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मराठी मुख्य सूची|मराठी साहित्य|गाणी व कविता|कृष्‍णाजी नारायण आठल्‍ये|

तिकुडचें पहिलें पत्र - श्लोक [शिखरिणी]

हे पुस्तक ' केरळकोकिळ ' या मासिकात प्रथम १९१७ साली छापण्यांत आले.

श्लोक [शिखरिणी]
करोनी नाथा मी स्‍मरण तुमचें नित्‍य झुरत ।
यशस्‍वी होवोनी कधिं तरि बरें याल परत ॥
जयश्रीनें युक्त त्‍वरित तुमचें दर्शन घडो ।
मुखीं सर्वत्रांच्या नरहरिकृपें साखर पडो ॥२६॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • An ancient merchant. In the Kathāpīṭhalambaka of Kathāsaritsāgara a story is told to demonstrate that even without any capital an ingenious and industrious man can earn money. A merchant got this name by means of his industry. Once a poor man of no resources went to the house of a great merchant named Viśākhila. He was then admonishing a young man of his own caste. The merchant was saying, “See, here is a dead rat on the ground. A clever man would earn money by using this as a capital. To you I have given money for business on several occasions. Not only that you have not increased it but also you have lost it.” The poor man who went to him requested the merchant to give him the dead rat. Viśākhila greatly amused at the request gave him the rat. A rich man bought it for his cat to eat and gave him instead two measures of Bengal gram. He roasted it and made it palatable and then with a pot of water went outside the city gates and sat under a tree on the road-side. Wood-cutters were passing that way carrying loads and he sold the roasted gram and water to them who purchased it with eagerness to ease their weariness. They gave him in exchange firewood and in the evening he took it to the market and sold it. With the money he purchased more Bengal gram and continued the trade as before and after a few days he purchased from them a great stock of firewood. Suddenly there were heavy rains and there was a scarcity of firewood in the market and he sold his stock for good price. With the money thus received he purchased some goods and started a grocery shop. Gradually his business increased and he became a big merchant. Because he started the business from a Mūṣika (rat) he got the nick-name Mūṣika. 

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