I unceasingly extol Sri Rama, the praiseworthy lord of Sita (Janaka's Daughter), the chief of Raghu's line, possessed of a form greenish blue as the nect of a peacock and adorned with a print of the Brahmana's lotus-foot--which testifies to His being the greatest of all gods-rich in spelendour, clad in yellow robes, lotus-eyed, ever-propitious, holding a bow and arrow in His hands, yellow robes. lotus-eyed ever-propitious, holding a bow and arrow in His hands, mounted on the aerial car named Puspaka, accompanied by  a host of monkeys and waited upon by His own brother (Laksmana).

The lotus-feet of Sri Rama (the Lord of Kosala), charming and delicate, are adored by Brahma(the Unborn) and the greatest Lord Siva and fondled and fondled by the lotus hands of Janaka's Daughter and are the haunt of the bee-like mind of the worshipper.

I glorify the All-merciful Lord Sankara, possessing a comely form, while as the jasmine. flower, the moon and the conch, with eyes resembling a lovely lotus, Ambika's (Mother Parvati;s) Spouse, the bestower of one's desired fruit and the deliver from the clutches of carnality.

The terms of Sri Rama's exile was to expire only the the next day, which made the people of the city extremely anxious. Wasted in body through separation from Sri Rama, men and women alike were plunged in thought everywhere. Meanwhile auspicious omens of all kinds occurred and everyone felt cheerful at heart. The city itself brightened up all round. as if to announce the Lord's advent. Kausalya and the other mother all felt inwardly happy as if someone was about to tell them that the Lord had come with Sita and Laksman. Bharata's right eye and arm throbbed again and again, Recognizing this to be a lucky omen. He felt overjoyed at heart; but the very next moment he became thoughtful again.

The terms of Sri Rama's exile, while was the sole hope of his life, was going to expire only a day hence: the thought filled Bharata's mind with untold grief. "How is it that the Lord did not turn up? Has He cast me out of His mind, Knowing me to be crooked? Ah! How blessed and fortunate is Laksmana, who is truly devoted to Sri Rama's lotus-feet. The Lord knew me to be false and perverse; that is why He refused to take me along with Him If the Lord were to consider my doings, there would be no redemption from me even after countless cycles. But the Lord never takes into account the faults of His devotees, being a friend of the humble and most tender hearted I have a firm conviction in my heart that Sri Rama will surely meet me; for the omens are so propitious. But if I outlive the expiety, of the time-limit, no one would be so despicable in this world asI."


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