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संवृ - saṃvṛ

संवृ [saṃvṛ]   1, 5, 9 [U.]
To hide, cover, conceal; मुहुरङ्गुलि- संवृताधरोष्ठम् [Ś.3.24;] [R.1.2;7.3.]
To suppress, restrain, oppose; ऊचे संवरिषीष्ठास्त्वं गच्छ शत्रोः पराक्रमम् [Bk. 9.27.]
To shut up, close.
To contract, compress.
To secure.
To arrange, put in order.
To refuse, reject.
To select, choose. -Caus.
To cover.
To restrain.
To ward off, prevent, avert.
सं-√ वृ   1.P.Ā.-वृणोति, -वृणुते &c. (inf.-वरीतुम्ep. also -वर्तुम्), to cover up, enclose, hide, conceal, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.;
to shut, close (a door), [MBh.];
to put together or in order, arrange, [Kathās.];
to gather up (snares), [Hit.] (v.l.);
to ward off, keep back, restrain, check, stop, [Bhaṭṭ.]; [Kathās.];
(Ā.-वरते) to gather (intr.), accumulate, augment, increase, [RV. i, 121, 5] :
Caus.-वारयति (ind.p.वार्य), to ward off keep or drive back, repel, [MBh.]; [Hariv.];
Desid. See सं-वुवूर्षु, col.2.
See also: सं - √ वृ

सं-√ वृ   2. (Ā. only -वृणुते as 3. pl.), to choose, seek for, [BhP.]
See also: सं - √ वृ

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