Doha - 1A-B
While Bharata's mind was thus sinking in the ocean of separation from Sri Rama, the son of the wind-god disguised as a Brahmana, came like a bark to his rescue. He found Bharata seated on a mat of Kusa grass, emaciated in body, with a coil of matted hair for a crown and the words "Rama, Rama, Raghupati" on his lips, his lotus eyes streaming with tears.

At this sight Hanuman was over-joyed every hair on his body stood erect and his eyes rained copiously. He felt gratified at heart in everyway and addressed Bharata in words that were as nectar to his ears: "He, in whose absence you sorrow day and night, the catalogue of whose virtues you are incessantly recounting the glory of Raghu's line, the delight of the virtuous and the deliver of gods and sages, has safely arrived. Having conquered His foe in battle, with the gods to hymn His priases, the Lord is now on His way with Sita and Laksmana" The moment Bharata heard these words he forgot all his woes, like a thirsty man who has secured nectar. "Who are you, my beloved friedn, and whence have you come? You have told me a most plasing news. " Listen, O fountain of mercy: I am the son of the wind-god, a monkey; Hanuman is my name. I am a humble servant of Sri Rama (the Lored of the Raghus), the befriender of the meek." Hearing this, Bharata rose and reverently embraced him. The affection with which he embraced him was too great for his heart to contain; his eyes streamed with tears and every hair on his body stood erect. "At your very sight, O Hanuman, all my woes have disappeared. In you I have embraced today my beloved Rama Himself." Again and again he enquired after Sri Rama's health and said, "Listen, brother; what shall I give you (in return for this happy news)? I have pondered and found that there is nothing in this world to match the news you hve brought. I am thus unable to reply my debt to you. Now, pray, recount to me the doings of my lord. " Then Hanuman bowed his head at Bharata's feet and narrated all the meritorious deeds of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) "Tell me, Hanuman, does my gracious lord ever remember me as one of His servants?

"Did the Jewel of Raghu's line ever remember me as His servant?" Hanuman was thrilled with joy to hear this over-modest question of Bharata and fell at the latter's feet, saying to himself, "How can he be otherwise than humble, the holiest of the holy and an ocean of noble virtues, whose praises Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line), the lord of the animate and inanimate creation, recites with His own lips?"

Doha - 2A-B
"To Rama you are dear as life, my lord: take my words to be true, dear brother." Hearing this, Bharata embraced Hanuman again and again with a joy which could not be contained in his heart. Bowing his head at Bharata' feet, Hanuman forth with returned to Sri Rama and drawing close to Him told Him that all was well. The Lord then mounted His aerial car and joyfully proceeded (towards His destination).

Bharata too retuned with joy to Ayodhya and broke all the news to his preceptor (the sage Vasistha) He then made it know inside the palace that the Lord of the Raghus was approaching Ayodhya safe and sound. On hearing the news all the mothers started up and ran; but Bharata eased their mind by personally telling them of the Lord's welfare. When the information reached the citizens men and women all ran out in their joy (to meet their lord). With gold plates containing curds, Durva grass, the sacred yellow pigment known by the name of Gorocana, fruits and flowers and young leaves of the sacred Tulasi (basil) plant, the root of all blessings, ladies sallied forth with the stately gait of an elephant singing they went. All ran out just as they happened to be and did not take children or old folk with them. People asked one another: "Brother, did you see gracious Lorde of the Raghus?" Having come to know of the Lord's advent, the city of Ayodhya became a mine of all beauty. A delightfull breeze breathed soft, cool and fragrant. The Sarayu rolled down crystal clear water.

Doha - 3A-C
Accompanied by his preceptor (the sage Vasistha) and kinsmen, his younger brother (Satrughna) and a host of Brahmanas, with a heart overflowing with affection, Bharat joyfully set forth to receive the All-merciful. Many women. who had climbed up their attics, looked above for the aerial car in the sky. And the moment they espied it they began in their joy to sing festal songs in melodious strains. Just as the sight of the full moon brings joy to the ocean and swells it, the city of Ayodhya too joyfully rushed with a tumltuous noise to meet the Lord of the Raghus, the women of the city moving to and fro like so many waves.

At the end Sri Rama, who brought delight to the solar race as the sun to the lotus, was busy showing the charming city to the monkeys. "Listen, Sugriva (lord of the monkeys) Angada and Vibhisana (lord of Lanka), holy is this city and beautiful this land. Although all have extolled Vaikuntha (My divine Abode), which is familiar to the Vedas and the Puranas and known throughout the world, it is not so dear to Me as the city of Ayodhya only some rare soul knows this secret. This beautiful city is My birthplace; to the north of it flows the holy Sarayu, by bathing in which men secure a home near Me without any difficulty. The dwellers here are very dear to Me; the city is not only full of bliss itself but bestows a residence in My divine Abode." The monkeys were all delighted to hear these words of the Lord and said, "Blessed indeed is Ayodhya, that has evoked praise from Sri Rama Himself!"

