodiac, which are supposed to have a malignant influence, [Jyot.]; said of planets, [VarBṛS.])
hard, solid, [Suśr.]; [Śak.]; [Pañcat.]
मन्द   strong (as a bow, opposed to ), [Nār.]
hot, sharp, disagreeable, [L.]
क्रूर  mn. mn. boiled rice (cf.कूर), [L.]
क्रूर  m. m. a hawk, [L.]
a heron, [L.]
रक्त-करवीर   red oleander (= ), [L.]

क्रूर  n. n. a wound, sore, [AV.]; [VS.]; [TS.]; [ŚBr.]
क्रूर  m. m. blood-shedding, slaughter, cruelty, any horrible deed, harshness, [AV.]; [AitBr. i, 26]; [Mn. i, 29 &c.]
any frightful apparition, [AdbhBr.]
a kind of house, [Gal.]

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