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उप   -√ 1.कृP.Ā.-करोति, -कुरुते, to bring or put near to, furnish with, provide, [Mn.]; [Vikr.]; [Ratnāv.];
to assist, help, favour, benefit, cause to succeed or prosper, [R.]; [Mn.]; [Megh.] &c.;
to foster, take care of;
to serve, do homage to (with acc.; only Ā. by, [Pāṇ. 1-3, 32]; but See, [MBh. i, 6408]), [ŚBr.]; [Rājat.] &c.;
to undertake, begin, set about, [R.];
to scold, insult, [Vop. xxiii, 25];
उप-स्कृ (स् inserted or perhaps original) Ā.-स्कुरुते, to add, supply, [Pāṇ.]; [Vop.]; [Siddh.];
to furnish with;
to prepare, elaborate, arrange, get ready;
to adorn, decorate, ornament;
to deform, disfigure, derange, disorder, spoil;
to take care for, [Pāṇ.]; [Bhaṭṭ.]; [Kāś.];
to bring together, assemble.

उपकृ [upakṛ]   8 U. (a) उपकरोति-कुरुते.
To place or bring near, furnish or provide with, do or render; किं ते भूयः प्रियमुपकरोतु पाकशासनः [V.5;] [Ms.2.149,245;5.32.]
To assist, serve, befriend, oblige, favour, benefit, help; प्राणैरप्युपकुर्वते [Pt.1.83;] [Bk.8.18;] (oft. with gen. of person); सा लक्ष्मीरुपकुरुते यया परेषाम् [Ki.7.28,8.13;] आत्मनश्चोपकर्तुम् [Me.13;] [Śi.2.74;] [K.174;] न हि दीपौ परस्परस्योपकुरुतः Ś. B.; sometimes with loc. also; [Me.8.394.]
To foster, take care of.
To render homage, serve, wait or attend upon (with acc.), हरिमुपकुरुते [Sk.]
To begin, set about anything (with dat.).
To subdue, overcome. (b) उपस्करोति, -स्कुरुते.
To add, supply (वाक्याध्याहारे); उपस्कृतं ब्रूते [P. VI.1.139.] [Sk.]
To provide or furnish with; सिता- तपत्रव्यजनैरुपस्कृतः [bhāg.]
To attend or wait on, serve.
To adorn, decorate, elaborate, refine, polish, prepare, perfect; राजतं चानुपस्कृतम् [Ms.5.112;] उपस्कृता कन्या Sk.; शास्त्रोपस्कृतशव्दसुन्दरगिरः [Bh.2.15.]
(a) To care for, take care of (with acc. of person); [P.I.3.32,] VI.1.139. (b) To make efforts (with gen. of thing); एधोदकस्योपस्कुरुते, मा कस्यचिदुपस्कृथाः [Bk.8.19,119.]
To furnish badly, deform; मांसं यच्चानुपस्कृतम् [Ms.3.257.]
To corrupt, defile, censure; एषोऽनुपस्कृतः प्रोक्तो योध- धमः सनातनः 7.98.
To bring or call together; उपस्कृता ब्राह्मणाः (= समुदिताः Sk.).

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