Doha - 4 A-B
When the All-merciful Lord saw all the people coming out to meet Him, He urged on the aerial car to halt near the city and so it came down to the ground. On alighting from the car, the Lord said to the Puspaka. "You now return to Kubera."Thus enjoined by Sri Rama, the aerial car departed, full of joy and deep agony at parting.

Along with Bharata came all the other people emciated body because of their separation from the Hero of Raghu's line. When the Lord saw the great sages Vamadeva. Vasistha and others, He dropped His bow and arrows on the ground and ran with His brother (Laksmana) to clasp His preceptor's lotus-feet, with every hair on their body erect. Vasistha (the chief of the sages) embraced them (in return) and enquired after their welfare. Sri Rama replied, "It is in your grace alone that our welfare lies. "The Lord of Raghu's race, the champion of righteousness, now met all the other Brahmanas and bowed His head to them. Then Bharata clasped the Lord's lotus-feet, which are adored by gods and sages. Sankara and Brahma not excepted He lay prostrate on the ground and would not rise even though being lifted up, till at last the All-merciful forcibly took and pressed him to His bosom Every on His swarthy form stood erect and His lotus eyes were flooded with tears.

His lotus eyes streamed with tears, while bristling hair served to adorn His comely person as Lord Sri Rama, the sovereign of the three spheres, clasped Bharata to His bosom with utmost affection. I find no parallel by which I may illustrate the beauty of the Lord's meeting with his younger brother: it seemd as though the  Erotic sentiment and Afiection had met together in exquisite bodily form. The All-merciful enquired after Bharata's welfare; but words did not readily come to his help. Listen, Siva; (continues Lord Siva, )the bliss (which Bharata enjoyed at the moment) was beyond one's speech and mind; it is known only to those who feet it. "All is now well with me, since the All-merciful Lord of Kosala has blessed me with His sight, realizing the distress of His servant, and taken me by the hand just when I was sinking in the ocean of desolation."

Doha - 5
The Lord then gladly met satrughna and pressed him to His bosom. Next came the turn of Laksmana and Bharata and the two brothers embraced each other with utmost affection.

Then Laksmana embraced Satrughna (Bharata's younger brother) and thus relieved each other of the terrible agony of separation. Bharata and Satrughna bowed their head at Sita's feet and felt supreme delight. The citizens were transported with joy at the sight of the Lord. All the woes begotten of their separation from the Lord now ended Seeing all the people impatient in their love to meet the Lord, the All-merciful Slayer of Khara wrought a miracle. He forthwith appeared in countless forms and in this way th egracious Lord met everbody in an approprite manner. The Hero of Raghu's line rid all men and women of their sorrow by casting His mystery which none could comprehend. Having thus gratified all, Sri Rama, who was a repository of amiability and goodness, proceeded further. Kausalya and the other mothers all ran out to meet Him, even as a cow that has lately calved would run at the sight of its little one.

It seemed as though cows that had recently calved and had been forced to go out to the woods for grazing leaving their little ones at home, had at the close of day rushed forth lowing towards the village with dripping teats, The Lord met all the mothers with utmost affection and spoke many a soft words to them. In this way the dire calamity that had come upon them as a result of separation from Sri Rama came to an end and they derrived infinite joy and gratification.

Doha - 6A-B
Sumitra embraced her son (Laksman) remembering how devoted he was to Sri Rama's feet. As for Kaikeyi she felt very uncomfortable at heart while embracing Sri Rama. Laksmana too embraced all his mothers and was delighted to receive their blessings. But even though he met Kaikeyi again and again, his bitterness of feeling towards her did not leave him.

Videha's Daughter (Sita) greeted all Her mother-in-law and was transported with joy as She clasped their feet. They enquired after Her welfare and blessed Her: "May your married life be happy for ever. "All gazed upon the lotus face of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) and remembering that it was an occasion for rejoicing checked the tears that rose in their eyes. Burning festal lights in gold plates they waved them above Sri Rama's head (in order to ward off evil forces) and again and again contmplated the Lord's person. They scattered every kind of offering about Him (in order to avert an evil eye), their heart full of supreme felicity and jubilation. Again and again did Kausalya gaze upon the Hero of Raghu's line, who was an ocean of compassion and an irresistible warior, eacfh time pondering within herself: "How can be have killed the lord of Lanka? Too delicate of body are my two boys, while the demons were great champions of extraordinary might!"

