Doha - 11A-C
(In the gynaeceum) the mothers-in-law immediately bathed Janaka's Daughted with all tenderness and carefully attired her in heavely robes with rich jewels for every part of Her body. On Sri Rama's left side shone forth Rama (Laksmi) Herself, a mine of beauty and goodness. The mothers were all delighted at the sight and accounted their life as fully rewarded. Listen, O king of the birds. (continues Kakabhusundi) on that occasion Brahma(the Creator), Lord Siva and multitudes of sages came to see the Fountain of joy and so did all the gods, mounted on their aerial cars.

The soul of the sage. (Vasistha) was enraptured as he gazed upon the Lord; he sent at once for a heavely throne, which was effulgent as the sun and defied all description. Bowing His head to the Brahmanas, Sri Rama took His seat thereon. The whole host of sages was overjoyed as they looked upon the Lord of the Raghus, along with Janaka's Daughter. Then the Brahmans recited the Vedic hymns, while in the heavens above the gods and sage shouted" Victory!!" Victory!!" The sage Vasistha first of all applied the sacred mark himself and then he directed all the other Brahmanas to do likesie. The mothers were transported with joy at the  sight of their son and waved lights above His head again and again. They bestowed a variety of gifts on the Brahmans and gave the beggars so much that they begged no more. Perceving the lord of all the three spheres seated on the throne of ayodhya the gods sounded their kettle-drums.

A large unber of kettle-drums sounded in the heavens above; the Gandharvas and Kinnaras (the celestial musicians)sang and heavenly nymphs danced to the supreme delight of the gods and sages. Bharat Laksmana and Satrughna with Vibhisana, angada Hanuman and the rest shone forth beside the Lord each holding severeally the royal umbrella, chowrie, fan, bow, sword with shield and spear. With Laksmi(Sita)by His side the Jewel of the solar race shone forth with the beauty of a myriad Cupids. His exquisite form, possessing the hue of a fresh rain-cloud, cald in yellow robes, enchanted the soul of gods. A diadem, armlets and other marvellous ornaments adorned the various part of His body; He had lotus-like eyes and a broad chest and long arm. Blessed indeed are those men who behold such a form.

Doha - 12A-C
O king of the birds. (continues Kakabhusundi,) the beauty of the sight, the uniqueness of the assembly and the delight of the occasion each defied description. Sarada (the goddess of learning), Sesa(the thousand-headed serpent-god) and the Vedas ever describle them; while their sapor is known to the great Lord Siva alone. Having severally hymned the Lord's praises the gods returned each to his own abode. Then came the Vedas in the disguise of bards, into the presence of Sri Rama. The omniscient and All-merciful Lord received them with great honour, though no else could penetrate into the mystery; and the bards began to recite His praises:-

