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आ-नन्द  m. m. happiness, joy, enjoyment, sensual pleasure, [RV.] ; [AV.] ; [VS.] ; [R.] ; [Ragh.] &c.
See also: - नन्द
आ-नन्द  mn. mn. ‘pure happiness’, one of the three attributes of आत्मन् or ब्रह्मन् in the वेदान्त philosophy, [Vedāntas.] &c.
See also: - नन्द
आ-नन्द  m. m. (in dram.) the thing wished for, the end of the drama ([e.g. the VIth Act in the [Veṇīs.] ]), [Sāh. 399]
See also: - नन्द
a kind of flute
the sixteenth मुहूर्त
N. of शिव
of a लोकेश्वर ([Buddh.] )
of a बल ([Jain.] ), [L.]
of several men
आनन्द   (also) N. of one of the chief disciples of गौतमबुद्ध, [MWB. 47] &c.
आनन्द   N. of various authors &c., [Cat.]
of a country
आ-नन्द  mn. mn.N. of the forty-eighth year of the cycle of Jupiter
See also: - नन्द
आ-नन्द  n. n. a kind of house
See also: - नन्द
आनन्द   (often at the beginning and end of proper names.)

आनन्दः [ānandḥ]   [आनन्द्-घञ्]
Happiness, joy, delight, pleasure; आनन्दं ब्रह्मणो विद्वान्न बिभेति कदाचन T. Up. supreme bliss of felicity; आनन्द एवास्य विज्ञानमात्मानन्दात्मनो हैवं सर्वे देवाः [Śat. Br.]
God, Supreme Spirit (ब्रह्मन्) (said to be n. also in this sense; cf. विज्ञानमानन्दं ब्रह्म [Bṛi. Up.3.9.28.] ).
 N. N. of the forty-eighth year of the cycle of Jupiter.
 N. N. of Śiva.
 N. N. of Viṣṇu.
 N. N. of Balarāma (according to Jaina doctrines).
 N. N. of a cousin and follower and favourite disciple of Buddha Śākyamuni, compiler of the Sūtras.
A variety of the Daṇḍaka metre.
-दा, -दी  N. N. of two plants (Mar. भाङ्ग, रानमोगरी).
दम् Wine, liquor.
A kind of house. -Comp.
-अर्णवः   the delight of Brahman.-काननम्,
-वनम्  N. N. of Kāśi.
-गिरिः, -ज्ञानः, -ज्ञानगिरिः   N of a celebrated annotator on Śaṅkarāchārya.
-ज a.  a. caused by joy (as tears).
-तीर्थः  N. N. of Madhva, the founder of a Vaiśṇava school of philosophy.
-द, -कर a.  a. exhilarating, delighting.
-करः   The moon; दधार सर्वात्मकमात्मभूतं काष्ठा यथानन्दकरं मनस्तः [Bhāg. 1.2.18.]
-दत्तः [आनन्दो दत्तो येन]   the membrum virile.-पटः [आनन्दजनको पटः] a bridal garment.
-पूर्ण a.  a. delighted supremely, full of bliss. (-र्णः) the Supreme Spirit.
-प्रभवः   semen.
-भैरव a.  a. causing both joy and fear. (-वः) N. of Śiva.
-लहरिः, -री  f. f. 'wave of enjoyment', title of a small hymn by Śaṅkarāchārya addressed to Pārvatī.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
आनन्द  m.  (-न्दः)
1. Happiness, joy.
2. BALARAMA according to the Jaina system of many KRISHNAS and many BALARAMAS.
 n.  (-न्दं) GOD, Supreme spirit, according to the Vedanta.
 f.  (-न्दी) A plant, vul- garly Ākanpata.
E. आङ् before नदि to be or make happy, घञ aff.
See also: आङ् - नदि - घञ

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
ĀNANDA   A forest on the top of the mountain Mahāmeru. It was inhabited by celestial damsels, devas, gandharvas and Maharṣis. [Chapter 93, Bhūmi Khaṇḍa, Padma Purāṇa] .
ĀNANDA (CĀKṢUṢA)   Son of Maharṣi Anamitra. It was he who was born as Cākṣuṣa, the sixth Manu. There is a story behind his birth. One day, while his mother was keeping him in her lap and caressing him the baby laughed and questioned “Oh mother why are you caressing me, but look at those two cats. They consider me as their food”. After some time one of the cats took the child away and put it in the cradle of the child of King Vikrānta. Vikrānta took the child as his for granted and reared him. At the time of Upanayana the King asked the boy to prostrate before his mother at which the boy exclaimed “Oh King, I am not your son. Your son is at some other place. By births and rebirths all of us have many mothers and so it is better to be above rebirths”. After having said so much Ānanda went to the forest and started doing penance. Brahmā appeared before him and blessing him said that he would become the sixth Manu and lead the world to righteousness. By the blessing of Brahmā Ānanda was reborn as Cākṣuṣamanu. (See under Cākṣuṣa). [Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa] .

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