Doha - 7
As the mother (Kausalya) looked upon the Lord with Laksmana and Sita, her soul was overwhlmed with supreme felicity and the hair on her body bristled up again and again.

Vibhisana (the king of Lanka) Sugriva (the lord of the monkeys), Nala, Nila, Jambavan, Angada, Hanuman and the other monkey heros, who were all of a virtuous disposition, had assumed charming human forms. With great reverence and love all applauded Bharata's affection, amiability, austerities and discipline. when they saw the citizens mode of life, they all extolled their devotion to the Lord's feet. Then the Lord of the Raghus summoned all His comrades and exhorted them: "Clasp the feet of My Guru, the sage Vasistha, who is worthy of adoration to our whole race. It was by his grace that all the demons were slain in battle." "(Turning to the sage) Listen holy sir: all these My comrades proved as so many barks in taking Me across the ocean of the battle. They staked their life in My cause: they are dearer to Me even than Baharata. " They were all enraptured to hear the Lord's word; every moment that passed gave birth to some new joy.

Doha - 8A-B
Then they bowed their heads at Kausalya's feet, who rejoiced to give them her blessing adding: "You are as dear to me as the Lord of the Raghus." The sky was obscured with the showers of flowrs as the Fountain of joy took His way to the palace. Throngs of men and women of the city mounted the attics to have a look at the Lord.

All the people at their door vases of gold picturesquely decorated and equipped with necessary articles, Everyone prepared and set festoons, flags and buntings all to make show. All the were sprinkled with perfumes and scented wated and a number of mystic were drawn and filled in with pearls found in the projections of an elephants's forehead. Every kind of festive preparation was taken in hand; the city was en fete and a large number of kettle-drums sounded all at once. Ladies scattered their offerings about the Lord wherever He went, and invoked blessing on Him wiht their hearts full of joy Bevies of young women sang festal songs, while gold plates proveded with lights were ready at hand, which they waved about the Lord. who is the Reliever of all agony and brought delight to Raghu's race even as the sun delights a bed of lotuese. The splendour the wealth and the good fortune of the city have been extolled by the Vedas, Sesa (the serpent-god) and Sarada (the goddess of speech and learning). But they too were dazed to see this spectacle. Uma, (continues Lord Siva,) how, then, can mortal recount His virtues?

Doha - 9 A-B
The women who were water-lilies growing in the lake of Ayodhya and had been withred by the sun the form of separation from the Lord of the Raghus, blossomed again at the sight of Sri Rama, who resembled the full moon, the sun of separation having now set. Auspicious omens of every description occurred and kettle-drums sounded in the sky as the Lord proceeded to the palace after blessing the men and women of the city with His sight.

Bhavani, (continues Lord Siva) the Lord came to know that Kaikeyi was ashmed and went first to her palace. After ressuring and gratifying her much Sri Hari (Sri Rama) then moved to His own palace. When the All-merciful entered the palace, every man and woman of the city felt fratified. The preceptor. Vasistha, called the Brahmanas and said to them. "The day and the hour, nay, all the other factors are favourable today Therefore, all of you, Brahmanas, be pleased to order that Sri Ramacandra may occupy the royal throne." On hearing the agreeble words of the sage Vasistha all the Brahmanas warmly welcomed them. Many of the Brahmanas spoke in endearing terms, Sri Rama's coronation will bring delight to the whole world. Delay no more, O good sage, but apply the sacred mark on the forehead of His Majesty as a taken of sovereignty.

Doha - 10A-B
The sage threupon instructed Sumantra, who as soon as he received the order, merrily proceeded and forthwith got ready a number of chariots and numerous horses and elephants. Despatching messengers here and there sent for articles of good omen; then gladly returning to Vasistah, he bowed his head his feet.

The city of Ayodhya was most tastefully decorated and the gods rained down a continuous shower of flowers. Sri Rama called His servants and said, "Go and first arrange a bath for my comrades. " The moment they heard the command the servants ran in all promptness and quickly bathed Sugriva and the rest. The All-merciful Rama next called Bharata and disentangled his matted hair with His own hands. The gracious and almighty Lord of the Raghus. who is so fond of His devotees, now bathed all His three brothers. The blessedness of Bharata and the Lord's tendernes were both more than countless Sesas could sing. Then Sri Rama desentangled His own matted hair, and after obtaining the Guru's permission bathed Himself. Having finished His ablutions, the Lord decked Himself with jewels; the beauty of His person put to shame hundreds of Cupids.


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