Doha - 61
Except in the company of saints there is no talk of Sri Hari, and one cannot be rid of error except through such talk. And till one's error is dispersed one cannot have deep-rooted affection for Sri Rama's feet.

The Lord of the Raghus cannot be found except through love, even though you may practise Yoga (mind-control) or austere penance or culivate spiritual wisdom or dispassion. In the northe there is a beautiful blue mountain called Nilagiri, where lives the amiable Kakabhusundi, highly conversant with the path of Devotion to Sri Rama, enlightened, full of all good qualities and ages old. He unceasigly recites Sri Rama's narrative and noble birds of different species reverently listen to it. Go there and hear of the many virtues of Sri Hari; your distress born of infatuation will thus disappear. "When I had thus told him everything in unambiguous terms, Garuda bowed his head at my feet and departed with joy. Uma, i did not instruct him myself, because by the grace of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus)I had come to know the occasion and the All-merciful evidently wished to cure him of it. Partly there was another reason why I did not detain him: a bird can follow the language of a bird alone. My lord's Maya, Bhavani, is formidable; who is there so wise as not to be beguiled by it?

Doha - 62
The Lord's Maya beguiles even Siva and Brahma; of what account is any poor creature? Bearing this in mind, the sages adore the divine Lord of Maya.

Garuda went to the abode of Bhusundi (Kakabhusundi) of unhamapered intellect and possessing uninterrupted devotion to Sri Hari. At the sight of the mountain his heart rejoiced and he was rid of all Maya (delusion), infatuation and anxiety. after bathing in the tarn and drinking of its water he betook himself under the banyan trees, delighted at heart. Aged birds of all kinds flocked there to hear Sri Rama's charmign exploits. Bhusundi was just on the point of commencing the narration when the king of the birds arrived. All were rejoiced to see the king of the whole feathered creation approach, the crow no less than the rest of the assembly Bhusundi received the king of the birds with the utmost reverecnce and, having enquired after his welfare, conducted him to an exalted seat. After offering him loving worship the crow addressed him in honeyed accents:-

Doha - 63A-B
"My lord I have been blessed by your sight; now let me do whatever you bid me, O king of the birds. With what object have you come, my master?" You have always been a picture of blessdness, " replied the lord of the feathered kingdom in gentle phrase, "as I find that the great Lord Siva revently extolled you with His own mouth."

"Listen, dear father: the object for which I came has already been fully accomplished and I have also had the privilege of seeing you. At the very sight of your most holy hermitage my infatuation, doubt and many misconception have been removede. Now, dear father, narrate to me with due reverence the most sacred story of Sri Rama, which is ever delightful and a cure for all sufferings. This is what I beg of you gain and again. " The moment Bhusundi heard Garuda's prayer, humble, sincere, loving; delightful and pious, a supreme joy diffused over his soul and he commenced recounting the virtues of Sri rama (the Lord of the Raghus). First of all, with fervent devotion, Bhavani, he gave an elaborate description on the lake of Sri Rama's exploits. Next he told about Narada's terrible infatuation and then of Ravana's incarnation. Thereafter he sang the story of the Lord's descent and then recounted with deep interest His childish sports.

Doha - 64
After narrating His boyish sports of various kinds with the utmost rapture of Soul he told of the sage's ()Visvamitra's) arrival and thereafter of Sri Rama's wedding.

Then he narrated the episode of Sri Rama's projected installation (as the Prince-regent of Ayodhya) and after that he spoke of the sudden interruption in the festivies connected with the installation due to King Dasaratha's solemn pledge (to Kaikeyi) as well as of the citizens' agony at Rama's parting. He then reproduced the dialogue between Sri Rama and Laksmana and further described their journey to the forest, the devotion of the boatman and their ferrying across the celestial stream (Ganga) and halt at Prayaga. He further described the Lord's meeting with the sage Valmiki and how the divine Sri Rama sojorned at Citrakuta. Again, he then told of the minister's (Sumantra's) return to the captal, the King's demise, Bharata's coming back (from his maternal grandifather's) as well as his abundant love (for Sri Rama). He further related how after performing the King's obsequies Bharata with all the citizens betook himself to where the All-blissful Lord was, and how when the Lord of the Raghus consoled him in every way he took the Lord's sandals and returned to the city of Ayodhya Bhusundi continued and described Bharata's mode of life (at nandigrama), the (mischievous) conduct of Jayanta (the son of Indra, the lord of the celestials) and the Lord's meeting with the sage Atri.

Doha - 65
After giving an account of Viradha's death (at the hands of the Lord) he told how the sage Sarabhanga dropped his body, further described Sutiksna's devoton and also the Lord's holy communion with the sage Agastya.

After speaking about the purification of the Dandasa forest Bhusundi told of the Lord's friendship with the vulture king (Jatayu) He further narated how the Lord took up His abode at Pancavati and dissipated the fears of all the hermits. Then came the Lord's incomparable exhortation to Laksmana and the story of Surpanakha's mutilation. He further narracted the death of Khara and Dusana (at the Lord;s hands) and how Ravana(the ten-headed monster) got all the information. Again, he then told all the particulars of the latter's talk with Marica. Thereafter he described the abduction of the fictitious Sita and briefly refereed to the desolation of Sri Rama (the Hero of Raghu's line). After this he told how the Lord performed the obsequies of the vulture king, slew the demon Kabandha and bestowed the highest state (final beatitude) on Sabari (the Bhila woman), and further narrated how the Hero of 'Raghu's line went to the bank of the Pampa lake, bewailing His desolation all the way.

