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इन्द्राणी  f. f. the wife of इन्द्र, [RV.]; [AV.]; [VS.]; [TS.]; [MBh.] &c.
मातृका   N. of दुर्गा, [Hariv.], (reckoned as one of the eight mothers [] or divine energies)
इन्द्र   the pupil of the left eye (cf.), [ŚBr.]
a kind of coitus, [L.]
the plant Vitex Negundo, [L.]
a species of Colocynth, [Nir.]

इन्द्राणी [indrāṇī]   [इन्द्रस्य पत्नी आनुक् ङीप् [P.IV.1.49.]]
The wife of Indra; आजगाम सहेन्द्राण्या शक्रः सुरगणैर्वृतः [Mb.3.] 14.13.
 N. N. of Durgā, considered as one of the eight mothers or divine energies.
A kind of coitus.
Large cardamoms.
 N. N. of a tree (नीलसिंदुवार); also the plant निर्गुंडी.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
इन्द्राणी  f.  (-णी)
1. The wife of INDRA.
2. A plant, (Vitex negumdo:) see the preceding.
E. इन्द्र, ङीष् affix, and आनुक् augment.

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
INDRĀṆĪ   Wife of Indra (Śacī).
1) Genealogy.
Descended from Viṣṇu thus: Viṣṇu-- Brahmā--Kaśyapa--Pulomā--Śacī (Indrāṇī). Pulomā was an asura born to Kaśyapa by his wife Danu. Indra married Śacī, the daughter of Pulomā, and hence Śacī is called Indrāṇī also. She is called Paulomī also as she was the daughter of Pulomā.
2) Indrāṇī and Śūrapadma.
An Asura called Śūrapadma once coveted Indrāṇī. He deputed his men to fetch Śacī somehow or other to him. Hearing about this, Indra, keeping Indrāṇī with him, went to and stayed in the Chīyāli temple in Koṅkaṇadeśa, and afterwards Indra went to Mount Kailāsa after asking Śāstā to guard Indrāṇī. During Indra's absence Ajāmukhī, sister of Śūrapadma met Indrāṇī and induced her to become Śūrapadma's wife. Indrāṇī refused. Ultimately Indra returned and took Indrāṇī back to Devaloka.
3) Indrāṇī and Nahuṣa.
See under Agastya.
4) Indrāṇī and Pāñcālī.
Mahābhārata says that Pāñcālī was a partial incarnation of Indrāṇī. (See under Pāñcālī). A part of Śacī was born in the family of Drupada as Draupadī, viz. Pāñcālī. [M.B. Ādi Parva, Chapter 67].
(1) Indrāṇī once went to the assembly of Brahmā and worshipped him. [M.B. Sabhā Parva, Chapter 11, Verse 42].
(2) When once Satyabhāmā came to Devaloka with Śrī Kṛṣṇa, Indrāṇī conducted her to Aditi, mother of the Devas. [M.B. Sabhā Parva, Chapter 36].
(3) Śacī also was present at the birth of Subrahmaṇya. [M.B. Śalya Parva, Chapter 46, Verse 13].
(4) Indrāṇī and Arjuna. (See under Arjuna).

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