"Hali, Crest-Jewel of kings, incomparable in your beauty; thought transcending Maya and her attributes, you possess innumerable divine attributes. You killed by the might of Your arm fierce, mighty and wicked demons like the ten-headed Ravana. Appearing in human garb, you crushed he armies that constiuted the Earth's burden and ended her terrible woes. Hail, merciful Lord, Protector of the suppliant! We adore you with Your Spouse. Subject to Your reletless Maya (deluiding potency), O Hari, gods and demons. Nagas and human beings, nay, all animate and inanimate beings wander for nuberless days and night in the path of metempsychosis impelled by Time, Marma (destiny) and the Gunas (modes of Prakrti). Those, O Lord, whom You ever regarded with compassion have been rid of the threefold affilction. Protect us, Rama, prompt as You are in putting an end to the toils of mundane existence; we adore You. Intoxicated with the pride of wisdom, they who respect not Devotion to Your, which takes away the fear of transmigration, may climb up to a rank which even gods find it fdifficult to attain; yet O Hari, we see them fall from it. On the other hand, they who have abandoned all other hopes and with unqualified faith choose to remain Your servants easily cross the ocean of transmigration by merely repeating Your Name. It is for this reason, O Lord, that we particularly invoke You. O Mukunda (Bestower of Liberation), O Rama, that we Rama (Laksmi), we ever adore Your lotus-feet, which are worthy of adoration to Lord Siva and the unborn Brahma, the touch of whose blessed dust redeemed Ahalya (the wife of the sage Gautama), from whose nails flowed the heavenly stream (Ganga)--which is reverenced even by  the sages and sanctifies all the three spheres--and the soles of which, while bearing the marks of a flag, thunderbolt, goad and lotus, are further adorned by scars left by thorns that priched them in course of your wanderings in the forest. We further adore You as the tree of the universe, which, as the Vedas and the Agamas (Tantras) declare, has its root in the Unmanifest (Brahma)and has existed from time without beginning; which has four coats of bark, six stems tewnty-five boughs, numberless leaves and abundant flowers; which bears two kinds of fruits--bitter and sweet, which has a solitry creeper clinging to it and which puts on ever fresh foliage and evernew flowers. Let those who meditate on Brahma(the Absolute)as unborn, the one without a second, perceptible only through intuition and as beyond the ken of mind, preach and believe like that. We, for our part, O Lord, ever chant the glories of Your visible form. O All-merciful and All-effulgent Lord, O mine of noble virtues, this is the boon we ask of You: May we love Your feet, casting off all oberrations of thought, word and deed."

Doha - 13A-B
While everyone looked on, the Vedas uttered their grand prayer; and then they vanished out of sight and returned to Brahma's abode (Satyaloka or the seventh Paradise). Listen, O Garuda (son of Vinata): then came Sambhu (Lord Siva) into the presence of Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line) and with a choking voice and every hair on his body standing erect He thus made supplication:-

"Hail to You, Rama, Rama's (Sita's) Spouse, Reliever of the afflictions of worldly existence! Protect this servant, who is obsessed with the fear of transmigration. O King of Ayodhya, ruler of the gods, Lord of Laksmi, all-pervading Master! Having fled to You for refuge, I implore You: pray, extend Your protecton to Me. By disposing of Ravana who possessed as many as ten heads and twenty arms. You rid the earth of many a severe scourage. The hosts demons were a veritable swarm of moths that were reduced to ashed by the fierce glow of Your fire-like arrows. An exceedingly beautiful jewel of the terrestrial globe. You have armed Yourself with an excellent bow, arrows and quiver. you are a radiant sun as it were to desperse the thick darkness prevailing in the night of pride, gross ignorance and attachment. The hunter in the form of lust has laid low the human deer by piercing his heart with the shafts of evil desire: O Lord! pray, kill the hunter and thus save the life of these poor helpless creatures lost as they are in the wilderness of sensuality, O Hari! People are stricken with a host of diseases and bereavements, which are surely the result of neglecting Your feel. Those men who cherish no love for your lotus-feet continue to drift in the fathomless ocean of mundane exstence. They are ever most wretched, impure and unhappy, who have no devotion to Your lotus-feet. On the other hand, they who derive their sustenance from Your stories hold the saints and the eternal Lord (Yourself)as constantly dear to them. They are free from pasion, greed pride and arrogance; prosperity and adversity are alike to them. That is why sages give up for ever all faith in Yoga(mental discipline)and gladly become Your servants. With a pure heart and under a solemn pledge they constantly and lovingly adore Your lotus-feet. Regarding honour and ignorminy alike, all such saints move about happily on earth. O Hero of Raghus line, invincible and exceedingly staunch in battle, indwelling as a bee the lotus heart of sages, I take refuge in You. I repeat Your Name and bow to You, O Hari; You are a sovereign remedy for the disease of birth and death and an enemy of pride. I constantly greet You, Laksmi's Spouse, supreme abode of goodness, amiability and compassion. O Delight of the Raghus, put an end to all pairs of contrary experiences (such as joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion, etc.); O Ruler of the earth just cast a glance on this humble servant.