Doha- 66A-B
After repeating the Lord's talk with the sage Narada as well as the episode of His meeting with the son of the wind-god, Bhusundi told of Sri Rama's alliance with Sugriva and of Vali's death at His hands. He further related how after installing Sugriva (on the throne of Kiskindha) the Lord took up His abode on Mount Pravarsana gave an account of the rains as well as of the autumn that immediately followed and told of Sri Rama's wrath on Sugriva and the latter's dismay.

The crow further narrated how Sugriva (the lord of the monkeys) sent out monkeys, who rushed forth in every direction in quest of Sita; how the party sent to the south entered a cave and were met later on by Sampati (Jatayu's elder brother); how after hearing all the news from him the son of the wind-god jumped over the vast ocean, how the monkey chief made his way into Lanka and how later on he saw and reassured Sita; how after laying waste the grove (where Sita had been lodged) and exhorting Ravana he set fire to his capital and leapt back across the sea; how the whole party of the monkeys rejoined the Lord of the Raghus and told Him of Sita's welfare and how the Hero of Raghu's line with His army went and encamped on the seashore and how Vibhisana came and saw Him; and further recited the story of the ocean's subjugation.

Doha - 67A-B
Bhusundi then narrated how after building a bridge across the ocean the monkey host crossed over to the other side and how the most heroic son of Vali went as an envoy to Ravana. He further described the confict between the demons and the monkeys in all its phases, and in course of it the might and valour, and eventually the destruction, of kumbhakarna and Meghanada.

The crow then told about the extermination of the demon host and the various phases of the combat between the Lord of the Raghus and Ravana, Ravana's death and Mandodari's lament, the enthronement of Vibhisana, the cessation of the gods' sorrow and Sita's reunion with the Lord of the Raghus. He further narrated how the gods with joined palms hymned the Lord's praises, how the All-merciful Lord then mounted the aerial car known by the name of Puspaka along with the monkeys and flew to Ayodhya and how Sri Rama arrived at His own capital and all such holy doing. He then told of Sri Rama's coronation and also described the city and all its kingly polity. In this way Bhusundi narrated the whole story as I have already told you, Bhavani, When he heard the whole of Sri Rama's narrative, Garuda's mind was filled with rapture and he spoke as follows:-

Doha - 68A-B
"My doubts gone, now that I have heard the whole of Sri Rama's narrative. And by your grace. O best of crows, I have developed devotion to Sri Rama's feet. A mighty bewilderment possesed me when I saw the Lord bound in battle: Sri Rama is Knowledge and Bliss personified; how can He be embarrassed?"

"As I found His ways so closely resembling those of a human being, a grievous doubt arose in my soul. Now I regard that error of mine as a blessing and feel that the All-merciful bestowed a favour on me (in the form of that error). For he alone who is terribly oppressed witht he heat of the sun can appreciate the blessing of an umbrageous tree. Had I not thus fallen a prey to gross infatuation, how could it have been possible for me to meet you, revered sir, and how could I get an opportunity to hear the charming and most wonderful story of Sri Hari that you have just sung in all its details. The Vedas the Tantras and the Puranas are at one on this point and so declare the Siddhas and sages in unequivocal terms that the fellowship of genuine saints is only attained by those whom Sri Rama regards with favour. By Sri Rama's grace I have been blessed with you sight and by your blessing again, all my doubts have disappeared."

Doha - 69A-B
On hearing Garuda's speech, so modest and affectionate, the crow was greatly rejoiced at heart: every hair on his body stood erect and tears rushed to his eyes. Uma. (continues Lord Siva.) saints reveal their profoundest secrets when they find a listener who is not only intelligent, virtuous and pious, but fond of Sri Rama's story and a devotee of Sri Hari.

Then answered Kakabhusundi, who had no small affection for the lord of the feathered creation: "My lord, you are in everyway entitled to my homage, a recipient as you are of Sri Rama's favour. You had neither doubt nor infatuation, nor delusion; it was only an excuse, my lord, for doing me a kindness. By sending you, O king of the birds, under the pretext of infatuation the Lord of the Raghus has conferred an honour on me. Yet, my lord, there is nothing the Lord of the Raghus has conferred an honour on me. Yet, my lord, there is nothing peculiar in that delusion of yours of which you have told me, O king of the birds; for the celestial sage Narada, Bhava (Lord Siva) and Viranci (the Creator), as well as Sanaka and the other great sages, exponets of the truth of the Spirit--which of these has not been blinded by infatuation?: Again, is there anyone in this world whom lust has not made a pupper of? Who has not been maddened by the thirst for enjoyment and whose heart has not been inflamed by anger?

Doha - 70A-B
Is there any sage, ascetic, hero, seer, man of learning or man of virtue in this world, whom greed has not betraye? Again, whom has the pride of pelf not perverted? Who has not been deafened by power? And is there anyone who has not been smitten by the shaft-like glances of a fawn-eyed woman?

Who is not thrown out of his mental equipoise by the combined action of the three Gunas (modes of Prakrti)as by the synchronous derangement of the three humours of the body (which generally proves fatal to the victim according to the principles of Ayorveda)? None has escaped the stings of pride and arrogance. Who does not get wildly excited under an attack of fever in the form of youth and whose good reputation is not marred by worldly attachment? Who does not incur obloquy through envy and who is not shaken by the blast of grief? Who is not bitten by the serpent of care? And is there anyone in this world who is not overcome by Maya (the delusive potency of God)? Again, is there anyone so resolute of mind, whose body is not being consumed by desire as a piece of wood is eaten away by a wooded-borer? Whose mind has not been polluted by the threefold desire--the desire of progeny, the desire of wealth and the desire of fame? All thses constitute the retinue of Maya, formidable and infinite in number, more than any can tell. Even Lord Siva and the four-faced Brahma (the Creator)are ever afraid of these; of what account, then, are other creatures?


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