Doha - 14A-B
"Again and Again I ask only this boon of You--be pleased to grant it, O Lord of Laksmi: unceasing devotion to Your lotus-feet and constant communion with your devotees. "Having thus hymned Sri Rama's praises, Uma's Lord (Siva) joyously returned to Kailasa. The then assigned the monkeys residences that were comfortable in every respect.

Listen, O king of the birds, (continues Kakabhusundi): this story purifies the heart and rids one of the threefold affliction and the fear of birth and death. By hearing the narrative of King Rama's blessed Coronation emn acquire dispassion and discernment. Those men who hear or sing it with some intersted motive attain happiness and prosperity of every kind; after enjoying in this world pleasures to which even gods can scarce attain they ascend to Sri Rama's divine. Abode at the end of their earthly career. If liberated soul, a man of dispassion and a sensual person hear it, they severally obtain Devotion, Final beatitude and everincreasing prosperity. O king of the birds. (continues Kakabhusundi,) the story of Sri Rama, that I have narrated according to my own lights, takes away the fear of birth and death and rids one of sorrow. It confirms one's dispassion, discernment and devotion and is a splendid boat to take one across the river of ignorance. Everyday there was some new rejoicing in Kosalapura (the city of Ayodhya) people of all classes were happy. Everybody cherished an ever-growing affeection for Sri Rama's lotus-feet, which are adored even by Lord Siva, Brahma (the Unborn) and the sages. Mendincants were provided with clothes of various kinds; while the twice-born (Brahmanas) received gifts of every description.

Doha - 15
the monkeys were drowned in the joy of absorption into Brahma; all were devoted to the Lord's feet. Days rolled by them unnoticed till period of six months had elaspsed.

They had forgotten their home so completely that they never thought of it even in a dream any more than a saint would harbour ill-will towards another. The Lord of the Raghus then called all His comrades; all came and bowed their heads with reverence. Most lovingly He seated them by His side and addressed them in tender words, which were the delight of devotees: "You have rendered unstinted service to Me; but how can I praise you to your face? You renounced your home and comforts on My account; hence you have endeared yourselves most to Me. My younger brothers, My crown, My fortune, Sita (My spouse), My life, My home, My near and dear once are all dear to Me; but none so dear as you; I tell you no untruth, I simply reveal My nature to you. Every master, as a rule, loves his sevant; but I, for one, am exception fond of My servants.

Doha - 16
"Now, My comrades, return to your home all of you, and worship Me with a steadifast vow. Knowing Me as ominipresent and friendly to all, Me most dearly."

On hearing the Lord's words all were so enraptured that they forgot their bodily existence and did not know who and where they were. Joining their palms they stood looking on with unwinking eyes; they were too overwhelmed with love to speak anything. The Lord perceived their excessive fondness and gave them special instruction in wisdom inculcating the truth on them in various ways. They, however, could not utter a word in the presence of the Lord; they would simply gaze on His lotus-feet again and again. The Lord then called for jewels and costumes of various colours, incomparbly beautiful; and Bharata with his own hands got ready a set with which he invested Sugriva first of all. By the Lord's command Laksmana then invested Vibhisana (the king of Lanka)with another set, which gladdened the heart of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) Angada, however, remained seated and refused to stir; and the Lord who saw his affection did not call him.

Doha - 17 A-B
then the Lord of the Raghus Himself invested with clothes and jewels Jambavan, Nila and all the rest; and enshrining Sri Rama's image in their heart they all bowed their heads at His feet and took their leave. Now Angada arose and bowed his head; and with joined palms and eyes full of tears he addressd the Lord in words which were not only most polite but steeped as it were in the nectar of love:-

"Listen, all-wise, all-merciful and all-bissful Lord, full of compassion to the meek and the befriender of the afficted: it was in Your cahrge, my lord, that Vali (my father) left me while departing from this world. Therefore, recalling Your vow of affording protection to the forlorn, forsake me not, O benefactor of the devotees. You are my master, preceptor, father and mother, all in one; where can I go, leaving Your lotus-feet? Ponder Yourself and tell me, O Ruler of men: severed from You, of what use is my home to me? Extend Your protection to this unmble servant, a mere child, without knowledge, reason or strength. I will do all menial service in your household and shall cross the ocean of mundane existence by the mere sight of Your lotus-feet." So saying he fell at His feet, adding, "Save me, my lord, and tell me no more my master to return home."

Doha - 18A-B
Hearing Angada's humble entreaty Lord Sri Rama, the perfection of tenderness, raised him and clasped him to His bosom, lotus eyes streaming with tears, Investing Vali's (Angada) with the garland that hung on His own bosom as well as with His own robes and jewels, the Lord then sent him away with many words of consolation.

Conscious of the devotees' services, Bharata as well as his younger brother (Satrughna) and Laksmana (Sumitra's son) proceeded to see them off. Angada's heart was so full of love that he we would turn again and again to have one more look at Sri Rama. He would repeatedly prostrate himself on the ground and expected that Sri Rama might ask him to stay on. He became sad as he recalled the characteristic way in which Sri Rama looked, talked, walked and smilingly greeted His friends. But when he perceived in the Lord's look what was in His mind, he departed with many a word of prayer, impressing His lotus-feet on his heart. Having seen all the monkeys off with utmost respect, Bharata and his younger brother returned. Then Hanuman(who had evidently accompanied his master to see him off) clasped the feet of Sugriva and sought his favour in many ways: "After spending ten more days in the service of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus). if you please, I will see your feet again, my master. " A storehouse of merit as you are, O son of the wind-god, you go and serve the All-merciful." So saying all the monkeys forthwith departed. angada, however, tarried to say, "Listen, Hanuman

Doha - 19A-C
"With joined palms I beseech you: please convey my prostrations to the Lord and remember me to Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) from time to time." So saying, vali's son(Angada) started on his journey; while Hanuman came back and told the Lord of Angada's love, which filled the Lord with ecstatic delight. Harder far than adamant and softer than a flower is the heart of Sri Rama, O king of the birds, (continues Kakabhusundi): tell me, who know it?

Next the All-merciful summorned the Nisada chief (Guha) and presented him with jewels and rainment as a token of His pleasure. "Now return to your home; but remember Me and follow the dictates of religion in thought, word and deed. You, My friend are as much My brother as Bharata; you must continue to visit the capital every now and then. " Guha was immensely gratified to hear these words; he fell at the Lord's feet, his eys full of tears. Enshrining an image of His lotus feet in his heart he returned home and told his kinsmen of the Lord's amiable dispositon. witnessing the doings of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) the citizens repeatedly said, "Bleassed is the All-blissful Lord!" Sri Rama's installation to the throne brought joy to all the three spheres and ended all their sorrows. No one enmity to another; Sri Rama's glory had oblitereated all disharmony.

Doha - 20
Devoted to duty each according to his own caste and stage of life, the people trod the path of the Vedas and enjoyed happiness. They knew no fear, nor sorrow nor disease.

In the whole of Sri Rama's dominions there was none who suffered from affliction of any kind-whether of the body, or proceeding from divine or supernatural agencies or that caused by another living being. All men loved one another; each followed one's prescribed duty, conformably to the precepts of the Vedas. Dharma with its four pillars (viz.,truth, purity--both external and internal--compassion and charity) reigned everywhere throught the world; no one even dreamt of sin. Men and women alike were devoted to Sri Rama's worship and all were qualified for final beatitude. There was no premature death nor suffering of any kind; everyone was comely and sound of body. No one was destitute, afflicted or miserable; no on was stupid or devoid of auspicious marks. All ware unafeectedly good, pious and virtuous; all were clever and accomplished--both men and women. Everyone recognized the merits of others and was learned and wise; nay, everyone acknowledge the services and benefits receved from others and there was no guileful prudence.


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